Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A

Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A

Compilation release of all “Majikoi A” fandisks for various heroines:

Majikoi A-1: A fandisc featuring new routes for Benkei, Azumi, and Sayaka.
Majikoi A-2: A fandisc featuring routes for Seiso and Cookie 4 IS, as well as an after story for Monshiro.
Majikoi A-3: A fandisc featuring routes for Lee and Stacy, as well as an after story for Tsubame.
Majikoi A-4: A fandisc featuring routes for Homura and Lin.
Majikoi A-5: A fandisc featuring routes for Yoshitsune and Takae, as well as an after story for Margit.
Majikoi A Plus Disk: Three mini-scenarios about Mogami Aki, Bushou and the Hound Squad (mainly Thelma). Contains one new h-scene for Benkei and the Student Council President. When all three routes are cleared a new route appears.

A-5 and Plus Disk remain untranslated.

46 comments on “Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A

  1. Awww do I have really to download all of this?
    I already have A1, A2, A3, I just need the A4, since the A5 and Plus one still not translated…

    Sheesh, is really no other way than download all of this once again?

    Or the Admin would upload the A4 only later?

  2. Does the A5 crash because it’s not translated?

    Mine plays the publisher screen, but then crashes and the application file disappears from the game folder.

    No other issues with the others.

  3. How can I download from, when I press free download, I’m redirected to an upload button. What to do please?

  4. feel like reading this but need to fully finish main game first lol
    Side note i like the new layout of the site

  5. Hey, so I have an issue with the game.

    I extracted the parts and opened one of the A games to play using locale emulator, so far so good. But when I tried saving, it fails. Like, the game makes the save confirmation sound but the slot where I made the save remains empty and I can’t load it. From what I can tell this is an issue for the compilation release since the save function of my other Majikoi games including the standalone versions of the A fandisks worked alright.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Usually the most common reason for this issue is windows blocking creation of save files. Run the game as administrator (one of options when you right-click on game .exe file). If this doesn’t help, make sure the game save folder isn’t set as “read-only”.

        1. The file is in documents.
          My issue is that I uncheck read only, apply the changes, but as soon as I close the file it switches back to read only.

  6. The site does look real nice – but Admin… did you have to take away the ability to trace backward chronologically through your posts? … it’s just.. kinda sad – there are a few games that I saw on here last month, maybe late May… that “rolled off” the “latest games” list I guess – but I can’t see a way to find out what they were.

    The “prev” and “next” buttons on every title was – very convenient. It’s a loss of functionality bro…


  7. First, thx a bunch for this admin. Second, nice redesign of the site, looks great.
    If only A-5 were translated, today would be perfect. XP

        1. I do have japanese locale, i also exluded the folder from my anti-virus, i also had the folder all my vn’s are in from my antivirus and the stand-alone versions of majikoi (regular, S , a-1 to a-3) work just fine.

    1. You also need alpharom[you can find it pretty easily online] to actually run the game, I also notice that every time I tried to run the game my with anti-virus on it wouldn’t open or crash , but with it off it runs perfectly.

      1. > You also need alpharom[you can find it pretty easily online] to actually run the game

        No, you don’t. My release doesn’t require tweaking around with any other programs. Just double-click on MajikoiA.exe and play.

    2. Alright, i fixed it, it seems that if you have the antivirus bitdefender you not only need to put the folder in the antivirus exclusion list but also all the .exe in the “advance threat” exclusion list (Why not have just ONE exclusion list that works for all the features the antivirus has??? Either way i am annoyed since it did not even make a log saying that it blocked the .exe from running )

  8. Damn I am after reinstall and I have problem with fonts …. anyone can tell me what fonts I need to download to be able to read the text?

  9. like grisaia this series will always leave me puzzled on why it’s so popular. The original Majokoi did very little for me. I did not like the characters, the overall arrogance/rapey feel of the god like superhumans, as well as the stupid story lines (the mc suddenly having the dream to become president of japan to impress the brutal, sadistic subhuman of a main-girl)..
    To me Majikoi is the bad version of Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road.

    1. I like that it’s super chill, and most of the comedy hits home for me. Not just the main characters, but even minor ones which is very rare in VNs. It also rarely takes itself too seriously, poking fun at its own absurdity which makes it a very fun read. Combine all that with an actual self-assured MC, and how it maintained consistency despite numerous additional routes, and it elevates it far above most VNs. Basically, it always delivers excellent comedy, relaxing slice of life/friendship moments, occasional cool action scenes and the huge but memorable cast guarantee I’ll always have a good time whenever one releases.

      1. i can appreciate that. i guess the main problem here for me really is the main girl. I remember starting to read this twice and both time thinking “shes basically a skinhead turned into hot girl”.
        Jun’ai Road had a somewhat similar character but she was not that arrogant or enjoyed beating weaker people down, so it worked for me, but this one here felt really disturbing to me.

        1. Did you even read the game? Momoyo doesn’t enjoy beating weaker people. The point of her characters is that she wants strong people to fight with and a large part of her route is her tuning down that part of herself.

          1. yeah i read through her entire route. But it’s been a while so i can’t act like i remember it 100%. But i very clearly remember her beating down opponents who surrendered because they insulted her with their weakness and then arrogantly joking about it. Also i remember her pressuring the mc into stuff threatening him with her strength, acting like that was a joke, but still doing it if he refused.
            remember her as a very weird character.

    2. every person has a taste, yours just seems to differ from the majority of people, nothing wrong with that, its a shame you dont enjoy it like most people do but im sure there are lots of vns the majority disliked that you yourself may love so its kind of a trade off

      1. yeah that’s probably true. I envy people with a higher tolerance for entertainment often times. But i guess i would lose a lot of the peaks of what i love if i was more like that.

        1. Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road for me is boring and the art style is sucks. The main great thing for me why i like this game is because if you play the VN at the start you will see how the “extras” in the main game become main character.

          1. Jun’ai Road felt more focused on the romance and relationships. There was comedy, but the main point was definitely the romance. I don’t think it was a question of better or worse, just different genres.

    3. It’s all about the characters and fun, whack interactions if they dont do it for you then obviously you’d hate it

      1. to talk with people about it, because i like to hear why people feel differently from me. I am more confused by people just hyping stuff up that is already hyped, wondering why they do it.

  10. I literally shouted because I thought A-5 was translated when I saw this. Then I saw the disclaimer 🙁 . Thanks for uploading this tho, such a fun vn.

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