Evenicle 2

Evenicle 2

In a world where human civilization is constantly threatened by wild monsters, only the rare few individuals who wield forbidden skills dare challenge them. However, these brave warriors have to face an even more dangerous hazard… because with every Skill they use, a terrible curse eats away at their bodies.

The Hero Syndrome: a mysterious power that causes humans to catch random diseases with every skill they use in combat.

Only Alex – a young doctor wielding the forgotten healing Skill known as “Medica” – can hope to cure all the weird diseases ravaging the world. His unique power lets him administer a miraculous drug synthesized by his body… through the seminal fluid contained in the incredible “syringe” between his legs!

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  1. Does any body have this problem?
    I played evenicle 1 and now 2 came out so i played it too, now however, it just doesnt open anymore. I double click on the icon as per usual one day and suddenly… nothing… it just doesnt run anymore… is this some kind of bug or virus?

  2. I have been playing this game for a while now and when I wanted to rewatch some of the h-scenes there was no such thing, please help preferably not needing to reset my progress

  3. Does anyone know how to beat Hameln? I’m stuck fighting against him and the armor dude (avoiding spoiler)

  4. Does anyone know where the scrap abyss is? I destroyed Adan’s foot, but I don’t remember where the scrap abyss is so I can’t proceed to the next part.

    1. The dungeon in the Holy Continent where you enter Ixtab Lab. It’s near Dalai… or was it Lama? I kind of forget

  5. Wow. I still need to play and finish the first game. Backlog is so damn huge. This will be a purchase in the future for sure.

  6. Does anyone know where I can buy the strongest items? I thought there’d be a hidden shop where they sell god items like in Evenicle 1, but I can’t seem to find it.

    1. Hmmm…

      I kinda forgot but that fight is goddamn difficult ( trust me Pylos is much easier)

      First of all you need to half his defence so you gonna need kano’s half defense attack, then you gotta ready Charl’s def up. Try to not let Platina die because she will be the one to deal massive damage. Also Yuragi’s guard does wonders.

  7. Damn this hit different. The final boss is kinda w/e tbh, predictable by the time you get there and uninteresting, but the 2nd last boss, his motivations and how his story arc played out was great. A massive improvement over Felton from the first game at least, who was kind of just a dick because he was talented.

    1. Honestly I liked evenicle 2 lore building (it got me hooked so much).

      Also if you will compare Aster’s world to Alex, you will see how much lenient QD is to the former. I kinda understand why QD branch 13 almost gave up to that world.

    2. But….

      Honestly Felton has a point, Alex’s world is advanced compared to Aster’s because of the severe environment. Unlike in Aster’s world where everyone can take it easy, Alex’s world is a cutthroat world because of the limitations (Hero’s Syndrome) on it, thats why they where able to evolve and adapt (with “outside help”).

  8. Does anybody know when Ero Voice will be uploaded? Also thanks for Evenicle 2 Admin. I couldn’t really get into Evenicle 1 so I hope this one is a bit better.

  9. Does anyone know how to get to the pyramid in chapter 3? I know I’m supposed to use bubbles, to cross the lava, but I can’t find the right place to use it. I can’t find a walkthrough, so I’m asking here.

    1. This one was a bit weird.
      After the bubbles are introduced to the game, proceed a little to the east. You’ll find another eventmarker close the the lava-river ( in front of the pyramid ) with another bubble-point. The party talks about the dangers of this spot and descide to keep on searching for a better location. this is boggus -_- The bubble-point right there is the correct one. Step on it and confirm the action.

      1. Thanks, I was going back and forth, exploring every corner of the map for another exclamation mark until I got to lvl 31 (I was lvl27 when I found the 2nd event mark). Considering I was avoiding battles as much as possible, I was searching for a long, long time.

  10. i don*t know….the game is exactly what i expected…too much actually. while i guess its still a good game – why is it a blatant copy of the first game? the MC is almost the same (in almost every way), graphics and engine is 1:1 the same, and even the first female chara is the same as in the first game ( tank-class – emberassed about beeing called “cute” ) . i really looked forward to this release but i feel kinda bored from the get-go 🙁

      1. I won’t go as far as saying that there’s nothing new, but I admit that it has a lot of similarities to the first game.

        The party of both games were consisted of: a perverted protagonist, an innocent tank, a noble girl, a pure loli and a smart chick.

        The gameplay and battle system are pretty much the same, with the exception of Hero Disease and MP mechanic in Evenicle 2. The graphic is pretty similar too.

        Personally I would prefer the next evenicle to have different kind of gameplay, just like how rance has different gameplay throughout the series. Something similar to sengoku rance would be cool.

    1. welll….

      If you ask me, Alex and Aster are almost the same in horniness but in terms of personality they are way too different. Aster would pop a boner in public and ogle girls while Alex could at least restrain his libido way better. Also Alex is sharp and cunning that dude is almost impossible to fool.

      Also Alex is still a professional, he may be a maniac but when it comes to proper treatment (at least the normal ones) dude has a serious mode switch.

      1. Just a personal opinion, but from the way the epilogue played out, I get the feeling that Alicesoft might be making this into a full series like Rance. There was the implication of more sequels. Nothing definite though.

        1. Yea, nothing for certain till they announce it but its starting to be clear that they’re going somewhere with this. The last game didnt foreshadow so much, but in this one they put more direct foreshadowing of things to come throughout the game, like the world traveling woman that helped Pylos, Hameln and Epide’s research and then just vanished to another world.

          1. It’s implied that woman is Ramius own mother which means that Archevald failed to kill her on the Arthur Tragedy or she managed to escape.

            Also if we will compare the story side by side, on Evenicle 1, Adan absorbed all the desire which caused the world to shatter but it didn’t explain why. Luckily Evenicle 2 gave us a good explanation: the Barbaric Era. The world is in total chaos but Adan sacrificed himself to stop their children from fighting. That’s why on Alex’s world, Adan is seen as a punisher rather than a devil.

    2. Oh, and Evenicle 2 is punishing players who try to level grind.

      Grind too much every start of the chapter and your wives would get all kinds of sickness which then would require you to go back and forth for the treatments, some are harmless (and cute) but others are down right annoying (skip turns, low damage, more speed but half def)

      A bit refreshing if you ask me

      1. But by the end of the chapter, if you have eradicated all of the diseases, you won’t get anymore. Although, you are right that you can’t do it at the beginning of the chapter because the items you need won’t show up until later for some of them.

        1. Chapter 4 is the most annoying level because the intervals of the cures and the disease is way too long.

    3. It’s an RPG, so having one of the first party members being a Tank is pretty standard. Also, Yuragi in this game is only shy at the first meeting, and then less then a day later she asks Alex to be her boyfriend. You rushed to judgement a little too soon. Keep playing, it is a pretty good game.
      Also, Alex and Aster are alike in terms of level of perversion, but different in personality. Personally, I liked Alex a lot more. Aster seemed like a kid the whole time. Alex is a more mature, though still a pervert.

      1. Also Alex is relatable in some ways. Aster is a kid because Kino and Kiyo pretty raised him like that (a horny sex fiend with some restraint) while Alex grew up with his grandfather and granny who pretty kept him in line (also it helps that he was able to mingle with other people)

        Its really hilarious anytime Kano admits that she had a hand on turning Alex into a massive pervert.

    1. It kinda ruined the gag where there is a sickness called the mosaic syndrome where there is a mosaic censor on the crotch of one of the girls.

      1. I think that Hero Syndrome might be the only reason they kept mosaics in the game. I don’t really have a problem with it but, I know others will. The joke is pretty funny when it happens. I thought so anyway.

    1. Well……

      A bit of spoiler

      Ramius is present on this world and you will only get the idea what she is talking about when you played Evenicle 1.

      She is also a sidequest too.

    1. There is outright rape too, just not involving the hero or heroines. There are scenes where side-characters and innocent NPCs end up raped by monsters. And not avoidable: you will encounter those scenes no matter what.

  11. Since this wasn’t released on Steam (therefore no toxic ass DRM), am I correct in assuming that there is just an .exe without need for a crack file that makes my antivirus explode?

    1. well i pretty much doubt it ( still downloading ) . so far all releases by our eroge-god werde wiuthout anykind of DRM. Crack or No-CD stuff. Hail to the king baby 😀
      ( btw i would totally pay mangagamer if they would accept somethin else else then credit-card. i know paypal got its issues with h-games, but on other platforms ( Steam / GoG ) they tend to turn a blind eye when the profit fits. The hell with those hypcrits )

    2. Pay for this one man….

      If you like it at all…

      Evenicle 1 was unique — I see the first couple posts saying bored and all that, but – a new VN “just like Evenicle?” Sign me up [already got it, haven’t started yet tho]. If it’s “just like” Evenicle 1 [in the ways those guys described] sounds great to me.

      So many VN companies just give up.. even when they’ve released solid titles. If you find VNs you do like, you _know_ you can save up a couple bucks to support the devs. Just sayin’…

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