Muv-Luv Alternative

Muv-Luv Alternative

Muv-Luv Alternative takes place after the events of the original Muv-Luv. Alternative focuses on the life of Shirogane Takeru three years after Muv-Luv; Takeru wakes up believing that everything that had happened was just a dream. However, he notices something wrong: he has been sent back in time to the beginning of the events in Muv-Luv: Unlimited. But instead of letting a disaster strike again, he decides to help stop it before it even begins. The solution: helping to complete Alternative IV.

339 Responses to “Muv-Luv Alternative”

  1. Ninoto says:

    I managed to install on game successfully but the patch doesn’t want to launch. It displays to me message “NSIS Error, Error launching installer”

    Otherwise the game works perfectly the only problem being that it is in Japanese

  2. JustCallMeDaBoss says:

    So which version is this one ? Directors cut or ?

  3. Jay says:

    So will Altered Fable have an official translation? I’ve been waiting for a complete translation of that for years.

  4. nuj_nalla says:

    please upload the steam + director’s cut version.

  5. BIlly Bob says:

    Admin! The steam version is finally out, think you can re-release it one here instead?

  6. Kino says:

    does this have H-scenes?

  7. Hisao says:

    Is there a way to get it fullscreen 1920×1080?

  8. Miah says:

    I just downloaded it and installed it, but it is not in english. did i install wrong?

  9. pepper's are too hot says:

    Any update to the official version for this?

    • Ariemmov says:

      Yeah, played through updated muvluv original and then having to play through this inferior version was a bit weird

  10. reuben says:

    does this work for windows 7.i tried download from mofumoe but it didnt work for windows 7.does this work for windows 7

  11. Carlos says:

    Holy crap. Just finished this game. There’s a mountain of tissues right next to me. Stupid ass game, so powerful, so well written. A+++. Absolutely recommended. Play Muv Luv first, and let yourself fall for the characters.

  12. Maxwell says:

    Years passed away since I first visiting this awesome website accidentally. Time to download one of – if not the highest rated VN – (above 2000 people – almost 60% rated this an excellent VN). This is a must 😀

    21 parts still need some time to download, but compared to Shiny Days which downloaded just recently, this VN is about one-quarter of Shiny Days size and will make it a lot faster download 🙂

  13. Nachtus says:

    Just finished this after putting it off fr a few years… It’s definitely a tearjerker, and has a few messed up moments to boot. You WILL hurt, and you WILL want to cry. I’ve played numerous VN’s, and this one seriously makes you grieve and ache emotionally.

  14. garvin says:

    Not as good as people say
    The infodump scenes are very boring and very common in the game.
    I recommend Swan Song or Saya no Uta if you want something dark and powerful and they are way shorter.

  15. MilkyWay says:

    after mounting the mds it showed on my computer but with no picture, after running it and tried to click install some pop notification, can’t install it so i tried using the patcher to install the full game still the same can’t start it

  16. Badwater says:

    Why won’t this game install? Muv Luv and Muv Luv Alternative are the only game that have defeated me. I run Win 10 – it should not be a prob but it is. Suggestions?

  17. Fapman says:

    This VN is awesome. It is one of the best VN ever made although severely outdated in term of graphics with today’s standard. I got severe mental depression for a couple of weeks after finishing the VN for the first time. No im not joking.

    I played from the 1st game Extra-Sumika then Meiya’s ending to unlock Unlimited, Unlimited – Meiya’s ending then Alternative. Extra and Unlimited is very boring, but i recommend to grit your teeth and finish both of them. It makes Alternative way more immersive and will makes you sympathetic to the main character’s condition. There is a scene that makes me crying in anger because im enggrossed with the story.

  18. Korban says:

    DAMMIT I GOT NTRed….by beta…

  19. kazuya2040 says:

    realy good VN, made me cry for 3 diferen reasons, just wished they included more echi senes like the manga.

  20. something says:

    is the “true” ending happy? if so i will definitely play this game. If the question has already been answered, i am sorry because i am too lazy to search for it on this long thread.

    • something says:

      a different question i have is “is Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.1” include the the muv unlimited days after in it?

      If this doesn’t have day afters in it can someone explain to me the plot of days or tell me where i can download it? because the wiki that explains days after is too vague.

    • something says:

      well i’m going to start downloading it now anyway since it will take a while, but if someone could answer my questions it would be great, thanks in advance.

    • something says:

      ah i looked again at Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.1 game description and it does have unlimited days after so that’s one question answered

  21. TYTYTYT says:

    does anyone know where to find a walkthrough, or should i make one myself?

  22. Snoopy says:

    So bad the anime sucked, may give it bad reputation

  23. David says:

    hello guys just finished playing alternative the end was good anyway when i finished this vn is there something like the extra or not ? since the end is really good thanks before and sry for my bad english

  24. TmP says:

    There are some things we are not supposed to talk about, lets share a moment of silence… if you ask why, you are not supposed to recieve an answear.

  25. S & K says:

    any body knows how to install this game in windows 8 single language..?

    if sumbody would xplain in detail, that would b a great help..

  26. jomama says:

    after installing its the terrible english voice actors how do i set it to japanese audio?

  27. walastik says:

    Nevermind, fixed it. Compatibility options.

  28. Megapervert says:

    I was wondering if anyone knows about muv-luv Fable?

  29. Ryu-suke says:

    Damn, this is the first out of a ton of other VNs i’ve played before which made me cry.
    Good job, Age.
    Thanks to the Admin for the upload(For this and Muv-Luv Extra/Unlimited), had a fun week.

  30. Mr.Anonymous says:

    does anyone know the road aiyame ?

  31. Nick says:

    i can’t start muv luv alternative no matter how many times i try i redownload every rar file for the second time already,i burned the content onto a DVD+R disc and installed the eng patch, but everytime i try to start the game an exclaimation and words i don’t understand appear on my screen. i really need help and i would appreciate it if someone would assist me.

    • Eru says:

      Is it like some kind of rubbish ?? Have you change into japanese applocal ?

      If you still haven’t, go to control panel —> region and language —> administrative —> japanese

      Hope it helps

      **sorry if my grammar is bad

  32. Maoh says:

    Thanks for the upload admin

  33. flameshin says:

    Great game, love the ending…
    but, i can’t find myself to like what happened to alternative Sumika…
    Shed manly tears when i imagine what’d Takeru felt…

  34. Frustrated anon says:

    It’s been months since I finished Extra/UL and Alternative, needless to say they’ve been my favorite VNs since then.

    However, I noticed that since I installed Alternative, Extra/UL wouldn’t work anymore, it doesn’t even get to the main menu (something about rUGP being a different version, I can’t read moonrunes so the error message made no sense whatsoever to me). Any of you have had the same problem?

    I’m posting this on Alternative and Extra pages as it kinda concerns both.

  35. Alexx says:

    Played heaps of VN’s before, skipped this one a while ago. Got bored so i played this and the MUV LUV first, WHOLEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~!!!!


    a must. for anyone

  36. Death says:

    torrent please…

  37. Zetoe says:

    This english patch isn’t full. After the Coup d’etat speech, the game goes back to japanese…

    • Zetoe says:

      Okay so I was actually kind of wrong…Apparently after the speech it broke the translation and went back to Japanese somehow? I re-installed the English patch and now its working in english again.


      • Dalock says:

        There is an option to install a separate txt file which pops up when these movie clips play in the english patch installer. Try reinstalling the english patch and select that option and it should pop up. You may need to switch to windowed to see it.

  38. G1478 says:

    Is anyone else having trouble changing the text speed in the settings? Takeru’s dialogue goes by slow as hell. I find I can read the piece at least 3 times over before it switches to the next slide. Auto read speed is on max and it changes nothing. Thanks for nay response.

  39. Sandremo says:

    Oh yea the error appears after the installer window disappears and the rUGP installer window pops up. Not sure what it’s trying to do but hell i feel like i would want to destroy stuff right now and i cant find any other download sources.

    • skyvory says:

      I also got that problem first.
      I didn’t know how it works actually, but I did this:
      – copy all the files from the disc image to C:\age\マブラヴオルタネイティヴ (if there isn’t any, create new one)
      – run the the translation patch(mla-r2)
      – keep continue and make sure it points to the mentioned folder above
      – installing

      In my case, it progress with copying the installation files(,, etc)

      Hope this helps.

  40. Sandremo says:

    Dont seem to be able to get the game working…. install just fine but after the “installer” i get a window with a progress bar and 3 almoust identical text’s with a diamond on the left hand side… after it gets to the second one it stops around 61% (the progress bar that is) and pops up an error… atleast i’m guessing it’s an error because of the big red X sign…

    Damn it’s so frustrating! I wanna “play” this damn thing! 1 thing that’s also weird is that the install takes only a few seconds… o_o

  41. ihategore says:

    ghraaharaharhgararahara anyone have the gory censor patch for this game..?
    i had a weak heart and could faint if exposed with gory scene, especially those headchomp thing… poor marimo chan

  42. Rukaii says:

    Probably one of the best Visual Novel’s of it’s genre out there. The story is extremely powerful and each character is developed so well that you find yourself emotionally invested in each character until the very end. The ending wasn’t exactly my favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. I’m sure there are people who really loved Alternatives ending. But that’s nether here nor there – bottom line, if you’re looking for h-scenes, don’t waste your time here because that’s not what Alternative is about. It’s Shirogane Takeru’s story of character evolution, but that doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t given their fair share of the spotlight. Every main character is meaningful and important to the story. As far as visual novel’s go, this one ranks on my big 5 list at number 2 (nothing surpasses Fate/Stay Night in my view). Anyway…enough rambling. If you haven’t – Read this visual novel! If you have, but haven’t finished it – What the hell is wrong with you – Finish it! GO! Go now!! READ!!! …if you don’t I’ll make sure you receive a Drill Milky Punch!

    • DerpDerpington says:

      Why I dont want to play it? I am not a fan of NTR.

      I dont play games to get depressed about death of heroines or them being raped in front of you. Period.

  43. Waver Kyo says:

    do u have muv luv alternative chronicles?

  44. Kyo says:

    how to make the voice japanese with english subtitles?

  45. strider_grg07 says:

    can anyone help me plsss.. i cant install the game itself.. when ever i click on the install, the rugp error keep popping up..

  46. Yui says:

    i cant seem to dl any file at all. im getting wrong IP page when i click on download from the host site. x.x

  47. John says:

    I was never able to finish the original Muv luv and I have a question if I play this without knowing how the original ended will I be confuse? if so I think I will download the original one first.

  48. phantasm says:

    best emotional VN ever

  49. What. says:

    I got some main.srx error…
    Anyone know the solution?!

  50. Takemikazuchi says:

    Well yes is probably due to some problem with the server, but is not a problem within this page, actually I’m trying to download another game but I can’t so… we can only wait… Is probably as I said because of the server.
    Thanks for the game this one was AWESOME!

  51. Jo says:

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to is happening to me as well

  52. jason says:

    why cant i download anything?

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to

    this is what happens when i try to download

    • sparenoone says:

      Same things happening to me.

      >.< Darn, I was actually trying to re download it to so I could reinstall the game.

      It keeps crashing every so often after the 00 unit was completed/introduced (Which I assume is about half way though the game; its probably been about 22-30hours), with the message "rUGP MFC has stopped working." It hadn't crashed once before then.

      I've found 4 crash points within about 13min of play time after 00's introduction (during regular dialog); so I assume disk 2 didn't install correctly. Although if anyone has any idea how to fix the problem I'd appreciate the input.

      I suppose I'll wait til tomorrow and try the links again, or find an alternative source.

  53. kaiinu says:

    j’ai trouvé le jeux en torrent
    i look for this game to torrent
    si ca intéresse, je peu donner le lien
    if that can help, i can link this
    biensur si les modérateur accepte
    ofcourse if this request is accepted by the moderators

  54. Falstaff says:

    I’ve never downloaded anything (Game-wise) from this site or any other site before. I’m very interested in Downloading Muv-luv Alternative however I’m clueless as to how I would even begin getting it from here to my computer.
    What button do I click to download…? There’s three!!!
    “DA-1Click: Game Download”
    “DA-Free: Game Download”
    “DA: Englsih Patch Download”
    I’m so confused! Which one do I click? Please, if anyone is reading this and has downloaded the game, please give me the step by step. Thank you!

    • Azure says:

      Well, if you’re gonna try out Muv-Luv, I’d suggest you try out the first game ( )before starting up Alternative.
      As for the download, you go DA-Free: Game Download and DA: English Patch Download. The first one is for the premiums of the download site only. Once all that is downloaded, make sure you have: WinRAR, and a disk-emulating software like DaemonTools or Alcohol 120% installed first. Once done, extract all the files from the downloaded archived files into a folder which you can name “Muv-Luv” or something like that. Now here’s the tricky and frustrating part: Depending on how it installs, you MIGHT need to use the English Patcher you downloaded to install the game properly. When it prompts you for disc one, mount MUVLUV-EXTRA on the first virtual drive, then unmount once it asks for disc two, and do the exact same as you did before with MUVLUV-UNLIMITED.

      As for Alternative, you might need to install the setup, just select yes on everything and let it do it’s thing. After that, select the patcher from the Alternative download and let it patch the game. Once done, you’re free to play. Oh, and you can unmount the images afterwards if you’d like, as it’ll be installed directly into your hard drive already.

      Hope this helped!

    • anon says:

      “DA-1Click: Game Download” = Everything is in a single .rar you just have to download it once. You need a account for this.
      “DA-Free: Game Download” = Download the .rar in parts but its free
      “DA: Englsih Patch Download” = Download this once you have the game installed

      1] Download and install ALL 21 parts and move them to a new folder. IF YOU GO A DA ACCOUNT GO FOR THE DA 1CLICK MAKES YOUR LIFE EASIER.

      2] Once every part is downloaded, extract all files using WinRAR or 7-zip or any software you prefer and extract them in the same folder where you downloaded the 21 parts

      3] When its finished extracting, mount the .MDS file to a virtual drive emulator e.g. DAEMON tools

      4] Once its mounted it should auto-run, if not go to your My Computer and run the mounted file

      5] It should open and then install the game (the installation is in Japanese but don’t worry about it)

      6] Just keep clicking next (the highlighted button) because everything is defaulted to “normal installation” crap so don’t worry about that

      7] When the installation is finished, the game will open up in Japanese so close the client for now. If the the doesn’t open up when the installtion is finished, open the game too see if its working or not. If it does close it and proceed to the next step. If the game doesn’t open up, re-install it. If the game still doesn’t open up after re-installing, then one of the .rar is corrupted.

      8] Download the English patch provided by erogedownload and once you finished downloading the it, run it.

      9] It’s a .exe file so run it. there should be a security warning popup just click “ok” or “accept” because that .exe is clean. So just keep clicking next for patch because its going to look for the default installation of the game and update it into English.

      10] Once the patch is finished, close it and then launch the game.

      11] Aaaaaannnd you’re finished, the game is now in English. Enjoy.

      PS. If you didn’t understand what I said, it is best to not download it without any knowledge of RAR files, ISOs, MDS, virtual drives and so on. Research about them.

    • sage says:

      How does a human survive with this terrible lack of common sense and intelligence?

  55. Anon says:

    I want to get the OST for this, but the only downloads I find have the entire OST in one soundfile (like an hour long). That means it’s kinda useless if I just want to listen to a particular song on it =/

  56. kuuga says:

    there are many people in this world , so please ,if the are one who like it , there also one who dont quite like it………
    this world is big~~~

  57. Crubitz says:

    I hav heard the word depressing one two many tyms, is it or is it not worth downloading?

    • novelate says:

      What ??? Its one of best VN ever. well if you search H this not one cuz only few H in this VN. but the story is top notch its serious story thats why some said its depressing. play MUVLUV then MUVLUV alternative epicness guaranteed. not mention its get anime next season ^__^

    • dragonkain says:

      It is a VERY good game, but you have to accept the fact that it is also one that might make you cry. Very sad, but very good.

      • Jakeman77 says:

        “Might”? No; it WILL make you cry!

      • Korban says:

        this is my first time…
        i played some…clannad kanon fate never7 ever17 remember11 g senjou edelweiss family project higurashi umineko…those are my favourites.

        but…this is the first time…i got NTRed…it shot me in the head.
        tsukihime too…but not in detail like this one…so it left me such huge impression…ohh…


        i want more like this one.

        this game, i like it.

      • Korban says:

        NTR sugoi naa
        this is new world for me

        just imagine tomoyo or nagisa or saber or mion or shion got raped fucked by someone else and the protagonist saw it in despair.

        hahh..hahh…such a bliss UNIVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRSSSE!!!

    • Korban says:

      just finish the game.

      let me reimagine it #SPOILER ALERT#
      after the day of fate, the world branched into sumika route, meiya route, and other routes in extra.
      somehow all of this takeru got sucked by alt-sumika to alt-world and then combine into takeru(s).
      each time takeru(s) had sex with girl other than alt-sumika in unlimited, he forced to go back to day 1 until he met alt-sumika.

      “damn u takeru-chan, how could u dead b4 we hv sex!”
      “bitch! so u called us to this fucked up world just so u can hv sex with us?”
      “yes, i won’t let u back until u mess w/ my filthy body. its ur fault i turn this lewd, here’s my projection.”

      alt-sumika showed takeru(s) her projection that made takeru(s) turned on. Attention, we now proceed into DEFCON 2 with RAGING MULTI-VERSE DICK.

      “everyday i got raped by BETA, my body, my heart, my brain..aah…i was in heaven
      but those UN and American scums(w/ terible english) thrown fucking G-bomb and snatched me from my pimpy.
      shit! my body want it back, so takeru-chan, please mess me, screw me, wreak havoc my hot pussy!”
      “u nympho, gakariiiiin!!”

      so, those otherworldy takeru(s) gangbanged alt-sumika until she passed. its reverse NTR after all.

      “haa…after all sumika is sumika…so it doesnt matter we wiped up BETA or not so long u can hv sex i can go back?”
      “yup..yay!…SUMIKA OWNING~~! screw u meiya-tachi, it’s my EPIC VICTORY~~~! now i can die in peace. takeru-chan, bye-bye”

  58. G eskin says:

    Hey some of the parts aren’t working right. The uploads i mean.
    So far i’ve tried part 6 7 and 8 and the files don’t work. A re-upload would be appreciated. Thanks

  59. overlord says:

    No extra tab for me to see the CGs and listen to the music? What’s wrong with those people?

  60. Sovereign says:

    Also, the 1-click download cant be saved because the file cant be read, and it’s a pain to download it in parts. x.x

  61. Sovereign says:

    The english patch can’t be downloaded. File cant be found. Reupload please?

  62. mm says:

    i had the exact sam problem.:(

  63. Kyuusho says:

    Is part 17 damage or something? I keep getting source error when I attempt to download it, so I’m skipping it to download the rest and go back to it =/

  64. phantasm says:

    sorry.i don’t realize that it is only a temporary down of server.
    I am a foolish .

  65. phantasm says:

    please re-upload part says HTTP server is temporary down.
    I really want this game so anybody who has part 19 help me .

  66. bob says:

    for some reason the game keeps telling me that it isnt compatible with a 64 bit computer
    how do i get around this?

  67. Derp says:

    Can anyone upload it to mediafire please

  68. acer says:

    is there a virus on this?
    every time i try to install this AVG keeps detecting a trojan when i try to install

    • superpowerwave says:

      Maybe someone’s trying to hack your computer to look into SERN. Or maybe they send subliminal micro-sounds to try to brainwash you and control you.
      Or maybe they want to destroy your computer to erase all of the porn datas you have accumulated.

  69. Chaoswind says:

    Wth are you talking about the ending isn’t bad, actually is kind of good.

    Your actions give a whole alternative reality hope, yeah there is a lot of sad, but you can always look back and say that the sacrifice was worth it… unlike other games (ME3).


    Also the memories of the alternative world end changing the normal world, so in some sort of way thanks to you the souls of the people you met in alternative will be able to live in a world without BETA (so far).

  70. superpowerwave says:

    Is it necessary to play the First Muv-Luv ?
    Will I regret it if I don’t ?

    • Shiro says:

      Imo yes, due to fact that from time to time there are things that happened in Muv-Luv Extra and Unlimited which one are mentioned here (shoe thing, or why Sumika went coma during that fight and they lost Susano)

  71. SJJohn says:

    After all this angst and gore I think we all need something softer like ‘Muv-Luv Altered Fable’.

    The game is said to be pretty much the same after playing it through once or twice but I still want to play it.

  72. freakotaku says:

    HONESTLY-.- dont play this game if u are looking for happy story ……. i admit im a wimp bcoz i was…. looking at the face tearing scene and feel like…. wat the0.0?! … and then -.- still can take it…Continue the story ( which i regretted) KO after saw the main heroin flash back her past… totally stop , watch key’s anime to cure MA MIND…crap=/= the first season was ” normal”..

  73. Shirogane says:

    Great game, thanks for the upload!!

    If memory serves, during the non translated ending the girls are arguing that the seating arrangement needs to be changed. Yuuko offers to clean up the mess and suggests a cooking battle to which everyone says they will do their best and have a fair fight.

  74. LuckyLOL says:

    Just gotta say thanks Admin, this is by far one of the masterpieces of the VN genre, its so bittersweet and the ending oh the ending! just here to say I appreciate ur efforts!

  75. Ryoichi says:

    Wow… so many files. The size is huge.. 0_0

    i really need to buy a new hard disk.

  76. Reicher says:

    I need 3 days to finish this game,….
    This Visual Novel too good to people who never read it,….
    But I hate the Gore and the Flashback.
    But after i read it I kinda hate Sumika becouse certain reason,If you read it you will know why 😀
    But the story Really Good,And i can say this VN is EPIC.

    Keep the Good Work Admin-Sama.

  77. Kaito says:

    Would it be ok to switch back the region after installing the game? Would the game be playable?

  78. Takeru says:

    I hope those who were having problems with this VN were able to fix them because this VN is simply too good to pass up. Well of course Muv-Luv should be played first.

  79. lampe says:

    ashamed to admit this as a man but as I absolutely hate horror and gore… not reading comments here before playing that scene made me drink booze to get over with my trembling to continue with the story… looked away around 200 times before pressing m1 fearing for a flashback— human brain is funny since… I don’t even remember what the teach looks like in that scene anymore.. lol.. I guess it forgets what it doesn’t want to remember.

  80. SJJohn says:

    I found whatever parts of the game too depressing and didn’t want to make me hate Sumika so I haven’t played this game yet. But I do want to see Yuuhi Koubuin (Meiya’s sister) live…

  81. dragonkain says:

    After playing the first Muv-luv and stopping after Unlimited for awhile, I was hesitant to pick up Alternative due to some of the tags I saw on the database. I’m glad I took the time to play through this though, because it is easily one of my favorite VN’s of all time, top three to be honest. The story is strong and the characters you can empathize with. I’m writing this now after marathoning the game over the course of three days with only about four hours of sleep. It is VERY good

  82. Erik says:


    It was just me or at the end it really does seems that kasumi
    remembered the previous world ?

    • Reicher says:

      Are this just my imagination ???
      That Kasumi kind of can READ OUR MIND ?
      If true that explain why she always near that stupid brain.

  83. Miqu says:

    This VN certainly went all out in the angst/tragedy department (doubt it’s even possible to bring it any further than this), about halfway through it was getting pretty clear how the whole thing ends (you start to see a pattern) but I still had to watch through it.

    Guess it must have been pretty good to keep me watching to the end but anyone who thinks about getting this should be warned, the story will get downright painful but you still wont be able to stop.

  84. godric says:

    hey, I just finished this, but I can’t tell what’s being said at the end (my japanese is nearly non-existent). Anyone know where I can find a translation of it?

  85. gabba says:

    after i played through the game i can only say this much great game awesome story but it really made me hate sumika. Even though it was important for her to be the main char it still made me fell like playing through unlimited and extra was a waste of time and the ending really felt like it was the worst possible outcome and i really was suprised that there wasnt an message at the end like this one “was this really the best what you could have done? cant you think of another way? Try again, maybe you can change the world for something better?”.
    This is something i feel obout this game .

  86. Asch says:

    I may have not played many VN before but I’d say that the Muv-Luv series, specially Muv-Luv Alternative is the best VN I’ve ever played yet. Along with G senjou no maou and Sharin no Kuni Himawari shoujo. Muv-Luv Alternative appeals to it’s reader in a comprehensive way.

    When I think about it, it looks like that Muv Luv Extra and Muv Luv Unlimited is specially created to prepare the reader for Muv Luv Alternative. You can say that the real flag stands in Muv Luv alternative. It got a lot of drama and character development (is that how you call it) on it. Lots of sad events, plentiful comedy and love story. It even includes a bit of Netorare right on the 1st sex scene.

    Finally I’ve read that an animation adaptation will be aired by July this year. I’m really looking forward into it! A 5 year preparation for an animation could not be bad right? I don’t mind them changing the story or not following the VN for something new but I just wish that they preserve the elements enclosed in Muv Luv alternative which made it my best ever played VN and the top VN ranked in

    PS. I’d like to give my thanks to this site for providing us an easy access to visual novels. Thank you very much.

    • jon says:

      do i need to play the first muv luv before playing this??

      itching to play this after saw that this VN have the highest rate in VNDB

  87. Say41Plz says:

    One word: epic.

  88. rawrrr says:

    wtf when i cant install this game a message pop up saying exe. something an wont let me install do u need the first muv-luv to install?

  89. Say41Plz says:

    Hey, thanks a lot for uploading it again =P

  90. Shunrei says:

    oh my oh my, this is wonderful, finally the time for me to play this game has come! thanks Admin!

  91. gabba says:

    ok one question im playing muv luv right know and i was asking myself if you can still choose who you wanna be with in this game or are you stuck with yust one option through the game i know this game should have a great story but things like choosing someone myself instead of them forcing me stick to just one.

    • Zelloss says:

      Alternative is special. It’s a Story, and have one road.
      Don’t need too forcing you 🙂

      • gabba says:

        i know but i really dont like suika if i would rank the girls then ayamine is number one and chisuru last sumika gets the 4 place but im still gonna play it even though the ending is supposed to be stupid^^

        • Maou says:

          Honestly I prefer ayamine as my fav throughout all of muv-luv extra and unlimited. Buy after playing alternative Sumika became my fav. I wont say why but now she is. And man the ending for Alternative was epic.

          • gabba says:

            after i played through i can say this sumika is my most hated carecter now, but the story was still great.

  92. Who_Crs says:

    Hey can anyone please give me the walkthrough for this VN.Tried web search,no luck so far.

  93. qwe says:

    Say does anyone know if there is a subbed version of the last slideshow ( episode 10), even though one can infer whats happening I still want to know what they are saying for completions sake.

  94. seb says:

    uhg, fileserve mirrors are down. thx if you reupload them

  95. SxS says:

    ok I rly do have a problem…I followed the exact instructions of Sepharius….changing all that to Japanese and getting DT lite ….but game doesn`t works…..b4 I changed my regional setings to JP it wouldn`t even let me install it…now I can properly install it and patch it …but game gives me an error right after I start it ….I dun even get in the menu…am I missing something there any fix?

    • Sepharius says:

      Yes, you most likely downloaded it before you changed your system locale to Japanese xD
      Delete it and download it again, it should work fine.
      Just remember to occasionally check the download size before extracting, if the WinRAR file is supposed to be 100MB and it’s only 40MB then it’s an incomplete/corrupted downloaded and needs to be downloaded again.
      Annoying, I know.

      • Sepharius says:

        The reason you have to download it after changing system locale is because it’s something to do with the code, English locale automatically changes the unrecognised text to symbols of some sort and that’s why it’s unable to extract/install properly.
        It’s like trying to type Kanji on an English keyboard, but the computer tries converting it into a supported format only to corrupt the file.

  96. Shiny says:

    Umm, this is an amazing VN, but I have a problem and am so close to the end. During Radhabinod’s Speech at the start of Operation Cherry Blossom, a bunch of abort/retry/ignore messages pop up, then, out of nowhere, during the Op, I get an out of memory message, which is really confusing me and obviously has nothing to do with my RAM because when I check the task manager, I’m hardly pulling on it at all.

    • Sepharius says:

      Try closing any background programs that are unused, close all browsers/folders and such while playing the game.
      Do you have insufficient suggested RAM?

  97. KMK says:

    Finally finished it and, while I admit I cried manly tears, I really didn’t like the epilogue at all. The story was just reverted back to day 2 of MuvLuv Extra, with a few changes to the girls around Takeru, but with him reverting back to a complete idiot. If he at least knew Meiya’s and Kasumi’s names or that life is more precious than he thought before, I would have been satisfied, but like this all of the 3 game’s storylines seem useless.
    And the game feels kinda incomplete without an “extra” menu to see the CG’s/movies, revisit important scenes or listen to your preferred BGM.

  98. eroge newbie says:

    can i use applocale instead of changing my system locale to japanese?

  99. Sepharius says:

    Now my question is, how can I have the voices in Japanese and the text in English?

  100. hugo says:

    please, can someone help me? i don’t know hot to install the game, i’ve downloaded all the rar archives, the english patch and the daemon, but i still don’t know what to do.

    • Sepharius says:

      1. Change your system locale to Japanese [Requires computer restart] (Control Panel>Clock language and Region>Region and Language>Administrative>Change System Locale>Japanese(Japan).)
      2. Download and install WinRAR (
      3. Download and install DAEMON tools Lite (
      4. Download all parts as instructed (1-9).
      5. Move all 9 parts to a personal folder, right click part 1, select WinRAR and click “Extract here” and wait until it finishes extracting.
      [Note: If the file appears as an unknown type,
      right click>Open with>Choose Default program>Select WinRAR].
      6. After extracting the files, go to the location where the files extracted and run “MUVLUVALTER.mds”. If security pops up select “Allow”, install it by clicking “Next” ignoring the options as if it were a normal program and wait for it to install. After it finishes installing click “Ok”, MUVLUV should pop up in Japanese, close it for now.
      7. Download the English patch.
      8. Move the english patch to the folder where you extracted the files and install it.
      9. After installing it, make sure “Run MuvLuv Alternative” and “View Readme” are ticked then click ok.
      10. You should now have MuvLuv in English, view the readme for any questions.

      • firefox47 says:

        thank you for this reply it worked wonderfully as i did not know i had to run setup.exe and without installing then install the patch so quick recap thank you for the short precise tutorial that actually works


  101. SJJohn says:

    This is the first game I am kinda wussing out after finding out how depressing this game is compared to Muv Luv Extra and Unlimited.

    Gotta muster up my courage…

    • biskmater says:

      yeah i know what you mean, i just recently made up my mind to play it, might postpone it for a while though

  102. Proxy says:

    I really like how the mouths actually move when they talk, does anyone know any other eroge that has this similar effect?

  103. Anon74 says:

    Awesome game but the ending was sad as hell… -_-

  104. Luiz says:

    I know this is not the place to do this, but I’m at the end of my rope…

    Does anyone know where I can download or buy (yes I will be willing) a copy of Muv-Luv Altered Fable?

  105. Risax says:

    Are the Alternative Chronicles also in this?
    I heard they were extra stories with different characters, but I don’t know if those are stand-alone VN’s or if you can unlock them like Unlimited.

    Does anyone know?
    And if they are stand-alone VN’s, are they being translated? (There are 2 episodes, or so I’ve heard.)

  106. Ish says:

    Great story. Although I really don’t like the male lead.

  107. o_o says:

    admin can you upload muv-luv altenative cg-pack?

  108. M says:

    What an absolutely fantastic conclusion to the original Muv-Luv trilogy. It didn’t hold my hand or pull any punches while it took me on one hell of an intense emotional, dramatic ride.
    It’s rated as the best visual novel made so far, and goddammit, it earned it.

    “Achieve your mission with all your might. Despair not until your last breath. Make your death count!”

    Truly, words to live by.

  109. neptune says:

    Great game, but some parts are…disturbing D:

  110. croPath says:

    good news for muv luv fans an anime adaptation is set to air next year

  111. Raizer says:

    ……Damn that scared the living shit outta me when marimo-chan died i did not expect that shit ugh

    • Masadi says:

      Even I was shocked at that, what a way to die. :/ I was expecting someone else to die, but marimo-chan dieing was really unexpected.

      Since they were fighting the BETA, you kinda expect death would start to be more around the members, I also had a feeling that one of the main females would die, most likely one of the more happy/bright ones.

      Well it is set in a war, death is unavoidable.

      So far I have enjoyed it. 🙂

  112. cannon21 says:

    how do you people download this game?? i’ve use premium for filesonic but it stops at 98.60% or exactly 500MB.. but the file worth 505.45MB.. and can’t resume it…

  113. Leanus says:

    Does this game work on Win 7?

  114. CrimsonVale says:

    Need some help pls….It doesn’t seem to support my os….win 7 64 bit, intel core i5, ati mobility radeon hd 5240!

  115. DangBrah says:

    This game was so good! The entire Muv Luv series blew my mind! It’s hard for me to imagine a visual novel get any better than this. IF there are any, please throw me some suggestions!

    • Marcus says:

      I cried manly tears of joy when I finished this game…it was that epic, the best VN I’ve ever played.

      You could try Fate/Stay Night or Tsukihime. both are pretty good.

  116. pinkhouse says:

    it shows problem running rUGP every time my OS is win7..
    does it only work on xp?

  117. dickhouse says:

    would you like to tag the censored and uncensored for all of the game?

  118. Vincent Crowly says:

    Are you using the patch that amaterasu made?

  119. Danilo Antunes says:

    Walkthorough please?

    • DangBrah says:

      This game doesn’t really need a walkthrough since it’s linear. There aren’t multiple endings or anything like that as far as I can tell. I think there’s something about a letter or something, but yea, linear.

  120. KuroCrow says:

    hey admin and everybody else

    i was just wondering if this was in anyway related to the one from vndb

    saying that Muv-Luv Alternative was just released in English

    can somebody clarify this for me?

    • admin says:

      Every game posted on this site is 100% english translated.
      We often post them much earlier than vndb lists, since we have access to leaked/beta/RC patches or even compile patches ourselves, from translated, unedited scripts.

      • johnny says:

        Amaterasu was holding the patch due to negotiations to have an official release.The patch that was avaliable was leaked by somebody from the group months ago.
        Now Amaterasu said the negotiations failed,so he decided to release the patch on his site this week,it’s a more polished and improved version(with all the images translated,they only weren’t able to translate the videos,but they subbed them on youtube,so it’s fine)than the one you’ve downloaded,so go and get from their site.

      • KuroCrow says:

        ah i see well thanks anyways for releasing it nonetheless

        as always thanks again admin

  121. $tranger says:

    tyvm for this!

  122. ZeroRequiemGX says:


  123. blackhole says:


    I ran the games own installation, then ran the english patch installer. Replaced data file, and so far everything works.

    Hope this helps other people.

  124. Liquidus says:

    10 hours to download.

  125. hilwanz says:

    try to run the game as administrator.

  126. Kanda99 says:

    Did someone do english patch for Mov Luv Alternative Total Eclipse, or Muv Luv Alternative Fable? If that patch is already exsist plz give me link to download patch and game.

    • sellos says:

      dude….im pretty shure no-one will translate this. plus the games are not even out yet. its a shame but unless u learn japanese…this was the last muv-luv game u played.

  127. Thousand Eye says:

    lol windows 7. theres your problem. go back to xp.

  128. Clear Note says:

    Does anyone has this file downloaded at “MEDIAFIRE”?? i can’t download fast enough with filesonic and fileserve and i can’t resume the download with them…

    • RandomNet says:


      mediafire limits filesize to 200MB for regular users

      • God of Conquest says:

        since ur the only person here with the latest post kinda figured that u will answer back but anyways… is this all English voiced? since I hate to admit it but English dub is kinda gay….. T_T is this english dub all around or is it just on the first part?

  129. shiroyan says:

    how do i use the first patch and the full patch??
    my install folder doesnt contain data.ami file inside..

  130. shiroyan says:

    is this really fully patched??

  131. Moeteru says:

    Same problem…

  132. rick says:

    can anyone help for some reason i cant get episode 7 and the rest translated im not sure if i copy/overwriten the data.ami file right.

  133. rick says:

    does anyone know why episode 7 isnt translated

  134. Whathell says:

    Epic VN, manly tears were shed

  135. madara says:

    hi, i just end the coup d etat and download the patch from this page to the rest of te game in english. When i download the full patch i cant read the archive it said: data.ami, and my computer cant read, please i need help couse i want to continue my plyinfg in english

  136. ilky says:

    Hey, I’ve tried this several times and can’t get it to work.

    I changed locales, installed the game, made sure the parts were all complete, extracted the files, and overwrote the data with the full patch, but every time I try to run it, all I get is a message in Japanese.

    Does anyone know how to get past that? I can’t copy or translate the message.

  137. Castor212 says:

    Does someone has the translations for the final act at muvluv alternative? The one with voice only?

  138. Zelloss says:

    For Install:

    1) System in japanese (config windows)
    2) Load the image muv-luv iso with daemon (but not install!!!!!!)
    3) Download Patch and click right, “install with right administator”. The patch say muv-luv is not installed, and he install for you.

    -For muv-luv altered, not translated, and no project in the futur for this.

    -And for muv luv chronicles, it’s 2 short games with Marimo and Isumi past

  139. Kimu says:

    is muv-luv altered fable has been translated yet?

  140. king98765 says:

    Hey Admin! I heard there is a game called “MuvLuv Alternative Chronicles 01” is that true?

  141. ZeroRequiemGX says:

    Yo! Admin!, Got this game on English?
    Oresama no RagnaRock

  142. sellos says:

    this was EPIC. best visual novel ever.

  143. ArielCross says:

    I already do as the instructions said but the game still canot run it came up with a dialog box with the language i can’t read somebody help !!!

  144. Akira says:

    can someone help me!!!
    when i install the game it says Muv-luv alternative could not be found and i need to insert a disc

  145. ErogeFan says:

    Anyone has a idea where it is possible to get the full english patch from?.. Or isn’t it ready yet?.. Amaterasu last update was on 2010 (I think.) .. Has it stopped translating it?.. And If so is there some other english patch?.. Everything is in japanese after the ”shogun saving” (Don’t think anyone will understand it unless they already got that far.) ceremony.. If only I could understand Japanese >.>

    • admin says:

      ^kinda fail, since the page you’re commenting to contains download link for full patch…

      • someone says:

        Is it really the FULL english patch? Because from what I know Amaterasu finished a 2/3rd patch but then partnered with age for a commercial release. Is the full patch the leak?

        • admin says:

          Just download and check yourself. I’m not gonna repeat the same thing over and over…

          • DiabolicalGenius says:

            Yeah, this is the beta patch that was leaked from Amatarasu. I’ve finished it now though, so I can guarantee that all japanese text that was there originally has been translated throughout. Just a voice only scene or two that hasn’t got a translation for it. Nothing that gets in the way of understanding what’s going on though.
            I highly recommend everyone downloads this great visual novel and tries it out.

            I’d also suggest making sure you’ve completed Unlimited first if you don’t want to be a bit lost to start with, and want to get the full benefit of the plot. I did it, and it was worth it.

            And no, thanks to the leak Amatarasu has gone silent and you really can’t expect any support or a final patch from them at this point. If you have bugs cropping up from the patch and can’t find a way past them yourself, then you’re probably out of luck.

            I hope this puts a stop to any more dumb questions.

            Thanks for posting this by the way Admin. It’s the best I’ve played in a while. So long as you don’t mind the heavy infodumping……

          • someone says:

            Thanks DiabolicalGenius. I just wanted to be sure before I started, since you know, once you start playing and it turns out parts aren’t translated it really sucks… well I’ll trust what you say from now on admin 🙂 This is a really rad site, it’s got every english translated VN as far as I can tell.

  146. Bulrok says:

    Hi can somebody help me. The game stops working at ch8 where Shirogane is being introduced to the new squad,

    Games stops at the line ”Let me introduce you to the squad members” please help i truly wish to finish this game

  147. DudeMan says:

    CRC FAiled In “MUVLUVALTER.ISO” File Is Broken?

  148. adisapi says:

    what the different about muv luv alternatife and MuvLuv Alternative Chronicles 01?

  149. G-X says:

    Does MLA have extra??

  150. unknown says:

    Someone please respond are they have any other route than sumika ending??

    • Milkman Dan says:

      There is only one ending in Muv Luv Alternative, the Sumika ending. All the non-Sumika endings are in Muv Luv Unlimited.

  151. Seipher says:

    Can anyone post a save game from right after they blow the door open with the heart and get into the middle hall? My game keeps freezing when it shows the side view of the white/blue mech and no matter what i do i cant get past it, i really wanna finish this game already =/

    • zeroboros says:

      I had the same problem… At the same time!
      The only thing you have to do is to save your play just before the freeze and redo the game with the save until you can go further.

      I’ve do this trick only once (it work at the first try for me) and the game didn’t freeze again.

      I hope that my advice can help you, have a good game.

      • Seipher says:

        Tried it, but it always stops at the exact same spot for me. Ive tried atleast 10-20 times for a week now, rebooting, re-installing, nothin fixes it.

  152. Anrelo says:

    Ok, unexpected problem here.
    Ive downloaded the game SEVERAL times until i finally managed to get a total unpacking that didn’t have any damaged parts only to have the installer give me an “Installer integrity check fail”. Ive re-downloaded the installer several times and still getting the same problem.

    Please don’t tell me i have to download the entire game again and then puzzle out witch one of my old ones are damaged in a way that Winrar doesn’t notice.
    Cus then im gonna need to buy a new keyboard cus im gonna cry all over this one.

    • admin says:

      Take a look at archive sizes – first nine parts should be exact same size (last one is smaller) – if you see different size in some part then that means this one failed to download properly for you.

      • Anrelo says:

        Nope, the first nine are the same. Can i get a precise number on the tenths size, please?

        • Safehold says:

          See if winrar will repair the archive itself. you’ll have to use the direct download instead if winrar’s specific version isn’t doing anything right.

  153. Anon says:

    So I have played MuvLuv Extra, but I haven’t played Unlimited since it wasn’t translated as far as I know can I still play this game?

  154. efive says:

    the Ad-supported direct download is downloading at 15kb/s… there is nothing wrong on my side and I have verified it, whats up?

  155. king98765 says:

    hey the middle part has not been translated!
    the part where yuuko and marimo briefing a mission

    • RandomNet says:

      So, is this Full patch or not??

      Confusing. And I also read some random guy get freeze at some points, does anyone face the same problem too? He seems still stuck at it

  156. zeroboros says:

    Sometimes, an “XO” appear.
    That “XO” is a not translated word.
    That word is “Commander” or “Major”.
    Have a nice game and day! ^^

    • Nate says:

      Pretty sure “XO” is just a millitary abbreviation for “executive officer”.

      • zeroboros says:

        Maybe, i’m not that good in english… I’m French!
        But i’m pretty sure that the correct translation is “Commander or Major”.
        Thank you for your help, Nate, i learn sometyhing new today.

        • Nate says:

          Hey no problem! The only reason I know the term myself is because I have a buddy in the coast guard who’s always complaining about his XO :). According to wikipedia the XO is the second in command of a base (beneath the commanding officer, or CO). I don’t remember who the second in command at Yokohama base in MLA was though – was it Yuuko? Anyway, I’m assuming that’s who they mean.

          • zeroboros says:

            It’s truly her! The “outstanding” Yuuko!
            Second in command & first rate manipulator/(mad)scientist!

            PS: Does someone know about a walkthrought MLA? I always have the same ending (Sumika)whatever i do.

          • Shiden says:

            @zeroboros ^

            MLA is a linear game. The options you pick can adjust minor plot details (e.g.: stopping the Sadogashima hive’s initial incursion during training) but there is only one ending. After all, if weren’t a Sumika end, the Susano’o would never be able to function and you’d end up with a Bad End.

        • Safehold says:

          The XO is a position, not specifically tied to a rank. The XO of an infantry company is a lieutenant. Of a regiment, a LT. Colonel or major. Of a ship, whose captain is ranked a Commander, the XO would be the LT. Commander.

          Youko’s rank is not specified because she was given a commission straight from her civilian life, she wasn’t put through the regular channels. Her position in the military hierarchy is clear, however.

          ML Alternative has a linear plot ending. Which means you don’t have a harem ending.

      • zeroboros says:

        Ooops, i made a mistake… i already knew that the story line won’t change whatever we do, but i was talking about the sex scenes. Only with Sumika and no one else… Help!

        • Nate says:

          Nope, there’s no other sex scenes either. The closest thing to a “route” in MLA is: depending on which girl you chose to spend time with (in the few times you’re allowed to choose), you will get a letter from her at the end of the game. Note that Meiya has no letter, just extra dialogue in that final scene of the game with her. Other than that little bit there’s absolutely no variation in the story. Good thing that what’s there is totally amazing, eh?

          • zeroboros says:

            You sure are daaaamn right!
            The muvluv serie is the kind of game you must have!!
            Sadly, it won’t came in my country… With enough luck, it will rain popcorn and some chocobar. ^^

  157. chrono says:

    hey question, is there no translation for the ending? I kinda want to understand what they are all saying in the end.

  158. takeru-chan says:

    question here.. there’s something wrong with the font of the subtitle of tsukiyomi and akane suzumiya.. small and no spacing… anyone knows how to fix this?

  159. Kimu says:

    admin, are you working on muv luv alternative chronicles 01? i want to play it too, but it looks like the translated version is out yet

  160. Fanboy says:

    Was playing the game but for some reason the Translation stops after the first arc, can some1 tell me if thats just the game or is that my game gone weird? if its the game then this cannot be called fully translatedgame

    • admin says:

      You installed only first patch ( which translates first arc). You need to replace data.ami with the one provided here for complete translation.

  161. Tow3r says:

    I did as it was said to do when installing but it doesn’t matter if i change or not the ami file , i still get a error when trying to run the game.

  162. Seipher says:

    Anyone know how to bypass this spot in the game?

    It just stops working at that screen.

    Ive re-installed, tried compatability settings and everything. Nothing i do lets me go beyond that. If possible could someone upload a save thats right after that screen please?

  163. sasori231 says:

    At the part where the sensei head been eaten by monster was so gross.

    • Nate says:

      Not to mention the fact that the game loves to flashback to that point over and over and *over* again. This story seems to be an exercise in breaking the reader’s sanity (along with Takeru’s).

  164. Ste says:

    Hey, just finished, but there are no extra menus unlocked (CGs, scenes…).

    How disappointing…, btw… regarding the story: are there any different paths/endings (is Takeru involved with different girls?)? – anybody knows?

    • sasori231 says:

      nope,where i get the information the ending is only one.The only change is which latter will u read after the boss monster defeat.

  165. eroge-kun says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaadmin!!!! i know im a total oob but why when i try to mount the muvluvalter.mds daemon says “UNABLE TO MOUNT IMAGE , UNABLE TO ACCESS IMAGE FILE” I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME !

  166. Locke says:

    Um, what about Altered Fable? Is anyone currently working on translating it?

  167. Astraea says:

    +1 for admin!

  168. Ice_Aged says:

    I got error about episode 10 (when the hero’s team go to battle in space).

    The game’s shutting off itself. And I can’t go any further.

  169. Fanboy says:

    Admin mate, i bloody love you and the team which translated this game. i been waiting for a couple years for the greatest game in history to come out and you sir, have just made my month already

  170. Safehold says:

    Alternative is really a test of how much your heart can withstand. Visual novels often seek to put you in the protagonist’s shoes and this one certainly does a great job of it given the amount of time they had to “educate” you, the reader.

    Of course the ending is sad. But it’s also a testament to not giving into despair. I’ve already integrated most of the lessons Alternative had, but until you really accept in your heart what the various characters are saying, your emotions will not be moderated or balanced out.

    For example, one of the most effective ways to fight despair at the loss of a loved one is to overcome it with positive emotions and memories. Pride in what they had achieved. The happy memories you shared with them. Such will provide the will to live on.

    That’s the whole point of why fighter pilots and small unit infantry tell jokes when faced with death. Many people assume that they don’t take it seriously because they don’t care, but the opposite is true.

    Leaders must radiate supreme confidence and optimism, regardless of what they believe or feel inside. That is part of the duty and responsibility of being given authority, for authority has its perks because it has its costs as well. Human emotion is infectious. If you start feeling sad, soon enough everyone around you will as well. And when it comes to fighting in battles and wars, that kind of thing will kill people. When they lack the will to live, when they stop caring, they will also stop caring about the mission. They won’t pay enough attention in combat to survive. They will get themselves killed. That’s why leaders project an optimistic and positive aura. To defeat despair before one can defeat the enemy.

    Extra is the sweetness. Unlimited is an introduction to the world, a preparation test, and provides bitter regret. Alternative builds upon the last two in order to fulfill heroic glory.

    The “game”, you could say, is to test whether you can control your emotions, how much of Alternative’s various quotes and lessons you have integrated within your identity, and whether your heart will balance towards despair or pride.

  171. Jess says:

    Thank you kindly for this, admin!

    By the way, I’ve only just finished the first arc and and around half-way into the second but this game is so much more depressing than its prequel(s).

    • Kimu says:

      agreed, it’s so depressing and the fact that we can’t do anything to change the outcome make it more so

  172. Stax says:

    Hello admin, I’d like to know if you are interested in adding bunch of (older) games to this site – I have quite a bit of them, mostly full versions. I also have some suggestions on categorizing the stuff you have here a bit. If you are interested, please contact me.

    • admin says:

      I have every game that was released in english – i plan to add them someday, but it’s definetely low prority for now – firstly, it i takes some time, and i prefer to make sure current and big games are working properly. Second – it clutters download page a bit – this site is catered to new users interested in VN genre, and getting old games to work is sometimes quite tricky. Also – nowadays we have access to much better games than 10 years ago, so it’s best when people can find good games, which will make them interested in this genre, like G-senjou, Utawarerumono, or Yume Miru Kusuri, than to bombard them in 10s of old JAST sex-romps.

  173. Shtow says:

    Sorry for the double post but i forgot to mention something : It seems that the patch doesn’t make any difference when the game is installed or not. I mean the way it acts doesn’t change : it acts as if the game is installed when it’s not.

  174. Shtow says:

    Hi, Thanks Admin for this game ( and for this site also ).
    Sorry to bother you all but i have an issue concerning the installation of the game : when i launch the patch, i cannot select the file where i want the patch to be installed. The browse cursor is gray and i can’t click on it to select another file. I tried to install the game in Jap local and start the launcher but since the name of the game file is different, it still doesn’t work. Can you help me please?

  175. Aman says:

    Does the voiced part at the end of the game have subtitles

  176. nano says:

    admin 1 request please

    i want kotori love exp ^^ ty

    • admin says:

      There is no need for request – I’m keeping track of various releases, and when they’re available I’ll post them. So far no one leaked Kotori EXP, but as soon as someone does I’ll post it here ( usual rule apply here – if no one leaks in in one week I’m buying it myself to post).

  177. Marco says:

    i love you guys so much!!!!!

  178. jaredhimself31 says:

    All hail Admin! All hail Sumika!

  179. dawnx says:

    is it normal that the translation stops after the first arc?

  180. soth says:

    Thumbs up for those skipping school/work for this

  181. T-Boy says:

    Admin Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  182. DarkStar says:

    is this befor or after the first 1?.. and thx for the game admin

  183. quik says:

    Thanks for the game! The files are all interchangeable correct? I can’t seem to get the direct download to work no matter how hard I try or how many times I download the file they want you to download (though I haven’t/won’t run the file), so I’m not sure what I am doing wrong :/ But thanks for the 2 sources, now just need to be patient 🙂

  184. wolfactual says:

    Thank you very much admin you’ve just made my day

  185. Unknown says:

    Thanks, admin.

  186. T-Boy says:

    Hey admin I know you’ve probably been asked this a lotta times but is there a forum/gonna be one?

    • admin says:

      Yes, it’s going to be one. I even started working on it, but right now there are more important things to do – fixing some broken uploads (some fileserve links sometimes fail to load), adding filesonic and direct download mirrors to all posts, system to automaticaly post fresh links if old get taken down ( mangagamer recently keeps reporting koihime musou and guiltythesin links and updating them every 2-3 days is just annoying ). Once i’m done with this i’ll be back to work on forum.

  187. Bob says:

    Admin, you are a god

  188. Anon 100 says:

    Does this game contain plenty of hentai?

    Also about how long does it take some of you to download the complete game?

    Lastly. Admin do you have another way of helping you. I hate the surveys. Why not get Google Ad Sense. I woulnd’t mind clikcing on a site and its faster.

    • admin says:

      Google AdSense TOS prohibits using it on sites containing links to unauthorized copyrighted downloads – right now this site operates completely legal and i want it to stay that way.

    • Seeker says:

      This story has one route and hentai is about 5 percent of story, but unlike in other visual novels it has deep meaning (good quality too :D) and explains most part of why main character is in this twisted world where exists BETA.

  189. tobski says:

    voice in english?
    how to make it in japanese?

  190. Drake says:

    thanks for uploading full patch. btw is it from leaked patch? i heard the last arc isn’t fully translated…
    and you’re my savior!

    • Nate says:

      The main story is translated all the way through. Only things that’re are untranslated are the chapter titles and a couple of short voice-only speeches. It’s still totally playable.

  191. Savaris says:

    Thanks for uploading this, admin! And to think that I was about to delete it because I thought that the translation project was abandoned! Got me me breaking out in cold sweat when I checked your site just now!

    Thanks man, you rock!

  192. Blutsauger says:

    just wanna ask…
    is this patch full version??
    i mean. from the start to the end…
    i see in vndb just first chapter…

  193. Milk says:

    This’ll take awhile, is it worth it to play the original muv-luv beforehand?

    • xamlsora says:

      Yes, it is. If you jump right into this one, you will be a little bit lost at the beginning. The first two are great to spare a few hours too.

  194. Shiki says:

    Thanks and I’m hoping I’ll be able to install this one, even if I couldn’t play the other one. And yey, actual instructions! 😀

  195. anonymous says:

    will it be enjoyable without playing the others?

  196. lelouch29 says:

    been waiting a while for this
    thnx alot

  197. tomtom says:

    wow xD this is site is doing so good i tought this game was abanndoned , also sharin no kuni fandisc . all hail this site _(._.)_

  198. yay says:

    >.> hmmmmm thank you but i’ll pass *bows politly and runs away*

  199. Frenke says:

    Thanks again for uploading admin.
    On another note, it seems that for me filesonic is way faster than fileserve. I noticed that you changed pretty much all the hotfiles into fileserve, so just wanted to say it.
    Again thanks for uploading!

  200. Seeker says:

    This story explains what was happening in previous series and why main character can cross different dimensions.
    I was satisfied to read it.

  201. /vnfreak\ says:

    gg ^_^

    good job here <3

  202. xamlsora says:

    Hey admin, is this the you-know-what patch that Amaterasu took away few weeks ago? I heard that it was really buggy and stuff, not really full operative. Anyways, great job as usual.

    I hope that this game can get the localization like Amaterasu want, and I am sure as hell will buy it just for the sake of its existence.

  203. KuyaJoeru says:

    Admin saves the day once more.

  204. soth says:

    Sir, you just increased this page’s value by a 100%
    By the way thanks, the leaked lacked the voiced parts.

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