1 thought on “Kyoto Colorful Days

  1. Kyoto colorful days is a very short enjoyable vn much like A summer promise to forever but with a good plot. This game is also incredibly underrated considering its very nice art.

    You get 2 equally gorgeous heroines – one local from Kyoto, one from Tokyo – so you get to hear the stark contrast between “Standard Japanese” and Kansai-ben. The latter is, as you’d expect, extensively featured in the vn and it just brings a smile to your face whenever you hear things like: “Dounai shitan?” Or “Oukini”. You even get a really cool “phrasebook” extra with audio for comparison.

    Neither of the arcs get boring at any time,
    though I much prefer Madoka’s to Akane’s.

    That Op song is so damn catchy to boot. Really recommend this game.

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