I’m Gonna Serve You 4

I'm Gonna Serve You 4

My name is Koji Aoyama. I’m an ordinary guy living an uneventful life as a university student. Because my parents are separated, my uncle, a somewhat strange man who runs a restaurant, has taken the role of being a father to me. Although it’s hard work, I actually like helping out at the restaurant from time to time.

One day, while walking with Himeko, who I’ve been friends with since childhood, I was hit by a car and nearly died! Thanks to a miracle, I awoke to find myself in a hospital bed in America. After some bizarre adventures, I return to Japan and decide to move into my uncle’s house where I can help him run his restaurant.

Imagine my surprise when several beautiful girls approach me to tell me how happy they are that we’ll be working together. First, there’s Himeko, who tells me she’ll do anything for me, followed by Chizuru, a beautiful girl who lives in the neighborhood who wants to shower me with attention. Takano, a gorgeous girl from my class, also confesses her desire to do anything she can for me, as does Leo, the quiet girl who lives and works at the restaurant. At first I think they’re just happy that I wasn’t killed in the car accident, but gradually I realize that they’ve all fallen in love with me for some bizarre reason. The girls are spending every moment they can, taking care of me and giving me all their attention.

Am I the luckiest guy in the world, or what?

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  1. Hey, i got a working crack with witch the music works ( right now you can play just fine without music with the crack from I`m gonna nurse you 2) . If admin could write here or email me what is the best way for me to give it to him( if he`s interested) i`ll share it and he can upload it here. However a little context is required. The crack is from the russian patch, thou if u only replace the EXE file the language doesn`t change and the main menu also doesn`t change. The in game drop down menu however is changed to russian in some places, but since all the settings stay in the same spot it is still mostly usable. Anyway, will be periodicly coming back to this page for a while to see if admin replies.

  2. anyone here who is nice enough to share a download file for the crack no cd? and no dont share the mega games and game copy world links cuz they dont work esepcially mega games cuz its filled with malware.

  3. For the people having trouble here,lets begin:
    mount the image file with daemon
    install the game
    once you had installed search for the patch(crack) i bet you can still find it using googli and copy to your game file folder and replace the old exe with the crack.
    once everything is done you can unmount the image of the game and play it without the second cd.

      1. install virtual machine and install window 7 32 bit on it
        than run the game it will work it is compatible with 32 bit os

        1. Huh… I tried that with Windows Vista 32 bit and it didn’t work. I guess I’ll try it with windows 7

  4. Wow…I played this game before… I like the part of the story of Himeko, the part when she almost got hit by a car… Hmm I want to try saving a girl in that way in real life… Haha! But cars nowadays try to avoid it so sad for me.. :p

  5. Admin i got trouble
    after i have installed it and mount the second disc
    it said Please insert the correct CD-Rom
    i am confused
    help me please

  6. this game was really good, lol i loved each heroine but of course i had my favorites, Chizuru was by far my favorite heroine and route, and after her i’d say it’d be takano. If anyone hasn’t played this game yet i highly recommend it.

    1. my favorite heroine was Leo (part of the reason was somehow she reminds me of Tsukamoto Yakumo, hehe) and Chizuru.

  7. is the link to part 3 broken ?? I keep getting this comment from the page after I trying to re-download it.

    You can not access this page directly. Please use the website to start your download or contact us in case of problem.
    If the problem persists, clear your cookies and try again

  8. Does anyone else have issues with Fileserve where you click “slower download” enter the capture, and when the countdown is over the page seems to reset to choosing between a member down load and a “slower download”???

    Just Curious… By the way Admin… Thanks for all of your hard work.

      1. Admin could you please help me?
        Every time i try to install it keep saying “Failed to copy files” and then the setup aborts. Am i doing something wrong? I’ve Windows 7 and i use Daemon Tools Lite to mount the image. I really wanna play again this title because i played it a long time ago and i liked it very much.

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