Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji

Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji

“Is there something you want to leave behind for your loved one?”

A young boy and girl lived in a small seaside town. One day, the boy invited the girl to the sea to convey his feelings to her. However, she lost her life in an unforeseen accident. Months and years later, the boy continues to live in the place where his memories with her remain. He can’t forget her, yet he must.

Our protagonist, Amamiya Makoto, spends a peaceful everyday life with his younger sister, Shizuku. One day, he meets a mysterious girl, Kohaku, who has deep blue eyes and carries a giant scythe. “Can you see me?” she asks. None of the people around him notice her. “Oh. You’ll die very soon, then.”

She is a shinigami.

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  1. Stef says:

    The story in this wasn’t very well thought out, it contradicts itself in every character path most prominent were the deaths that were supposed to happen to Honoka & Shizuku, then there was kohaku that could pass through solid material, yet towards the end she could carry, hold & use a cell phone,very realistic, then when her love was supposed to die, they both end up 10 years back in time and he wakes up on her lap, on the beach, where he been saved due to her giving up her life/soul in the first place.

    Totally stupid! he even selfishly stopped Rin from following her brother, knowing himself, how he had felt/suffered for the past 10 years after his friend died.

    Other than the nice artwork it was abysmal.

    • CantStopMyselfGomennnn says:

      ——- Many people get past the hyper-analytical traps like this or that paradox etc.. and enjoy good seiyuu performances and mostly heartfelt writing etc..

      Totally pedantic and lacking imagination much?


  2. GenerousGuy says:

    I have done it peasants,

    for all of you that get black screen when trying to run the game,
    run the settings exe and go to the sixth setting,
    change it from direct draw to windows api,

    no need for thanks,
    i am a generous man

  3. Kribo says:

    Hello friends. To anyone wondering how to install this, i’ll tell you the method i’ve used to do so, but remember that it may not work for you.
    1- Download all files and extract them
    2- Open the Control Panel, and go to “Clock, Language, and Region”
    3- Then click on “Change Location”, go to the last tab, and in the second option, change your location to Japan (this will force you to reset your machine)
    4- Run the Installer.exe. Keep pressing the rightmost option, or the leftmost when a new small window apears.
    5- After the installer has finished, run the English Patch
    6- It’s done, but remember that you must keep your Windows on Japan to play, so whenever you change back to your country, don’t forget to go back to Japan to play again.
    *This method is the same i’ve used with Kamidori Alchemy Meister

    I hope i was of some assistance ^^ and sorry any grammar mistakes, English isn’t my main language

  4. Selena says:


  5. Minn says:

    Love it. I will never forget this one. Really a good story.

  6. Terror100 says:

    This really was a good story.
    It has a awesome ending(last route).
    This was a good that i will never forget about just like “Sweet Sweat in Summer: The Naughty Girl and Her Ripe Scent”

  7. Mark says:

    Hello, I’m having an issue with this and tried looking for help in the older comments but found nothing. My computer is set regionally to Japan, I can run a few other games such as BoobWars 2 and ToHeart2, but this one gives me trouble. I have Daemon tools, I try to open the image file to install the game but the menus are all in Comic-sans script, totally illegible. I’ve managed to get to the progress bar, at 1%, then it closes down. I re-downloaded everything and still have this issue. And I can’t install the English patch until the game installs. Is there a step I’m missing to force the game to install so I can add the English patch, is a file possibly corrupt, I can take screenshots and send it to whoever if that’ll help! Thank you if anyone responds!

    • kapps says:

      same o same o here too,,, I just can’t install the game resulting in not be able to install the English patch ,, can someone tell o what can be the possible problems ?? by the way I’m using win 10 ,, Samaritans anyone??

  8. Momo says:

    this one have h-scenes?

  9. Elmer says:

    I am having problem….
    After the scene where sce says that youre about to die the game breaks.

    Error Log:

    【呼び出し元】 (行) : @@main
    【現在の位置】 (行) : @@!movieexcute

  10. iwa says:

    Help me i can’t installed this game I don’t know

  11. NIcksz says:

    i can’t seem to install this game!!! plz help me..
    it’s always say something like my local c had something wrong but i doesn’t know what it’s say.

    • Alvador says:

      yeah.. me too,, it’s says “the game not seem to be installed in that folder.please select the correct folder” i had select other folder but it’s still not installed. please help..

  12. NeedForHelp says:

    someone tell me how to install this game,
    its my first time, installing from virtual drive (*.mdf and *.mds)

  13. Needforhelp says:

    please tell me..

  14. Needforhelp says:

    How to install this game?

  15. RiderOfDeath says:

    Hi there…. I have finished the whole game… I say the storyline was nice… I really like Kohaku… after finishing the game, it left some kind of loneliness in me… can anyone suggest any eroge that is somewhat has same genre as this.

  16. Forone94 says:


    I am just gonna ask here real fast; I am really confused with the site. Even though I want to go premium, there is no friggin “pay here” button or something like that!

    I cant take the slow downloads of the free version.. sigh.. Anyone think they can help me or maybe point me to some chat that explains a similiar question?

    Or maybe is only for like NA use?

  17. WHeeeeeeeee says:

    i cannot install the patch i go to the game folder but it says that the game is not installed in the folder even though it is

  18. noone says:

    how do i download i set my locale to japanese but its still not installing

  19. dikdik says:

    this site is the best !!! arigatou gozaimazzzuu !!!

  20. mitchey says:

    when i click on the english patch link the countdown for the download isnt working so i cant well download it, plz help

  21. Axe says:

    Goodness, the true route made me more emotional than any VN has in quite a while. At times the writing was a little boring and slow but the endings made it completely worthwhile.

  22. Undead says:

    Heyy guys there is no walkthrough? cant find anywhere

  23. ryosuky says:

    hahah wait i download first then i will help u guys..maybe at 2/1/2014

  24. Kuro says:

    how to install plzz help T^T

    • Nii-Nii says:

      First of all, you have to put your system local in JAPANESE LOCALE. Then, install the main game. You should be able to do it even if you don’t understand japanese. Finally, install the english patch. Enjoy.

      • Yami says:

        This seems impossible to install at least without knowing Japanese. I’ve tried each button but it never moves past where to install to.

  25. A person who needs help says:

    I know how to install the visual novel first put your system local to Japanese,and then apply the english patch that should do it

  26. Magimaster says:

    Admin, i´ve created the OST for the game, and i like to share with everyone, can i post a download link? Or shall i give you the link and you can choose what to do?

  27. Ay says:

    how to install the game ….seriously i don’t understand japanese…..

  28. Help please says:

    I tried to download part 3. but it says webpage not found
    is anyone else having this problem?

  29. Marco says:

    I’ve got a problem with the game. I installed it and played the first part, but when i get to the part tha he can see the shinigami, it displays an error message with something related with the sinkiss_OP.ogv file.

  30. HintHelper says:

    You tryin’ ta get my name here? Also havin trouble with the install gonna try applocale as a fix next.

  31. HelpHinter says:

    Hmm the install seems to be a bit bugged for me going to redl and see if I just somehow messed up.

  32. A person who needs help says:

    ADMIN can you please put a walkthrough how to install the english patch

  33. A kun says:

    i have problem installing it, how to install it?

  34. Anon says:

    Too slow paced for my taste

  35. Blah says:

    hi guys i first time download this how to know the activation code

    • welcoming committee says:

      Well. Welcome to a place where cracks are available. With these magical cracks, you don’t have to ask your computer to download viruses to get an activation key, because the crack does that for you. I believe all you have to do is switch out the original .exe with the .exe that you got from this download.

      • grimspeaker says:

        “magical cracks…” im sorry, i just died of laughter thinking wat tht sounds like to people who dont know what cracks are

        • SCII(2) Rapter says:

          Well, since you mentioned it, I started laughing like Hell now too. Welp, now to spread “Magical Cracks” throughout.

  36. Nisashi13 says:

    In middle of Kohaku route now, i laugh so hard when she say “i want to cut it with my scythe or shove it in Milfy’s mouth”

  37. lixAxil says:

    Quite okay, better than some translated VN I read but just quite normal for me. True ending is good though, Above average but is very predictable. Overall solid 7/10 and worth the time reading.

  38. cloverse says:

    How to install the english patch?? Help me please..

  39. Namiirei says:

    Just finished it.

    The 2 required endings are boring and classic as hell, but the true ending is really a good ending, more than i expected.

    Too bad you can’t just do the true ending in the first run, because i didn’t enjoyed the others 2 one.

  40. Hello says:

    where do the files located after the installation?
    i couldn’t find it.want to install the English Patch

  41. -_- says:

    Finally an Immoto chara, that’s actually sexy in her own way.

  42. shekelstein says:

    AMAZING, I was just reading the Chinese translation when the english version came out.

  43. Vondoom says:

    Also… Rita sings so well!!! XD

  44. Azunyan says:

    Localate your windows on Japanese to install the Game !!!
    look @ the link

  45. Akira says:

    ok now..please tell me why the installer just keep turn aroudn and around in the \option\ button to really annoying me..i dont know what to press..since it in gibberish language for option

  46. Vondoom says:

    How should I say this…Hmm… It was short, true…but… DAMN THAT MADE ME CRY!!!

  47. Nisashi13 says:

    i don’t see how this similar to Hoshizora, well they both meet up with a shinigami (well Mea just accept that) & they both have not blood-related imouto (but imouto is a popular type in eroge so not really count) but that about it. After all this shinigami is the real deal not just reap his memories like Mea.

  48. Trad says:

    ok 2 questions:

    1. is there a walkthrough out yet?

    if not:

    2. how much impact does a single choice make? (like: in first choice you have to go to Honoka or stay in store… in some games choosing Honoka here might lock you on her route but on some other ones you would just get some points towards her and in the end you would go route of the one you have most points with…. i mean even if I want to do someone route i still prefer to be nice to other characters too XD)

    • Alucard says:

      There are your 2 answers: There s only 1 Choice, so no walkthrough needed. Also, it s clear which 1 is Honoka and which 1 is Shizuku. In order to get the true Route u just need to click on Start after u finished the other 2 Routes and select Kohaku.

  49. FrenziedMurder says:

    Ok sorry, i cant figure this out for the life of me, i have it i mount it then i have to go into that mounted folder open the folder “Setup” then i run Installer.exe with “Japanese locale as Administrator” and it installs fine even if i change the directory but when i go to install the patch it says “This is not the game installation folder, set the correct directory to install the patch” or something like that can anyone help me?

  50. DNottin says:

    Okay, I’m in the same boat as a few other people here.
    Stuff’s not working, can’t understand, yada-yada, you get that much.
    I’m here for a click-by-click explanation of how the hell to do this, I don’t need any “change your locale that worked for me” stuff. I’m on a laptop running XP, got all the files I need for this, daemon tools, all the right stuff.
    So gain, click-by-click, because somehow one of you installed it, and that doesn’t just happen automatically, I know that much. Thank you in advance for any real help.

  51. reisan says:

    I installed the game but I think I messed up half way through and forgot to install the english patch. I can’t figure it out and I can’t really find any answers on the internet. Can anyone help me out please?

  52. Mastershadow says:

    shin koihime musou when will it be translated? Koihime musou is finish after it is out but why is shin koihime musou not? a lot of people are already looking for fan translations and also i read there are fans also trying to translate daitiekoku fully not 35% but 100% i hope its comes out soon!

  53. Maou says:

    any walkthroughs or rote order needed?

  54. Prince07 says:

    Wow!!!!! it’s REALLY Good!!
    I like very much…
    I’m currenly play this and the story ….
    I’m really love it!!!
    thanks admin!!! 😀

  55. Febriandi says:

    All hail admin!!

  56. Maou says:

    Thanks for the game adm 😀

  57. Shuuko says:

    Trying not to download any more VNs for now, and then I saw the opening……..

  58. Mintaka says:

    Anyone know where I can download or find an OST? I really love that “Girl on the Shore” Track. Great eroge.

  59. Addo says:

    Nah, finally..
    Shinigami no Kiss installed 🙂
    I need to restart my pc after changed the language

    Didn’t think if restart was necessary at first :O

  60. Niou says:

    Noob question here:How to install this and how to apply the patch?

  61. Addo says:

    Stuck at 1% 🙁
    It’s say blablabla H: blablabla

    my DVD drive is H:

    • Addo says:

      Note : I’ve installed Japanese language, daemon tool
      I can’t read Japanese so, “blablabla” 😀

    • Shanako says:

      I have windows 8, installed Japanese langage and i’m still stuck at 1% during the installation.
      The english patch work only after the installation.

      Well, it tells me about G: and not H:…

      Will try to restart the pc.

      • Shanako says:

        Well no, I can’t install it.
        I have trying the files at F: and H: but still stuck at 1% event when i restarted my pc…

        This VN won’t be for me :'(

        • Addo says:

          turn on the japanese language setting first
          at the regional option and advanced, after that restart your computer
          That’s works for my pc 😀

  62. Aeka Shiraki says:

    Can someone explain me how to install this game? I install japanese language for windows 8 but I can’t install this game, it’s always stuck at 1% and then it’s returns at the previous step… Please help me.

  63. Alucard says:

    Now that i ve finished it, i can say this much: The True Route is also a Happy End, but i don t know if i like it or not. I really loved it for having such a heavy story, but i m conflicted. Depressing at times, but with an exceptional setting.

    • Ariis says:

      The true route was my favorite route, though I wasn’t at all surprised at the ending. I expected pretty much that exactly.

      • Alucard says:

        The True Route was also my favorite, but still. The Ending just seems odd to me. Anyway, a great Story and a great Game.

  64. Shikirei says:

    In the middle of Shizuku route… it’s been a while since I’ve seen one this good.

  65. Azunyan says:

    put your windows on japanese and then you can install

  66. Yuno says:

    How can I install the game in japenese before install the patch please?

  67. kanami says:

    damn, forgot to reply again, well, i’m sorry 🙂

  68. Shinaxxx says:

    Its finally here.. Yahooo..

  69. GuessWho says:

    having trouble installing the english patch keeps saying the game is not installed in that folder

  70. Sanosuke says:

    So, Im reading Hoshizora no Memoria 3.0 ?

  71. Lunar Adept says:

    Get the feeling that I’m gonna be bawling my eyes out when I get to the end of this… Just like Air…

  72. Averyconfusedman says:

    Okay… ive downloaded the seperate files, but when i try to mount the images from the folder that is made by unpacking the files, they mount but nothing happens. i assume something is wrong. help please?

  73. Nds says:

    finally a decent game.

    ty as almays adm for the quick uploads.

  74. Ryan says:

    Does this game have any gameplay mechanics? Or is it just point-and-click?

  75. VN lovers says:

    wohoo, this gonna keep me occupied for a while.

  76. JV says:

    how do I install the game?

  77. usamiharu says:


  78. Sporked says:

    How similar is this to Hoshizora no Memoria? The synopsis makes it sound pretty similar

  79. Maou Jr. says:

    Is the storyline similar to that of G-senjou no maou?

    • WoodenCubes says:

      are you dumb? Sorry but, even though i like g-senjou no maou, i can see with the story description that this is not the case, not in the slightes… :sigh:

      • Karma says:

        before you go calling ppl dumb you might wanna learn how to spell slightest ^_^

        • Trad says:

          lol not spelling things correctly doesnt make person dumb XD not everyone is grammar fag that bothers with details like that

          and i can see what hes trying to say since if you read descriptions of these 2 games i cant see anything whatsoever in common

        • corcor says:

          That person is right measuring intelligence on a something like grammar is a really stupid thing to do. That and how is a mobster kid and his tragic history any where close to a guy who’s gonna die in a short time and meets up with the death being that’s going to take him?

          • Tom Hewitt says:

            There’s a difference between occasional errors or shorthand and every 3rd word mangled horribly. That’s not being a ‘grammar nazi’, that’s annoyance at wasting a minute trying to read a post only to realize that there is no useful information in the reply.

            Calling someone a fag really didn’t help either, since it just further reinforces the perception you are giving off of being an inbred hick.

          • botc76 says:

            I agree. You want people to read your post, at least take the time to make them readable.

            Otherwise people might call you an “illiterate fag” 🙂

        • Korodoch says:

          So Karma, by saying that, you’re claiming that Leonardo Da Vinci was stupid (he suffered from dyslexia)? 🙂

  80. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Hoo. It’s been so long.
    Thanks as allways.

  81. Nightdragon8 says:

    just 1 question am i going to need a tissue box at the end of this? or will i need a stiff drink for minor brain bleach.

  82. hohoho says:

    wonder how good it is..
    then again, i play it all the same..

  83. JewCat says:

    Admin, you are quick as hell.
    I just checked the VN-database, saw that this game was translated & thought “pretty sure Admin hasn’t uploaded this yet” but BAM here it is.

    I love your site. Thanks for it.
    The only point of improvement needed would be more yuri/shoujo ai games. Translators should work on them the most!

    • botc76 says:

      Based on what? Your personal preferences?

      Translators should work on the stuff they want to translate and/or the stuff they get commissioned for.

      If you want Yuri and Shoujo Ai, translate them yourself or pay translators to do it.

      I like Yuri and Shoujo Ai just fine, but I don’t like it when people think those guys, doing all this work for us SHOULD do things as you want it.

  84. Shikirei says:

    please god, let the protagonist not be a whiny “deer in the headlights” for once.

  85. Shadowseeker says:

    This is actualy good stuff, kinda reminds me of Shooting Star novel.

  86. Alfie the Great says:


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