Masochistic Elves from Another World!

Masochistic Elves from Another World!

Right now, in a dimension an unknowable distance away, an Elven Princess, Farina, faces off against a Dark Elf, Riza, in front of the sacred tree that all elves draw their strength from. Riza has an ace up her sleeve; she sends Farina to a world without a sacred tree to draw power from. Our world! Luckily for Farina, she ends up in the bedroom of the greatest power source in all the multiverses; our horny elf-loving protagonist!

Fuck that arrogant attitude right out of Farina as you get her to use her invisible magic to fuck her in public, have her cosplay as a maid or a bunny girl to service you, and fuck her like the cum hungry elven pig she is with a nose hook + collar combo! She’ll love whatever you can dish out baby!

Let’s not forget about Riza, who assumed that without the sacred tree to give the Princess strength, could hunt Farina down and finish her off. Little did she know what would be waiting for her when she came through the portal was our elf-addicted protagonist and a turbo cum-charged Farina to put Riza in her place as Elf Sex Pet #2.

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  1. I have downloaded the game, but it won’t start when I click on it. I have tried running it in admin and using locale emulator, but nothing works, it won’t start. I’m using Win 8.1. Help?

  2. *sigh…* Even though the “rape” tag isn’t listed above, it’s beyond obvious that it involves it in another form in the case of non-consensual sex. I love pregnancy, but even I draw a line at non-consensual AKA rape. Then again, it’s pretty much in most hentai, so it’s not like it can be avoided forever.

    1. well at least the way rape is depicted in these games is nothing like real rape.
      Here it’s 99% of the time about the woman actually enjoying the experience while disliking the fact that she likes it.
      but i get where you are coming from.

    2. I mean, according to the title, she is a masochist, so it’s probably not that bad. And the other one is trying to kill her, so the rape is probably mercy. XD

      1. Eh, I guess it could be worse, i’ve seen as such in a few anime after all, so I guess this is tame-level “enjoyable rape” after the initial introduction to it, just wish it started out nice and consensual, much like the “Youkoso! Sukebe Elf no Mori e” anime adaptation did it. (Looking VERY much forward to the english translation they’re doing, just dunno when it’ll be ready since they might be putting it “on hold” for a bit since it’s been a bit of a while since I noticed it and it seems to still be on-going)

        Guess i’ll give it a shot, at least it’s none of that boring-as-fuck “hypnotism” bullshit they’ve been churning out these days.

        1. Meant to say other “hentai”, not “anime”. Apologies on that slight mistake there… ^^;

          (Also, apologies in advances for the double-linked comment, but as there’s no “edit” function” i’m forced to use the double comment)

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