Toushin Toshi

Toushin Toshi

Custom, a swordsman from a small village, is on a journey when he comes across a carriage being attacked. He defeats the attackers, rescuing the lovely maiden Kumiko. Kumiko was on her way to Toushin Toshi (Combat God City) to search for her father. She suspects her father is in the Combat God Mansion, residence of the annual combat tournament’s champion. In order to get in, she needs to partner up with someone who can win the tournament that year, and Custom agrees that she can be his partner. They head to Combat God City to enter the tournament.

Although victory in each round of the tournament earns one gold, special medicine, and other wonderful prizes, perhaps the most interesting prize is the opponent’s partner. Each participant is required to have a beautiful female partner, and if the participant loses in combat, the victor gets his or her partner to do with as he/she pleases for one night. Female warriors in the tournament can choose to act as their own partner, as do the ninja Yayoi and swordswoman Morris.

This monster-filled underground maze is located on the outskirts of Combat God City. One of the requirements to participate in the tournament is the retrieval of a Hero Crest from here. While the Hero Crests are on the first level of the labyrinth, there are several more floors and surprises waiting deeper inside.

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  1. For anyone interested, the tags are slightly off. This is an RPG game, not an action game. Classic JRPG style, with the exception of switching to context window control when in a city. It’s also censored below the waste, which would be a handy tag.

    I’d also like to mention that the game is not entirely bug free. I played ’till floor 5. I was back on floor 4, had just did a whole bunch of questing and leveling, was on my way back to save my game, and my character suddenly got stuck in place. The moving animation continually played without me pressing the arrow keys, and when I did press them, the animation would stop and he would change directions. No menus would open and there was no way for me to continue. Losing a LOT of hours of playtime, I gave up on the game lol. So you’ve been warned. Was fun while it lasted though, very oldschool.

  2. Seriously, how do you turn this wheel on floor 2?! It is the most annoying thing ever. I can’t get past the game till this wheel turns but no matter what I do it won’t turn, can anybody help me?

  3. I’m also having problems talking to the girl in the hole tryed facing her and hitting enter backing up and running into her exited the dungeon and reentered exited game and reentered but when I went back to town and slept at the inn I finally got to talk to her. also don’t forget to go to the bar and talk to every one first I believe it is lori who tells you about the spell to distract arther when he is preparing his attack do this before going to sleep

  4. I remember playing this ages ago. And the Hentai made based on it is one of the best I’ve seen to this day: Tournament of the Gods.

    Love it.

  5. how do you get the happiness ring in th game ?
    i can;t seem to get it
    the ring that 10x exp and gold

  6. The game is funny, great and all. However, I played for an hour or two, then the games lost sound and goes not responding for me. Then, I start the game again and the same thing happens in the next few minutes. So, I was just wonder am I the only one who experiences it? If I’m not the only one, is there a solution to this? Thanks!

  7. Okay, no matter what I do I can’t seem to find a way to get to the seventh floor. I have the secret key but I can’t reach the staircase. I keep falling into the pitfalls. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? And also, can anyone tell me why I can’t seem to get a hold of the happiness ring? I do everything on the wiki but it still refuses to show itself.


  8. Laughed my ass off at the part where Rance gets disqualified. When I saw his name, I was wondering how the hell they expected me to compete with him in the tournament.

  9. does anyone know why my char keep getting stuck in a door or a npc and i have to restart the game?

  10. Please someone tell me if they will translate the rest this game was actually fun for me :\ it wasn’t about pointless sex i enjoyed the game O.o

    i hope they do 2 and 3

  11. …It’s telling how long I’ve been playing these things that i remember playing TTIII back in 1999 -_-

  12. Fun game, however, i keep running into a problem, where the save file gets corrupted, so i had to play through the game in one sitting.

    still very fun game.

  13. Just wondering if you where going to put pastel chime 3 on here cant find its english translated anywhere.

    1. This one is not translated ( not even partially – patch just translates menu and interface, not script itself ). I post only fully translated games on this site.

  14. How do I get to the wheel? I already beat the first guy, but I can’t get past the shallow water to the wheel.

    1. A bit to the right there’s a path leading south. Follow that, then at the end of it go right into the water. There’s a path that leads through the water to the wheel – you have to experiment a bit to find it.

      My problem is how do I turn the wheel once I get to it? Trying to move into it doesn’t do anything, and I can’t find any options to turn it. I feel like I’m missing something really obvious here. Can someone tell me what I’m missing?

        1. It’s kind of confusing but if you stand in front of the wheel and press enter it should give you the option to turn it.

          It took me several tries to get it to work right for some reason, though.

  15. I think I’m gonna wait for the third one… since it didn’t have that much of a difference than this one… regarding the storyline AND~ his first opponent… and the third one also have a better cg so, third one it is :3

    just tried this one but it got some “things” lacking in it

    1. Yeah so there’s a slippery tile somewhere on the sixth floor that sends you to a warp tile in the middle of that black tiles that send you to beginning when you fall. You have to walk around that slippery tile, use it to get across the chasms south of it and continue from there on to the seventh floor.

  16. How do you save in this game? When I go to up to the tool bar and go to save screen, it brings me to windows box for me to save my data. After I type in what I’m saving the data as and hit enter, I find that I can’t find the data when I go to load it from the main menu (the one with Alice and the crow). I can clearly see the save data file in the folder for the game. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. You have to advance the story until you get the option to move around the town, then go to the inn to save your game

      1. Damn, I knew it was something I overlooked. Well, that will teach me for trying to figure out something while I’m tired. Thanks for the reply and the tip off, most appreciated. ^^

    2. When you save your game at the inn, the load menu will not reflect that a game has been saved. For example, when you save at “[1]” and open the load menu, you will see nothing more than “[1]”. This is not a program failure: the program is saving and loading correctly. This was just careless user interface design. Do not be afraid of exiting the program.

  17. Thanks for uploading this. like it so far except stuck on second floor trying to get to the wheel. No path to it through the water (can get over to the girl, just not to the wheel). The map on the AliceSoft wiki is missing also.

    1. You have to beat your first opponent in the arena before the path opens up. The knight guy will then move and he’ll tell you about the path.

  18. Damn this game is really good. I only hope they will continue translating the rest of the series because third one looks awesome.

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