Koi iro Chu! Lips

Koi iro Chu! Lips

Haruka is just your average high school student idly coasting through his life. His mornings generally start with a delivery from his childhood friend and neighbor Mirai, who has an inexplicable hate for him. His daily commute is interrupted by the cheerful and forever-in-love Nagisa, who never misses an opportunity to profess her undying love for him. At school he spends time with his good friend Ikuya, a bit of a pervy moron, often finding himself in trouble with his mature yet cute Sensei Shizuku.

His lazy days continue on and on, until until a chance encounter with a mysterious pot changes his life forever…… How will his things ever return to normal?!

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  1. Thenaughtygeek says:

    It was giving me a errors and codes but i installed Locale Emulator and followed their instructions and ran it as admin and its working great.

  2. Wolf says:

    the patch needs to be fixed

  3. StoneSlayer says:

    Was able to bypass all errors by changing the System Local AND Home location to Japan (Control panel/clock and region/change date,time,or number formats/ Location=Japan/Administrative-change system local=Japanese

    Applocal doesn’t seem to work on windows 10

  4. Frostbite says:

    Heh exactly what kind of “pot” are we talking about?

    Btw can anyone give me their opinion on the game I know nothing about it

  5. GadgetBro says:

    Hello I’m new here and I don’t really understand how do I install/run the game I downloaded all the parts but they just show as .rar files that all have the same files in them I wonder if anbody could help me out,thanks.

    • OniiChan says:

      Download 7zip and run it. After that, you put all the .rar files into a new folder and later you right click the .rar file and go to where it says 7zip. There should be several options appearing to the right or left of it. You then click on where it says “Extract to ‘KoiIroChuLips\'”. It should start extracting and then you click on the folder that pops up. Unfortunately, I don’t know where the .exe file for the game is, so I’m pretty much helpless after you extract the files.

  6. DJC says:

    Does anyone know how to actually save im getting kind of annoyed with the quick save

  7. Chris says:

    To run This eroge use AppLocale… no need change ur region… :]

  8. gab says:

    finish extracting but there is no .exe application.plz help

  9. asagiiii says:

    help ! ! ! ! i finish downloading the game but after i extract the folder and run the koiirochulips application there is always an error please help this is the 1st tym i download an ero game so pls help me ASAP

    PS: i really want to play the game :((

  10. cangak says:

    for those who encountered syntax error, simply run it with appclocale. it works for me.

  11. TenguSan says:

    When a translation contains things such as \FAIL!!! Lololololol\ and \derpderpderpderp\ and uses terms such as \trolling\ in sentences, I seriously want to slap the translators and anyone else on the translation team who thought it was a good idea.

  12. Senpai says:

    Its my first time looking at or for a eroge anyone have any suggestions with a good translation to decent. No tentacle or Monster or cyborg. please and this seems like a eroge based of Clannad.

  13. codex says:

    I feel like I’m missing gfs, after following the aforementioned walkthrough posted earlier. I’m missing one scene for shiziku and half a page of gfs

  14. Kawaiii says:

    I also got that error (syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting “)”) ) , did someone know how to solve it ?

  15. chris says:

    game uncensored or not i found most games on this site not from mangagamer usally censored

  16. Fourby says:

    changed the name of the folder and still not working for me. never had a problem before either…. (syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting \)\) …. any help?

  17. Zelko says:

    Hey guys, if you have problems to get the game to work, you might try to change the game folder name to “Koi iro Chu! Lips”. It worked for me, since originally the folder name had weird symbols 🙂

  18. Michan says:

    game didnt work some about unexpected symbol

  19. esoJ says:

    Wank until it hurts, I guess?

  20. Maou says:

    Maybe I have a weird taste, but I kinda liked this game!

    Thanks again Ivan.

  21. Diro says:

    I keep getting \tvp(kirikiri) 2 core / scripting platform stopped responding\ and I don’t know how to fix it.
    Any help?

  22. Mac says:

    i want to agree with you, but most patches are free, so I don’t feel I have the right to complain about what is basicly a gift. A gift that took a metric ton of time to create, likely from multiple people. That being said, I prefer quality translations, and if a patch is bad enough I simply can’t force myself to play through the game.

  23. Zidane says:

    incompetent protag teamed up with a cupid who makes all his decisions for him honestly what was the point?

    its not BAD but it certainly is annoying

  24. Mykorrhiza says:

    Hmm, I droped it. Not my type of story and the \Cupid\ is sooo annoying. ):

  25. c-x says:

    love the artstyle

  26. Someone... says:

    Can somebody tell me how to instal this game….? –*

  27. Gao says:

    Don’t download the translation if you are annoyed with “liberal” translations. And by that, I mean reddit/4chan tier speech.

  28. José says:

    Syntax Error? con lo que me costo bajarlo… como puedo jugarlo?

  29. avalon says:

    im missing one cg in misaki route the one beteew we yuu see you kiss and the first h scene any one know how to get it

  30. ijen says:

    I cant download with this new setting.When i click the free link,nothing happens no matters how many times i do that.Mind giving me a little help.Anyone

  31. Shadovv-san says:

    the supporting girls seem more interesting than most of the 5 main ones 🙁
    Mei needs a route too dammit >_<

    • KochiyaSanae says:

      u said it. The prez, yuu, and mei is more unique character-wise. But nagisa’s route is practically mei’s route in a way. And u can get that lesbo girl end through misaki’s from what i see in the walkthrough, though i havent tried it yet..

    • tubehunter says:

      Saw the walkthrough and got disappointed instantly!
      I want the class rep! The class rep!
      How come we can only get the annoying cupid, annoying bunny girl, annoying childhood friend, and the older woman?

  32. Trad says:

    not gonna sk about quality of translation but…..

    is this vn ANY good? i really love giving vn a try usually but this one feels just so….. sorry cant find a good word so just gonna say “ordinary”

    by reading description only:
    plot: none….pot? wtf is that
    girls: nothing special
    unique: nope

    not trying to be rude just asking for honest opinion from those that tried it already

    • KochiyaSanae says:

      Plotwise, yeah its very generic and predictable. But i think for a change of pace, its not that bad, considering all the latest translated VN is mostly nukige-type. For me personnaly, its still better than someone banging every girl he sees without plot at all…

  33. Ever17 says:

    Yeah, it is not very good. Having said that I wouldn’t be able to do a much better job than this given my only marginal skill with the language. I can definitely tell this is very liberal however as a number of lines are clearly not what is being said.

  34. AntifunGuy says:

    [Save 1] ※ For Nagisa END ※
    The cafeteria food
    Tell her off
    That I have my own Cupid?
    I’m interested
    Actually, that sounds like a good idea
    [Save 2] ※ For Shizuku END ※
    Get her attention
    [Save 3] ※ For Misaki, Mirai, Karen END ※

    [Load 3]
    [Save 4]
    Go home
    *Mirai BAD END*
    [Load 4]
    Wait a little longer
    *Mirai END*

    [Load 3]
    Misaki-chan, i guess
    Go it alone
    Have it
    Use the 3-minutes love umbrella
    [Save 5] ※ For Yuu CG ※
    Go look for Misaki-chan
    Go to club
    [Save 6] ※ For Misaki ENDs ※
    Sure, that’s fine
    *Misaki END 1*
    [Load 6]
    Sorry, but…
    *Misaki END 2*
    [Load 5]
    Go get lunch from the cafeteria
    Go with Yuu
    Sorry, but…
    *Yuu CG END*

    [Load 3]
    a bit more complicated…
    Give her a chance…
    *Karen END*

    [Load 2]
    Leave her be
    Help her out
    Why yes, I AM her Boyfriend!
    Not use it
    *Shizuku end*

    [Load 1]
    Some vending-machine stuff
    Ignore her
    What’s for dinner?
    No, I’m done for the day
    Leave her be
    I do something on your own
    *Nagisa end*

  35. Meh....... says:

    I have been following updates on vn’s for a while…. but this is a total surprise. I never heard of it. I hope it’s good and thanks again admin.

  36. KochiyaSanae says:

    Is it just me, or nagisa really resembles Clannad’s Nagisa if u took off those “rabbit ears”…

    • Mau says:

      Not really…the only thing that resembles Clannad’s Nagisa is her short hair, the body and face are different and the personalities are like polar opposites, Furukawa Nagisa is quiet and shy this Nagisa is too energetic and annoying

  37. mm says:

    Hey Admin, do you happen to have “Oyako Saiin Chiiku ~ Konna Ore ni Uzuite Modaero!”?

  38. webdriver says:

    is this is kind of piracy of shuffle???

    the school uniform is… err… LOL

    anyway good job Admin ^_^ :3

  39. seekcrux says:

    I cant find a walkthrough, can someone post it here if they did? For now i am going in blind.

  40. seeker016 says:


    Just a question, does the patch.xp3 need to be copied to the game folder directly and the game run with it present, or does one need a special program to extract whatever is in the patch file and copy it to the game folder to run?

    I’m not familiar with xp3 files so any clarification would be appreciated.

    Thanks 🙂

  41. Tarma says:

    the english patch was erased and is not avalaible in the link. Someone can re-upload it again?

  42. anime_junkie says:

    do I have to change region on my laptop for this game?

    • anon says:

      You can try with applocale but that doesnt always work.

      I recommend to going for it, it doesnt screw up anything. Just put the system language on english (or w/e you want) but have the locale on japanese.

  43. anon says:

    Game with or without h-scenes?

  44. XSD says:


    Somebody can make a walkthrought in english?

  45. SV says:

    Thanks as always, admin. DL’ing…

  46. YAYY says:

    I started playing it, and got an error saying \nagisa_Days07_Scene005.ks\ in the middle of Nagisa’s route. This error pops up at the same place every single time, when Nagisa says \I.. umm…\ after the indirect kiss. Any ideas about how to fix it?

    • YAYY says:

      The error doesn’t make the game crash, but you can’t progress the dialogue further. Everything else works fine though.

    • denwatls says:

      A period found its way into one of the MPC tags and we didn’t catch it before release (did a quick run through the rest of her path and it looked ok); updated patches on the blog post. Sorry ’bout that!

  47. krasus says:

    can someone help me, i can not get the English patch to work.

    besides i am searching for an old game, but can not remember the name.
    It is a boy who choose his new school because off the food they have, after an explosion, he is in another world, but he did not notice it and then he go too that school no one knows of him.
    Because he can proof that he should go too that school but there is no place by the boys dorm, he goes into the girls dorm.

    I know is not much info, but i want to play this one again, thanks for the help in advance.

  48. usamiharu says:

    Hmmm..guess play it to pass time and taking a break playing WT and PSO2 -_-
    -Man if only I COULD READ JAP! *banging head in the wall*

  49. Elevown says:

    The game blurb and tags dont really give enough to know if i want to play this.. I think you should write a passage or 2 on what a game is about too admin- content and style etc.

    • VN lovers says:

      Why you complaining how little info/spoiler that explained this game, its not hurt to try this game, and also this is not a nukige so if you someone of of story-type oriented, al least, maybe you want to try this one. 🙂
      Btw, thank you for the upload, Admin. 😀

      • Dunnie says:

        +1 to ya mate 😛

        You can search that game in the vndatabase for more info but i aint gonna do that! It does seem that its story oriented so im gonna smash my eyes into it and see what happens!

        Thank you admin for the upload 😉

        • ciccio566 says:

          don’t worry, you will not find anything even if u search for info in vndb XD

          • Dunnie says:

            True! there’s not even a pic or anything,only the classic genre info and some minor spoilers about each heroine etc. xD

  50. Jake says:

    Mysterious pot? How WILL his things ever return to normal?!

  51. anonf says:

    Ticking off the cliches with a checklist i see.

  52. Dark Enigma says:

    Well I know next to nothing about this game, if it even works or if I’ll like it but that never stopped me before. It seems pretty short anyways.

    • Sir Failsalot says:

      Nothing special in it. But overall not bad either.

      Sub-par. Though I appreciate the effort in creating the translation patch, I cannot trust the actual content of translation. Either the translator is a complete beginner when it comes to japanese, or then he’s going to such extremes with his liberal translation that I’m doubting heavily whether he actually understands what he’s reading.

      – The translation has high amount of lines far from their original meaning, when comparing to what the characters actually say.

      • Dark Enigma says:

        Yeah noticed the translation was….. different a bit. The games not bad just kind of meh.

      • ijen says:

        If you can understand the fact that the translation is different from the original then u understand japanese to a quite degree.so don’t complain about the translation,u don’t even need it.translation is needed only for the scenarios and the protagonist’s speeches

        • Rooh says:

          No, he is right to complain. You should want and expect a standard level of translation in visual novels. As a translator myself, I hold my translations to a standard that my work will be easy for native English speakers to grasp by melding the two languages together (which is more melding ways of thinking than the actual languages). At the same time, I make sure that those with a grasp of the Japanese language agree, by making sure that in the end, the translation also keeps its intended meaning. I haven’t actually played the game yet, so I can’t comment on the translation. I just don’t appreciate you saying “don’t complain about the translation” when there are people out there who go to great lengths to make sure you have a pleasant reading experience while staying true to the literal translation. Laziness is not ok.

          • WoodenCubes says:

            Couldn’t have stated it better!

          • nekojin says:

            Well I mean…look at the quality of his language in his reply. He obviously doesn’t place much importance on silly things like ‘grammar’ or ‘spelling’.

          • Lost Soul says:

            Totally true, i have translated numerous hentai anime and eroge, and I have high standards identical to yours. Just ‘cuz translating is something you can get paid for (at least, I am) doesn’t mean you can be lazy and expect the engish speakers who don’t know anything about Japanese to all be happy…

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