Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufu

Kaiki Drill Otoko no Kyoufu

Three schoolgirls are wandering in the forest, looking for the pension, where they planned to spend the night. However they are stumbling upon a seemingly empty mansion in the middle of the forest instead. Since the sun is about to go down and it’s raining anyway, they decide to spend the night there.

However, the Drill Man appears soon after and tries to hunt them down. Will they be able to find out the secret of the mansion? Will they make it out alive? Or will they be captured and kept as playthings for the mysterious inhabitants of the mansion?

14 comments on “Kaiki! Drill Otoko no Kyoufu

  1. Does anyone know the Crest pattern for Ayaka’s route? It says to examine the emblem names, but that’s for Japanese right? How are we supposed to Japanese?

  2. This game… Is a Sonuvabitch to play. Do not let this be your first horror visual novel. And if it is, don’t play it at 1:00 am. If you enjoy Light fear and humor mixed together I highly recommend it.

  3. How the hell do you even save?
    How do you bring up the options menu?
    Right click doesn’t work, and esc just brings you out of game.

        1. Easy. Click the purple letters, at the bottom right hand of the screen, and you should see an option to save.

  4. how do u play it? i download it , unzip it and the file gave me 2 exes . i double click them, theres someone dancing and after that it is closed… what am i missing¡? xd

  5. only gonna say it once THIS GAME DEMANDS A WALKTHROUGH great game i liked it it was funny to see the chars reactions to certain events im not the biggest fan of the drill man but hey needs a walkthrough cause that drill guy just keeps on kicking follows you to the ends of the earth and back sigh…but i wanna beat this one so i started working on my own walkthrough im 20% done on the first char 15% on the second 30% done on third best hints so far use the jar for hints as much as possible and save your basic costume you have 3 saves each char so just use a different save for completing the cg’s and make sure you save often because you will use up stuff FAST

    1. I manage finish this game but my cg is still nt complete but i can give u tips about hiding spot for the first char jst run to kitchen n hide inside the barrel for me i always use that to escape frm the drill man easily.Second char hardly any place to hide but easily chase away drill but try save as much item to use her route is quite easy to solve.Third char most useless when using item to chase away drill i recommend hiding place at the jar room wooden chest that way can easily hide frm drill man n about the emblem her route is i hardest to figure out so GL

      1. Did you keept making the walkthrough?? I’m doing the Ayane’s route and I dont know the secuence of emblems OMG the drillman always chase me xD I have to move downstairs to hide each time I fail the emblem’s secuence -.- help

        1. I never was able to get the time but found one someone else made and ran through the game with it triple checking everything making sure all the info was correct and helped the reader. I have now uploaded it to gameFAQ’s

          1. Sorry it is taking ages to process through gameFaq’s but I swear eventually it will be available XD

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