Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai

Kirakira Stars Idol Project Ai

Idol Sengoku era.
Many idols were born, competed, and many productions were in a state of disorder, and people called it so.
The main character ” Nobuyuki Kinoshita ” who was driven out of the employee dormitory of “ODA talent agency” for a certain reason, and was at a loss, had a chance reunion with his childhood friend ” Ai Amane “.
Through Nobuyuki, who was to meet and stay, love who has learned that ODA talent agency stakes due to lack of idols makes a single determination.
“I’ll be an idol singer!”
For Nobuyuki, in order to change oneself above all, love aims to be an idol singer-

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  1. Why is the heroine sprite not showing??
    I mean she’s talking, but her sprite doesn’t show up at all.

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