Private Nurse

Private Nurse

The strangely-dressed girl on Hiroki Rikido’s doorstep she smiles at him innocently. “I’m a private nurse, and I am going to cure you!”

Hiroki has always suffered from a disease which weakens him. He does no more than go to school and come home, accompanied by his childhood friend, Ayano, who loves to dote over him. He lives alone, quietly suffering and enduring his diseasae. But all this changes with the arrival of Maria, his very own private nurse. Hired by Hiroki’s mother, nurse Maria forces her way into Hiroki’s sheltered existence, promising to cure him for good. Unsure of what to make of this beautiful new intruder, Ayano watches with conflicting emotions from the sidelines.

Just how is this strange nurse going to cure him? And in only a month’s time? The adventure begins….

54 Responses to “Private Nurse”

  1. tsuki_ouji says:

    Not a huge fan of manic pixie dream girls, myself; hope it doesn’t get in the way of the story.

  2. 99 says:

    i can save game but when i try to load game starts from scratch, please helpppppp!!!!

  3. asdfasdf says:

    can you help me here wheneever i open the app it nothing happens and there is a blackscreen and it will eventually go not responding

  4. Noob says:

    Why cant open with windows 8?

  5. jackass says:

    the game is suck! and the resolution is 600×800.. is anyone can fix it??

  6. RaKeteRaHore says:

    Great game ..!! thank you

  7. sleepers says:

    This game only had 3 heroine (1 is hidden). The story is really tear drop maker. Especially Maria route, really one of the best story of VN. Even though small cast of character, it still worth playing it. Don’t expect a lot of H-scene tough.

    For those had difficulity installing the game, please look at the F.A.Q. at the top left corner of this site.

  8. razgriz says:

    Hi…i have complete download the VN and install it.
    The only problem in installing was the DirectX.
    What the problem now though is that even after installing and mounting the CD2 the voice is there but there aren’t any BGM.Is there anyway to get the BGM to play ?

  9. GamerXXX says:

    What am i supposed to do after i extracted the files? all i got are some ccd cue sub and img files, someone pls tell me instruction on how to install

  10. GamerXXX says:

    “HTTP Error 408: The server timed out while waiting for your request

    The server did not receive a complete request within a certain amount of time

    If you are on a very slow network connection you might try the request again. If the problem keeps occurring the problem may be due to some incompatible browser you are using.”
    I tried many times to download part 1 but this keeps happening! Somone heeeelp!!!

  11. Rogue899 says:

    what should I do after I extract the file?

  12. Shaun1788 says:

    Hi Admin.

    I need help. I am having problems with installing the VN. So it would be nice if someone could post a guide or a walkthrough on how to install this VN. Help me please! 😀

  13. Banana-man says:

    can NOT“ install this game properly““.
    got problem with things call DirectX ….welll other game didnt have any problen….so anyobe can help me“`admin?

  14. randy says:

    cannot start the game. it go black screen and my resolution turns 640×480. how to fix it?

  15. Aluckardo says:

    Hi, first i want to say thanks for the awesome site, second. I seem to have problems with the audio in this game, i have the 2nd iso mounted, and bgm plays no problem, however whenever there is suposed to be another kind of sounds, a voice or “knock” on the door, i get a message that says the could not load (or play) either the sound or the voice file. Any idea of how can fix this? At this point don’t really care if i don’t get the sounds to work, but getting that error message every two seconds is kind of annoying.

  16. sai2614 says:

    I liked the story of this game but i really would have liked to have the choice of ending up with ayano.

    • Otamega says:

      There is an ending with ayano… :O
      if i’m not mistaken theres 3 path.. 😀
      with ayano, with the nurse(at school), then with thw private nurse.. :O

  17. Blair says:

    i downloaded the game but when i try to play it, it says something about windows not being able to play it or something like that. has anyone else had that problem and been able to resolve it? if so please let me know.

  18. awnG says:

    If possible, I’d like to get some help with installing and running this VN properly. So far, every attempt I’ve made at running the game resulted in a tiny screen and a missing taskbar.

    I’m running Windows 7 64 bit. Many thanks.

  19. ban says:

    Hello! This is my first downloaded VN. After downloading the .rar files, what should I do? Thanks.

    • ban says:

      By the way, my OS is Windows 7. When I extracted the .rar files and extract the CD1.img file, I started clicking the set-up but it says “DirectX: Unsupported Windows version”. What should I do in this case? Thanks in advance.

  20. max says:

    Black screen and crash upon startup.
    Help please?

    • max says:

      Never mind, got it solved. Seems the problem is with the DirectX version after all.
      For those with the same problem and really want to play it, try running Windows 98 with a virtual machine. It’s a pain, but works for me.

  21. Andrew says:

    Mediafire links seem to be working fine at this moment.

  22. nick says:

    admin just letin u know that mediafire link says invalid or deleted file thanks for uploads

  23. Ken says:

    hey, idk if you guys have already figured it out but i downloaded the files, i extracted them, and all i get is some .ccd and .cue .img and .sub, im not sure what im supposed to do with them. help?

  24. Agan says:

    I got a problem…. I can’t continue/load the game… what should I do??

  25. Haclorety says:

    whenever I try to execute CD 1’S CCD file, it says, “DirectX: Unsupported Windows version”. Do I really need to update my OS to Win7 for Private Nurse to work? I heard that Win7 has a lot of problems when it comes to VNs

    • SinSKY says:

      I don’t think so, because all of the game i download from this site can be played normally in my window 7 except Canvas 2 and flyable heart(can be played normally but a bit strange)….

      The Biggest problem when playing the game on window 7 is they wont get full screen… so i just played in window screen, any one knows, how to make it Full screen on window 7 64 bit???

  26. SinSky says:

    Maybe it is just me or maybe it is true…. if anyone having trouble with the voice of this wonderful game, play it and see the property, maybe the voice is just gone because there is no (tick) on it…. hope this help your problem…..

  27. Brian says:

    Having trouble downloading part 4. Keep getting this:
    {You can not access this page directly. Please use the website to start your download or contact us in case of problem.
    If the problem persists, clear your cookies and try again.}

    Anyone else have this problem?

  28. Bleyd says:

    awesome website! uhm can u pls tag the uncensored ones?

  29. Outpost Omega J says:

    Only posting this as an anti-brain-cramp aid:

    You didn’t post any mirrors for the this download. That isn’t a problem to me. You do all this work for free, on your own dime. As such, I fully acknowledge I have no right to complain. I’m just posting this in case that was not deliberate on your part and you just over looked it.

    • admin says:

      Oh, there were filesonic+fileserve mirrors posted. Fileserve deleted all my files today tho, so i removed defunct links. I’ll look for secondary filehost in few days. Whole warez scene is hectic ever since megaupload got raided – filehosts are closing, blocking downloads from USA and other stuff. I need to wait for dust to settle down before i make any decisions that will infulence site’s future.

  30. Michael says:

    ah, me too have the same problem..

    worse, i only have a CCD,SUB,VLC, and IMG files..can’t even see or open anything.. please help me X(

  31. Nana says:

    I have a problem with this game, and also Heart de Roommate. My problem is that voice and music don’t work. And for this game, it’s not working at all, when i’m starting it, I have black screen and that’s all… I instal it with .cue file, am I doing it wrong? Sorry for all mistakes, english is not my first language.

    • Toothless says:

      If memory serves me right. you have to have the 2nd CD mounted as you play in order to hear the BGM and voices.

      • Nana says:

        But even if i have 2nd CD mounted there is an error that there will be no voice and BGM 🙁 and it’s not working.

        • admin says:

          I know what error you’re talking about. It only happens sometimes on non-english systems. You’ll need to change two files (codecs) in system32 directory for their english equivalents. I’ll post tutorial for it about tommorow (I’m adding new feature to site now that will make downloading easier – something similar to .torrent files, but downloading from filehosts instead)

  32. tran says:

    admin,can you post on how to install this? i cant seem to install it right
    and iwl i have problems if im on windows 7?

  33. tran says:

    getting this too! ty admin!

  34. Danilo Antunes says:

    Thanks admin.

  35. Meldogg says:

    The main story of this was very sad…good though

    • Lang2004 says:

      I remember i spent a good 10 minutes crying over nurse’s main ending.

      • Zeromin0 says:

        Oh ^ Maria U beautiful and kindness creature ever i seen. this novels is best one i read and most difficult story. but Word and art Awesome and best one ever i seen. I Love It – i hope can see u maria ^^

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