Nocturnal Illusion Renewal

Nocturnal Illusion Renewal

This version improves the original Nocturnal Illusion release’s CGs, and adds voice acting.

15 Responses to “Nocturnal Illusion Renewal”

  1. nop says:

    the voice don’t work help

  2. drek de says:

    bro this game is a classic

  3. 99 says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to save? the game saves but when i load it starts from scratch,

  4. Fako Fakoson says:

    Being a game released originally for Windows 95 it was kind of limited due to hardware power from the day, so much so that the complete installation to play without CD required the meager sum f 10 Megabytes.

    Of course CGI was much lower both in quality and resolution and there was no voice acting at all.

  5. nick lorance says:

    Why does this tell me there isn’t enough memory on my laptop?

  6. FE Girl says:

    Can you have a page for FAQs and stuff for ppl who have problems with this game? I was on to day 3 and when I talked to Maya, the game stopped working for me with an error.

  7. VN lovers says:

    To all of u who still wonder why no any voice, vilevn themself stated that current version of Vile not support voices and SFX from the remake because they are currently too understaffed.
    “ViLE uses the old english scripts (All versions supported) to run the game and display english text, but uses music and images from the Japanese remake (A future version of ViLE will also support voices and SFX from the remake, but we are currently too understaffed!).”, its from their website, so too bad for now…

  8. Maou says:

    My very first VN!
    Many thanks Ivan.

  9. atmeister says:


  10. Ashura_Knife says:

    Beutiful story…must play, one of my favorite classics

  11. Ahari says:

    Admin, does this game same with nocturnal illusion for win95?

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