Saya no Uta

Saya no Uta

After a traffic accident, Sakisaka Fuminori’s perception of the world changes: everything he sees becomes blood and guts, people’s looks and voices seem like monsters, and food that normally appealed to him tastes disgusting. As he contemplates suicide in the hospital, Fuminori meets a beautiful girl among the flesh-covered walls, who introduces herself as Saya.

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  1. if there’s anyone experiencing the frozen screen when trying to load a saved file, just start a new game, right click the screen and load from there. It worked for me

  2. There are no sound, I try re-install many times and also try in-game Audio setting but still no sound please help.

  3. I have a problem right befre the first choice to make (spoiler: where saya got raped). Right before the first choice there is an error about a save.dat file I think. I can only click on repeat, ignore or quit. repeat just opens the window again, quit makes it crash und ignore makes it freeze so I have to close it with task manager. I didn’t find a fix for this. Did anyone else? Please help.

    1. Fixed it. For anyone with the same problem. You just have to delete everything in the SAVE file in the games directory. Don’t worry. Your saves will still be there and you still will be able to save but the error won’t accure anymore.

  4. I didn’t have to change the language to japanese for it to work. I simply extracted part 1 and 2, mounted the .img file, installed the game by running the mounted file and copy pasted the content of the english patch file (_patch.pak, saya.exe, system.dll, and the \cg\ file) to the directory where the game was installed to (in my case C:\Program Files (x86)\NitroPlus\¹–ë‚̉S). It will ask if you want to replace certain files and you simply say yes. After that I ran the exe and works perfectly without black screen :).

  5. 1.) Install all parts (Part 1,2 & localization thingy)
    2.) Extract Part 1&2 into same folder.
    3.) *have daemon tools light downloaded beforehand* right click the files in the folder that you extract the two parts into. You want to mount them which you can do by using the “open” option when you right click it.
    4.) It will give you the option of wanting to see what you want to do with the files in the BD-ROM Drive (E:) . Click on that. Now run the installation option that appears.
    5.) after that go to the file explorer for windows. You want to navigate over to the window (C:) area. Now look for the search bar that you can type to in the topish right corner. Type in “nitro” (Not case sensitive. It will take a second or to load it.
    6.) A folder named NitroPlus should show up. (This is where those thing you showed up are compiled…I think) Click on the file and you should see some folder in Japanese text. Drag this file over to your desktop.
    7.) If it is not allowing you to, open up task manager. Scroll down the list of processes and look for “Disc Soft Bus Service lite.” End that little god forsaken task and then try to drag onto the desktop.
    8.) Next you’re going to want to grab or copy or extract those files onto the file you’ve dragged onto the desktop a few steps back.
    9.) Now click on the saya icon that has a little picture on it. (It may look like saya.exe)
    10.) note that it will have asked you to replace filed which you should have allowed so you know…you could install the patch.
    11.) In the event that this somehow does not work. Complain to the closest available forum only to receive a response 2 months later.
    Hopefully this helps. It’s long but it covers pretty much everything. Good Luck Strangers~

  6. i seem cant download the english patch…i followed all the steps and still the download wont start…please help

  7. When i am about to mount the img file instantly says that the disk image file is corrupted! Can someone please help me? ):

  8. When i am about to mount the img file instantly says that the disk image file is corrupted! Can someone please help me? 🙁

  9. The blood and gore… at least in the way of images, was far more tame than I expected. On the other hand, the “scenes” as suggested by the text definitely lived up to my presumptions. For the most part, the built in “gore censors” which obscure the actual images are… redundant at best, seeing as, at least in my opinion, the text itself is far more gruesome.

    There is a slight possibility that I am… more resistant to such gore, and my calling it “tame” is hardly accurate.

    In my opinion, an episode of “Bones” is worse than the images themselves in this.

    All in all, I loved the story, the CVs did well, and the art was great. Magnificent, to say the least.
    I’d give it three thumbs up if I had an extra arm.

  10. This is a problem that occurs with most of the visual novels I have installed. Whenever I save and exit the game, the game freezes when I try to play the file I saved and I can’t click anything.

  11. i have a problem, at some point (Spoiler: when the neighboor rapes saya) the game crashes saying something About “SAVE/save99” and I must select “repeat”, “ignore” or “quit”, “repeat” and “quit” cause the game to crash and “ignore” opens the same window again. does someone know how to fix this?

  12. here’s a simple instruction for y’all:

    1. download all files needed
    A. part 1
    B. part 2
    C. english translation file
    2. extract both part 1 & part 2 into one single folder
    3. mount the \.img\ or \.cue\
    4. in your iso software, click \install.exe\
    (?). the iso software might ask you to extract files to temporary folder. If it does, just press yes.
    5. this will lead you to a installation itself, which is pretty basic.
    6. go back to the folder where you have all .rar files and extract the english translation file. \DO NOT EXTRACT INSIDE THE FOLDER IN PROGRAM FILES\ —– you’ll get error.
    7. after extracting, copy/cut new files into the folder in your program file. \move & replace\
    8. enjoy and play!

    — worked for me —-
    — hope it helps —
    — as of 03/2015 —

    1. >5. this will lead you to a installation itself, which is pretty basic.
      >Installation is in complete gibberish.

  13. Anyone fixed this problem or know of a solution to this problem??? I can play the game and save it perfectly fine. However, when I tried to load it from where I saved it, the game freezes. Is there something wrong with my save files? Any help would be appreciated tyvm.

  14. Can anyone help me? I keep getting a black screen, and when I check the .img file it says that the file is corrupt. Thanks.

  15. I can’t get the English patch to run in AppLocale or normally. Japanese version works fine with and without applocale. For English version running without applocale it boots up the age warnings and then goes black. With applocale it says unusual runtime error.

  16. my localization and all is all set to japanese, but even so, ever when i try to open the game, it doesn’t even opens… i’m using win 8 by the way. do someone knows why this happens? all my other vns opnes normally, by the way~ the problem is only with saya.

  17. Hey,

    I just downloaded the game and played it a bit. After some time I saved and closed the game. On the next I tried to load it and there was no problem until I tried to click. It doesn’t react after loading the saved file. When I try to close the game it freezes completly and closes itself after some time. It is a nice game, so I hope someone knows a solution.
    Using win 8.1, already reinstalled the game.

  18. Damn this is intense. Its really brutal though so if you have a weak stomach you might want to not play it, for everyone else: give it a try, the story is really great.

  19. It will load up and everything, though I only get a ton of gibberish, and it won’t work when I try applocale. How should I go about fixing this?

  20. hey, does anyone know how to fix that the log automaticly opens and goes upwards/backwards? i really want to enjoy this game but its making it impossible.

  21. I extracted all stuff to the same folder. Installed the gam eand all, was working in japanese. So then I try to open the .exe that came with the english patch’s various things. I get this error/failure. I’ve really no idea what that is lol. Any ideas?

  22. I’m a female in my 20’s.

    I first heard about this game just out of high school and researched its plot/screenshots through a few sources (including wikipedia). Both the storyline and artwork seemed very creative and interesting, but I forgot about it over the years… Until a few months ago.

    Downloaded the soundtrack first. I love it; 3 or 4 tracks in particular (Song of Saya II & Sin are my favorites).

    I finally came across this page a few weeks ago, downloaded the game and finished one of the various endings. WOW. JUST WOW.

    I really don’t mind the gore, because to me, it isn’t overly “visually” graphic; The music, the voice actors, the text… all of these make the game creepy, disturbing and emotional. I love how you are able to read the thoughts of each character; their hope, desperation, despair, thoughts of insanity. It really sucks me into the game and makes me feel for each character. I never once felt like vomiting, but there were times I did want to hide under a blanket with the lights on.

    Anyway, I took a short break, but I’m replaying it for another ending! Song of Saya is very entertaining for those who don’t mind disturbing storylines.

  23. Hey, I finally got the english patch to merge and all that junk, but now the text is whack. Stuff like, “H%&ey#fl#esh” and sometimes completely illegible, can someone tell me how to fix this?

  24. this scares the crap out of me i saw that my brother downloaded this so i wasnt really expecting this to be from here but i also didnt expect it to be a friggin horror game and i kinda regret it now just hope i dont get firggin nightmares out of this luckily its still 11:50am so i got all day to forget about this and enter into my mind a different image

  25. and there’s nowhere to download east asian language pack… no choice but to buy it …..fuuuuuuuuuuuu

  26. dude I have no flipping Idea butI get a black screen in the beginning and I already downloaded all three files so what now?

  27. I Was Too Scared To Read It For About Two Years….
    Last Night I Worked Up The Courage To Read It….
    Turn Out It Basically A Twisted Love Story

    I Give It 10/10

  28. Probably one of the best games I ever had the pleasure to play.

    This game as very few choice’s… but they are so hard to choose from…

    Nitro+ FTW!
    (Type-Moon ftw to!)

  29. To solve the black screen problem

    1.Change the locale language into Japanese (refer to the FAQ in this site) and restart your computer
    2.Extract the the 2 files in same folder
    3.Mount the “.img(disc image)” or the “.cue”
    Note: If you don’t have any mounter I suggest that you download one… Poweriso or Daemon tools.. or just refer to the FAQ if you want instructions
    5.After installing, extract the english patch to its destination folder usually in:
    “\Program Files\Nitroplus\沙耶の唄”
    and replace the contents
    6.Done 🙂

    1. I did all this and I still get a black/blank screen. I’m also able to play the untranslated version perfectly fine so I don’t know where to look for the problem.

      I was able to fix it by going into the nitroplus folder where 沙耶の唄 was installed, then copying/pasting all the files where I had the rar’s and the english translation stuff at. After I replaced everything that it wanted me to it worked. Hope this helps someone before they give up.

    2. Thanks for the that but what you need to do is get daemon tools lite and mount the CCD file. Then go onto the SnU BD-ROM Drive that will appear after that, then basically everything you’ve said. Also I went with game download when it came to the installation bit.

  30. saya no uta is just not working for me no matter how many times i download, i don’t understand what you mean by mounting a folder. that doesn’t make sense, you can’t mount a folder.
    only iso’s
    even if i use japanese local it will not work, i only get a black screen after 3 images.

  31. For anyone with BLACK SCREEN: Very simple. After downloading those 2 files. extract the files and the Saya No uta folder pops up. You Mount that very folder!

  32. is it just me, or is it that the download link for the english patch is not working? whenever i try to download it, it says that there is no webpage for it. reupload?

    1. It’s just you, but, there’s a reason…
      at least with me, when I try to download 3 or more files at downloadani, as a free user, I have the same problem. I have to wait one of the first 2 to end, so it works perfect :3
      [bad english, brazilian :/]

          1. brasileiro aq tá é crescendo em árvore?!
            (Sei q o comentário é antigo, mas eu tinha que dizer!)

    1. YES. But beware, this is very bloody and gore. In short, the story is totally MIND F*CKING or in english,F*CKING depressing.

    2. So I’d kindly recommend you not to play this VN if you’re easily influenced by VN story like me. But of course the decision is up to you.

  33. I download the 2 parts,extracted the first,opened the sayanouta arq CCD,intalled,extracted the patch in the game folder and when i start the game,after the “this history is a work of fiction…” screen,i get a black screen. can someone me with the right procedments to install?

    1. You need to change your pc to Japan Locale. Yes you do even though you used the english patch.

      You can refer to the FAQ on this site or google it because it’s different method for different window.

      As for me, I just go to help and support in my pc and type ‘change locale’ in search bar. Nice and quick.

  34. I saw this game on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Looked cool, tried it out.

    Two hours later, I am scarred for life.

    Why did I inflict myself such damage?

    This visual novel will change your life and not for the better.

    Nothing prepared you for this.

    1. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts dude. I’ve heard a lot that this game is real disgusted and depressing before but I still thought I wanna try it out.Now, after hearing your sincere word, I knew this game is real devil and I should avoid it at all cost.In fact,I’m real easily got depressed by VN story.

      So,thanks for the warning or advice or whatever dude.

  35. for the life of me i cant figure out how to implement the english patch, i just keep getting a black screen after the the age warnings (in english) :/

    1. Change locale to Japanese ( yes, even if you use English patch, you need Japanese locale – that’s how game files are stored internally). Refer to FAQ from this website for instructions.

  36. Thanks to all these positive comments, I really gotta give this game a try.

    By the way, is this H game and is it uncensored?

    1. it’s H-game and uncensored, unfortunately (or fortunately ?) and might not be suitable for people under 18 y.o (i heard you can read the censored version on Youtube)
      yuck, the disgusting art ever but such a memorable short story 🙂

  37. This vn was amazing. The story left me itching to know what was going on and even though you see the story unfold from more than one point of view I atleast was able to sympathize with all of the characters. The one thing I didn’t like was how it wasn’t explained in more detail how the professor guy found says and in more details his findings but either way I say this is a masterpeice. Forever it is engraved in my heart. This is a touching love story about a man who throws away his very humanity for who he loves. It is a very beautiful piece

  38. Attempting to download the ENG Patch gives you an error and doesn’t let you DL it. Something about it “not found”.
    Help please.

  39. Hey Admin why does the text-box cover the whole screen? Is this only in the beginning or the for the whole game? (I just started); if it is then it’s not a good gui!

      1. I’m not arguing with ya, it’s just that I think this game could have been more than what was given to us; first off the gui (graphics user interface) covers the art and is almost non-existant, the lack of save, load, log and etc buttons (for once) actually fuels the atmosphere felt in-game rather than ruining it, second lets not kid ourselves the artwork could have been better but I also get the feeling that the way it’s drawn it to keep with the dark theme of the game and lastly most of the characters come off as annoying, bland garbage that made me feel nothing but utter sadistic joy as I watched them die one by boring one.

        Saya’s alright, cute even.

  40. I’m not overly sensitive when it comes to eroge games; I’ve dealt with Tsuki: Possession, Virgin Roster and Kara No Shoujo fine enough. The first two had fantastic art – it’s hard not to like Zyx games – and the third a fantastic plot. But Saya No Uta is the first game I’ve played in the last twenty years that has given me a 100% sense of regret.

    When there’s more mention of rotting flesh, severed hands and cannibalism then any actual sex it’s a bit hard to like. None of the endings were satisfying for me in the least. At least with Kara No Shoujo or Mon Muso Quest you could skip most of the dismemberment/vore. This game is pretty much all that minus one or two very brief sex scenes. The rest is just horror descriptions.

    But if you’re into that sort of thing, play it. Personally I’d warn anyone away from this game unless you like reading autopsy reports.

  41. Finally installed the game, and…what can I say? Hilarious.

    Oh, that’s not what I’m supposed to be feeling? My bad.

  42. LittleNeko
    I finished the true ending too, it was great!

    And I think I know how Saya true from looks like.
    Remember that scene where the narrator told the story “scary stories hospital edition”? There appears a shadowy figure.
    You can make out a vague appearance of a girl that does not look quite human.
    It is left to our interpretation on how her skin looks like and everything else, but her shape is probably like this.
    I think that her body is like a decomposing rotting flesh that stinks of death, and she can morph tentacles out of any part of her body. She can also stop her bodily fluids or slime from coming out of her body, because when she went after Fuminoris medical records she had to suppress the ooze in her body so that the delicate papers won’t get messy.

  43. this was my first visual novel and i want more.. maybe it was just this one but i had no idea how much the story sucked me in to it

  44. I just finished the true ending and it was heartwarming.
    For Fuminori and Saya that is…
    That green haired doctor must be having the worst nightmare of her life, trying to adjust to these new changes.
    I hope there would be a sequel…

  45. This is a heartwarming game.
    Only finished the second ending route where Fuminori and Saya die together. It realy made me cry…

    But the thing is, maybe there is some thruth to this madness.
    You have to ask yourself, is this realy real what we see with our eyes?
    Could we be drugged the moment we are born?
    Next time you eat your food, ask other people if this is realy what you are eating.

  46. Absolutely amazing. Nothing short of a masterpiece. Everything in it is perfect: the creepy music, dark visuals and well wrote story. while I did not feel disturbed or scared per say, I did feel unusually interested on how it would end. The only complaint I have is about the returning to reality ending. Seeing as how he could live in that distorted world I had hoped that he had the willpower to return to reality, though that was and interesting ending on its own way. Definitely one of the best visual novel that I have read.

  47. The english patch doesn’t work 🙁 I extracted it to the main folder of the game:

    C:\Program Files\NitroPlus\沙耶の唄

    but nothing happens, the game is working but in japanese 🙁 what can I do?

  48. the download oft part 2 doesnt work anymore

    “You have to wait 1 minute, 13 seconds till next download”

    I waited for about 3 hours

    1. you need to refresh the page if it has the red writing saying you cant download
      how i do it is open about 4 of the links and start downloading the first one then wait 5 mins and start downloading the next one
      you can only start a download one at a time then you have to wait 3-5 mins ive never really checked
      you can only have 2 downloads at the same time running it doesnt take long to download parts for me takes about 90 mins to download 2gb

  49. Um, sorry if this is a stupid question but what am i supposed to do if the system file and the saya file from the english patch won’t copy over the ones in the game folder? The notice says something about needing permission

  50. If u enjoy this VN,then u will enjoy Steins Gate,Chaos Head(both from Nitro+) and muv-luv alternative,the No-1 VN in visual novel database

  51. Hahaha first I forgot to put the eng patch and had everything in Jap. Installed patch and then I got to read the ‘monster’s talking’…made me scratch my head, thought I did it wrong…then I realised it was intentional…haha

  52. Is anyone getting the black screen error where at the start 3 secs in the game doesnt work and shuts down?
    I already downloaded it twice and have Japanese locale with windows 7

    Can someone help?

  53. If possible. Can someone relay a step-by-step procedure for getting the game to work as soon as I download the data? It would be very appreciated and I’m sure I’m not the only one who really needs help on this. Thanks. ^^

  54. How is everyone downloading this? I have the Daemon tools lite already and the file gets downloaded but when I open it, there’s no game
    Please help 🙁
    Im very interested in this

  55. holy Shit this is seriously Insane and yeah Mindfuck damnn
    But Awesome Story , Art and Music 10 Stars for this.

  56. Great although not what I completely enjoy I like watching a persons decent into madness not being someone who is already insane although still very enjoyable Gory, mature, twisted if only I can find more about this. (My favourite parts where about Yoh although I won’t go into detail lets just say it loops with my starting statment.)

  57. this is a AMAZING game thanks admin this is the first game i have found that interesting that i actually don’t skip at all i cling to every word wanting to know the story line d(>.<)b thanks this is on my top 2 list 😀 come see me tonight is my faverate 😀

  58. This game is, as the others have mentioned, a complete mindfuck. Amazing music, beautiful art… and really disgusting gore/fucked up shit. This isn’t a game that relies on any stereotypical character types or plot to play it safe; this game instead takes you on a fucked up roller coaster ride.

    Easy enough to download, 9/10 for amazing art and story.

  59. I love this VN… Nitro+ really has outdone themselves this time… X3… all three ending has it’s own good ending… because it’s not really that good but not really that bad either…

  60. mindf*ucking… but still I’m gonna play this at 12 in the middle of the night with the light close XO

  61. what do i do?? some help. i have downloaded the game used Daemon and extracted the english patch but it doesnt work. before i installed the patch it was working now all i get is a black screen

  62. beautiful story this one, loved the music & art, although i wanted a slightly different ending…
    Definitely one of the best from Nitro+

  63. How i burn this, or install this game, please need some help here, thanks, loving this site; and could you recommend me some serious VN with some depth plot and not just sex? Thanks, laters

  64. a beautiful story in it’s own way. despite as already said the obvious mind f*cking 😛

  65. I have everything fixed so that it should work….it should start with the english patch and everything how it’s supposed to be but the problem is that as soon as the 3 credits page load (Where the page would stay black in english patch) my computer crashes…..the starting icon in the english patch just left me a black page but that’s not how you make it work….but the one where it’s japanese and you pute the english patch inside the folder icon makes my computer crash……right now it’s only for this game….The other downloaded visual novel worked just fine….

  66. Got everything un-rar.ed to the same file and my locale on Japanese but when I open it I get through the first two slides which are the adult warnings and then I get a black screen that just stays there. I can go to settings fine but it won’t go any farther than the black screen.

  67. hey, i have a question. I finished the game couple days ago (using default graphic setting) i noticed when u right click and go to settings they have option called “Movie Settings” mine is on default which is “Play Movie”. However so far i did not see any animation at all. Then what is that settings for i wonder o.o

  68. Wow I’m only 14 years old and yeah, I know I play eroge at this age and also know how to mount images, sadly its a shame… to you older guys

  69. I downloaded the rar files just fine, but when it came to extracting them, it keeps giving me an error screen. I’m not sure if this is because the links are broken or something i’m doing wrong. Can anyone help me?

    1. I’ve been having this same problem, but just with the part 2 download. I’ve retried several times, but each time it says the file is corrupted and won’t extract properly.

  70. Woah. Just finished saya. I pointed my choices towards helping saya. Anyways just woah, wasn’t as scary as I thought. Still that was one hell of a VN.

  71. I heard good things about this game. Can anyone give me a more precise review than just a short summary of the setting?

  72. I’m in need of some help.

    Dowloading and installing the game and patch went fine, and it seems to run well enough aside from one problem: not all the text is readable. I’ve tried the beginning sections of the game and they partially look like this:

    And when I turn the game off the menu that’s asking me if I’m sure also has similarl gibberish text. Is that actually intentional or did I install the game/patch incorrectly?

    1. You installed it correctly. All those jumbled letters and characters is meant to represent your confusion, I imagine.

      1. Your confusion from the point of view of Fuminori that is. Not many VN’s show who the person playing is, but Saya no Uta’s different like that.

  73. I skipped most of the comments because I haven’t finished the game. It doesn’t give you choices for a while so is more like a story. When it gave me the first choice I was like “Whoa! Are you asking ME?” x) Also, it contains much more ero scenes that I suspected. The story is great, but I have to play with headphones and the door closed ^^

  74. So, I got a little question about the main guy’s visionary and hearing. So apparently he manages to see ONLY one girl who looks amazing, and I’m going to assume, a nice voice as well. Would that mean she’s originally a festering, gut wrenching looker? Since the guy’s point of view sees everything as “monstrous”.

    1. I don’t want to spoil the game, but in “asylum” ending you can *hear* Saya’s true noises of moving, and it doesn’t sound very pleasant.

  75. Some of the comments on this site makes my fate for humanity waver. What kind of retard doesn’t know how to mount a CD and install it? And what kind of useless person can’t GOOGLE IT or somehow find a solution on their own?

  76. Sorry if I sound noobish, but mine doesn’t seem to be mounting right…
    I extracted everything into a folder, and then I dragged everything inside the folder into the DAEMON program and mount whatever comes up (ccd and cue files appear) and it says no media for both of them, what am I doing wrong? Please help

    1. Do NOT drag the files into Daemon Tools. Just extract the game .rars into a folder somewhere – make sure there are four files there after it’s done. Then start DTools and left click on the DT icon with the blue lightning in the system tray in the lower right corner of your screen and select the option “Device O: blah blah”. Now you should see a dialog window where you can select image file to mount. In that window navigate to the folder where you extracted the game and select the .cue file to open. Now the file should be mounted. Start a new Explorer window where you should see a virtual drive with the game icon. Doubleclick that to start the installation.

  77. So, I downloaded Daemon Tools Lite (Do I need the full version?) and I tried to follow the guidelines, but when i try to drag the extracted folder into the window, it says “Unable to mount image. Unable to access image file”.

    Is there something I have missed, do I need to re-download this?

  78. If this is any help, to install the english patch you basically unzip the file,go to
    (C:) > Program Files > NitroPlus > 沙耶の唄
    and simply copy and paste all the files into the folder.

  79. I loved the Game, I might be twisted for saying this but I really wished I could’ve saved Saya even at the expense of the world, I really got into the Fuminori role, and I think the Saya’s Song ending is the best easily

    1. when posting spoilers, have *SPOILER* above what you’re going to say, i bet you ruined the game for loads of people with that comment.

  80. So.. i downloaded both parts then when i open sayanouta.img in winzip then after extracting it,i got another file when i tried to open it with winzip it sayd ‘error winzip only suppors img files that are in iso format’ Wtf? help me :D?

  81. omg… the happy ending is sad (i know it’s a contradiction) and the other ending is just… unbearable….

    i like how well descriptive the game is and yea i probably wouldn’t like saya if she was a monster, assuming that yoh looked pretty as in monster form, saya probably looked as terrifying in real perception. But man! the love is so pure, it was so easy to contaminate : <…..

    nice game overall although it was hard to get hang on, in the beginning.

  82. LOL i downloaded this game, sure that it was a normal VN… i played the first minutes and was completely sure of it… then BOOM ero scene! i was like, what the hell…? is this an eroge? XD

  83. I’ve already mounted it, installed it, and extracted the patch into it’s newly installed directory. When I start ‘Saya’, after the copyrights, the screen stays black. When I tried the japanese one, it worked perfectly.

    Please help. ;__;

  84. Hey guys, got a small problem I could do with a hand with… I download this game add the patch, it starts up fine and then the mouse auto cycles through the menus rather than just letting me select them manually (not a major problem on its own, just a nuisance) my main problem comes once the games started it seems to get stuck on rewind text, if i hit return it just goes back to the screen within a couple of seconds making the game impossible to play.

    Any help with this would be appreciated.

  85. I’m just wondering why is this in the rape category. again I’m just curious because I’ve been told this has a pretty good story but I don’t really like visual novels that have rape in them, I’m more of a yuri kinda guy but I occasionally try to find a VN with a good story.

  86. i need help! TT^TT
    i have the game, i dont remember where i downloaded it from
    everything on it is great, i have the voices, all the cgs, everything works fine
    the only problem is the text. i cant see it, its like its invisible and i dont know why.
    i dont want to have to go searching for another version that will work cos it takes too damn long, does anyone know where i can find as good link? (the ones on here dont work with me…)
    id really appreciate it!!

  87. Folks, Before you go getting files, get DAEMON tools.
    You can get there here via FAQ

    DO it.

    Come here and download the rar files. Extract them into a single file.

    Open Daemon. In the bottom left you’ll see a fake device OR you will have to press the button labeled Add DT Drive to make the fake.

    Take the folder and drag it into the Daemon window.

    It will show things that look nothing like what was previously in the folder. DO NOT FEAR, it’s A-OK.

    One of the toggles, will bring up a window to install the game.

    Do so.

    NOW, go download the zip for the English mod. All you have to do then is toss the relevant files into the general directory of wherever your FINAL INSTALLED FILES are.

    Read: NOT the place where they were pre-Daemonification

  88. Warining:for people that never played the game please dont read this this haves in a way eding spoiling.

    I played this game quite some times and i already finished all the story it self i can say the ends are like interesting. i didint liked much the bad ending it was to painfull for the 2 of them.
    the ending i liked more is where saya gaves birth and polinises all earth with her spores ^^
    now he can be in peace in the wrld since saya made it as a final task a better world for him to live .
    man i can say i totaly love this game and the story rules,still saya could have lived with fuminorin forever codent her… in a way it made me sad saya having to desapear to give birth. But in a way she didint desapeared ,since the world is covered with her spores saya is now part of the world it self.

      1. lolz she is pritty cute for an obomination
        and i think if i was fuminorin ven if i returned to normal like she said she could do i would continue to love saya the way she is.
        saya is saya nothing chnages that fact

    1. What?! If she has to disappear for Fuminori to live in peace, he could just have chosen to have his mind back to normal in the first place.

      I don’t feel bad for not getting that ending anymore. With such an screwed story, any ending would be screwed anyway, in a good way x)

  89. could you post a list of the things i need to do to get the game to work please i would be very grateful <3 and can you make it simple please am i suppoosed to download the original game up above before i download the english patch?

  90. load the disc file into daemon tools, install the game, and then extract the patch into the directory for the game.

  91. i managed to do everything .. but i can’t play it with english language ><" .. what should i do ?

  92. hi
    plz someone help me T-T
    i can’t burn the disc image .. i tried everything .. but still the same .. can someone tell me how to do it ?

  93. ok i downloaded both and then i extracted both.
    then in the file of game i put it in daemon. do i have to install there or put in the files of patch somewhere first?

  94. i think the patch download is necessary for this to work… its the only thing w/ a .exe file
    but i did that and its still not working, it executes but goes black

  95. Can someone explain me how the heck am I supposed to make this work in a simple “for-dummies” explanation? DX
    I have 7-zip, and when I extract the rar from the download link, it only gives me 4 files that are coded: CCD, IMG, CUE, and SUB. The english patch has a “saya” file, I open it, and it brings a black screen after a while.
    help? DX

    1. ok first you have to download daemon tools from this site.
      then drag the folder that sayo no uta is in.’
      then try any file that pops up in daemon when u darg it in.

      1. oh and the eng patch i think u have to replace it with something
        maybe the sub?
        well try everything but makesure u make copies of it before you jack off.XD

      2. Oh, thanks.. I really never understood the whole “mount” term.. but it seems most of the games here need it… Thanks anyways. Hehe.

        1. Daemon Tools is a program which is used to mount virtual disks on virtual drives: say, you downloaded a virtual CD of this game, now, what you want to do, is open up daemon tools (if you’re a begginner, like me, i suggest you google Daemon Tools Lite, it’s very easy to use, just download and install), mount the disk on the virtual drive, and then proceed as if you had put in a real CD.

  96. So… Here’s my problem. I have installed the Japanese file with no problems, and have the .CCD mounted with Daemon Tools. I’m slightly confused about what to do now.

    I have attempted to play the mounted .CCD file, and while the images show up and the audio plays, all the text is in Japanese. When I open the .exe file, the first two loading screens come up with English text and lead to a black screen.

    1. Nevermind. I had to copy the files from the english patch into the folder that was located under Program Files.

  97. Eh….

    It was alright,the Lovecraftian element was only really present for the first 5 minutes of the game,the rest of it was just boring with some gore here and there and some sex scenes with Saya.

    If you want a horror VN,I suggest DIVI-DEAD,CHAOS;HEAD or even Higurashi.DIVI-DEAD especially creeped me out more than any other game I’ve ever played,on the other hand that one rooftop scene with Shogun in CHAOS;HEAD will permanently remain in my memory.

    (Also,if you think I forgot to mention Bible Black,in my opinion it’s not even a horror game,unless you count the hentai scenes.It did get me into Goetic Magic however.)

  98. I downloaded and installed everything right, but THERE’S NO TEXT!!!

    There an image and everything, but what can i do to get the text back? Please help!!

  99. Downloaded it and not a single problem.

    This is the best VN i ever played. The story is great. There are 3 endings and all of them are unique and blends perfectly with the story pattern.

    At the end, its not the “H&H” (Hentai and Horror) you will remember, but the beautiful story itself. Its an open-ended story (sorry for the spoiler) and will leave you mystified at the end of the game and Saya will definitely lurk in your dreamworld the night you finished the game.


    A worthwhile and mystifying game. 🙂

  100. dont worry about that reply i fixed it but thank you very much for the help the story is life changing to say the least.

  101. admin, can upload it this game in Filesonic?
    Reason: some fucked up minister in my country baned Fileserve and Megaupload.

    1. Yes, every game will have filesonic+fileserve download links. Uploading and posting 100+ games just takes time…

  102. NVM i finally got it thnx anyways..

    TO EVERY1:

    To be able to read the game you need to:

    1. Download Both
    the game and the English patch
    2. Right Click the Icon of the game on the desktop and select
    “Open File Location”
    3. Extract the Contents of the English patch
    4. Open the folder of the extracted contents from the ENGLISH PATCH and copy both the “system.dll” AND “_patch.pak”
    5.Paste it on the Folder of the Saya no Uta..

    1. That new way with the copying and pasting just f-ed mine to hell where it still wouldnt work what can i do?

  103. I have installed the game by mounting it on DAEMON but once I click to play on the English version I hit a blank screen and if I click to play the program that came out of DAEMON its just a bunch of random symbols. Can anyone please help me?

  104. I wanted to post a fix for the black screen issue some people are having, this is differ’s some other’s and I believe it is a Windows 7 issue, I think I had the same problem with Clannad a long time ago.

    Issue: After going past two screens (one including a warning) the screen will go black and the program will freeze.

    1. This first step may not be needed if you can move fast enough. But first remove or temporarily delete “image.pak” from the directory.
    2. Start the game, now when it loads it will go past the two loading screens, the screen will go black again, but now it wont freeze.
    3. Right click the screen to open a menu and click ‘Settings’
    4. In this menu click “Don’t Play Movies”
    5. Click the “Close” button.
    6. Replace the image.pak into the directory.

    It should now run with no problems. I believe this has something to do with the resolution of the videos being differen’t than the game, but I don’t quite know.

    If you have problems with the steps or w/e you can get a hold of me on AIM ‘KrimTheDecimator’.

    Good luck and enjoy the game.

    1. Disregard this whole thing, all that you need to fix the problem is a codec pack. The Combined Community Codec Pack fixes all the problems caused by videos completely, this will come up in many VN’s causing them to crash when a video is played. You can download the codec pack here . If you want to know what you’re downloading before you download it the link to the wiki is here . If you don’t want to download anything my ass-backwards instuctions do still work, but if you’re into VN’s then you should just get the codec pack.

      /End Text Wall

      1. I downloaded the thing and it still comes up with the black screen…what else do I need to do?

    2. I have any problem again.
      I didn’t found where “image.pak” is.I have install but I can’t play because it being black screen.Please help me.

  105. Hello, thanks for the upload, wanting to play this for long time, but like someone up there I seem to having this same problem…

    “when i start to install the Japanese version of the game some error message pops up and the installation stops”

    I am using daemon tool alright, setup menu turns up, i select the directory to my D: drive (my windows/systems files are installed in D), but after i click next, it tells me something on the line of ‘wrong directory’, etc. I’ve set the locale to Japanese too.

    Do you know what the problem is? Would be nice if you know, but if you don’t, thanks anyway for upload.

  106. Works perfect, just set the locale as japanese and all works.
    No passwords needed.
    Thanks admin.

  107. Um, how do you save the game? 0o”
    I never played such an old visual novel, so I don’t understand how to open the menu and save. Or does it autosave or something?

  108. when i start to install the Japanese version of the game some error message pops up and the installation stops
    plz help
    same problem

    1. Have you set your computer’s locale to Japan?

      Thats the only reason I know…
      Or maybe a DirectX problem…

  109. This game is just…
    The ending redeems the sick and twisted nature of this VN.

    Can anyone suggest me a VN like this?
    Anything with horror elements really.

  110. when i start to install the Japanese version of the game some error message pops up and the installation stops
    plz help

  111. Hi~! I installed the Japanese game alright, and the english patch too. However, when I play the game there are some part that are still in gibberish. I mean, it’s English alright, but I think the dialogues of the characters are the ones not in English. I tried playing the game both in Japanese and English system locale, but they’re both like that. There are some parts that aren’t in English. Anyone know how to solve this?

    1. The parts that are showing up as gibberish are intentional, as some of the characters’ lines are not intended to be intelligible.

      1. ummmm, hey. I need help… I passed all the gibberish but when they talk in japanese, it’s still giberish sub’s… wat do I need to do to solve that???

  112. Everything works fine except the text autoscrolls even when I turn the option off. I got it to stop for a while by turning the option on and off a bunch of times, but now it’s messed up again and won’t stop autoscrolling. Anybody know how to help?

  113. Gotta give props to whatever group translated this, had to have been difficult to choose vocabulary. One of the best novels I’ve seen so far as long as the disturbing stuff doesn’t get to you.

  114. which files do i have mount? all i get is a black screen with some kind of little leaf on the lower left corner after the main menu. some assistance will be appreciated.

  115. i downloaded and install this game but when i start it up the screen goes black with no option to continue what should i do?

  116. Uhmm.. Im having a problem playing it when i start the game it only show black screen hmm… did i do something wrong or the files just now are different?

      1. I tried extracting, password worked, and it installed, but in the last minute said it didn’t work. I see a .img and .ccd file, but after mounting them, i try to install, and it fails. Any help here? Or should i just look for another place to download from?

  117. Problem (yeah,you can never get too many of those): I seem to have installed the game correctly and also installed the english patch, however, there isn’t any subtitles to read. The options are in english, so I trust it must be something else.
    Any advice would be appreciated.

  118. saya no uta was the hardest to install so fair cuz unlike lightning warrior it does not extract well with pea zip but it works perfect with 7-zip

  119. this is awesome i rly love eroge and i love not having to hold a jap to english book the whole time… i love you for creating this site admin!!!!

  120. how to get this to work ?
    I have noo idea.
    All i did so far was extract the zip files lol.
    The link in the folder doesnt work lol

  121. Your welcome ^_^
    I was gonna try Chaos Head but did Da Capo first. Im going to download and see how it goes.

  122. Well, I finally got it after following your path. THAAAAAAAAANK YOU!^_^ Now…could you help us with Chaos;Head? X3

  123. NitroPlus:
    -e,I%S (another folder inside NitroPLus)

    then inside “-e,I%S”

    cg (folder)
    SAVE (folder)

    1. I am having trouble with Getting the English Patch to work and when i click on “saya” which is supposed to be the english version it plays three things and then cuts to a black screen I NEED HELP!

  124. “Could it be that the name may be different from what the .exe expects and that messes things up?
    Would you mind telling me what’s the exact path in your pc (from the nitroplus foder onwards) just to see if I have to rename anything? Thanks in advance!”

    I think the .exe only worries about the name of the files inside the folder, so yes if a file has a different name it doesnt recognize it.

    yes i will post the path from my nitroplus folder, but i gtg right now so i will when im back home.

  125. “Well, I read somewhere that some people had no luck replacing the .exe, so I tried not replacing it, but I got the game in Japanese, like that.”

    I think what “saya.exe” does is read the files from the folder and then screen them. When you install the english patch, you replace the files that are in japanese with the ones in english, like the script of the game. So “saya.exe” would screen english. As long as you have extracted/pasted correctly the “cg” folder,“_patch.pak” and “system.dll” the game should run in english.

    “that you are running saya.exe not located where the game is installed”

    What I ment by this was that you were running the “saya.exe” located in “[TLWiki]_saya_no_uta_english_location”. Which is just the english patch, not the game so you would only see the images from the “cg” folder and then get a black screen because there is nothing more on the folder to show.

    The “saya.exe” that you are suppose to run ,is the one in the folder where the game was installed.

    I dont think that having a non American English OS should interfere with you installing an english patch for a game.

  126. “Yeah, replaced each the files that popped up. I did drag the sayaexe to the nitroplus folder… >..>”

    in my case i wasn’t available to put saya.exe (from the english patch fodler) to the NitroPlus folder.

    I used the same “saya.exe” that started the game in japanese, but after pasting the other files, it worked in english…

  127. I just thought of a weird thing: my game folder is called something like nitroplus/japanesenameofsaya the best (because that’s the version I got).
    Could it be that the name may be different from what the .exe expects and that messes things up?
    Would you mind telling me what’s the exact path in your pc (from the nitroplus foder onwards) just to see if I have to rename anything? Thanks in advance!

  128. Well, I read somewhere that some people had no luck replacing the .exe, so I tried not replacing it, but I got the game in Japanese, like that.

    “that you are running saya.exe not located where the game is installed”

    Could you elaborate more on that? Does it mean I’m running an exe which is in the wrong place? Could it be that having a non American English OS may cause the problem?

  129. good to know you were available to install it
    now to put in English, you need to use the files from the other folder “[TLWiki]saya_no_uta_english_location”

    extract everything to a new folder in desktop. Then copy
    “cg”, “_patch.pak” and “system.dll”

    Go to “NitroPlus” folder and paste, accept anything that asks to be replaced.

    And that should make it run in english, so after pasting, run the “saya.exe” in NitroPlus to see if it works

  130. so just extract the folder with the disk image, to a new folder in desktop, then open daemon tools, set it to show “all items” and you should be available to see “sayanouta” disk image file.

  131. “When I open the disc image file and try to BURN/MOUNT IT. It will say Invalid image file”

    thats an error you get if the file is compressed. If is compressed it doesnt show in daemon tools either

  132. Stupid question then…how can we install it if NO FREAKING DISC IMAGE FILE COMES UP.(Sorry for caps) When I open the disc image file and try to BURN/MOUNT IT. It will say Invalid image file or no show up AT ALL when I use damon tools

  133. what i did to install it :

    selected saya no uta part 1 and 2 (with winrar) and extracted them to a folder in desktop (which i called “Test”). It asked for the password.

    It extracts the folder Saya.No.Uta to my folder “Test” with the items “[TLWiki]saya_no_uta_english_location” and “Saya.No.Uta”. Note that they are still in winrar format
    DeskTop — Test–Saya.No.Uta –[TLWiki]saya_no_uta_english_location , Saya.No.Uta

    I made another folder in desktop, then extracted the item “Saya.No.Uta” -compresed file- (Not the folder, but the item inside called the same)

    Desktop — Test2

    Then i opened “Daemon Tools Lite” and clicked the “add file” disk. Find the folder that you just extracted “Saya.noUta”, in my case called “Test2”

    Now, change the “all supported images”, to the “All Files”. so that you can see all the files in the folder.
    click the “satanouta” –disk image file– and then click open.

    Now under “Image Catalog” you see the file, double click it. If everything has being done correctly, you should see an “eye” picture at the bottom of Daemon.

    OKay, now go to “my computer” and click the “BD-ROM Drive (E.) SAYANOUTA”

    You will see right away the option to install it. Install it, just make sure you see where it was installed.

    After installing it, go to the folder, should be “NitroPlus” and run the “saya.exe”. Thats just to check if the Japanese version works.

    To put the english translation.

    Go back to the other item in the “Saya.No.Uta” folder, ([TLWiki]saya_no_uta_english_location) and extract it. I made another folder just for this… and then copy everything on it, but not the “saya.exe”

    Go to the “Nitro PLus” folder and paste. A warning of replacing or keeping both files should come up. Replace anything that asks.

    Now click the “saya.exe” in the NitroPlus folder, and you should have the english version 😛

    Note: In my case, it didnt let me to replace “saya.exe”. If for some reason your game doesnt run, try replacing it.

    Also, at the beginning of the story, you are gonna hear some weird sounds, and the dialog will be random symbols. At first i thought it was because it wasnt in english, but is normal, and later on you get why.

    Just ask if something seems messy 😡

  134. When the game is installed it creates a NitroPlus folder…
    so it must mean you guys havent installed :/

  135. There IS no NitroPlus folder, at least not for me.

    It’s not in Program Files, it’s not ANYWHERE on my computer. What gives?

  136. Im also running windows 7 home premium and the game works with no problems. It doesnt slow down at any moment.
    just to clarify, english isnt my first language.. but im gonna try to help you.

    “I only ever get to see the first screen with the disclaimer, and I don’t even get to the main menu.”
    —you see a black screen right? that should mean that you are running saya.exe not located where the game is installed.

    You should only need the files from this folder
    “[TLWiki]_saya_no_uta_english_location” which i believe is where you are trying to run the game, the files here should be extracted to either the “NitroPlus” folder or to desktop and manually copy and paste.

    when pasting in “NitroPlus” you should get the warning to either replace the file or keep both files. Replace everything that needs too.

    i dont think you need to replace “saya.exe” in my case i couldnt, so just copy and paste

    -the folder “cg”
    – _patch.pak
    – system.dll

    it seems a messy answer and long answer.. so er.. hope you see something that you missed.

  137. I actually don’t manage to run this despite having followed the instructions: running the original Japanese game works, but as soon as I install the patch, it stops working. Since I read that the patch makes the game slower, I left it there for quite a while, but nothing happens – I only ever get to see the first screen with the disclaimer, and I don’t even get to the main menu.

    I’m on Windows 7 home premium, changed the locale to Japanese, using the original game (bought it from Eroge shop, it’s apparently some sort of “The best” kind of collection).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  138. no wonder forgoted 1 of the files thanks for the help
    this migraine ive been having today rly takes away my focus >.<

  139. okay if you guys can start the japanese version means that you got the game installed.

    what you need now is to extract the files from the folder

    if you read the “readme_patch.text” it explains how to put in english

    I extracted everything on this folder and replaced the ones of the japanese, except for “saya.exe” which dint allow me

    but the game works great ^^

  140. ah seems i was looking wrong, thanks for telling me
    got a problem jap versions starts ok english one stops a a black screen any of you know what i did wrong?^^

  141. Chaos,
    Start Daemon tools, click the cd icon with the plus, select the .iso
    click the file shown in the top window
    go to my computer
    click the icon that appears
    follow instructions to install it

  142. Yeah, I did but I couldn’t mount it for some reason :/ It wouldn’t come up for some reason so I couldn’t mount it. Any ideas?

  143. How to extract the files in English patch?
    I cant extract them using ExtractDataEng software. Maybe I should use another software?

  144. just extract the first part and then all files from part1 and part2 will be extracted, then mount the .iso file.

  145. ahh, i had to extract it all and there was a image in there which i had to mount, it just didnt show up in daemon tools since didnt have it showing all files.

  146. extract the files in a folder, and click on setup or something i guess.
    didnt load the game “yet” so dont excactly now how to install…

  147. how am i supposed to install this?

    i downloaded both parts and they both contain the same files even though part two is only 25mb?

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