The story mode of the game revolves in the player (a male) going to an all girl’s school in an attempt to get the girls in the school have relationships with the player. Koikatu also includes a character creator and a studio mode for making scenes, posing your character, or just taking screenshots of them.

Do you dream about your perfect waifu, and curse the fact that she only exists in your imagination? Well, turn that frown upside down, because the character of your dreams can now be reality!
Customizing your own adorable anime character is easy with Illusion’s latest and greatest invention—a character creation system that employs ultra high-quality anime-style shaders.

Of course, physical perfection is nothing without personality. That’s why we provide 30 fully unique personality archetypes for you to give your waifu!
Start with a knockout body, add in the perfect face, and season with a dash of tsundere or tomboy, and blam! You’ve got your own personally perfect anime heroine!

Now that you’ve made your perfect waifu, why not consummate your 2D marriage? Well, fear not! We’ve got you covered with dozens of different sexual options to explore!
Use simple mouse controls to touch, pull, lick, finger, and pump to your heart’s content. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fun, and oh my is it satisfying!
Oh, and before we forget! You can also customize your waifu’s level of sensuality, tastes, and experience. Depending on the mix and match of her personality archetype and sex settings, she’ll react differently to various situations and sensations. Explore them all!

This release includes all available DLCs (Preorder extras, Summer/personality expansion, Afterschool expansion and Darkness expansion).

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KoikatsuBR10.1.part01.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part02.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part03.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part04.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part05.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part06.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part07.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part08.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part09.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part10.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part11.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part12.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part13.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part14.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part15.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part16.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part17.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part18.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part19.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part20.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part21.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part22.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part23.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part24.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part25.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part26.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part27.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part28.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part29.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part30.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part31.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part32.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part33.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part34.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part35.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part36.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part37.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part38.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part39.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part40.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part41.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part42.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part43.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part44.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part45.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part46.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part47.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part48.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part49.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part50.rar – 500.0 MB
KoikatsuBR10.1.part51.rar – 384.1 MB
Koikatu! Extras – Additional Studio mods and assets

13 comments on “Koikatu!

  1. I’m getting an error when i try to unpack them all it says its corrupted or something else is there a fix for that?

  2. Can koikatu be used to create mmf threesome and gangbang scenes? Just asking cuz it says “all-girls school”.

    1. not really. the closest you can do is add a dick to female characters but it basically has no function. cant cum, cant fuck with it, just there.

    2. MMF threesome is actually possible with Darkness DLC while FFM is added with afterschool. Although as far as I know, the available position is pretty basic stuff. Ex: FFM only consist of side by side doggy style, double fela, and face/cowboy riding

  3. I played this before it was uploaded here and after a while, dont know what triggered it but suddenly most of my girls, some i was far in as far as romance goes just disappeared.

    was quite heartbroken as i spent hours romancing them and even pulled customized girls that looked like my favorites from hentais and animes.

  4. My god ! I can’t just believed this, Koikatsu is really uploaded on this site ? I can just say a big thanks for this gift.

    The words fail me for your thank you, a big thank you for …Koikatu ?

    He would not miss the letter s after the t for koikatsu or is it just me ?

    Lol ! Anyway, Thank you Again for this game, I can’t wait to try it.

    1. Official title name is “コイカツ!“, which indeed transliterates to “Koikatsu!“. However, if you look closer at cover picture, you will see that JP developer included English spelling of it as “Koikatu“. Official Steam release uses title “Koikatsu Party“. In my opinion, both are correct and can be used interchangeably. Where picking a title for this post, I used the original spelling, to accentuate the fact that this is not the Steam version.

      1. > Where picking a title for this post, I used the original spelling, to accentuate the fact that this is not the Steam version.
        I appreciate that subtle indication.

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