The School Nurse and his Soap Bubble Addicted Assistant

The School Nurse and his Soap Bubble Addicted Assistant

“Say, Sora”
“Okuribito may very well be considered the health teacher for Tamabito, don’t you think?”

Kazami Sora travels with a young girl named Shirobana, who often blows soap bubbles and wears a straw hat around her neck. They are journeying to guide Tamabito, ghost-like beings, to their final resting place. Sora and those who share his solemn calling are referred to in select circles as ‘Okuribito,’ the soul guides.

But Sora’s journey is fueled by a deeply personal quest.
He is searching for his sister, who passed away and became a Tamabito and is now missing. Sora’s dearest sister, who raised him as if she were his parent, deserves to be peacefully escorted to her final resting place by his own hands.

Then, this spring.
Sora and Shirobana find themselves in Saika Town during their travels. It’s a tranquil countryside town known for its fields of dandelions and natural hot springs. They had learned from an acquaintance that this town attracts many Tamabito. Sora holds onto the hope that among them might be his lost sister.
They decide to stay at a hot spring inn. To cover their expenses, Sora uses his skills as an Okuribito to work temporarily as a school nurse at Saika Girls’ Academy, where an acquaintance serves as the principal.

As the academy’s health counselor, Sora forges bonds with the female students.
He offered a sympathetic ear through his role, providing counseling and emotional support.
Together with Shirobana, they unwittingly become the problem-solvers for various campus incidents.

The language of dandelions signifies sincere love.
But also that of separation…

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