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  1. im going to have to agree with the whole pro lolis arguments happening here. why? simple,saya was the most dark and evil thing on this planet. But with the way the MC’s view on the world was flipped backwards so was his viewpoint on beauty switched. he now saw this monster as the most pure thing on the planet and that happened to be a little girl. im sure people have different views on what is pure, but the point being is this man believed lolis were pure and good lol. it also shows how facked he was that he was willing to defile what he believed to be pure.

  2. Let’s be honest here. Everyone who is complaining about this adaption is only bitching because Saya isn’t represented as a fucking cutesy loli. Y’all forgot that Saya really isn’t a loli and is a fucking alien? I like the way they drew her human form here anyways. Y’know… As an actual WOMAN and not a 14 yr old? Damn weeaboos.

    1. No, see. I understand why the comic writers had to change things like Saya’s age because the lolicon angle is not going to fly here. I’m being negative about this adaptation because it seems to have missed the point of the source material: Fuminori became an unrepentant sociopath, Josh here is a “misunderstood hero”.

  3. seriously i dont understand why people hate this so much i really liked it. the problem with people is that they want it to be the exact same. If you think of it as its own comic its actually quick well writen and the style is really good in my opinion (dont see a reason why people wouldnt like the style)

  4. Weaboos… Weaboos everywhere…

    \I h8 amricans cuz dey ruin mii precious japnesee cutlure!!1!111\

    Lol okay. Any country that tries to remake something from another country is going to have a hard time. Stop worshipping your anime and manga.

  5. As an American comic book, this isn’t too bad. But it definitely pales in comparison to the masterpiece that was Saya no Uta. This comic stands fine on its own, but I understand why people who like the original will be angry at this adaptation.

  6. umm so I am a little new to the erogames but i would have to say this is kind of classified as fail. I have read American adaptations of Japanese stories and games and even as far as they go this is horrid. I am glad i played the visual novel first because I wouldn’t have if I got to this first. It doesn’t catch you as the visual novel does. Even if you don’t like this kind of story the \Train Wreck\ factor kicks in (even though it is a horrid sight you cant look away)and you still read it. The adaptation does not have that factor at all to me. Also isn’t as gruesome in graphics as the Visual which was a large portion of the appeal because it blended with the messed up story. I kinda get it though cause page after page of people and surroundings that tlook like entrails and organs would get boring without an sound or voice to it after a while, however they didn’t take it far enough for me to pass it. I guess its cool for some but its too different from the original art.

  7. I don’t really mind how different this adaptation comic with the original VN, seriously. While it’s beyond everyone’s expectations, the story is still good enough to read. Plus they provide the medical explanations quite well. The art style, well, incommensurable with the original as well, but I’m fine with it overall. Paint-like style is somewhat cool too.

  8. This came out first “Saya no Uta (沙耶の唄?, lit. Song of Saya) is a visual novel by Nitroplus with horror elements. The original plot is written by Gen Urobuchi.
    A three-issue comic book based on Saya no Uta, called Song of Saya, has been produced by IDW Publishing.[1][2] The issues were released from February though April 2011[3].” Which means the comics are older than the visual novel, go hang yourselve you fucking neck beard faggots who can only realize Japanes comics as the only type of comics. Weeaboo ronry buttmad autism, please die, all of you.

      1. Exxxxxxxactly. Thank you.
        Everybody, look. It’s an American comic book. It’s a decent work by itself. I’m NOT by any means saying that it reflects any more than poorly on Saya no Uta; I loved the VN. But everyone, please, calm down.

  9. man, why would you take a great visual novel and make THIS from it?
    I feel like they’ve murdered my child.

  10. D: Saya no Uta is being destroyed right before my eyes. Thanks for loading this but still… now I’m sad for ever reading this. Tomorrow I’m gonna install the original again

  11. Calm down guys. Let’s try not to make this into a hate-posting site. We don’t want this site to get banned now do we? Cussing the Americans won’t help anyone.. Besides, it’s not like the entire American country did this.. Don’t forget, America has otakus too.

  12. Bitch bitch bitch, whine whine whine, can’t you guys enjoy something for it’s own merits? Geez people these days…

    1. Merits?Really?Are you fucking retarded even if i hadnt played the vn before reading this i would have still thought it was useless trash the art is shit and gave off no feelings and the story itself was executed horribly and i know its supposed to be based on the vn not a copy but that dickhead who wrote this could have atleast tried to keep the ominous beauty of the vn i really wanna keep goin with the hate but whatever…and to the comment that involved some bullshit logic about pedophiles are you you also fucking retarded i mean really what the fuck simply because someone likes lolis doesnt mean they have to be a pedophile i doubt im one in a million that likes lolis yet has no attraction to real children…actually ive never even heard of a pedophile that had any anything that involved a 2-D loli just some sick shit with real children…..and really “glad it ended the way it did”?Theres 3 endings so you should be specific about it….the only ending i consider a bad end is the kouji ending and the reason the game is disturbing to most people is simply because their judgement of right and wrong which in truth doesnt even exist also yeah saya is some unexplained abomination but in the mc eyes she was his paradise in hell which made him go through anything for her and her the same for him since she was something no one loved….and fuminori obviously understands that saya isnt human and although im pretty sure it wasnt put into words he understands thats not her true form yet he still loves her with no regrets even in the first ending in which hes back to normal and he hears saya moving from behind a door he knows shes something inhuman yet still says he loves her….and are saying you would pick that ugly saya in the comic over loli saya?if so then you are a jackass do you think the story would have been the same if saya was some ugly ass fat bitch HELL NO!fuminori would have probably killed himself and the story is about a man that has an accident and afterwards everything he sees is disgusting and nearly unbearable with the exception of the mysterious beauty saya not some ugly women thats hardly and upgrade from a junkie whore…and in the vn everything was indeed ugly and would have been unbearable in real life the comic on the other hand was just some deformed bullshit which was nothing in comparison and would have been easy to stand after a few hours either way you are an idiot to simply say saya isnt beautiful because shes a loli widen your view a bit bitch….shit look at me ranting at year old comments ive got quite the problem…mightve been better if i used proper grammar and punctuation but fuck that…oh yeah fuminori=josh…..why the fuck do they make shitty name changes if you wanna change a damn name do it right and if theres nothing good to change it to leave it as it is

      1. holy shit. you better get checked for rabies, son. I’m pretty sure jimmies don’t get this rustled over a video game unless there’s some sort of multiple mental disease clusterfuck involved.

    2. Oh hey, so we should just allow ourselves to eat shit and call it ice cream? If we don’t like something, we should be allowed to bitch so that whoever made this doesn’t make the same mistake in the future. Sorry for having a spine.

  13. This is shameful… I was looking forward to it until I saw the cover… The warnings are also greatly appreciated…

  14. Those…BASTARDS! HOW DARE THEY RUIN SAYA! Her Image as a beautiful Loli-character and her long fleeting beauty has been ruined by fucking AMERICANS! This is one of the MAIN reasons why I FUCKING HATE AMERICANS! I am a Devoted American Otaku and I say that with great pride. But this BULLLSHIT is going too far. 🙁

    1. Um…Saya wasn’t beautiful. That was actually a plot point…she’s too hideous for words, remember? Fuminori only saw her that way because his brain was f***ed and that says enough right there.She was only exceedingly “beautiful (if you like your women prepubescent)because in reality she was exceedingly NOT. “Fleeting beauty?” O.o; It scares me how many people are into lolis. No wonder we have so many pedophiles. Poor children…Adaptations are generally never good,nor as good as the original, and that is pretty much the same for ANY country, not just Americans. Though, yes, I agree we have a way of ruining a lot of things from East Asia, namely movies and anime. Either way, stop raging like a mindless fanboy. Saya no Uta was disturbing anyway, and I’m glad it ended the way it did.

    2. Stop complaining like a bitch, if you don’t like his adaptation, just do not read it! If that’s the reason why you hate americans, you are fucking retarded. Quit complaining about that and start being concerned about something more important, like people dying in Africa, for example?

  15. I’ve almoust cry from drowning myself in pool of pain while reading first volume. Pls tell me that there is a manga of my sweet Saya

    1. There’s no Saya manga.
      And looking at comments to this post, I’m considering adding some kind of warning at beginning…

      1. Well ofc we are thankful for at least posting “it” for knowlege itself. And now I’ll listen to OST of this masterpiece 😉

        Maybe we should draw by ourself manga and then publish it? 😉

  16. Wait… this is supposed to be “Saya no Uta”? As in “Saya no Uta” the visual novel??? EPIC FAIL!!!

  17. Have an advice for saya fans – don’t read it!!! If u’re insisting on having full saya collection or smth like this, better just download, pack and forget as an unpleasant dream.

    Ohhh, got some hard time during reading (trying to find any idea or resemblance to original).

  18. The beauty behind the eroge is that your visual perseption is impaired and you have no more than the words of the novel. While in the manga you see everything AMERICANIZED >.>

    1. It’s not a Manga, it’s a comic… IT’S MADE IN AMERICA!

      Manga = Jap
      Manwha = Kor
      Comic = USA

          1. If I was the Saya no Uta’s writer, I would charge 90% of those books sales price, and prossue the illustrator for defaming my work. And earn extra money. <3

      1. huh… I should give a credit on this guy… :3 ’cause I’m also separate in between cartoon and anime

      2. Garfield is manga in Japan. So is Batman.
        Manga means “cartoon” or “comic”. Even political cartoons are “manga”. Stop being a weeaboo faggot.

        1. Sir or ma’am, I would like to point out a couple of facts to you…

          While yes, technically the term for american comic and japanese manga are the same in japanese. However, this does not make comics manga. Nor do political cartoons, because political cartoons are used to represent a certain groups political voice and ideaology or to make a satire of said ideaology. Manga does not. Mangas are used mainly to tell stories, from the lighthearted to the Horror story. Therefore, political cartoons cannot necessarily be said to be manga.

          Also, The term Manga is mainly used to denote JAPANESE Comics. The term Manhwa is for Korean Comics, and the term Manhua is used for Chinese comics. All these in english can be called comics, but we do not in order to show variety and to respect the individual differences that each hold. We draw a distinction between these because of the variation in art-style, medium, genres, Country of origin and plain formatting. Why a American comic is not a manga, I will reference art-style for now. A clear difference can be seen in the styles of art that make up American comics and Japanese manga from the brushwork to the formatting techniques to the character designs. While yes, the American comic art-style has been changing and is now supporting a wider range of genres than before, many would say that this happened only because of the influence of Japanese Manga on American Comics. This difference and many other differences is the main reason that people point them out as two different things.

          Also, just because we’re criticizing this comic for not really following the source material in art-style or format DOES NOT make us weaboos. Weaboo is a very derogatory term, and respecting and admiring a well-written, if not a bit frightening, Visual Novel should not make anyone a weaboo. Your comment was both insulting to anyone who takes the time to appreciate a good story-line and those who love animanga.

          Please think before you post next time.


          1. jesus fuck you’re a retarded one. a comic is a comic regardless of its style. take the japanese cock out of your mouth and look at things the way they are, you autistic weeaboo.

          2. Manga in Japanese does refer to all sorts of comics, be it American, Korean, Japanese, political or otherwise.
            However, in the borrowed term from Japanese in English language usage, it is referring to specifically Japanese style comics.
            You can freely call manga “comics” in English, but using the term manga specifically would refer to Japanese comics.

            It’s a simple concept really, people should stop getting so sensitive in the behind.

  19. This is a terrible adaption, they fucked it up beyond what i thought could be possible.

    The original visual novel was 1000x better.

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