Purrrfect Love

Purrrfect Love

One day, you come across a woman hanging around your house. Though you’ve never seen her before, as soon as she sees you a smile shines upon her face.
“Finally, you’re back! I’ve been waiting for so long!”

Who is she…? And why does she seem so familiar?
After a series of events, the two of you start living together, and as you get to know each other, things start heating up.

Like an adorable feline, she stays by your side, bringing you warmth and joy.
And yet, what lies hidden behind these unexpected delights is a shocking truth…

7 comments on “Purrrfect Love

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  2. Started playing it because the art-style looked neat, but then the dialog said “I’m an older guy …” and I almost threw up and closed the game.
    Disgusting shit. Prolly written by an old pedophile.

    1. Are you serious? The description refers to the female as a WOMAN, not a child.

      Maybe YOU’RE the old pedophile here with your mind thinking of “disgusting shit”?

      Get lost, loser.

    2. Man you must live an extremely stressful life if someone referring to themselves as “older” is what sends you into a vomit inducing rage.

      You do know that “older” is a non-specific relative term, right? It implies that you were born before another person in question or the average of a group. It does not imply a specific age nor a specific gap in age.

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