Kuro no Tsuki – Darkness of the Moon

Kuro no Tsuki

Kuro no Tsuki tells the story of two royal brothers, Roland and Altraud. A sudden change in the once-kind Roland brings about the downfall of their kingdom and a hurt Altraud, having lost everything, begins the search to find out why. Could the Black Kingdom, having been vanquished centuries ago, be pulling the strings?

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12 comments on “Kuro no Tsuki – Darkness of the Moon

  1. anyone able to get this game to run? it seems to want me to download shockwave player 8, but i have no clue where i would go to download that in 2019, since adobe no longer has downloads available for it

  2. For anyone having trouble with the English patch: Don’t install in C:programfiles (x86) folder. It’s best to install the game on your desktop or game folder, etc…I couldn’t get the patch to work at all when I put it in my programfiles folder. I installed to desktop and the patch worked with no problem at all. Hope that helps.

  3. Great game, started nicely without problems. Is there any way to find its OST? I really like the music, and it seems that the only way to get my hands on it is to extract it somehow while playing =.=’

  4. thanks for the game…but im having trouble patching the english patch..can u pls show me how to properly install this game and its patch…
    p/s : im still noob about computer stuff…so, pls help me..

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