Split Of Knight

Split Of Knight

The Seguria continent, a world with a scattering of towns and dungeons…
There is a village called Each in the continent, where there lived a girl named Rose.

She was born into a family line of chevaliers, and since she was young she wanted to help others as her father had done, and trained to be a knight.
Rose was able to help others in various situations and she assisted many people.
As a result, she became very popular among the people and children in the town.
One day her father gave her a symbol of qualification and told her that she “needed to undergo the final trial to qualify as an authorized knight”.

The final trial was to receive the ceremony of baptism in Titus, the earth at the end of the world.
She left the Each village, her dear old home town, to travel around the world and headed for Titus to receive knighthood…

7 Responses to “Split Of Knight”

  1. MegaCreep says:

    This game is really bad. I played for an hour. It’s really crappy tbh. Thanks for the effort admin but sad game indeed.

  2. Felgar says:

    Okay, few minutes in, and i’m wondering…why the hell am i pantiless when leaving the village?!

    • HiLIARy says:

      I agree, seem a nice lil game if you can forgive the machin-pseudo translation. But I was as stunned to see my heroin showing the twin hills of fate to a bunch of kids while leaving the village. I know it’s odd to ask on an eroge site for a non-adult patch but there is one? Real title should be Spirit of Knights.

      • Felgar says:

        OOOkay, so if any1 wondering what kind of game this is (aside from the machine translation):
        It’s basically “friendship is magic”, cute girls band together and fight. So far i found absolutely no H-content, aside from redrawn CG-s, where the clothes are missing partially, or entirely, and those CG-s are always totally out of context thanks to that, so they were just altered to make this an “adult” game through adding the senseless nudity at times.

  3. annon says:

    machine translated, barely readable. id put this off until a better version is out.

  4. cns says:

    This isn’t English, this is machinese.

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