Chrono Clock

Chrono Clock

Next in line to manage a large corporation is our protagonist, Rei Sawatari. He inherited one very important item from his grandfather, the pocket watch. A mysterious power lurks within that pocket watch.

‘The power to go back in time five minutes.’

It’s a power that he can use as many times as he wants, but it’s somewhat difficult to make use of.

If he uses it well, then there’s no telling what he could accomplish. He could even save the world… but he shouldn’t need to do anything amazing like that.

Our protagonist is just a boy who became a time traveller in order to have fun adventures every day.

Rei Sawatari created a list of cute girls, who he confesses his feelings to one after another, then he uses the power of the pocket watch to turn back time, investigating the girls who might be interested in him without any risk.

After school, on a day just like that. A girl falls from the roof of the school building, splattering against the ground.

When he turned back time to find out what on Earth happened, he found the first year girl, Suzuki Miu, who was right in the middle of confessing her feelings to his best friend when Rei walked in at the worst moment.

Miu was an extremely shy, brilliant, and unlucky girl, And all her courage just to tell someone her true feelings.

Our protagonist; Who could only tell someone his feelings with the help of the pocket watch, was deeply impressed by the girl’s determination and decided to help her so that her second confession would succeed.

That was the beginning of their bizarre three-way relationship.

At the same time, the protagonist must gather up the courage to confess his feelings to one of the other heroines.

This is only the prologue to Rei Sawatari’s story.

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  1. FleshPro says:

    Can someone PLEASE help me… I cannot configure this game’s settings due to the characters of the “cmvsconfig” file being broken. The tabs are in Japanese, which I cannot read, and everything inside those tabs are all listed as question marks — literally: “????” fucking EVERYWHERE. I desperately NEED to configure this game, as the resolution is completely fucked, and the game runs at a snail’s pace. I have seen a couple of other people ask about it on here, but either no one gives a shit, or simply no one has noticed, and the problem is nonexistent anywhere else on the internet. Anyone who can help me solve my issue will have my eternal gratitude.

  2. David D. says:

    Since there are many asking about mosaics and no answers…
    This is NOT an uncensored version, there ARE mosaics. Don’t waste hours downloading the 18-part RAR hoping to replace the censored version that you already have, like I did.

  3. Lerkin says:

    Really nice VN, just… that having the H scenes outside* the route kinda kills the “immersion”…

    *you need to select them on the main menu after you “beat” the route to be able to see some H scenes with the girl, so yeah, no H scenes until the end.

  4. Dark says:

    Is versión Is the demosaic versión adm?

  5. Rath says:

    Hey Admin, is this game version decensored? Because Nutaku has already decensored it for a while now. If not, please update the chrono clock version of this page. I wanna play it again.

  6. passerby says:

    I extracted it but when I click on the cmvs64.exe it crashes. Why?

  7. Arashi says:

    Hello everyone and admin, is it the decensored/nutaku version, 7 months after it has become available ?

    Thank you in advance for your answer, and for all the job done 🙂

  8. DeathJWJ says:

    Hi, I instaled the game propely and extract it, but when I´m going to boot it with cvms32.exe works the first time, but then I´m going to boot it againit doesn´t works, Can anyone help me with this problem?
    Sorry for my english, I´m a spanish person

  9. Alex says:

    Can you upload the recently uncensored release? Thank you!

  10. GuyInDogSuit says:

    Still no word on that de-mosaiced version?

  11. dan says:

    Has the mosaic been removed or no?
    Not sure if I want to go through the download.

  12. sawatarikei says:

    Thanks for the game admin.
    Overall,the game is Ok. But kinda lacking in terms of the excitement choosing the right answers. The choices were just way too obvious. Unlike the protagonist, I didn’t get the chance to break the clock and redo any mistakes. If you know what I mean. Sigh…

  13. Naku-chan says:

    This is moreso a game I’d want to play for the story. Do censored versions exist like on Steam?

  14. tsuki says:

    Admin please upload the de-mosaic version.

  15. Kevinbo says:

    I was wondering. The download says uncensored but the game is. And the configs are impossible to read. Any help to get it uncesored please ?

  16. GuyInDogSuit says:

    Where can I get the uncensored/non-mosaic version that’s on Nutaku’s site? Or just the CG? I don’t want to spend $40 on it.

  17. Zwartehond says:

    Apparently It’s now Fully uncensored on Denpasoft and Nutaku

    • Zwartrhond says:

      It looks like the scenes were handled by two different decensors, some are high detail and very ero while the others are on Libra of the vampire princess/princess evangile level of detail. Pretty disappointing.

  18. Random guy says:

    which one is the nsfw version?im confuaed

  19. Zbra says:

    The game broke the 4th wall on me and crashed when Kuro came during her H-scene….. Everything else worked.

  20. Plz Help says:

    I installed all 18 parts and everything is there except the cmvs32.exe file I need to start the game. Anyone know why or a fix for this?

  21. sleepycat says:

    1000thanks admin. you are our hero ^^

  22. Block says:

    Is this updated to 1.2?

  23. Erseo says:

    I tried running the application but it always say “CMVS stopped working” does any one here knows what should I do? Thanks!

  24. megacreep says:

    Pretty cool this game not much of the choices but asthetics are amazing translation is kinda bad in the H scenes

  25. Guy says:

    Thanks for the suggestions, looking into muv-luv now

  26. ZXDLC says:

    Hey, i have a small problem, when i play this game just normally. it make my pc turn off just for no reason, does anyone know of a possible solution?

  27. damedame says:

    This is good game… all heroine is likeable… after de capo 3 turn into hary potter-like shit… tsundere route and imouto route are the best!!

    Thanks admin san..

  28. Midnight says:

    So I download the game threw the free files and stuff. I extra it all together and I can’t find the icon/application to start the visual Novel/game. Help me out please?

    • The_Great_Beyond says:

      In your file folder is there application named cmvs32 or cmvs64 then click one that fits your operating system and that starts the game

  29. edelho says:

    Good game
    the story is fun
    but too bad the censorship is present(even light) for the hentai scene

  30. VGarz says:

    Funny how the visual novels themselves are uploaded no problem, but when it comes to updates they’re impossible to get.

  31. Anon says:

    Does anyone know why the game keeps crashing during Cro’s h-scenes, just her h-scenes, no other heroines’ scenes?

    • zelo says:

      I have the same issue, we need the 1.2 update but in order to get it, we need the official game’s release.

    • shado says:

      just keep replaying her scene (i just skip though). Takes a few tries but after you’ve passed that one line that crashes, her scenes work fine

  32. Anon says:

    The game is still censored for me, do i need to re-download everything or is there some settings that i can press to change it

    • Vyr says:

      The main game has zero H-scenes. You get unlockable After-stories with H-scenes every time you finish a character route. Hence the “unlockable sexual content and “only avoidable sexual content” tags.

  33. Neppy Naps says:

    Is this the uncensored version?

  34. Siegfried says:

    Anyone know what the texts in cmvsConfig are?

    I’ve been trying to figure it out since the settings in game seems to be simplified & I need to configure some things, but can’t understand any of it cuz it’s all in Japanese.

  35. Felgar says:

    Well, this was a true emotional rollercoaster. A very good VN, thanks for uploading it, admin.

    In my opinion, the order of the last 2 routes should be reversed completely, i feel that the 5th route had the true ending for the whole VN. And this order alse derives from the way we percieve the last route.

    In detail, with spoilers:

    It felt as if they made us wait for Miu’s route, making the reader feel bad for her and Rei for not fulfilling their love then and there. But after the 4 girl’s routes, which vere all very enjoyable (maybe Misaki’s were a bit lacking compared to the others), instead of Miu, you get to date Cro, who is so damn cute you forget all about Miu, and how you felt sorry for her. Cro’s route was truly nice, and it completed the whole story, time travel-wise and all that. And only after that did we get to Miu, but now it felt lacking, cuz we got a sense of closure from Cro’s route, and it cheapened the joy of seeing Miu and Rei start their well-deserved relationship.

    I think Miu’s route would have been better placed as 5th, and included in Cro’s route as a previous timeline.

    Sry for the long post, i just had to get this off my chest. All in all, it’s a very good VN, while i was affraid of the unlockable h-scene part, they implemented it well.

    • Icku says:

      I agree with you completely. Cro’s route gives the best closure (while being the best route alltogether – turns out I’m a lolicon, prepare a pair of handcuffs). Her voice sometimes felt out of place but her “U ̄ n” (I guess it’s that, since I’m not good at japanese) was so adorable.

  36. Guy says:

    Holy hell. Finished it for the first time, went for the Michiru route… All I can say is I’ve never been so emotionally attached to a VN.

  37. LIGHTDX says:

    For those who doesn’t know. If you leave the game in the title screen for a little while you’ll be able to watch to a Heroine making a intruduction scene of herself.

  38. . says:

    whats wrong with this translation?, im getting sick and tired of it , why do they keep saying fuck you fuck off and fucking hell motherfucker , its not even close on what they really are saying , so i wonder what the damn translator was thinking , if he was thinking at all

    • exaccuss says:

      Almost every time the maid speaks, i want to bash my head against a wall. No but seriously, half the time it feels like they went a bit too far into making her sound british. I can almost guarantee the JP VA isn’t saying stuff like ‘luv’ lol

      • Suzerainty says:

        I wholeheartedly agree. Whomever TLed this went too far in…I guess their version of ‘localising’ the text. It really feels out of place to read the random cussing and the weeaboo speech from the maid made me want to skip her route entirely.

        • Anonymous says:

          They did it to cater to people to refuse to read anything that isn’t completetly westernized even if it means butchering the script and cultural side of it in the process. Shouldn’t expect anything better from Sekai Project.

          • law and order says:

            i dont think they butchered the script, though i noticed that in the translation they sometimes added more scrip that the necessary, the good thing is that the scrip itself doesnt change what they are saying, the problem with michiru was that every time she talked in egrish they put the word in japanese

  39. LIGHTDX says:

    It is good game, i have liked the story so far. But now i have ended Mkoro rute and i think it would be wiser to put more plot in order to get to the 50 hours game play and that they should put a few scenes with the actual Yakusa family, they are just named to exist but it feels like a waste to give Makoto that background without using it even a little.

  40. Ashmedia says:

    Much obliged for the release admin!

    Just wanted to ask, this is the R18 uncensored version right?

  41. merp says:

    overall the game is decent … The translation was not as good as I thought it would be from a USA release then again I never liked SP as a company so it doesn’t surprise me.

  42. tandat141999 says:

    May if I ask after I extract all the files, which one should I run to launch game? ‘cmvs32.exe’ or ‘cmvs64.exe’

  43. PGM991 says:

    the only thing I don’t like about this game is it ‘enforce playing order’. =w=’a

  44. Mortem says:

    Does it need walkthrough¿ or Its easy enter in each route¿

    • The_Great_Beyond says:

      There is enforced playing order so you don’t need a walkthrough really, just read the tags on the game.

  45. Michiru-sama!! says:

    Because of Grisaia, I’ve equated ‘Michiru’ with ‘brainless invalid’.

    It’s hard to take Imouto-kun seriously…

  46. Olon says:

    This game is awesome.
    The Romance is really good.
    It’s hilarious and touching too.
    It left me with+a smile and deep emotions.
    Probably one of the best VN around regarding love stories.
    Easily became 1 of the top 10 Romance VN in my list.

  47. mrlonely says:

    This game is pretty good! no cliche stuff. If i wasn’t zero income i would definitely buy it. All the girls are likable and i had a hard time choosing just like the main character, well done.

  48. Felgar says:

    Soooo, does “This is only the prologue to Rei Sawatari’s story.” this phrase refer to the plot summary being only the prologue, or the whole VN is just the first part of a larger series yet to come.
    Cuz i have enough cliff-hangers on my hand with waiting for the 3rd Grisaia already.

  49. Anonymous says:

    The external config menu is still in Japanese though, can we change every settings ingame as well?

  50. megacreep says:

    Hail Admin 😀

  51. megacreep says:

    I was about to ask for this game and voila here it is. Respect man love this site <3

  52. Hex Enchanter says:

    Is there a harem route with this game?

  53. dumb shyt says:

    umm,what does only avoidable sexual content tag mean

    • Ponce says:

      I think it is because the sexual content is unlockable. There is no sex scenes in the main game. They are all in a separate mode where you have to manually go and view them and they only appear after you clear a girl’s route.

  54. drazera says:

    is there a link only for the 18+ patch i already have the game

  55. ViktorStagnetti says:

    Mosaics or naw?

    I looked up the CG gallery online and they had mosaics. Not sure if that’s from the previous version or not.

  56. -_- says:

    Yakuza Heroine, Bro-Con/YN heroine, *click*

    Avoidable H-Scenes, Because sometimes you’re not in the mood for the 2nd one so soon after the first one.

  57. Ester says:

    So is this fully english translated?

  58. alpalin says:

    thank you !!

  59. charlbeef says:

    this version is pretranslated.. no separate patch, adult content and english built in.. this one isnt the one from steam + patch or some japanese version + patch… this is the one from nataku english and adult built in..

  60. zekken says:

    well i’m only looking for the patch because I already have the japanese version. well no choice gotta download the whole game again.

  61. zekken says:

    is there a link for only the english patch??
    I already have the japanese version

  62. JC says:

    Thanks for your work admin, i already bought the game but i just want to thank you for all youve done. thanks pal.

  63. Anonymous says:

    May you be blessed with hot 2D girls.

  64. Hideki09 says:

    I love u so fucking much adm

  65. wyldstrykr says:

    *downloading* wait wrong game *still downloading*
    anyone knows the translation quality of this?

    also, ty admin

    • Pox says:

      It’s alright besides the games “english” character lines being unbearable to read..

      • ICO says:

        there should be a file called “cmvsconfig”, change the font using that. I changed it to Staircase subs, and now it’s better.

        • Switch says:

          Quick question – where did you find the Staircase Subs font? I tried searching around on Google and various SS projects (like Dracu-Riot!) and I couldn’t come up with anything.

        • SCYTHo says:

          So i opened the config, i can’t read anything in it. It’s filled with odd symbols and ???, in which tab does the font option at?

          • Arteni712 says:

            The third tab from the left is the font. There will be a list of usable fonts on the left in the window. I don’t know how you add more fonts besides the ones they give you.

          • Arteni712 says:

            Okay, I tried the config file, it didn’t work. You can change it in game by moving the cursor to the top, hitting settings and going to “Other Settings” where the top option is changing the font

  66. exaccuss says:

    Praise jeebus! Now the long wait downloading 200mb parts 🙁 Thanks though admin!!

    • stuff says:

      if download all the parts, what do you do then?

      • Fan Of Ilias says:

        You’ll want to use something like 7zip or Winrar to extract all the files together. Just click and drag so they’re all selected, and then right click and hit “Extract All”

  67. LoneWolfEnryuu says:

    Thanks so much man. Been waiting to play this for months 😀

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