Seven days with the Ghost

Seven days with the Ghost

This is the modern era where magic exists alongside science. Ayako Orihara is a student and a member of the Occult Research Club at Keisei Academy.
Despite the flourishing of magic alongside science, the popularity of the occult is significantly low, and thus Ayako is not only the head of the club but is also its only member.

Ayako is told that the Occult Research Club will be closed down if more members don’t join so she does whatever she can to attract interest in order to save her club. To do so, she attempts to explore the legendary “Seven Wonders of the Academy.” However, each wonder she seeks out only results in failure. Finally, she tries the only thing that’s left, the Seventh Wonder: “Get kicked by a horse and die,” which turns out to be more than outrageous–
She accidentally digs her own grave out of curiosity, and finds something strange.
These are the strange, fun, and— precious seven days of Ayako and her friends.

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  1. Verdict after completion:
    It’s not a timeless masterpiece but quite well done and entertaining. I rather liked the art too, it has a nice personal vibe to it. The effort put to the worldbuilding is a bonus – it’s not Fault series tier and much of it doesn’t really get followed on, but I don’t particularly subscribe to the Chekhov’s Gun principle so that’s fine in my books.

    Also turns out my throwaway quip about “Kindred Spirits on drugs” was surprisingly close to mark given the role the ghost girl ends up playing…

  2. This “new” stereotype of female protagonist is waht make the diference, in general you only see this type of sharacters in male protagonist but being female and voiced adds to the comedy, I realy enjoyed this game, but why this fake fullscreen resolution, its annoying vewing this square image and the black laterals. Its sad this is the new tendency.

  3. For people getting a syntax error, you need to run the game in Japanese locale. I use Locale Emulator since a bunch of Japanese VNs require JP locale to work, just google it. Should be the first result.

    Or you could switch your system locale using the guide available on this site’s FAQ… but some programs might end up thinking you speak Japanese, so I’d still suggest Locale Emulator.

    Anyway, about the game. It’s… not terrible? Not great either, I guess. It felt like 80% of it was unnecessary flavour text of the protag spinning her wheels and world-building that pretty much went nowhere.

    There’s only 2 yuri scenes the protag is actually involved in (the only choice in the game decides who you’ll get dominated by), out of 5. The other 3 are the main love interest dominating some other girls. Let’s be clear. No real sex, just fully-clothed femdom fingering.

    Personally, I’m not a huge fan, which is weird because I love yuri – and yes, this is a yuri at least (unlike Yurinate).

    As mentioned, no real sex, just being touched/fingered in a femdom manner – and the ending is kind of spoiled for me in that the main LI is still doing exactly what she’s doing to the protag (aforementioned fully-clothed femdom) with other girls (they say only until graduation and I guess this is minor but… it just felt unsatisfying to me).

    Just wanted to be clear, I dislike being a masochist. That might have affected my enjoyment. 😛

  4. Anybody had any problems starting the game? I download it and extract it but I get this syntax error, when I want to play the game.

  5. Urghh, too much monologuing and too much exposition, its detracting the story. It’s almost overbearing even.

  6. Yay, another softcore yuri with no cunnilingus. And the futa in it doesn’t even fuck anybody. Nothing but kissing and fingering. Why is it always like this?

  7. The synopsis reads to me roughly as “‘Kindred Spirits’ meets ‘SonoHana’ but it’s done on some dank weed”…

    brb DLing

  8. played this one a long time ago, I’m glad it’s now translated! thanks. ah, yuri is truly a blessing.

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