Amorous Professor Cherry

Amorous Professor Cherry

I’m Kouta Koikawa, and I’m having a problem with my studies. It’s not that my classmates’ ruckus bothers me, I sit at the front of the room to avoid their antics. The real problem is my social studies professor, Chieri Hase. From the day she started teaching here I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off her! She’s a rookie teacher, but I’m captivated by every movement of her beautiful body. I can’t work up the nerve to confess my feelings – I’m her student, after all, and I’m sure she wouldn’t find this sort of forbidden love to be proper… until one day when fate brings us together in an encounter that changes our lives forever.

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  1. Aaron says:

    I’m running windows 10 and I can’t seem to save the game. Every time I try to save it The save file has 0s on everything and a black screen.

  2. help says:

    Do i need to use dameon tools for this? if so anybody got a how to guide?

  3. hentaiftw says:

    anyone having issues with mounting the game after you have extracted all files to the same folder. try to change the .bin file to a .cue file. you can then mount the game and run setup

  4. Random says:

    So I downloaded all 4 parts but when I went to extract I get an error saying it’s either locked or corrupted. This is with both 7zip and Peazip. Once done I’m simply left with a .bin file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. queeseso says:



  6. reuben says:

    when i downloaded all parts there is only a vlc media player

  7. Canner says:

    I can’t find the .bin file with Daemon Ultra. Am I doing something wrong?

    • blade says:

      I know this is a old comment but I thought I would reply, you need to create a text file
      first line FILE “AmorousProfessorCherry.bin” BINARY
      Second Line TRACK 01 MODE1/2352
      Third Line INDEX 01 00:00:00
      Save as All File and rename with .cue at the end instead of .bin on the text file you made
      And now you can mount the image and install the game

    • hentaiftw says:

      just change the .bin file to a .cue and daemon lite will be able to find and mount the disc

  8. Cain Zeinhold says:

    In order to use the 100% Save on newer versions of Windows, you go to:

    C:\Users\XXXXX\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Amorous Professor Cherry

    XXXXX = Current username.

    Be sure to have Show Hidden Files on.

    This is usually the location of older game saves when they’re not in the installation folder.

  9. Ehero says:

    how does one get Kiyoka route???
    The most walkthroughs don’t give me the right choices….

    • unknown says:

      The walkthroughs that I found, all had “Kick the professor out” as the first choice, but I played around a little bit with the choices and found out that if you use “Lie” twice to replace the “kick the professor out” choice then the rest of the route options were valid.

  10. O_S says:

    I just re-played this game for the first time in years and I’m surprised how much I enjoyed it. I remember the first time around being pretty indifferent, but my tune has changed. Yeah it’s melodramatic, and if you go through the Chieri good/true endings it gets quite sappy, but I was pleasantly surprised that they had actually managed as fleshed out of a happy ending as they did, especially after some of the other Zyx games like the Do You Like Horny Bunnies games have several endings that just sorta stop with little warning.

    I had forgotten how horrible Kiyoka was though. Even her own route was kind of bitter/depressing if you play it through after getting any good Chieri ending (during which Kiyoka still turns into a complete shrew)

    And yeah, there’s some serious Zyxface going on with the art. But I think I’m willing to let that slide.

    • Keiradeadgirl says:

      She is vile, how is not telling someone about you relationship any of her business and in what way is he betraying her, he turned her done nearly every time she asked saying it he doesn’t feel or will ever feel that way about her and when actually asked if he loves Chieri he said yes and then black mailing him into sex, how screwed is she going to feel later in life when thinking of the fucked up way she lost her virginity.

      Plus I don’t like that you have to give into her blackmail to get the good endings for Chieri.

      Sorry for the rant I am currently replaying though Chieri’s best ending and she brought up all the negative feelings I had when I last played it, need to get past the sex scene asap… bitch grrrr.

  11. tae says:

    Is this working on any visual novel reader on Android? More specifically onscripter plus? My laptop’s broke so I can’t test it myself, and this may sound like a child’s favor but im sure it would help many anonymous users out there.

  12. Fritzy says:

    What is the required password to unpack the .zip?
    The link doesn’t work anymore.

  13. Nightmare says:

    fourth can’t be downloaded. after the capture, if you press \Download file\ it says \Error: Data not found\.

    Could you please reload the file? Thank you =)

  14. zappky says:

    I have a fully cleared save file.
    If you guys are interest,you can use mine.

  15. outkastt says:

    dl game when i extract it it says vlc file and i cant open it

  16. Telmen says:

    nb also thx alot for admin for this amazing site ^^

  17. Telmen says:

    Hi can someone tell me is this game is cencored or not?

  18. evan says:

    Do i need a DVD to format the files.

  19. CasualObserver says:

    This game does seem intriguing, however are all the females in the submissive \I’m embarrassed\ mode during the hentai scenes? Because if that’s the case, I don’t want to waste my time on this one. I have seen far too much hentai with this innocent pure crap and it really bugs me.
    I mean, I want a more confidant female in these, not this…odd obsession with purity.

  20. Anon Ymus says:

    For those with Windows 7 who have black lines and a small centered screen, and an nVidia card (I guess other cards have something similar)

    For nvidia users:

    -Download the latest drivers.
    -Go right click on your desktop background, go to “nVidia Control Panel”
    -Go to “Adjust Desktop Size and Position”, which is under Display.
    -Select “Full-Screen” under scaling” and apply-ok.

  21. Alaric says:

    All four files came up corrupt.
    Is there any way you might be able to re-upload these?

  22. jake says:

    the last 2 are curropted

  23. LordIvous says:

    Daemon tools will not mount the image

  24. EPGAH says:

    I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, is there a route to end up with only the math teacher?

  25. ACE says:

    admin, this game can be played in windows 7, no?

  26. Leio says:

    YUCK the art is so ugly… idk why but it’s just not appealing at all to me! 🙁

  27. Maria says:

    Is this game worth playing?

  28. ryuushima says:

    Chieri is an interesting character, not really much story in this game but I’m always a fan of any game/anime that plays in highschool so its good enough 😀
    I’ll make a comment again once I’ve finished all routes.

  29. Ruri says:

    where’s this 100% save file you guys are talking about? i dont see that anywhere

  30. Valley says:

    Sorry for asking but i got 2 questions:
    1: file one works just fine bit 7zip says that the other files are corrupted
    2: when i run cherrysetup.exe with DaemonTools the installation stops, when about 30% are done and then the insatller crashes

  31. Jjredster says:

    Voices dont work for some reason

  32. Shadow of Legend says:

    I need a little help. In Extras, under Scenes, on page 1, bottom row, second from the left, I’m missing that scene. I want to earn it myself rather than use a 100% completion save. Out of curiosity, I downloaded a 100% completion save to see what the scene was, and it just seems to be a variation of the scene on the far right end of the second row of page 1. Still, I want to get it myself, because I got everything else that way. How do you get that scene? What choices do you have to make to get it?

  33. Jazzyboy says:

    cant download the game it says that file sharing has been closed pls help!!!!!

  34. Bob says:

    Having problems with voices in this and other VN’s. They just outright refuse to play though occasionally i get a line or two.

    All other sounds work fine just no voices

    Windows 7 64bit jap unicode

  35. Ryougi says:

    Great game, the move scenes are awesome, actually more woulda been more awesome ^_^. Recommended to play! <3<3

  36. htaed says:

    is their any other games like this with the actual movement during the scenes

  37. cosmonaut says:

    I can’t find where to put the 100% save file. Pasting it to the game directory does not work. Can someone help me?

  38. smwaday says:

    For some reason, the game’s text is not displaying. I don’t have this problem for other games and haven’t found this problem anywhere.

  39. GODofCONQUEST says:

    I’m new here and this is my first game, im using a laptop so i hope this works, I hope this game works and I hope it’s english, thanks to all of the admins here 🙂

  40. Carnage says:

    hey there, I got a quiestion admin, when I try to mount with daemon tools, I follow the stps posted in the “Guide” for mounting but after it “mounts” it, the file stays the same, and I cannot use it, am I doing something wrong??

  41. Arthur says:

    file 2 of 2 was broken or somthing lol still im playing it all i need was the first file lol and again admin thakns for this pimped out website bro

  42. lemonthelime says:

    THe story lines for some of these games are great 😮

  43. aronwells says:

    do you read the whole game? or just skip through it like i do. im kinda ashamed playing eroge. is this normal?

    • Light says:

      i read the hole game if i play one i wanna know the hole story behind the pics
      but it normal if you are ashamed playing this kind of games
      not mutch people are honest about it

    • Gold-Senpai says:

      Don’t worry about feeling ashamed, its common for people to want to hide the fact that they’ve ever played an eroge but it’s not like it makes you less of a man or anything if you do. Personally i play eroge, and i don’t really care if anyone knows. Although, it would be nice to find a GF that didn’t want to burn them when she first saw them. I lost 2 GF’s that way lol

      • Outpost Omega J says:

        Advice for those who play these games while not single, regardless of what bases they have reached or plan on reaching:

        Tip number one: Don’t play them, especially if plan on reaching any bases. For the record I’m not criticizing anybody for playing these games in the first place, just doing so while not single.

        Tip number two: If you play them anyways, store all the download files in a user created folders in some obscure place on you c: drive or some where else obscure that no one borrowing your computer would have any reason to be looking at.
        I.E.: C:\WINDOWS\Resources (This particular location might backfire if you intend to send you computer in to the shop for repairs, but it should illustrate the idea.)

        Tip number three: Give the folder the hidden attribute. Also might want to name the folder something easy to remember for when you have to type it in manually to get back to it.

        Tip number four: Find any and all folders generated by any software installation processes and give them the hidden attribute as well.

        Tip number five: So as to avoid making steps two through four pointless, move all folders and icons generated in the start menu to your folder created in tip number two, perhaps in a sub-folder so as to keep them separated from the download files.

        Tip number six: So as to avoid making steps two through five pointless, make sure that your computer is not setup to show hidden folders. (Open up “My Computer”, Tools -> Folder Options…, Select the second tab “View”, should be the eighth option down if your computer matches mine)

        Tip number seven: Out of courtesy to your significant other, don’t play these games if you are not single. This holds especially true if the person playing the game is male and his significant other is female, as these game are generally, though not always, targeted at males and have a tendency to depict females merely as sex objects, and not real people.

        • hmmmm says:

          I actually have had three very successful relationship (yes relationships, not just sex with no plans for the future) that all three of the women that I dated (only one at a time) knew that i played these games and watch much more than a healthy amount of porn. I might be the acception but i was honest with them and told them when we moved into that phase of our relationship. Usually by then they new me well enough to see that i would much prefer to be with them than V-girls. They also realized soon enough that i have an insatiable sexual apatite and that I want it all day every day, and they only reason I don’t have sex all day is because they need a break and believe it or not I have a few things that I would rather do…. sometimes. But all in all I find that since I am fairly honest with people about who and what I find attractive and also don’t care what they really think that they don’t really seem to mind.
          I find that the disclaimer method works the best, ie. (for the general public) if you plan on going through my stuff be prepared to find things erotic in nature, (for GF) if I can’t play these games and watch porn be prepared to have sex with me every day for at least two hours or more depending on how bad my insomnia is (i tend to only sleep four hours a night and have to that extra time with something)

          I know it sounds weird but it works for me, and i would prefer to see more people taking the honest approach in life. It seems to work out well for me, I have a few close friends that are just as honest with me as i am with them, and a wide swath of others that have varying degrees of respect for me because of my relative honesty.

          p.s. honesty does not necessarily mean brutal, you can easy people into it with small truths here and there, try starting with a provocative background and work from there. Several of my GFs over the years have actually enjoyed watching porn while having sex, although it initially was strange for them.

          p.s.s I am only 21, and am speaking from the standpoint of a “young” adult, not as a crazed sex hound who plans to live out the rest of their days hoping from one girl to the next, I rather enjoy long term relationships and hope to someday get married (and if i play my cards right she will enjoy sex as much as i do)

          • tmashuk says:


            After reading the your post I am totally dumbfounded. You say you had several GFs, and had sex with them, and 21 years old….you want long term relationship? Is that even remotely possible? I mean how come you break up with the one you love? Or was it for only mutual sex? Well, if you want a long term relationship then you better get married. Otherwise, when you get old you will be left with loneliness. In the days when no chicks will hit on you, if get married…your wife will be there with you…and at your dethbed if your wife will be still alive she will be there for you…. but if you are running away from responsibilities and its fears then prepare for a life which starts with firey passion and ends up in ashes…..

          • Mai says:

            No offense, but if you have a real life girlfriend, what is the point of the virtual porn?

            I’m a female, and have only been slightly ashamed of playing eroge.. until I asked myself why I’m ashamed- they’re hilarious to play.

            Also, to the guy with the folder hiding tips… thank you VERY much for teaching me other ways to find it, hehe 😉

            On another note. All of you boys out there help me please. I want to find some hardcore eroge for women, with lots of naked pics of both men and women, but all I seem to find are these stupid otome with cute pictures… I WANT NUDITY. I WANT ABUSE.

            And you men get all the grimey, dirty pictures.. but I don’t.

            Help please 🙂

          • Swink says:

            hey, mai, marry me,,, hahaha LOL,,

          • Djorrum says:

            Wow, you remind me so much of Risa from Wanko to Kurasou.

          • LuckyStrike says:

            I thought exactly the same 😀

          • thelegaard says:

            if you’re looking for something like that, then look up the “Starless” series.
            i’ve only ever seen the hentai-anime myself, but as with most hentai anime i assume it is based on an eroge of some sort.
            the game includes bondage and soft-hardcore femrape. it gets worse the farther into the series you get. hope it helps

          • maki_sensei says:

            As a female in possession of a male brain, I must tell you that answer as to why guys look at porn even if they have a girlfriend is very simple: guys in general like to look at sexy things a lot, and a girlfriend won’t always be there or want to provide that. Its perfectly natural, since testosterone is what gives the higher sex-drive.

            I’m not really concerned with hiding it, as 85% of my friends are guys and if they find it they’ll most likely ask me to give it to them. The only major problem is that guys you’re not interested in will probably pursue you even harder once they realize you’re into that kind of thing. It gets very annoying.

        • Tig 'ol bitties says:

          :O Or you could simply post “Find a girlfriend who is okay with it”. Mine is, she doesn’t care, just because I’m looking at animated women doesn’t mean I’m any less interested in her and she knows it. Anyone who’s played this, good play? Download worthy?

      • king says:

        dude i wish i was honest about playing these games xD, most of my mates would call me a freak

        • Loveless Endless says:

          “Realationships, Love … ” Girls and Broskiis, I’ve got one thing to say to you all,

          Make a “LIFE” right now …not a “WIFE” !!!!


      • maki_sensei says:

        They broke up with because you play eroge? I personally, love eroge and hentai and wouldn’t give a damn if someone I was involved with played eroge or watched porn, in fact, I’d prefer it. But then again, I might be a rare case as I’m fairly certain I’m a female in possession of a male brain :p

      • fillet says:

        Know what you mean. After the third date i always ask my perspective gf if she hates porn. If she says yes she’s gone. Went through about 20 women that way. I am into my own version of speed dating though. The third date is the interview. There are certain requirements. If you think you can fulfill my needs to the point where i don’t need porn the second you say no i go back to porn. If you don’t like it you’re gone. Men have needs.

  44. ladiesmen24 says:

    i need help on how to use the 100% save file.

  45. ObakeOtaku says:

    what do you do with the .sav file. i have a laptop so i dont know what to put it on. i feel like a total noob

  46. dahum says:

    I played this seriously eroge for over several hours now and I’m at least finished over half through it. I got bored so I started a new file and this time I used the skip button and skipped past everything as fast as I could and reached the end with all three girls in less than an hour.

  47. Darkwoll says:

    Are there any other games like this on this site. This was a good one.

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