My Beloved Childhood Friend Sleeps with Anyone

My Beloved Childhood Friend Sleeps with Anyone

Aika, a girl who is living next door to me
Since our families are in a good relationship, we grew up like brother and sister
Aika is cheerful, cute, and kind to everyone
but she is mean to me, maybe it is because we are like family
But I can’t see her as a family member
Because I started to like her as a girl

“You did with your senior didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I did. what is the problem? I didn’t trouble you right?”

“Oh, perhaps you also want to do naughty things with me?”

It is a story about you and your childhood friend who became a sexual beast and sleeps with everyone.

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  1. This going by description is extremely NOT ntr or cucking since she can do whatever the hell she wants and there aint no official set relationship

  2. Atleast this has an male protagnist most of us are not ised to female protagnist but not that it’s the first label people watchout for

  3. Can anyone spoil this for me are all the endings the MC crying like a bitch? or is there any with the mc and fmc ending up together in any way shape or form?

    1. There’s 3 endings. If you want the happiest ending where they eventually end up together, don’t lend them a room when the choice pops up.

      1. Brilliant, thank you. Don’t mind the crying bitch endings, just wish more NTR would at least put one happy-ish ending in there. Even if is really hard to find it lol

        Kinda on a tangent, but I have always been on the lookout for an ending where the cuck finds out, dumps the love interest like the bitch she is, the bull loses interest in her and her life implodes into taters. lol kinda vindictive aren’t I ^_~

        1. I don’t give rat ass about mc or cucks aslong as girl don’t get rapped or blackmailed I can’t handle cute anime girls getting raped or blackmail… mc well i don’t care if he cry like a little bitch or mc start to rape cuckassholes anal and cucks and mc becoming a happy gay couple lol (would love to see that kinda ending for laugh out loud)

          1. There is a doujin set in ancient China, while a husband is away his wife is raped by a trap (using his trap-ness to get close to her) and she becomes a slave to his cock, later the husband walks on them and the trap says you are too late she is mine now and the wife apologises and says she can’t live without the traps cock. Husband turns around and says Then I will fuck his ass and make him my concubine, tells his wife to tie the trap down, which she does and is looking so turned on she was drooling and they become a really sexy threesome. It’s one of the best NTR I have ever read ^_^

            Night Tales from a Chinese Studio: Wang Erxi
            nhentai digits:192711

    2. well in a nutshell there are 3 endings: the good, the bad, and the kinda neutral

      in the good one they end up together, nothing much more to say

      in the bad one they gradually fall apart and after graduating the mc goes to tokyo university leaving her behind, its kinda implied that they will not met again at least for a long time

      and in the kinda neutral is that they become sex friends but apparently will never be more than that but at least mc gets some action

      1. Cheers for that. I was going to play it anyway, but even though I enjoy NTR, for some reason I didn’t fancy playing this if there was any really bad ending and I see the bad end from your description as not so terrible end as it seems like the mc moves on with his life rather falling into a pit of misery like at the end of some NTR.

  4. Yeeesh, sure are a lot of cuck releases in the last couple years. Not that I really care, but what really pisses me off is how stupid nukiges like this one with a small fanbase are getting all the translations.

    Like ffs there are so many amazing Japanese VNs out there (both nukige & nakige) that will never see translation because shit like this is somehow stealing the spotlight. Feels bad man.

    1. you know money is involved if you are translating a visual novel plus a nukige is apparently is much easier to translate rather than a story driven visual novel. One such example is how Mangagamer prioritize it over some of the story driven ones they picked. Plus, nukiges are much more profitable and easy to make.

    1. Personally, it’s about the Domination involved in the act, since I recognize these are characters and don’t give a crap about them, in most of these stories I can quite easily put myself in the mindset of the “alpha” (for the lack of a better word), as in the person dominating, rather than the “beta” (again, for the lack of a better word), as in the schmuck having his partner stolen.

      Although this does mean I’m rather ambivalent about NTR, I don’t much care one way or the other, it’s just another way to get a Domination ‘fix’.

      1. But then why not make a game about the MC stealing other people’s girls? And then having to deal with potential repercussions?

        Would make more sense?

        1. Because that’s from the protagonist’s side. He’s in control. In NTR it’s the other way around. It’s the girl that’s in control, and the tension is on whether she succumbs to the temptation or not.

          I personally am also not into pure NTR (the closest I get is netorase, where all parties are consenting and it’s basically swinging), but I think the appeal is in the woman being a sexual being, and the drama that ensues from the pressure it has on the relationship. I think we can all at least relate to the drama portion of the fetish.

          1. can u elaborate on that? You are getting a thrill from the strain this would put on a relationship? Sorry i still don’t get it. I mean i get the idea of the female being so horny she can’t control herself. I think that is the same mechanism as with beastiality or the ugly/fat protagonists. But what is the appeal of being cheated on in this scenario?

    2. The appeal for me personally is seeing a woman get completely broken. And my breaking of choice is making her beg for my cock after making her unable to live without it.

      Most of the time Netorare achieves this splendidly, and i dont mind fat bastards because i am fat irl, so i like the rush of seeing a woman taken by someone she thought was trash. Who is the trash now? I like that dynamic.

      Another way of achieving this is simple mindbreak. The “my bully fell in love with me” is kind of the same thing but more vanilla, its someone who viewed you as a lower being becoming “yours”.

      So really, the Netorare component is just one part of the whole package, but make no mistake, true cucks exist. I expect cucks are an extreme form of the beta masochist who love to be abused, not just physically, but mentally. And having your lover taken is the highest form of emotional abuse.

      1. mhh yeah i get the first part.. but the masochist side of it not at all. To me it seems the thrill of it can only be experienced if you are mentally ill. If you are primed for these kind of relationship dramas because the relationships you experienced during early childhood were twisted like that, i can see this stuff hitting a certain trigger. However since the genre is so big i wonder if there is supposed to be a wider mainstream appeal hidden in there that i don’t see.

    3. Probably it’s just around theme of scenes, what a lot more gross, naughty or wrong – like personality of the character go low, primal and, again, naughty; illustrations what include ahegao, gokkun and other sort’s of that stuff, what looks more gross, but in the same time more suitable, than in some moege. The reason may be in a degeneration of the heroine, her moral part, and to us see what degeneration is a thing in that case, we need to have view of her character or attitude from a different perspective, whats why we have need a Main-character in NTR, i guess.

      Yeah, i’m talking about hardcore NTR, not a swing or there relationship issue is include, what’s beasts probably for no to much and full much drama purposes.

      P.s.: Sorry for bad English, i’m not very often use language. But i hope my summary of thoughts about topic was, at least at some regard, helpfull.

    4. you know those spineless protagonists usually with harem who have a gaggle of girls interested in them and they’re not asexual but too wimpy to actually do anything with them not even rejecting them and just maintain status quo? most NTR involves screwing these guys over, which is resonable and satsfying.

      1. yeah i kinda get that. Feels similar to why i liked schooldays (which to me shows what would happen if you were to apply a normal guy to the harem scenario – a has sex with every girl and everybody goes mental about it). Still don’t get why you would be interested in playing this from the perspective of the guy getting cucked though.

        1. oh I didn’t about that, but I’m into it from the other dude/chick pov. It’s a weird position cause I like NTR, but hate masochism so NTR is usually a 50/50. I’m guessing people who like it from the cucked pov are into it because of the voyeur aspect.

    5. It’s called cuckholding and it’s a fetish where a person would like to see his or her partner having sex with other people.. but in alot of cases it’s in pure fantasy so comes in games with ntr/netori it allows the player to experience the fetish without the consequences..

    6. Yet another person who’s not into NTR here (personally I hate it), but perhaps an element isn’t so much wanting your significant other to cheat, so much as the emotional rush? Tragedy and horror are popular mainstream genres about evoking a “negative” emotion, which cause a strong rush of empathy or excitement respectively, while often helping distract people from their real issues and sometimes help work through those emotions. Perhaps NTR is liked for similar reasons; it’s deeply emotionally affecting, and might help some people come to term with cheating partners?

      Though then again, the fact that nobody has yet answered saying “yes I like NTR for reasons of empathizing with the protagonist” might also be telling.

    7. all i can say is its all about the pleasure nothing more nothing less. just take a look on how the story unfolds in NTR most of the stories involves strong relationships but has vulnerabilities and that is explicitly exploited in the story. Thats the core appeal of NTR. Watch some hentai, read some visual novels and doujins involving it and take notes on how it happens and you’ll know more about it.
      In the end pleasure is the main target and satisfaction.

      Netorare is much more tame since it involves only taking your loved one away. Corruption visual novels is much more hardcore than that since it involves mindbreak. Brainwashing, and many more to get the heroines fall into an evil path.

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