Overly Qualified Ms. Mary

Overly Qualified Ms. Mary

Introducing Tomoya, your ordinary run-of-the-mill student trying to get through school. His life is turned upside down when he meets Mary Morgan, most well known as Baroness of Bountiful Breasts all across campus. Her Massive Sweater Puppies have earned her the admiration and revile of many, but no one can deny the superiority of her Colossal Cups as they tower over all lesser girls.

Our admittedly milquetoast protagonist catches the eye of the proud owner of the most Regal of Racks, and he’s wrapped between her Honking Jiggly Jugs. Will he be able to step up to the task and conquer this Mountainous Madame, or be crushed under her Titanic Double D’s? We are proud to regale you with the tale of the one and only Master of Boobjobs, Mary Morgan, and her unforgettable search for love.

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  1. yeah basically a doujin. i get it if a big tits slut liking liking ur dic but with that kind of clothes in school? okay it is doujin. Nukige at least made up some setting on it. But this is short VNs so feels more like Doujin

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