Elf Breeding Farm

Elf Breeding Farm

Elves are sometimes worshiped for their love for nature and strong power.
They rank themselves above the other races and hate humans who damage the environment…
However, one could say that a species which cannot reproduce independently is rather inferior!

Our protagonist was captured by a Dark Elf and treated as livestock, but he makes a cumback by the power of his penis! He preys upon the loser Elves who are reproductively helpless! Taking ownership of the Elves, he makes them into nothing more than objects of insemination which are — of course — lower than humans, and keeps them as his own breeding pets! Instilling them with the pleasure and happiness of being female, his dream farm life filled with their orgasmic moans begins!

19 comments on “Elf Breeding Farm

  1. norn/miel pumping these out nonstop

    they’re just good enough to be maybe ok if you’re into the premise, and bad enough that they get annoying after awhile :/

  2. People saying this is shit, lol, I have seen worse isekais that this nukige.

    It’s oke, the music is kinda anoying sometimes but the voices are pretty good.

  3. Another Miel game, huh. Some of their games are amazing, but others – total garbage (like Breeding village, which doesn’t have any logical set up and also has a shitty translation (or original script)). I hope it’s a good one.

  4. I simply don’t understand people who enter to the comments of a Nukige just to complain about it being a Nukige? 99% of Nukiges can be identified by its image, and if not you still have the tags to secure it. You really piss me off.

    As simply as it’s. You don’t like nukiges? Don’t enter and complain about. It’s fine tp download it, playing it and then coming and criticise to left a review that is in fact very valuable and which I consider a must in our community, but honestly, if this is Nukige, don’t spect much of just early and continuous sex scenes, possible rape/uncommon fetishes and not relevant history.

    I’ve played thousand of VN/erogames with very late sex scenes, or even non-eroge (Higurashi, Umineko, etc…) and I belived most of them to be the best, but Nukiges are just as necessary as good VN.

    Which doesn’t like Vanilla once in a while? I also love how you build the love and need to chose carefully and pay attention to the development. I also love a good well built plot that makes me remember the game and theorize, that grabs me in since minute 1, but sometimes, these are just too lazy in the issue of fapping to play for.

    If I’m in the mood to fap to a nice eroge, why wouldn’t I choose just a Nukige and know I will be able to do it in a lesser time, while my main VN is being built before its late sex scene? If that Nukige has the fetishes (saying it as a non-obscure tasted person, just BJ, titjob, elf/succubi, POV and possible MC with big weapon) that fullfil my desires, why not simply playing it?

    My point is that instead of criticising between us, we should use this commentary box as a resort to help each other, solving issues, leaving less Subjetive possible reviews (trying to think out of our box), and this way everyone will get a more realistic view of how the game is going to be and making us saving time, instead of making our own and very sharped to our disguste/like.

    You liked the game? Come and why you liked the game. You disliked the game? Come and say why. It has a lot of weird stuff that possible no one likes (pissing, scat, rape, etc…) then comment (if not tagged possibly) which “fetishes” has, but don’t try to take it as a weapon to criticise the game because it had other issues.

    Each game (conceiving its genre) has its own way to be criticised. For example, if i’m going to play the great “Umineko” or “Higurashi” (which are 10/10 non-eroge), why would I just come to comment in their boxes that this game its shit because it has no sex scenes? On the opposite, if i’m playing a Nukige, why would my review going to be “this is just sex and no plot?”. It’s senseless.

    There’s only a few things that are common between genres and to be criticised and those are: art (drawings), music, voicing and interface (design, commodity) and playability (possible bugs that ruin exp, or any other fact that makes it hard) and even so there’s some exception, for example from a VN from 2000 you may not expect good music/art or good interface design. Some old games directly has no voice, and can be as good (old higurashi).

    Other things than that are genre specific, and should be taken as a matter of fact in order to proceed with the critic of the VN/eroge. As a demonstration, I will put some examples appart from the common ones (art, music/sound, voicing, interface, playablity) on what to criticise or comment based on its goal:

    – Nukige. Criticise sex scenes and talking about possible fetishes not listed. Include possible ruining exp, for example Maggot Baits was so gore and repugnant that it was practically unmasturbable and it can be understood

    – Vanilla/Most common eroge. Criticise plot, character or their development, how each relationship is built, etc… Possibly sex scene too, but not as important as in Nukige

    – Mistery/Drama/Most common VN. As the common eroge, but the possible way that it lets unfinished the story or somethings that doesn’t make sense. Here sex is not important.

    – Other kind of genre… Try to relating it to the genre or context. For example Melty blood is a fighting game related to Tsukihime, why would you criticise about if it has or how they’re sex scenes/love if it’s focused on fights and story. Just aim for things like, How the combat style is, how the story proguesses along with the fights, if there’s some hidden content, etc…

    Serious just stop commenting trash on Nukiges when you know what’s gonna happen, It’s like if I go to a fking non-eroge and I dedicate my whole commentary to the sole purpose of saying “It has no sex scenes, I played this 10 hour long game for no sex, omfg this is so fuking bad pls admin stop uploading this shit” or with a Vainilla (omfg too late, sex scenes were bad and short).

        1. You answer to a reply, so I think about it being an agreement to my statement, but you say them, so I guess it’s with the people with criticise Nukige? I don’t get it. If you didn’t read the whole argumentary don’t just throw “They have a good point”.

          That’s just a vague answer that doesn’t even have a simple reason to justify your statement. If we’re going to criticise let’s do it well, at least.

          1. …on second thought, if *this* is how you wanna act? Nevermind then.
            Even though I DID read that whole lenghty dissertation of yours, and I actually *agree* with you that not every VN needs to be some grand epic magnum opus.
            Buuut… if all you wanna do is pointlessly argue, then I -highly- suggest you take it over to VNDB or something.

          2. Damn, started out well but the dude is just randomly talking shit for no reason now. You can’t just call people out for agreeing with you without writing a whole fucking essay.

            You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain I guess.

      1. Read the text before commenting it, or at least partially to grasp some of the meaning of it. I’ve said at the introduction that “I’m pissed of” because each nukige I just happen to read any comment (to actually have some valuable critic of it) it’s fulll of negatives concerning my point

    1. Dude I got to say,

      I’m actually kinda impressed you posted such a long message on a site for porn games, seriously you were like the Robert Ebert of porn with that review.

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