Hunks Workshop!

Hunks Workshop!

One day, the protagonist’s cell phone rings. His uncle, the manager of a chain shop that rents handymen, is on the other line. He has a proposition for his nephew, who spends his days living a life of self-indulgence and depravity.

He is to take on an apprenticeship at this handyman shop for one month with no explanation or guidance, watching over the four charming staff members that reside in and work at the shop.

He is to work as the handyman shop manager. He finds the management of and communicating with these peculiar staff members to be impossible at first…

After one month passes, the uncle will judge him by whether he achieved his quota… will he be able to do it? Or will he be tossed out?

You will soon find his new home, “BODY&SOUL”, to be the shop of your dreams…

15 comments on “Hunks Workshop!

    1. It’s a genre portraying gay love, the target audience is actual gay men, as opposed to yaoi, whose target audience is mostly women or younger gay guys. Basically, yaoi portrays more feminine, younger men, while bara is all about manly and buff men

  1. HELPPPP!!
    I think I’m forever stuck in a loop… orz
    I’m on Itsuki’s route and whenever I click the second choice after the first H-scene, it brings me back to the beginning of the H-scene… again and again. Please… can anyone help me? I really wanna collect all the CGs TT^TT

    1. Hello, greeting everyone. Niikura happy ending sex scene making me looping again and again. It return to the beginning of the sex scene. Can someone an help me through the Niikura kengo route?

  2. UGHH…’s a bara! I thought that I will finally play some yaoi, but nope!

    uuuuuuuu, I’m sooo dissapointed(T____T)

    why translated yaoi games are so rare? *sob*

      1. They’re not old; they’re more masculine than average as opposed to more feminine (yaoi). It’s supposed to be geared towards actual gay men.

  3. Anyone else has the problem that the programme stops working very often? It happens when they go to the onsen, I can’t get to day 18 without the game crashing…

  4. Umm, admin, it has black block behind the character’s image? is it just me or it is the game glitch? and how can i save in this game? thanks before..

    1. It seems to me that you can only save when you give the guys a job. There is a ‘s’ button next to the heads from the characters. If you click it you should be able to save.

      I have the same problem with the black blocks behind the characters…

  5. Wow, a legit bara VN. Gotta applaud the diversity of this site once again. Thanks for the effort admin!

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