Jeanne at the Clock Tower

Jeanne at the Clock Tower

The story opens in the final days of World War II, on the shoreline of northwestern France. A young soldier of the Free French Forces, Roland, and his sworn friend Olivier participate in the invasion of Normandy to free their motherland. But as they descend to raid the enemy position at the break of dawn, their aircraft is exposed to enemy fire, forcing them to land.

Isolated from their unit, the two wander through a forest blanketed by night, where they unexpectedly encounter a group of cavaliers. These ghastly, medieval knights are led by a Edwalda, a female knight in a flowing black dress. Roland swiftly dives to cover Olivier and is fatally injured, losing consciousness──

Upon returning to his senses, he finds himself near a calm forest spring, a single lovely girl having nursed him back to health. Roland’s life threatening injury was healed, as if it was never there to begin with, causing him to wonder if the knights’ attack was merely a dream… but he is mistaken.

Roland has awakened in another world entirely, shrouded by endless fog – a grotesque realm caught in the midst of eternal conflict and endless bloodshed. And the girl who saved him was the maiden trapped at the center of this history of war- the “captive of time”, the fated girl – Jeanne.

The moment this young man and the maiden meet, the clock tower breaks its long lasting silence, and once again begins to mark the passage of time. Its tolling lures Roland the young soldier and Jeanne the Maiden to set out on their journey of penance, in a strange and distorted world──

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  1. Takgu says:

    Hello, there guys! Can someone help me asap? So here’s my problem:

    There’s nothing wrong it seems during downloading the files, and so is as soon as I extracted it. But when I started to run the game, it immediately crashes and has stopped working from the start before the game even started? Please, can someone help and explain on how can I deal with this? My PC runs normally, I even exceeded the minimum requirements in order to play the game but still… Why still crashing?

  2. BryanKai says:

    Is there any walkthrough for this VN? I got the Bad End on my first try lol…

  3. lolilol says:

    Great, look like the vn is different from the standard cliche.

  4. Bug says:

    Not working for me, on Win7. It crashes immediately. Can someone confirm it’s working for them?

    • Takgu says:

      Same for me, though my PC runs on Windows 8.1. Is the game actually playable to others? Why they didn’t encountered such feats? That’s unfair!

  5. CatGirlFutaLoli says:

    Howdy folks, i used to get games from this site all the time, but about a week or 2 ago, any time i run a download off of this site’s links, the download will fail right as it is supposed to finish. ive tried it numerous times with different games but the same thing always happens. i can download files from the host this site uses from other sites, but any download link from this site fails 🙁

    • Dreams says:

      I used to be unable to download any games from this site and what fixed it was I factory defaulted my router. After doing that for some reason my computer would stop failing at the end of the download.

  6. Akabei says:

    it’s nice to see Adol finally get isekai’d and debut in Eroge.
    He deserved a good break of adventuring and facing giant monsters.

    • Nanashi says:

      I thought it was a spin-off of Ys for a second there. I had to check it in vndb to make sure. I guess Adol’s sword will not be the only thing that he will swing and thrust here eh?

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