Memory’s Dogma CODE:01

Memory's Dogma CODE:01

A neuroscience × genetics × near-future sci-fi visual novel adventure game.

In 2030, due to Japan’s advancements in neuroscience, memories can now be saved and recorded. This is called e-Memory.

However, due to the rapid increase in the number of crimes using the e-Memory technology, the government has introduced strict regulations on human memory data.

In essence, the government now holds a monopoly on all human memory data.

The recording of still-living humans was forbidden, and the e-Memory technology was only to be used on the deceased, giving rise to the establishment of “Connect Centers.” These state-owned and operated facilities allowed one to call and communicate with the dead.

These “Connect Centers” allowed people who were still in a period of bereavement to cope with their loss by talking with their recently deceased loved ones.

The protagonist, Kusuhara Hiroki, is a college student struggling with suicidal impulses after the sudden passing of his close childhood friend, Mizunashi Sorano.

Her memories were to last only until August 26—a mere four more days. Kusuhara teams up with his friend, Amamiya Kakeru, in an attempt to steal Mizunashi Sorano’s memories from the server where they were stored.

In the midst of this, the two discover the secret of the Connect Centers, and are suddenly embroiled in the fight taking place behind the scenes.

39 Responses to “Memory’s Dogma CODE:01”

  1. oppai ninja says:

    amairo islenauts please admin

  2. Huskell says:

    I didn’t play much but finished the game in 2 days. This one doesn’t have multiple paths… You can get bad endings but they are very easy to avoid.

  3. Dialga says:

    Hey admin, I would like to ask when will Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma coming out? Im really excited and cant wait for it.

  4. Revoo says:

    quality content game after what felt like ages aaaaand…. it’s all ages.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sees unusual art.
    Checks title.
    Sees Sekai Project under publisher.
    Walks away.

  6. new member says:

    Admin, what happend with myth an MangaGamer maybi upload it soon?

  7. Rena says:

    Does this game have any romance what so ever ? Or is this mainly just a drama storyline ?

    • blade says:

      There is romance in it with a certain heroine and there will be a focus on a different heroine on each part of memory’s dogma that comes out giving more to the story until we get the true end.

  8. Revoo says:

    finally a game with content :D, right?

  9. Alexaius says:

    Can anyone help me, as soon as I start the game it just auto skips everything and I can’t get it to stop, pause or anything.

    • blade says:

      It’s a bug that happens at random the developers are working on finding out why it is happening your best bet is to restart the game or your computer if that doesn’t work try to run in administrator and check your locale if that doesn’t work give it awhile because the bug seems to be whimsical, I haven’t experience myself but I know this by reading what similar players experience and the suggestions given to them.

  10. new member says:

    Aamin, please upload Myth an MangaGamer

  11. Dongaloni says:

    Anyone else having trouble saving the game?

    • Dongaloni says:

      Not only am I having trouble saving, but also the game’s settings get reset whenever I restart it. Anyone got a fix for this?

      • admin says:

        Probably usual issue – Windows blocking creation of save files. Run the game as administrator (right-click on game.exe – one of options in context menu)

        • Dongaloni says:

          Thanks admin for helping my ignorant self, I’ll also try this solution when such problems occur again. You really are an angel of the World Wide Web.

  12. erogay says:

    myth please!

  13. unnoz00 says:

    damn, plz tell me they got true ending prepare for this game for code02 or code03… the ending so unsatisfying!!

    • roseDiamond says:

      hey! As far as I know, plans for a 2nd part seem to have been cancelled. The reason is that you didnt buy the game, you didnt support the devs, and they starving because of you.
      Have a nice day, mf.

  14. Kusoge says:

    This is quite a huge game .. is the story worth it?

    • blade says:

      The story is worth it but you will be unsatisfied with the ending because this game is being done in parts with this being part 1

  15. Zligle says:

    is there any sex content or sex scene in this VN?

  16. blade says:

    this game does have different endings

  17. GoblinTown says:

    Much thanks Admin.

  18. Ethan2111 says:

    Spoilers pls!!!!!

  19. GrandBlue says:

    Anyone kmows if this game is a kinetic novel or it has actually diferent endings?

  20. ViktorStagnetti says:

    Where is Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto? Been out for about a week or so.

    • Kyomon says:

      I would also like this game, pretty please admin? :3

      • OneUglySunuvabitch says:

        I’ve asked for this before and still nothing on it yet unfortunately, dunno what’s taking the admin so long to upload it… 🙁

        • yo says:

          You people don’t seem to get it. Do you think admin buys all the games and cracks them himself? He doesn’t. Unless someone else uploads the files, he has nothing to post.

          • loli says:

            He does buy some of the games and for some others people who buy them send him the files.

          • roseDiamond says:

            The admin uploads most of the VNs that skidrow cracks, for instance. Cracking games wise, the admin does little to nothing. But they upload the files and keep this nice site up.

  21. fran00 says:

    buenas noches. sabeis la duracion del juego es que no me gustan los juegos de 10 h o menos

  22. Anvenjade says:

    Ohh, this one sounds interesting.

    Thanks for sharing!

  23. law and order says:

    myth please admin

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