Bitter Exclusion

Bitter Exclusion

At a certain school…

Shouhei Kido is deep in a discussion with his best friend, Genta Idehara, about late night anime. He nods along as his eyes glance around the room, until they land on a certain bespectacled classmate: Aoi Nonohara.

Though they’d known each other since they were little, it had never gone beyond that. In fact, they were more “acquaintances” than friends.

(I’ve got no chance. Even so, if only she would…)

There were no real problems to speak of between Shouhei and his classmates… But that was merely on the surface. It was only after Shouhei and Genta went home that their classmates revealed their true selves.

“I say this every time, but I really am sorry for pushing you to be Kreepo’s partner. Though, I guess you can’t really say he’s your partner…”

“Obviously. Who’d want someone like him as their partner…”

The ones badmouthing Shouhei were Aoi, and Kaho Izumi. It was at this point that several male classmates joined them in trash-talking Shouhei:

“Exactly. Why don’t we set up a way for him to confess so he can get rejected and we can move on already?”

Their playfulness annoyed Aoi. She pouted, which caused Kaho to start rubbing her breasts, trying to lighten the mood.

“Hyah?! Hey… Where do you think you’re… Mmm!”

“You’re as sensitive as always, aren’tcha? I love how you’re on the smaller side, too. So cute~”

Kaho began to suck on one of Aoi’s smaller-sized hills. Half of their other classmates left the room as playtime started, with the lewdness of the act causing the other half to join in.

“You gotta play along with us too, Aoi-chan. Just accept that Kreepo’s not one of us and let yourself feel good.”

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37 comments on “Bitter Exclusion

  1. This is really supposed to be NTR? I didn’t see any NTR aspect in it. Nothing in it implies the MC had any platonic or sexual relationship with anybody at all. There’s only technically avoidable NTR, however in this case, its only the MC not noticing like the dumbass he is. The whole thing has a bad story with a few okay scenes. For the people who actually care to read anything other than the lewds text, there’s no real content to it. Even if you don’t choose the paths that avoid the supposedly NTR scenes, he does not have the proper reaction to make it actually feel like he got cucked at all. The time span of the buildup was way too short too. I did two plays to get all the CG and the scenes that were actually meant to be the most NTR in it, were pretty lackluster. This just seems like another one of those low budget games where the developers just winged everything that was most important. Ironically, literally only one of the games this company has made I thought was any good at all.

  2. I hate NTR, but I care even less for a creepy loser protagonist. Even if one of the girls did have feelings for the protagonist, I just wouldn’t care. I kinda support the game for shitting all over this kinda protag, though I’m not gonna play it since it’s full of almost all the concepts I wish didn’t exist. I personally don’t even see the point of this game because it’s not really NTR, yet apparently portrays itself as one, and has a protagonist you wouldn’t even be able to empathize with. Why did someone even bother to translate this over something else? If it’s art, I’m damn sure there’s better nukiges out there, untranslated with good art. Then again it’s Mangagamer…

  3. i swear some people say ntr here and ntr there im pretty sure mangagamer description said there was no love between the “MC” and the girls but either way i treat ntr like thicc some people use it without really knowing what it really means….

    p.s sadly most ntr stuff have really good art

  4. So I finished the game and this is no ntr as a lot of comments suggest.

    It’s just rather sadistic whats going in the story.

    The scenes are okay I guess but the story is just… “what…?”

    It just makes no sense if you’re paying attention to it.

    In all I would say you will probaly like the scenes (most of them) but not the story.

  5. I have a question.
    Does anyone know how to get this one scene?
    In the scene replay it’s on page 4 the 2nd row in the middle between the umbrella and rooftop scene.
    I don’t know how to get that one.

  6. Well, I can safely state that this is the worst game on the site, in my honest opinion… I’ve played pretty much all of them and this one was the biggest waste of time. I found nothing to enjoy in this one. Still, tastes differ. If you are a masochistic voyeur, you might enjoy it.

  7. Amazing how triggered people get by NTR.

    Only self inserters are actually bothered by it, if there are sexy scenes, its great. You are not the protagonist, it is a story about another guy.

  8. Is anyone else having problems reply directly to other peoples comments?

    P.S. yes I realize the silliness of this if you can’t either, but I will be checking this page regularly to see if anyone has posted after with the answer, thanks in advance.

  9. Unless you like to see the worthless male protag be betrayed and get raped via strap-on. Don’t Download. This is the definition of cuckold.

  10. People so much don’t care about that game and genre – that they are applying so much efforts to tell about it – so there are tons of comments already, lol )

  11. OH MY!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH ADMIN!!! You’re my Hero!
    I wanted to play this so much! I’m sure this will be a great one to jerk off to!
    Thanks again!!

  12. Well, what you say has a point but misses another and one that its the very escense of every NTR which is making you feel wath the protag is feeling, therefore my previous comment, anyway, I avoid the mayority of theseu game for such reason. And no, I dont emphatise whit loosers protag, they make me angry and sertainly deserve what happens to them, the problem is when the protag isnt a looser at all which is rare.

  13. I’ve discovered that NTR is STRICTLY for jerking off, purposes. My fellow Otaku, do not go in it for story or anything like that. JERK-OFF only. You might awaken something if you give it a shot. Again,DO NOT empathize with the protag too much, you’ll, unless you’re like SUPER masochistic and it gets you off, then go for it. I myself am only lightly into it, i mostly skip sections of the protag, to avoid empathy, and anyway a lot of the time these guys are losers anyway, so try separating yourselves from them. Picture if fucking Ichika Orimura from Infinite Stratos got NTR’D. Bastard deserves it. Anyway, jerk-off purposes only!! Ja Ne!! (∪ ◡ ∪)

  14. I dont know how the japs like feeling miserable or whatever their fancy unless who play this sh*t is female and has a grudge towards men but still… I just dont undestand their mentality.

  15. Meh not even a NTR its just a gangbang and corruption and the fact how short it is not even worth for fapping nor reading for the story.
    Their are tons of short NTR nukige or just simply a gangbang that are pretty good and mangagamer choose the worst ones sometimes makes me question their choices.

  16. Sheesh… “Bad Endings Only” according to VNDB? No thanks, I have enough of that with VH1, and that’s on the good side of course, Reverse Rape being an exception to my otherwise straight hatred of normal rape. Call me a hypocrit, I don’t give a shit, but Reverse Rape (AKA Girl rapes boy) is a good exception of mine as I love it, it’s rare after all. <3

    But this…? Nope.wmv I'm good with VH1, thanks. ^^; (Especially with Teedis' H-scene, which, considering the other three "normal endings", is FAAAAARRR more superior since, not only is Teedis sweet and cares for the protagonist, she and him go shack up at her place after the h-scene and continue their "love" there. If that isn't a "Happy Ending" then I honestly don't know what is, especially in a bad ending-ridden extravaganza that VH1 is of course… ^^; )

  17. This shit is fucking garbage, not because its NTR but because it didnt have the balls to commit to be an NTR,the devs tried to make an NTR vn then backed off.

    The 2 chicks after class go have orgy’s while shit talking the MC, the MC likes them but they dont like the MC and the shit talking is justified by making the MC be the creepy guy with a terrible personality

  18. I really don’t like NTR, but I don’t think it shouldn’t be made, everyone has their kinks. What I really can’t understand (and this going only on a VNDB tag) is that it only has bad endings, though if anyone could spoil this for me and give me overview what the bad ending entail? and if you enjoy only bad endings VN let me know why?

  19. I’ll have to pass on this one. I hate netorare, cuck and the likes. Never understood why some people loved being one.
    Still, thanks for always uploading.

  20. Never really understood people, that are into netorare.
    I tried a few of those games, and it just wasn’t for me.
    Different strokes for different folks, but still…
    Do you need to hate yourself, to enjoy these kinds of games?

  21. Anyone know the correct choices to get the 11th CG on page 2? I’ve tried every choice and still couldn’t get it so it so I think it’s order dependent.

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