Ar Tonelico – Melody of Elemia

Ar Tonelico - Melody of Elemia

Ar tonelico takes in the region of Sol Ciel, upon a huge tower that rises above a sea of deadly plasma that swallowed the surface world in a disaster centuries past. This is where the series gets its name: Ar tonelico is the name of that tower. As well as humans, the tower is home to a race of human-like artificial beings named Reyvateils, who can communicate with the tower by singing songs to cast magic.

The story starts in the city of Platina, during an outbreak of enemy creatures called Viruses. The protagonist, a Knight of Elemia named Lyner Barsett, goes to investigate with fellow knight Ayatane, and the tower administrator, Shurelia. Unfortunately, they rapidly discover that the Viruses are able to turn intangible, rendering normal defeat impossible. Shurelia therefore sends Lyner on a quest for the only thing that can help them: the Hymn Crystal Purger. Taking an airship, he travels down to the Wings of Horus, the floating continent that surrounds the tower. More accurately, he crashes thanks to an attack from a dragon, which complicates matters extremely.

In the process of searching for the crystal and a way to repair his airship, he meets and teams up with a number of people, including two Reyvateils. First is the shy Aurica, who healed his injuries after his crash. Second is the more outspoken Misha, actually his forgotten childhood friend. But there’s one problem – Misha looks much younger than she should be. Aside from those two are the wanderer Jack, the local church knight Radolf, and the airship grathmelder Krusche. As the story progresses, Lyner and his comrades not only try to find the Hymn Crystal and fix Lyner’s airship, but discover the reason for Misha’s youthful appearance, and the source of the recent Virus outbreak.

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  1. A mi me gusto el juego, la primera vez lo termine al 89% por las conversaciones de no saqué o expiraron, en la segunda voy 95 y estoy tomando un descanso riéndome con metalfica (ar tonelico 2), es un buen juego algo simple en algunas cosas pero con una buena historia y 7 finales visibles en 60 horas si no eres exigente de querer hacerlo al 100% en las dos rutas y la música Oh me encantan los Hymnos adoro la música, también es buena en la 2 y espero jugar el 3.

  2. i love this game, used to play it long time ago… no sexual contents. its healthy game recommend for all age

    1. Look carefully. All the Ar Tonelico games have sexual innuendo in them. Part 2 pushes the border and part 3 is sex sex sex.

  3. Just a head’s up : This is a pretty generic boy-conquers-world shounen story. With girls. Which means the protagonist is completely oblivious to everything and only thinks about “Justice!” and “Goodness!”

    I myself played through it, it’s a nice way to clear some time if you ignore the text, but if those types of characters annoy you : do your self a service, and do not touch this one.
    Imo, the next installment is a tad better than this.

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