Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo

Sharin no Kuni, Yuukyuu no Shounenshoujo

The fandisc consists of the following: Houzuki’s chapter, the epilogues for the original game’s heroines, and a hidden omake.

For starters, Houzuki’s chapter will probably tie everything that was left unanswered in Himawari no Shoujo. Therefore, it is really a step that any reader shouldn’t skip, considering how it is canonically ending everything so far.
Houzuki’s chapter sets the timeframe many years before the events of Himawari, at the very same location. Akutsu Masaomi and Higuchi Saburou, the 2 protagonists of the story managed to survive from the hellish SHCP trial and enter in the final part of their examination.
They soon meet the current SHCP in charge of the town, Ari Ruruliant Houzuki. Cunning and often plotting behind their back, Ari will monitor them as the two will be in charge of Saika Miina, the only student with an obligation at that given time.
Masaomi progressively realize that Miina’s situation is completely irrational, but many obstacles will arise before him.

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  1. I removed the yukyu_patch.xp3 from the installation folder and i can see all the routes, i just started Sachi’s and the first phrases are in english, although when selecting a heroine their names are written in japanese, and system/options are also in japanese.

  2. How do I unlock the heroine epilogues? I got the patches (patch.xp3, yukyu_patch.xp3) in the same folder, and the Hozuki route runs fine. However, I cannot see the heroines’ epilogues even after playing through the Hozuki route.

  3. Download links keep saying that the connection has timed out etc.. Makes me sad because I just finished Himawari no Shoujo and still have a lot of unanswered questions.. I’d like to see Hozuki’s chapter etc. It looks very interesting. I hope this can be fixed as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

  4. Never mind, I got it working. I was putting in the wrong patch. I put in the v1 patch in twice. …..I’m embarrassed…..

  5. How do I unlock the extended epilouges from the first game? I tried Installing the patch from here, that didn’t work. I tried installing the patch from TLwiki, that didnt work. Do I have to comlete the game first or are there other things I have to do?

  6. Finished Akutsu’s route, but upon completing it no other routes opened up in the scenario select screen. I got all my files from this page and followed the instructions in the post above this one by altux. I’m playing in Japaneses locale.

    1. Just experienced the same issue there but if you download the patch link given from a previous comment on October 24th 2012, the patch unlocks all the side-stories. You just move and replace the downloaded patch with the current patch that is in the game file folder. Enjoy.

      1. Thank you bud. I feel like I scrolled up and down these comments 20 times. Can’t believe I missed that.

  7. 1.unpack the archieve (use winrar)
    2.Use daemon tools or Alcohol 120% or other software to open the iso file and mount it into the virtual drive setup exe and next2 (click anything, if you got out, then you’re wrong. try again)
    4. unpack the patch archieve and Copas only the patch.xp3 into your game folder (default is C:\Program Files\あかべぇそふとつぅ\車輪の国、悠久の少年少女)

    then play

  8. I quite don’t understand this edition.

    Does it contain the original game Himawari no Shoujo and the above mentioned stuff? So do I need both games or does this Edition suffice?

    1. No, this is kind of “expansion pack”. Separate game, telling (mostly) the story of events that happened before original game.

  9. “A little feedback.”

    Sorry admin but the path here is outdated, there is a path version 2.0 of 2.5MB already that fixes the problem of the other routes not available from the start of the game.

  10. Hallo Admin.!

    Can you please give me the walkthrough – because at the tail Eri I can not lead to the end, just that I lack. So since I can perhaps help? Then I’ll wait for your answer – until then, thanks a lot!


  11. I can’t run the game,i mean wen i run it,there a Blue Board Come out it say some thing like:This program cannot be run in DOS mode.and i use window 7,Plz help !!!!!

  12. Admin can u re upload the file because i cant download it, the site says ivalid or deleted file onegai 😀 tnx admin

  13. Hi admin thanks for your hard work

    Like Godoffire and aaaaaa says the part one is corrupted. always reuses to start the download.

  14. Part one seems to be corrupted admin
    no matter what it stoppes the download early or it even refuses to start
    can u check it?

  15. The english patch doesn’t seem to work. I downloaded the english patch here and pasted it into the game folder, but the game is still in Japanese.

    1. I’m having the same problem patch wise. The first game worked perfectly fine and the patch worked. I installed this game the same way, following all the instructions and putting the patch in the directory folder after installing the game but the game is still in Japanese for me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  16. Is it possible to reuplod it?
    I’ve finished himawari no shoujo just a bit ago and i’m curious to see how is this.

  17. it feels so damn awkward to play as houzoki himself,that i might skip his route 🙁
    can someone tell me if it is worth it to play his route?
    i just cant stand thinking of him because of what he did in himawari no shoujo

  18. Man… The only flaw in this game? The ending’s all open ended including Himawari no Shoujo 🙁 .
    So curious about Miina. Most probably died though… But Ima lie to myself, She met Ken in the end XD

  19. The original Sharin No Kuni is pretty good(8/10) , love the development and of course Onee-chan xD . now i am gonna continue to play the fandisc of himawari no shoujo

    1. Did you even bother downloading this patch and game from here?
      I don’t care if other places have only Hozuki’s route translated – I personaly complied patch that translates whole game, using most recent TLwiki scripts and made sure everything works – played all routes from start to finish.

      1. hey admin, im really grateful for you, but unfortunately, it does seem like the eng patch you made isnt working, my specs are in jap locale, and thanks to the FAQ you made in was able to play lots of other games through daemon and everything, but for some reason this time the patch didn’t work, sorry

        1. you know i take that back, ppl even if it looks like its not translated once you play a story it will be in ENG! sorry to have doubted you admin!

    1. It’s fandisc to original game. It contains bot sequel – continuation of girls’ routes and prequel – Hozuki’s route taking place years before events of first game.

  20. Hello!! Very good game here!!! Can I ask a question?? Why wen i finish atsuki route it does not appair any other route?? I have my pc impostated on applocale jananese but i do not know what to do i have even himawari no shojo installated with the eng patch…. Please answer me ok??

    1. okok so for evryone that have my problem download the eng patch from tlwiki and rename yuku patch in patch2 and tadaaaaa

  21. Is there a way for me to edit the patch so I could make some changes with the translation? I’m pretty confident with my English so I’m planning on making a few changes here and there…

  22. I downloaded all the part 6. What do I do now? I ahve google chrome and windows vista if thats neccessary to know. o.o

    1. You need to change locale to Japanese. Extract the archives. Mount game image. Install the game. Put patch file in installed game directory.
      Instructions about changing locale and mounting game images can be found in “F.A.Q.” section of website.

  23. I just finished Houzuki’s chapter and the three other routes but I haven’t express my gratitude yet
    thank you very much

  24. I don’t know what i’m doing wrong, the game downloaded fine starts perfect but the patch wont work i put it in the install directory where the game is installed but it still comes ouyt in japanese ? help please

  25. Wow, to think that someone would translate the other 3 routes, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  26. hello, sorry to ask this question again, but i already try to use both this patch and the one from tlwiki, but i can,t start the other chapter except houzuki chapter, can someone tell me what should i do?

    1. You’re not supposed to use tlwiki’s patch – just install game, then put the one posted here, to have all routes translated.

      1. um yea that doesnt work only one that shows up with both patches is houziki and if you remove the second patch it shows japanese and an error pops up, tried the suggestion from an earlier post and tried putting it as patch2.xp3 but that didnt do anything either!

    1. You have to play through everything in the game, then go to the “Start” menu. You’ll see a gear in the upper lefthand corner that says “omake”. Click on that and you will get Eri’s sex scene and final two CGs.

  27. Admin, may I ask if this chapter only revolves on many years before Himawari Shoujo? I mean, I saw some CG’s on getchu and got to see some Natsumi, Touka, and Sachi event? Does this also tell the stories after Himawari Shoujo?

    *Sorry for some spoilers to what I say if it has some.*

    1. Forgot another Question: *Sorry for this selfish questions of mine >.<*

      Does this have Branching Choices for me to access every story of the Girls like Himawari Shoujo?

      1. No, the only choice in game is on main menu – you choose which story you want to read, then it’s linear.

    2. This has two parts – hozuki’s route takes place before events of himawari shoujo, while girl’s routes are continuation of it.

      1. But the girls routes can’t be started even after completing the main route. is there anything i should do to be able to start the girls routes?

        1. That’s strange…
          For me (and it seems everyone else, since you’re the first reporting this problem) all girl routes are available.

          1. Yes. I also had problems. I finished the main stories but I am still not able to read the girl’s roots. They just simply don’t show up when I press start.

      1. @admin

        admin, i tried doing what you said on an earlier post about the steps in the installation. I followed them correctly but after i tried opening the .exe file, it won’t start, instead an error shows up about:
        ???????????(syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting “)”)

        do you know how to fix this problem?

        1. You need to have japanese locale (check “F.A.Q” sections for instructions) both during game installation and when you play it.

          1. I already did those things but i still get an error. I can give you a screenshot of the error if you want. I just want to know/read Hozuki’s arc

  28. Have you ever played Hanachirasu? TLwiki says it is translated except for the minigame. Curious if you had any plans for it

  29. oh man!! Touka’s route is super funny, that’s for me though. and i’m still playing, don’t know about other routes

      1. @ bob: agreed

        @watever: Touka’s & Natsumi’s route are (personally :p) the best ones (just because they are so moe).Sacchhi’s and Riroko’s routes weren’t that bad either, just didn’t care that much for them.

  30. I became much more curious to learn there is sequel
    of Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo

    called “Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo”

    would be miracle to have English version of that too

  31. @admin
    is it possible to upload to other sites like mediafire or megaupload? cause I’ve never been able to dl things from fileserve

    1. Only thing translated is the text itself, all the rest (config screen & layout) is still in japanese.

  32. Just to clarify, you (the site admin and team) are more of a release group than a translation group, correct? Either way, your work is appreciated.

    1. We just gather all downloads in one place, making visual novels more accessible to beginners. From time to time we make some stuff, like this patch – game is fully translated, but it needs to go thru editing hell now, so you’d have to wait a few months to get official patch, but this is minority.

    1. 1)Download
      2)Change applocale to japanese (see F.A.Q)
      3)Mount iso with Deamon tools or another dvd-mounting software
      4)Install the game (yes installer is in japanese), but it shouldn’t be so hard to figure out, it’s a regular installer after all, just keep pressing the continue button until installation has finished.
      5)Locate installation folder (default location -> c/program files/” folder i can’t read, it’s in japanese 🙂 “/…)
      6)In here copy paste patch.xp3
      7)Now run the exe file and enjoy playing it.

      1. Installation folder should be called

        アカベイソfトツ Or something like that

        Potentially あかべいそfとつ

        Then the Inside folder will be 

        車輪の国 with something else on the side

        good luck~

  33. Woooo~
    Thx for this admin, i thought it wouldn’t get translated so I was looking forward to when it’ll be 😀

  34. everytime I try to install it it would say ‘syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting “)”)’

    anyone can help me?

  35. Finished all routes, damn Natsumi & Touka are so Moe, to damn cute 🙂

    Sachhi’s route was my least favorite, when they put in the whole mana-s..-scenes i was like… damn… so wrong :p

  36. Oh ye,nevermind,if You’re an idiot just remember that 2 english patches don’t translate the game :DDDDD.

    1. you are doing something wrong.
      like Proface said two posts above yours, if you had the original patch installed you need to delete it’s files.
      that is, unless you renamed something, yukyu_patch.xp3

  37. hi admin listen got a a cool game for u guys to translate if ur interested really great game called devils devil concept understand if ur busy with others but think this would be a game fans of ur site would enjoy on a side note outstanding work on ur site think u and ur team is really a pioneer for fans of jap games well any way thanks for ur time and let me know if u want me to send u the copy of this game once again grat job and keep,em comeing

  38. How do I play the other scenarios? I can only play houzuki’s chapter. I’ve already completed it from the other patch. There’s no option for the other arcs. :/

    1. nevermind. I figured it out. I was using the original patch that didn’t translate the other scenarios and there was a yukyu_patch.xp3 file that i needed to get rid of. yay! Thanks for the translation btw 🙂

  39. Great translated games from this site thus far, fantastic work from admin.
    Is it okay to request for VN translations/uploads? Would be nice to see dead/inactive games like Gore Screaming Show, for one, translated…

    1. Lol hell no wtf, hotfile sucks, don’t want to go back to that crap. Keep posting fileserve links admin.

      1. LOL that your problem, not mine…if don’t want got problem download with hotfile, just buy the premium acc,
        maybe another mirror except fileserve or depositfiles.
        maybe mediafire good to you know, easy upload & always get great speed for all who wanted to download…..
        reconsider using another mirror,

    2. i vote for megaupload or filesonic, u have to wait too much between downloads at hotfile, and fileserve is just pure shit. downloading just simply stops after half minute in some countries (for me at least…)

      1. Megaupload is fine but filesonic sucks. I don’t know where the hell you live but fileserve is great. NO waiting periods at all and fast downloads. I think you are the exception here.

        Everything will be uploaded to fileserve, deal with it.

      2. yes, fileserve does have problems quite often, still it’s better then hotfile.
        have anyone tried using zomgupload? it is used often for anime but for some reasons no one uploads games there.

    1. This is kinda tricky question. Main part of the story ( Hozuki’s arc ) takes place years before events from original Sharin no Kuni. On the other hand girls arcs are continuation of ogrinal story.
      As a result this fandisc is both prequel and sequel 🙂

  40. ok nevermind looks like trying downloading this patch from opera was my bad i tried with mozila and it was good

  41. maybe i ask something stupid but how can i download english patch because when i try to download something strange is showing up can someone help me?

    once again i’m sorry if this question was stupid

  42. THANK YOU SO MUCH, I’ve been waiting for this after i completed the original sharin no kuni…

    Damn keep up the good work. THIS RULES.

  43. could you find “kotori love exp” of Mangagamer? i really coundn’d find it on google. thank you for uploading.

    1. Any eroge from Japan (that isn’t officially released somewhere else with more lax censorship laws) will be censored. It’s the law there… all genitalia in media must be censored.

  44. …Not only Houzukis chapter, but the girls as well?
    Yay, thanks guy. I only played Houzukis until now.

    @Keita: School Days isn’t completely translated yet, and the last time I looked for YnS I only found a partial patch >.>

  45. What eroge will u upload next ? well I want to request either Yosuga no Sora and School days 😀 , I realy want to play both hehe ..

    1. sadly the team that was working on making a eng patch for yosuga no sora had to quit from a email from sphere/cuff ( a company/sister company of yosuga no sora)

      school days is being worked on too…they are currently on chapter 4/6 for all chars and chapter 5 should be out soon

      1. Unfortunately, Sekai Project stopped their translation of School Days. Instead, they’re working alongside overflow to release and English Localization of the game in the future. So, in other words, no more english patch.

      2. Ohh ! .. thanks for the info, still i wonder why sphere company stop the making of eng patch fot YnS 🙁

  46. is it the translation from TLwiki?
    if so note that it isn’t complete.
    Houzuki’s chapter is translated but the other parts isn’t.

    1. No, this is complete patch.
      I pulled all scripts from tlwiki and compiled patch myself – it translates both Hozuki’s chapter and girls’ ones.

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