Nicole has just started her new adventure at college, but as soon as she arrives, she hears about some mysterious disappearances of student girls! Perhaps her stay at college won’t be as she expected…

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19 comments on “Nicole

  1. Thank youuu, this is amazing! Can you also please do Love and Order from Winter Wolves? You are amazing c:

    For people who cant download it;send me a message on kik, I can try to send you ^^

    kik: julieglados

  2. Can you pleeeeasssseeeee also put the backstage pass, diabolik lovers, uta no prince sama, and norn 9 <3 i really like all your games XD thank you very much for your hardwork and effort of putting this games for free xD

  3. YOU’RE THE BEST! THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! TnT I really love this game and since it costs too much I can’t afford it. Thank you very very very much!

  4. This game is pretty fun. The mystery is horrible, it’s super easy to figure out really early on, but outside of that aspect, the game is fun.

  5. I downloaded it twice and it doesn’t work.. like it wouldn’t even download fully! Also I looked at other websites but it just doesn’t work! please help! Thank you!!

  6. heyy i can’t seem to download it 🙁 after i entered the captcha and everything all it says is \invalid error\ and the like.

    Help? 🙁 🙁
    Thank you, you’re the best.

  7. Download the 30 day trial of winrar! After the trial is up you can keep it, Just ignore the ‘buy now’ pop ups!

  8. Thank you so SO much!!! TT^TT Been looking for the persistent file EVERYWHERE! (And as much as I’d like to buy the game, I really can’t afford it… =_=) Thank you! :3

  9. Just a clarification: the game tells “male and female romances active”, but that is not exactly true.

    The yuri (Girl X Girl) version of the game is still in the works, and doen’t have yet a set release date.

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