Sakura Nova

Sakura Nova

In Sakura Nova, join Mikage, Kaguya, and Arisa as they train together and experience life together in academy life. They all have done trials individually but when the sergeant told them to work together as a team all hell breaks loose! Will they ever become proper knights?

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  1. Demonknight says:

    Admin pls help anyone

  2. Demonknight says:

    How do you combine part 1 and 2? Any help pls? Or does o
    It need something like es file explorer or somethin else

  3. Skibblez says:

    umm… as everyone yells over the visual novel being trash or good. did no one realize there are something things missing from the game… like a whole patch went poof… the swimsuits and like 2-4 sex scenes aren’t included…

  4. Volmare says:


  5. RK says:

    Some serious discussions going on here. Even strong worded sometimes.. ^^° I don’t think it’s worth yellin’ about other opinions. Just accept them, even if you don’t agree.

    Speaking of opinions…
    I’m a big VN reader and have a lot of reading time in a whole variety of them. While I enjoy more complex and dark stories such as Fate/Stay Night or Kara No Shoujo for example, I have to say the VNs from Winged Cloud are some kind of a guilty plessure. They’re something easy and incomplex for in-between that you can chuckle about without putting to much thought into them. Kinda like Visual Novel fastfood. It might not be complex, it might not be to fullfilling, they might be very teasy and rely on eye-catchieness but they’re still a fun, silly read for a snack to cover the waiting time on the next big and complex storie.

    You can totally disagree with me, but that’s at least what I think.

    In that regard I’m happy about this release here and I know I’m going to guiltilie enjoy it, yet again. x D

  6. Vinsent says:

    If I have to speak my mind, it’s does not convince me. I Prefer Light Novel where the heroines are virgins, and there are stories of love. But still, very acceptable

  7. Equ3strianGam3r says:

    This is just a random thought on this game but I don’t really understand the name because I have yet to read it. However, Sakura Nova sounds like it should have something to do with outer space or science fiction not knights in training. I know they already made Sakura Space but, I just don’t get it.

  8. Sural Argonus says:

    Sakura * aren’t the greatest out there, but they aren’t the worst.

    I won’t turn my nose up at them

  9. new member says:

    Admin, if you please upload myth mangagagmer adult vrsion of course

  10. Guy says:

    This game is amazingly absurd, a modern city, that means they have technology, and their means of defence are knights with swords? I know its a game from UK but come on, its ridiculous.

    • DerpDerpington says:

      Are you really that dumb??

      If you could conjuje Infernal Fireballs with wave of your hand, would you waste your time by carrying handgranades in your backpack??!

      And even fireguns arent exactly trustworthy:
      Main characters encountered very versatile enemies and I dont think you would be able to stop Slime monster or Water Spirit with handguns!
      Bullets are not capable of stopping liquid, you know.

      Its whole issue of science vs magic:
      If you have decent ways to kill your enemy, then you dont need to research entirely new and different guns (firearms), you just improve your current weapons.
      On the other hand you can always live more comfortably, so people tend to make more modern houses.

  11. Switchy says:

    Someone reported that the part 1 download page is unsafe. can’t download from that link. Please fix it Admin if you can.

  12. Link says:

    Great release, thanks for this Admin. The sex scenes too seem a bit rushed and forced, but this is a Sakura game after all.

    Now, just out of curiosity… I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but has anyone given you a copy of Busty Maid: Creampie Heaven! yet?

  13. Nii-Nii says:

    What surprised me ist that this one is actually voiced. In japanese, no less.

  14. Shock says:

    Admin could you please make a tag or disclaimer for western eroges?

  15. Kevin Hilman says:

    Hmmm, I would like to buy it, but then I realized there are no loli, or even DFC.

    And I read that the game play is actually rather poor as well…

  16. Odrak says:

    I bougth cheap and played on steram there’s a uncensor patch on the game’s steam discussion board.
    You are a part team of novice knights alongside two hotties.

    Keep in mind It has decent to art and plenty of sex but the plot is very much on the thin side. The pretense of combat is very poorly implemnted.

  17. new member says:

    Thanks for this game. We wait for mangagamer MYTH

  18. OneUglySunuvabitch says:

    No Yuri, no dice. Just the way I am towards the Sakura series is all. 😛 I’m grateful for the upload regardless, really. 🙂

  19. jim lahey says:

    Bleh, another fake eroge by an american company. Not worth the bandwidth or time to download.

  20. :[ says:

    Uncensored ?

  21. I-Am-X says:

    ‘Sexual Content’ tagged under a Sakura game?

    This is highly suspicious!

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