IxSHE Tell

IxSHE Tell

Hajime is the school students’ representative and the student council president thanks to whom the rule banning romantic relationships in school was lifted. Although now he’s a hero who gave allowed everyone freedom of love, he himself now has no time to enjoy it himself! If any problem arises, the whole success will be for naught and the rule might be brought back…

At such time, he is confessed to by Kasumi, a transfer student who is also his childhood friend. Furthermore, on the next days he was confessed to by the sister school’s charismatic student council president Yui and by the school idol who won miss contest twice in a row – Ayaka!

However, one of the few students who is against romance – the “anti-romance faction leader” and the vice president of the student council Yoshino has declared “Come on, let’s enter a relationship and cause problems and bring back the ban on romance!”.

Hajime was happy to be loved by so many people, but decided that first he should get to know everyone better.

As if waiting for him to say it, his other childhood friend Shiori, a perfect yamato nadeshiko has confessed to him while saying she knows him best of all.

Right after the ban on love has been lifted, the protagonist finds himself incredibly popular with several girls approaching him aggressively and from all directions. His love story begins abruptly…

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  1. Why is the background always black screen??
    I can atleast see the character sprites, but when it reaches a certain part, the background just sometimes remain black momentarily.
    Anyone else having this issue?

  2. l playd it again, though could give it a second chance.. finshed Ayaka’s route first a good laugh, the story is not great but after you’re in a route already everythings changes, and in the end ist queit enjoyable. Ayaka is Annoying at first but after they hook-up with MC things gets Interesting.

  3. while not bad, it’s definitely quite generic, found myself holding the skip button through parts that was dragging out too much, good rt though

  4. I have a general question and am looking for peoples opinions on it,

    Is the reason a lot of eroge stories focus on young waifu girls in either high school or grade school just a matter of coincidence because its easier to piece together with that kind of a setting or is the reason for the younger characters more geared towards what men generally want to read or see in an eroge?

    1. Because since after leaving high school, Japanese high school students either try to join the workforce as is, or killed themself studying in/into university to then enter the workforce. Their free time, which given the already enourmous pressure in their youths to perform (there’s school entrance tests not only to high school, but middle and primary ones as well if I need to remind you!), was barely existent, it will now effectively die. So where could you even have a story set in the real world where people are still able to enjoy their lives? High school. Easiest and most appealing for them to relate to.

        1. Yeah that’s a whole other complex issue but Japan has one of the longest working hours in the world. I won’t delve into the details because you can easily find out for yourself if you look it up but it’s fucked up. So much so that sleeping on the job is acceptable as it is viewed as exhaustion from working hard. Some people fake it to look committed to their job. Hell, it’s so common for employees to work themselves to death that there’s a word for it. It’s one of the main reasons why many choose to be single i.e. no time for dating which then manifest into social and mental issues that eventually lead many suicide.

  5. Dropped it after 30 mins of playing, the Art and voice acting are good but the plot is meh, got bored fast, maybe gonna play it again in the future for the h-scenes. (was gonna buy it, thankfully I tried it first)

  6. DAMN this game is big as hell!! I’f I’m babysitting my computer to download 25 parts it better be the most compelling vn ever created. Some of y’all have some real patience.

    1. 25 parts is fine. Normally it goes grom 15 to 25.I have seen heavier visual novels, up to 92 parts. 35 is just enough to reach the big side.

  7. harem anime in VN form, except MC is not gay, art is detail, not much of a story, girls not that deep but are interesting enough that they dont end up complete boring. Enjoyable to finish, but doesnt really make you click to see what is next. This is inferior to Friend to Lover or Making Lovers that is for sure.

        1. I suggest you try updating your winrar, or 7z – whichever you are using.

          This often fixes these types of errors – a newer version…

      1. That’s funny – with the “x” in there, I was reading it as
        “I ex, she tell” (I ask, she tell… loosely… very)

        Aiishiteru is, of course, correct.

        I would add that it should be Aii shi teru… accent on the “ii”

        Phonetically, ah-ee-shtay-roo without pauses. Some would even say “ah-ee-shtay-doo” …. lol… but – too fine a point.


        1. it’s not Aiishiteru

          愛してる is just a-i-shi-te-ru

          a-i is on one kanji and there is differrent between “ii” (e) and “i” (i)

  8. Quite simple and yet enjoyable game. If you’re in, looking for a heartstrucking-lovey dovey, wacky, and single dimensional romance. Try it? We’ve got different preferences man, don’t let others define what you’re supposed to like, go find that out for yourself and test things, life’s got a lot of opportunity for us.

  9. The heroines started off as bland, but as you get to know each of them, you will come to enjoy expecting what events will come unfolding in each of their routes. Pretty standard, knowing “that” kind of review should be a “given” in every Story, but i guess that’s about what this VN can offer. The plot, well… no development whatsoever, given they are already presented to be in love with the mc from the start. Characters, pretty standard personalities with sides of surprises. Music, good enough for me to get convinced recording and start listening to it.

    Overall, 8.9/10 CUZ I’M BIAS AND I ENJOYED IT YEEET!!!

    1. Quite simple and yet enjoyable game. If you’re in, looking for a heartstrucking-lovey dovey, wacky, and single dimensional romance. Try it? We’ve got different preferences man, don’t let others define what you’re supposed to like, go find that out for yourself and test things, life’s got a lot of opportunity for us.

  10. for me this is one where i start skipping after reading for 10 minutes and end up closing it for good 5 minutes after.
    Very one dimensional set up, very one dimensional characters, the same comedic cheerful tunes in the background you have heard a million times over.
    Nice girls all like you and it is painfully obvious, there are no relationships to develop. You are just exposed to the different girls until you have seen enough of them to pick one.
    Don’t forget to cram some minigame-like mechanics into it for no apparent reason.

    ty for the upload as usual, but pass.

    1. I gotta be honest to you (and if you are just a troll then well played) But I see your comments on pretty much every single upload and it’s the same old shit every single comment. “Don’t like this vn it’s too much like the thousands I have played already nothing interesting characters are too generic blah blah blah” No matter what type of vn it is you leave the exact same comment. Honestly isn’t it time you get into your head that it is time for you to just stop playing vn games then? If you are going to bitch on every single upload the same things then you really have no point to continue. Il bring a shocking fact to you. Nothing is going to change. You aren’t going to find a completely original vn that has nothing like other vn games at this point.

      Again if you are just a troll who is baiting no problem because your comments feel extremely baitable but if you aren’t you really should spend 2 minutes to think why you even play vn still lol. It’s also incredibly ironic you bitch about all vn being too similar the characters story gameplay all not being original yet you type the exact same comment hundreds of times on every single release.

      You just seem like an old loser who can’t move on passed anime despite not enjoying it anymore to be honest. And for someone checking comments to see if anyone actually has anything to say about the release always seeing your whining bitch comment in every single release is pretty boring at this point. Really the words get a life are so simple yet so fitting at this point

      1. Amen bro, I honestly have no idea how people are complaining on a vn they’re getting for free! Now if you paid $40-$60 on it and felt cheated then sure, but its free just download it…

      2. hmm always interesting when you obviously hit a nerve with people who then try to make up a story about how you are so offended/sensitive/triggered (what ever troll-word is trending right now). The ability to be completely ignorant towards oneself always amazes me.
        What you accuse me of is partly correct of course. There is something in anime / jap pop culture that keeps me hooked even though i hate most of it. And i feel there was a time when most mangas, animes etc. were of a much higher quality. Might be this was only the case because there was less of it and people had to be dedicated to push it, maybe only the best got translated at that time.. i am not sure. But it’s not true that i can’t enjoy it anymore, just like back then i still love good quality animes/vns/mangas, and they still get made, but they are incredibly rare.
        What i despise, not only in jap-pop, is the fact that these vns and other entertainment sources get more generic and lazy by the day. If you have played 1 you have seen 95% of the rest already. They treat you like you are brain dead, serving up the same formula lazily whipped up over and over. But hey it seems there will always be a market for that. Honestly i am envious. The world must be so exiting to you. Like a goldfish everything seems brand new and original. You can’t see it for the crap it is and you are lucky that’s the case.
        So yeah my comments might not be unique, and i find it quite fitting that this is the case with comments addressing the same problem, but i’ll continue writing them. Because i am not brain dead, and i will not shut up about the global trend to make media as dumb as humanly possible.
        So in your style i’d retour: deal with it and move on.

        1. You don’t really get it lol. People can enjoy different VN even if they are similar to other ones. Infact most people look for visual novels or anime that have alot in common with other ones they like. I like enjoyable school romance VN seeming anime versions always make them trash where they never end up together. so if I see one with these “generic” characters and see another a month later im still going to enjoy them both.

          In the same way you envy my “goldfish” mindset I really can’t envy someone like you who can only enjoy something that is done for the very first time. That’s why I suggested you just stop playing vn.

          And like the other guy said you are playing a free version of the game. Do you really have a need to give your expert review on the games all being “trash” simply because they aren’t 100% unique lol? If you go and buy the games on steam and don’t like it then leaving a negative review is totally warranted. But you literally see a thumbnail of cute looking girls in school outfits and think “yes! this is going to be unique for sure” Kinda just ignoring your own stupidity at that point no? Id just be grateful if we get any decent amount of vn at all with how slow uploads have been for over a year now there is almost no content to enjoy. Most uploads have just been rpgmaker games which I couldn’t care for in the least but I don’t go bitching on every one of those uploads. What a crazy power I have.

          1. You know what. Let’s flip the script on this.
            We both know how these discussions go. We both already know the little witty insults and assumptions the other side is going to make and we both know that those insults will keep the other side from really admitting to any point each of us raise.
            We can get that anywhere. Much like these games it’s a generic internet discussion we probably both just use to blow of some steam and argue for the sake of arguing.
            Let me instead stay true to my theme of hating on the generic and offer this instead: if you are interested in discussing this further feel free to message me via the “forum” of this site (same user name). I think some of your points are quite fair, even though unnecessarily harsh/pointy, and i’d be interested in discussing them. If you actually want to understand my mindset, or why you react to it in the way you do, hit me up.

  11. My backlog is starting to pile up. Need to rectify that situation soon. Thanks admin for sharing this. Works fine so far.

    1. I wanna say yes, but the 18 patch says “18+ CGs and H-scenes” nothing about voices then again it could be because of course it come with voices so why mention it, on the other hand the vndb page says for mangagamer version the one that is already 18+ “Fully voiced” and since both are the same version the steam and the Mangagamer one i say it comes with voices

      1. sorry I didnt express that correctly, I mean the Bug patch, because there a bug that in the H-scenes some voices are missing.

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