A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk

A Clockwork Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk

In a mysterious school where day and night are two separate worlds, a mismatched trio works to resolve magic-related incidents.

Michiru is a newly enrolled first-year student at a boarding school with a notably large clock tower, located deep in the mountains. Unfortunately, on his first day of school, he gets caught up in some sudden trouble, and accidentally breaks an expensive-looking statue.

In order to compensate for the broken statue, the principal orders him and the boy who caused the incident to work for the school’s “Bureau for the Investigation of Special Affairs.”

When they arrive at the Bureau’s headquarters, a room situated in the school’s enormous underground library, a girl is waiting for them there with an apathetic look on her face.

The girl informs the confused pair of the situation: Magic exists in this school.

When the clock tower chimes, the “Realm of Night” appears, and merges with the school building. The Bureau’s job is to take care of the supernatural problems that arise. And so, Michiru struggles to protect the school from troublesome magical items known as “Mists”…

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  1. harsh says:

    I think I have found the fix for eternal black screen. If you are facing the problem read this comment

    I think the issue is the game wants to open in fullscreen but cant somehow, the system file is written in “dat” format and I couldnt read it in my IDE it was basically incomprehensible so i cannot fix it directly

    here is what helped though follow these steps:

    – open the task manager , and make sure no processes of the game is running in the background. Dont worry you will find it easily it will be consuming a lot of cpu so its generally around 5th position in the background processes.

    -Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\UNiSONSHiFT\A Clockwork Ley-Line – The Borderline of Dusk\save

    -delete system file (if this whole trick doesnt work try deleting config as well next time)

    -open the game , go to the settings of game (System)

    -turn window mode to “windowed”

    -End the game

    -reopen the game, now convert it to full screen using fullscreen button given by windows on top right corner

    This should fix the problem

  2. Harsh says:


    The game have a bug, its not the fault of the crack version i think it was for both legit and the crack version

    Never close the game directly using the “x” window button in the top right it will corrupt your game settings and game will never open again. Each time you will start the game it will be just a black screen

    In case you are here cuz you accidentally did it
    the solution is simple, go to –

    C:\Users\\Documents\UNiSONSHiFT\A Clockwork Ley-Line – The Borderline of Dusk\save

    and delete the “system” file,the game will start again.

  3. Banana333 says:

    I once downloaded this game (I don’t remember from where) arrived down the route of the pink haired one (at the scene of kissing If i remember well) and then the game finished. No H-scenese at all. Does this version have H scenes included?

  4. nihil says:

    Holy shit heads don’t have so many right angles

  5. uchetil says:

    I was having problems with freezing and crashes, there are some untranslated words sprinkled about and those were the culprit for me… Using Fixx’s solution cured that:
    “Fixx says:
    December 20, 2017 at 7:29 am

    drag LeyLine.exe onto LEProc.exe and if you run it that way it fixes the text issue.” That was all it took to fix the problems for me. (win7 ultimate-64 bit) Thanks Fixx! See his comment for more if that didn’t work for you, on my system the game is not in the folder he indicates so find those on your machine in the installed game folder.

    As to the true route not having h scenes: that is incorrect, all the routes DO have h scenes and, after you (successfully)complete each one a bonus story for each route. Look in extras, scenes. Do be aware that as with many of these games the story continues AFTER the credits roll so wait for it, right clicking (in this game-not all) will speed it up. Until you get dumped back to the title screen, you should be waiting to see if there is more following the credits! (there often is, in some games this can occur several times. It will seem the game is over when it isn’t yet, If you close the game thinking it’s over you miss the actual ending(s). If you can’t get the h scenes, see admin’s post where he gives a partial walk-through, those are the key choices in getting not just that route, but the ahem, adult endings.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So i downloaded all of the parts and they all have a voice thing in it, i am unable to extract them into the folder because i need a disk of some sort to do it or something

  7. Daff says:

    Can anyone help? The game suddenly turned into a black screen when I reopened the game. I tried deleting the saved files and all that, but nothing worked.

    • Harsh says:

      Idk if you will read this but in case you couldnt play the game and want to replay it

      Doesnt matter how many times you will redownload it the game will not be fixed until you go here,

      C:\Users\\Documents\UNiSONSHiFT\A Clockwork Ley-Line – The Borderline of Dusk\save

      and delete the “system” file.

      Try it, if it doesnt work try deleting the whole “UniSONSHiFT” folder and restart the game

  8. ColdIceCubes says:

    I can’t save/load. send help! admin, help

  9. vicigarza says:

    It’s the absolute worthless thing to comment on, but I’m curious for those that may have an idea: Why are all the file modified dates the same?

    • Random Wanna-Be-Geek says:

      Probably the time you installed it? Putting those files where you need em sort of counts as “modifying” them.

  10. kidlat020 says:

    i tried but i can’t find out how to get h-scenes.

    • Anon says:

      Lifted from the gameplay tips website;if you don’t meet the requirement to go on the route the actual choice that determines if you go on the route or not won’t show up

      Out of context aside, feel free not to read this comment for spoilers.

      Nice to meet you
      It’s dangerous!
      Treat her wound
      Fairy was the culprit
      Ask Ushio what got into her
      Are you proposing to me?
      We couldn’t leave you by yourself

      SIDE ROUTE 1
      Greet her
      We should check if breaking it is really okay
      Who’s the first-year student?
      Kick through the wall of strange creatures
      Do you have a fever?
      Could we stay like this

      SIDE ROUTE 2
      Good luck with your work
      That can’t be the case
      Not at all
      I’ll do it
      Should I call her Tsubaki-chan then?
      Marry me
      That sounds reassuring
      I just have to be a decoy

      • StivKobra says:

        He said h-scenes, the +18 ones… Not how to get on a route. I’ve completed all of the routes but I didn’t get h-scenes for any of them.

  11. Thanatos_64 says:

    When is the release of this game’s sequels?

    • Anon says:

      2018 Q2 and 2018 Q4 are the ‘planned’ release dates
      I don’t place much faith in predictions, these take longer than planned usually, and it’s not actually that short, text wise but I guess if you want a ballpark, there you go.

  12. static says:

    so the game runs normally but after a while it shows black screen and the game won’t run anymore. How do I fix this?

  13. ZeroRed says:

    Hey Just wanted to thank you for directly uploading the non butchered version of this game. I searched the internet for this version to no avail because somehow most sources don’t bother uploading complete games anymore. Sometimes i can’t buy a VN due to payment restrictions on the providers side (only credit cards for example). So just thank you for your work 🙂

  14. Carnage says:

    Can you play the true end first?
    Is it better let it last? (in case affirmative)
    Which order of routes is better?

  15. Hayi says:

    Thank you so much admin!

  16. anon says:

    Thank you very much Admin! and also can u upload Dies Irea the 18+ version, tht was out a few days before

  17. person says:

    idk if this is the right place to ask but can someone possibly upload the new translation of hoshizora no memoria?

  18. light2001 says:

    sorry, admin will you add A sky fyll of stars ? i just looking forward to this game

  19. Freestyle says:

    wait this game is so small lol

  20. wyldstrykr says:

    it appears that i have a black screen when a movie file was used?????

    good thing i can view it on the movie folder but still..

  21. goddamn says:

    anyone got a link to a walkthrough?

  22. Fixx says:

    drag LeyLine.exe onto LEProc.exe and if you run it that way it fixes the text issue. Also, I had the black screen problem as well so I exited Game Application (32 bit) in task manager and deleted system.dat in the save folder in My Documents/Unionshift and it runs everytime if you delete system.dat first. hopefully they come up with some fix for this.

  23. Rexz says:

    Another mosaic game..

  24. tiff says:

    Is this mystery solving anything like Kara no Shoujo’s?

  25. TrueIntovert says:

    im getting weird sumbols in the text while running it, anyone know how to fix?

    • TrueIntovert says:

      i actually have a worse problem now, it only shows a black screen when i run it

    • anonymous says:

      there are a post in steam of sekai how say to start the game with the launcher.exe
      i can’t confirm because for me when i try to play the game i have a black window with just minimize/maximize/close the windows

      • anonymous says:

        problem solved in w10 if you have the black screen first close the game application(32bits) with ctrl+alt+sup

        set your pc to japanesse (to fix the text g and yen symbol problem)

        right click on leyline.exe then property, left click on the compatibility option

        activate the option replace the high PPP scaling behavior
        scaling performed by “application”

        confirm and normally you can play

  26. Fortiss146 says:

    I love you admin <3 this'll gonna worth for about 2 days of enjoyment :3

  27. Risitas says:

    Thanks a lot

  28. Black Beard says:

    Lately it’s always nukige. This is definitely a fresh wind. While i like comedic more but this mystery might be insteresting.

  29. LIGHTDX says:

    Great! Thanks a lot Admin. this is the +18 one. I was very interested in the game but i thought we were going to get the censored one 🙂

  30. Mmmmmmhh says:

    What does Only Avoidable Sexual Content means?

    • Random says:

      There are sex scenes in each character route, but there is a normal route if you don’t get any of the character routes, where the game just ends, so no sex scenes.

    • Wyrtt says:

      True route has n h scenes at all.
      All side routes and sex scenes are pity prize for failing the game.
      Whole 3 vn have ONE true route and everything else is just fanservice,

      • Great_Beyond says:

        nice prizes for failing then, but lets see if this true route is good

      • Random says:

        Technically, it isn’t really a true end because the sequel can be considered as continuing either from normal or Ushio Routes. And I think that in the third game, the main route is considered Ushio’s.

        • Random says:

          Especially because Ushio’s route is just a bit added to the end of the normal route. The main story is exactly the same as the normal route.

      • Guy says:

        The Ushio/true route of the 1st game does have 1 H scene. Plus another that’s accessible from the menu.

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