Installing Japanese support for Windows Vista

1. Click on “Start” then “Control Panel”
2. Click on “Clock, Language, and Region”
Installing Japanese support for Windows Vista 1
3. Click on “Regional and Language Options”
Installing Japanese support for Windows Vista 2
4. Click on “Adminstrative”
Installing Japanese support for Windows Vista 3
5. Click on “Change system locale…”
Installing Japanese support for Windows Vista 4
6. Click the drop-down list for “Current system locale:”
7. Select “Japanese (Japan)”
Installing Japanese support for Windows Vista 5
8. Click “Ok”
9. Confirm changes and restart PC.

If Japanese was not in the drop-down list please follow instructions below:
1. Click on “Start” then “Control Panel”
2. Click on “Check for Updates”
3. Click on “View Available Updates”
4. Find “Japanese Language Pack” and install.

21 Responses to “Installing Japanese support for Windows Vista”

  1. soramoto says:

    How many times do I need to do this?

  2. soramoto says:

    For+lewdness and for academic purpose

  3. Mason says:

    Are these the same steps for the Home Premium version of Vista? If not, what are those?

  4. Ushio says:

    I just reformat my comp into windows 7 from xp
    With all the comments here I had understand that the steps here are the same for windows 7.

    I just have a question does this apply to all kinds of windows 7? even starter?
    Cuz I’m planning on putting this on my netbook which has a windows 7 starter

  5. Emily says:

    I got the Language bar but I can’t actually read it since it’s in japanese. I can’t read Japanese but it’s all in japenese nor does it change the letters back to english. Help me!

  6. Luigi says:

    when i switch to jap local back to english the yen symbol was still there. can you change it back to / or what?

    • -Ren- says:

      simply change the way your keyboard act..err.. i mean your keyboard input method..

      I’m using Windows 7, I assume you use Windows Vista, i think the step is the same, well almost?

      1.Go to Control Panel
      2.Go to Clock, Language and Region
      3.Go to Region and Language
      4.Go to Keyboard and Language tab
      5.Click Change Keyboard…
      6.In the Installed Service box, click on the unwanted Keyboard input language, and click Remove~~

  7. Sarahsan says:

    Thanks for this! I can run the games that were giving me problems now ^_^

  8. yay says:

    can i install the game without making my computer locale to Japanese?

  9. Alex says:

    someting wrong, after i change my location and restart, the computer will not start agine without restoring the computer, pleas help!

  10. Joshua says:

    The Same Procedure In Vista Applies in Windows 7!

  11. lester says:

    Will my computer still works the same after changing the language locale? And should I use the applocale as well? Thanks. Using Windows 7 Starter.

    • admin says:

      Only visual difference is that slash symbol in directory paths will look like Yen currency one. Non-english programs might display characters improperly too, but it’s all reversible – you can change locale back anytime you want.
      With applocale you don’t need to change locale of whole system, but it doesn’t work for some games.

  12. Gungir says:

    isn’t it easier just to install Jap Applocal????

  13. Major says:

    Is there any way that instructions for Windows 7 cold be added? Thanks either way for all you’ve done!

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