Shinseiki Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend

Shinseiki Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend

A shy female character, Mana Kirishima, starts at Shinji Ikari’s school and immediately admits to finding him cute. Gradually, a relationship unfolds and they end up going on a date. It turns out, however, that she is one of three test pilots for the TRIDENT units, a new competitor to the Evangelions, similar to Jet Alone; thus the name Girlfriend of Steel.

3 Responses to “Shinseiki Evangelion Koutetsu no Girlfriend”

  1. Joshuam303 says:

    Does this have h-scenes?

  2. Hachiman says:

    How I can install the game?
    It gives me a message that I need to put a CD but it doesnt have any ISO application

  3. CnCBoy says:

    I played it years ago on Windows XP. If you have a problem with the sound, please check if you don’t have a space inside installation directory.

    For example, if you have “C:/Program Files/Eva Girlfriend of Steel”, it won’t work. Install it inside C:/EVASTEEL and it should work.

    You might need Admin’s right under Windows Vista or superior.

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