Silver Chaos Fan Box -Eternal Fantasia-

Silver Chaos Fan Box

It is 8 + alpha inclusion about the story after ED which it was not able to finish telling in a previous work. Of course, 40 or more events CG are new work. Part nine kinds for nine characters of newly recorded system sounds are recorded. Much beautiful wallpaper containing the wallpaper written by Mr. Takatsuki is recorded. Characters set the quiz about a work. When it clears, it is a wallpaper addition new to the collection of wallpaper! Quiz is all and is four stages. The character which appears on a stage reads out a problem.

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  1. HEM says:

    My game still wont start after english patch is installed. Every time I replace the graphic.cmp file like etira said, the game runs again but it goes back to being in Japanese and I can’t figure out how to fix it. I tried have the patch app outside the game folder like someone else suggested too but that didnt work either. 🙁

  2. sinharat says:

    Thanks a bunch etira, this worked for me ! 🙂

  3. timberwolfking says:

    not sure if it’ll work with me on my tiny netbook. I’ll give it a try and if it doesn’t work then I’ll try it on a different computer.

  4. dered says:

    im new at this and would love a step by step procedure

  5. etira says:

    if you have problemms like chipmunkchen, try this:
    AFTER you instelled the game and the english patch, go to flowder DISC1 (from befor the instalation), then PACK and copy the GRAPHIC.cmp file. After this, go to the flowder of your instelled game (normaly it should be documents-VividColor-SilverChaosFanBox), open the PACK flowder and replace the original GRAPHIC.cmp…this should help you run the game…at least it helped me…

  6. Xusagi96X says:

    I can’t download the english patch file. It says ‘Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found.’
    Someone help me! T__T

  7. siumai says:

    @NinjaLuv: Did you install the 370MB version? That’s the full install.

    @Chipmunkchen: I had the same problem. What I did to fix it was actually have the patch OUTSIDE the game folder. Apparently if you try to patch it with the patch inside, it corrupts the game?

    • Chiko says:

      you mean 307mb right?
      but the download here is only 244mb
      and if i want to install the game i need a cd
      dont know what to do -_-
      and the 307mb version of this i dont find it if i search .___.
      (i apologize for my bad english)

  8. chipmunkchen says:

    i have problems with the patch. The game is running perfectly without english patch, but as soon as i use the patch *mainsystem.exe becomes unstartable.

  9. NinjaLuv says:

    how do i play this when i load this up it says it needs a cd

  10. Durlag says:

    Dat engrish description. ^^

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