My Girlfriend is the President Fan Disc

My Girlfriend is the President Fan Disc

Welcome back to the White House! All your favorite characters are waiting, like President Ohama, Irina Putina, and the adorable spaceship girl Ell! The official fandisc (short sequel) to the popular visual novel “My Girlfriend is the President“!

Remi andQoo come to spend Christmas with Junichiro and Ell. When Junichiro and Ell keep sneaking off at night, poor Remi isn’t amused.

“If you have sex that much, your brain will turn to mush. What’s that? N- No, Im not jealous or anything! Dont be stupid!”

Meanwhile, Qoo wants to see Ell and Junichiro have kids, so shes been hatching some devious plots to get them to hook up even more. Don’t worry, its nothing you wont enjoy! [Insert evil laugh here…]

Just then, a rumor starts spreading about a female ghost thats been appearing in town. The funny thing is, the ghost looks just like Ell…

Irina Putina returns to Japan after many months, eager for some quality romantic time with Junichiro. Unfortunately its not going to be that simple.

A faction in the Japanese government is plotting to get Junichiro and President Yukino together, so they arrange for Junichiro to live with both Yukino and Irina, allowing both girls to compete for his love… and his hormones.

In one corner is Yukino, childhood friend, good at housework (though terrible at cooking), willing to let Junichiro do anything he wants. In the other, the alluring Irina, with her sexy body and large breasts.

In the mood for some “double maid play” with manage-a-trois? The love battle is about to begin!

This is the official “fan disc” (short sequel) to My Girlfriend is the President, which is approximately half the size of the original game, with two complete routes and many sex scenes to explore and is uncensored.

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  1. ryouken says:

    i get an error in the installation, it says “error occurred while extracting the archives” and it uninstalls the game

  2. Sha da da says:

    Extracted files on my windows 10 pc and all folders contain .bin files what do I do?

  3. JuliusVNer says:

    Irina route is so fucking bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mellin says:

    I had the same problem and I have found a solution!

    It’s a problem with localization/time format.
    I personally used “Ntleas” on my Win10 and it worked then.
    Hop this helps.

  5. NyxDagon says:

    The game is working great. But is the fandisc really just use one sprite per character? I doubt it. I’ve seen screenshots of the fandisc having multiple sprites to make it look “animated”.

    Mine is only using one sprite. Which makes it look awkward. While Junichoro is describing the clothing, the screen zooms in, but the clothing is wrong because there’s literally only one sprite/picture per character. Also makes it awkward after it transitions to one of the CGs because the clothes don’t match.

    I may sound greedy, but I mean, as a VISUAL novel.

    You got any fixes?

  6. merp says:

    what they did to Irina’s route annoys me but other than that great fan-disk

  7. easyarmy says:

    Is there a way to download this as a multiple parts file? downloadani wont let me download file bigger than 200mb.

  8. vsval says:

    Is this version really uncensored ?
    when i take a look at HCG they didn’t show any sigh of uncensored at all.

    • admin says:

      HCGs are listed only for… uhm, reference purposes only and were ripped from Japanese version. The English version posted here has them uncensored.

  9. sniper0432 says:

    Apparently a patch was released for this to fix the sprite issue, but from what I can tell it won’t work with this version (unless I’m doing something wrong).

    Anyone willing to make the patch work with the one here? I already have my locale set to Japan and the sprites still have not fixed.

    • sniper0432 says:

      Scratch that. I made the mistake of trying to play the game after patching with an old save.

      The patch works, but old saves won’t work anymore. Just start up a new game and all is good!

  10. CJ says:

    how do i change my computer locale and what is a applocale

  11. Januii says:

    I can’t install the game because everytime i do it keeps asking me to “insert disk 1 with file data.bin” can anyone help me??

  12. reddevil says:

    Why I can’t open the game after installation? I use Windows7 64 bits

  13. ExDesTiny says:

    never knew that theres a translated fan disc all this time here..
    tnx for make my life complete~

    though i appreciate it if they make all harem route..
    and make that we can use our own name as the protoganist..
    instead of use that bastard name..
    make me kind of mad because always hear that bastard name being called all the time..
    and i know it kind of late to say this..
    but i just have to say it..~
    why the protoganist attitude like that?!
    so annoying!

  14. Imstuckinabox says:



  15. dickson says:

    need help !
    i cant install in , it jus uninstall it for me . anyone know y ?

  16. Shin says:

    I got a problem in extracting the file ;
    It say’s you got a wrong password in data.bin …
    I’m using win7 …

    Need Help !

  17. Tasty says:

    Hai! its me again,
    So , when I played the game, was it supposed not to have their face expression change? I mean , what I’m trying to say is, when the characters talk, they show no signs of changing their faces expression, its always put on a happy face, even though the scene of yukiko is getting mad/crying/sad, it only shows a happy face or changing their clothes in another scene like for example, the start of irina side , u got yukiko wearing her casual clothes, but when ran-neechan gave her the maid costume/uniform , it still shows her wearing the casual clothes :c

    So, finally my TL;DR question, was it suppossed to have a static Face/Clothes when having a basic conversation with them?

    P.S, my little “Enter the Following” said heavy metal, cute, cause its a reference to Morderkaiser from LOL

  18. CC says:

    did anyone have problem with \wrong ip\ when try to download? need help here… (T^T)

  19. Jun- kun says:

    I’ve been looking everywhere, and I eventually gave up. THANK YOU!

  20. Dude says:

    I went on a RAGE when I posted a comment about this being stuck on a 98% completion…but it actually got released… all those RAGE turned into JOY :)… and now, I feel bad about what I did 🙁

  21. egamanlanman says:

    Never thought the fandisc will ever get translated
    Thanks for sharing this admin!!

  22. Tasty says:

    I’ve actually played the japanese , but i can’t translate it :c

  23. kentou says:

    try refreshing your internet and restarting your pc if that didint work try deleting your cookies and your web browser and trying out other browser if that still dint work go to a com shop and download it there….

  24. Silcardo says:

    Where is Ran nee chan side and yukinon side?

    • Dude says:

      You have probably played the game, I think Yukino’s and Ran’s route, didn’t have enough Hype for their route’s to have an extension, but That’s just me 🙂

  25. Passbyer says:

    Hmm I am getting a Wrong IP error, whenever i try to download any files from download.ani. Any of you guys know the reason why i am having this?

  26. tyreal says:


  27. anon says:

    Time to remind Putina to behave properly and respect national borders. MMmmmmm.

  28. DxWynser says:

    Hell yeah! i’ve been waiting for ages for this!

  29. Tennouji Kotarou says:

    To all people with the sprite problem: Change your system locale to Jap. I’m not sure if applocale fixes it but system locale change works

  30. Tennouji Kotarou says:

    there’s something wrong with the sprites

  31. kent says:

    thanks a lots admin :D, and do you plan to upload sakura spirit just release 2014-07-09 ?

  32. doublewrite says:

    Hi guys, I have a question- can one take the subs from the JAST version and implement them in the original one? After playing many eroges, an uncensored version is just weird >.> and so am I. Thanks!

  33. KochiyaSanae says:

    holy hell its here!!!

  34. FFTHEWINNER says:

    Thanks very very much!!! 😀

  35. sayaorangdewasa says:

    wow, finally it got translated and completed. gotta play it.
    thanks, admin

  36. chaotix says:


  37. Nononon says:

    Are there only harem endings? No endings with just one of the girls?

    • pedropars says:

      Sadly this one only has harem endings,i was wish they would have added a few choices to avoid both routes turning into Harem routes.

  38. Lukard says:

    Is it the original++ or some kind of sequence ?

  39. usamiharu says:

    I was kinda happy for Qoo sex scene but little bit dissapointed seperate harem route -_- why do complicated they should have just made in one harem…or made one but then i guess its ok at least you can enjoy 2 harem route and aaa…completely forgot there’s no ran route -_- i guess they just did the most popular chars.

  40. MeganeMiku says:

    Thank you so much for this! I’ve played and finished the original Japanese version before; but now it’s much better in English and uncensored.

  41. erogay says:

    Also have a problem with unchanging sprites. Any idea how to fix?

    • admin says:

      What operating system are you using? I remember there was similar problem on Windows 8 on previous JAST game.

      • erogay says:

        Win 7 x64. Played in another JUST games but never met such problem.

        • Kuro says:

          Having the same problems as you, with the sprites not changing (Running Win8.1 update 1 x64). I wonder if it’s a installation problem, since I tried the game on a VM running Win XP and the problem persists. Maybe the solutions is reinstalling the game? Will redownload the installer files and reinstall the game to see if it fixes the problem, and will report back here.

  42. andar says:

    yeahhh thank admin

  43. Mr.Hanz says:

    Thanks a lot admin!

  44. Gabriel says:

    Has anyone else been unable to save? I believe it installed correctly, but the options to save/load aren’t clickable for me.

    • Gabriel says:

      Never mind, I’m a fucking idiot. I was used to saving by using that drop-down menu, instead of at the bottom-right. Sorry <_<

  45. Katsuragi Keima says:

    I thank thee, administrator.
    For giving life to the sequel of MGiTF.
    As always, you have done a spectacular job once again.

    Best regards,


    kidding #lol

    • FFTHEWINNER says:

      great reference XD.

      he is referring to”The World God Only Knows”btw,a great comedic anime ;).

  46. Patrick says:

    YEA! :DDD I love u admin <3 <3

  47. Deathspider says:

    Wtf with that Irina end oO… how to destroy a good ending from the original!-.-


    why the fuck do they give us the harem route and wtf, did this douchebag even loved Irina???… liked him before, but now? nope…

    • pedropars says:

      Both endings suck,if they wanted to turn everything into Harem why didn´t they include a harem route in the original game or something?

      • Drex says:

        The one thing you should always keep in mins is never to treat Fan discs as official sequels, or even canon sometimes. They exist merely to fill bullet points missing in the original (like a harem route as you say), or to add routes for secondary characters people liked. They’re not interested in pleasing a large margin of costumers with it, rather they just want to fill missing niches and appeal to the hardcore followers back home.

        in short: American localization companies shouldn’t bother with fan discs, save a few select cases.

  48. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Oh man, been waiting to read Irina’s after story, nice share and thanks

  49. nova150 says:

    Is it normal that the character sprite never change? Seeing Yukino smiling while she crying is weird…

  50. einixmax says:

    wooohoooo thanks admin <3

  51. YEEEEEEEEEAH says:


  52. jjjx says:

    epic nice

  53. CruelN1N1 says:

    Just started playing the original 4 days ago and the fandisc is translated 😀

  54. Fernando says:

    OMG, It’s here !
    Thank you..

  55. Maou says:


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