The protagonist finds himself mysteriously transported to Terra, a fantasy world empowered by magical crystals. Not long after arriving does he run into Leanna, a Mage-Knight investigating rumors of concentrated energy in the area… which she learns is radiating from him! Together, they journey to understand how he got here and a way for him to return home. They soon discover that his arrival to Terra is more than just a coincidence!

26 Responses to “Crystalline”

  1. Yt ty says:

    Seems like the Pango is the male of interest in this? “Science” You mean Pango dildo.

  2. Issei says:

    Is their only one heroine in this game I played it but only one heroine ending

  3. Tendou says:

    Works perfectly with no problems. The visual novel is great with the animated sprites and jiggle physics. Story is good but it seems like most of the choices didn’t matter much. Only thing bad is that there is no options to view CG or listen to BGM after completing the game, at least I didn’t see or find them. 8/10.

  4. albetr norbert onimus says:

    Decent game, would’ve been great with more paths so that some options mattered more tho…

  5. Billy says:

    here I am, try to load save and replay several time to get Kara route and before I realize that this game have only 1 romance option…..

  6. apieceofrice says:

    tomorrow (june 28), evenicle will be released! i am going to die of happiness if i see it uploaded on this site.

  7. Dafar says:

    So one question, in the scenes that should’ve been a battle minigame said that it was a early acess version of the game, so this is not the finishied game? ( I know it’s 5.25 but i wanna know if will be posted a recent build with the minigames on)

  8. Guy says:

    For those who the game refuse to run, its not your windows nor the game, its the crack that is badly made, i had this problem in another game. Accep it or find the newest vercion of crack or buy the game.

  9. LIGHTDX says:

    I’m normally not interesed in games with not even a little of sexual content, thought mostly because censure or a too infantil story more than the appeal of those scenes but if the ones behind Ace Academy are behind this then i’ll glady play it and try to buy it.

    Ace Academy may lack a proper ending, but they did well giving some weigh to the choices.Being able to drag some choice for a long time even if it weren’t for the heroine selection.

  10. Wirx says:

    As someone else mentioned the game refuses to play for me as well, claiming it’s not compatible with my windows. So, is this game incompatible with x86 Windows period, or are we perhaps missing some file?

  11. Rune says:

    @Aop without the internet I could go forever… electricity on the other hand I could only last as long as my food and books.

  12. Redfren says:

    The final chapter was released on June 8th, They might do some tweaking here and there but for the most part, this is the finished game from what I have seen on steam can’t wait to dive into it. If it’s anything like Ace this is going to be an amazing VN.
    Thanks for posting it, Admin.

  13. Kirashi says:

    This game will have only one main heroine, this decision is final…

  14. lastbornDragon says:

    i like pixefade because ace academy was awesome

  15. The_Great_Beyond says:

    @RandonDude If you read the tags you see no sexual content. So no porn.

  16. RandomDude says:

    The most important question: Does this game have pornz?

  17. cns says:

    Naive, most people going to another world set in medieval days would actually thrive, even with basic education you’d be able to pass as a minor noble quite easily, with plenty of work opportunities with even so much as the basic ability to read and write.

    There really is no underestimating how much difference mandatory education has made for humanity.

  18. Yomir says:

    damn, admin being all wizard and shit, answering questions before they were even asked!

  19. Wolf says:

    Can someone help me? For some reason whenever i try the start the game i get an error saying this version of the file is not compatible with the version of windows you are running (im running 32 bit)but i can play ace academy just fine. any ideas?

  20. Deus_Ex_Machina says:

    So, this is the finished game? It’s still in early access on steam, that’s why I’m asking.

  21. Aop says:

    Let me ask you this; How long without the internet would you last? I can tell you my answer has been 5 minutes, ever since I first got a computer 18 years ago.

  22. Mac10 says:

    u think going into another world is that easy? You have no money, there’s a culture shift, ordering shit takes more than 15 days, medicine isn’t advanced, food is bland (if you’re a peasant), you can get forcibly drafted into an army you don’t want to serve, free speech might not be available, and etc. U think life in another world is ez? Well fuck man, the same principle applies there work hard or be just born under the right star.

  23. vidya says:

    I always wonder why these people who get transported to fantasy worlds want to go home so much. It’s much more interesting there

  24. Dekupa says:

    its the newest one, it has all 5 chapters.

  25. Lattis says:

    what version is ? i mean the game have ep

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