Park Toucher Fantasy – MAKO Ver.

Park Toucher Fantasy - MAKO Ver.

My name is (customizable).
That day, for a change of pace, I watched people come and go in the park.
(From here, there are subtle variations in “closet lolicon” style.)
…I wasn’t looking for “that”. Really, I’m only into 2D.
…I enjoyed a peek now and then, but I also respect boundaries. The law’s the law.
…It’s not that I’m a lolicon per se. My fantasies were pretty vanilla.
She was extremely young, innocent in a way that even teens quickly forget. So, imagine my shock when she started masturbating in full view…!
It was like an anchor dropped inside me. It was disorienting. A girl so young shouldn’t have any sort of sexuality, but she was overflowing with it.
Almost like an out-of-body experience, I took out my penis. What was I doing? I was jacking off to this little girl.
Disgraceful. No, disgraceful at first, as I struggled to grasp the situation.
This was the garden of Eden. She was Eve, doing the forbidden thing, but Eden wasn’t a garden of sin until Eve ate the apple. Nothing was disgraceful.
I was probably the snake. Or the apple. But even so…

That just meant this young girl and I were fated to be together. A bond between us… two people enjoying their bodies.

Where else would this relationship go?

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