Atom Grrrl!!

Atom Grrrl!!

Returning to Las Vegas after studying abroad on the island nation of Yamato, Jessica L. Huster comes back to lead her gang, “The 99th Floor,” only to find out that her family is in big trouble with the dominating mafia boss, Big E. Jessica and her friend Anna come together to face trouble head-on, however Jessica’s cousin, Very could turn out to be a “very” big problem for the both of them..

This adventure is unlike any you have previously experienced, and the girls in Atom GRRRL!! are anything but sweet. On the rough streets of America, scum emerges from the shadows at night, and so do these naughty girls as they go to reclaim their territory.

The humour is raunchy; the style is right out of a Tarantino film. In Atom GRRRL!! nothing is sacred and there is no right or wrong, it is simply just hardcore, in-your-face America. The twists are many, and these girls will paint you with their crosshairs faster than you can say “apple pie.”

Follow Jessica L. Huster as she returns home to the crime-ridden streets of America in Atom GRRRL!!

35 comments on “Atom Grrrl!!

  1. This one’s quite quirky and dark, and though it starts rather slow, the plot gets awesome after a while. Not only that, you also get the great Shiina Amane as Big E (whos quite the bitch actually). The way characters stories start to intermingle reminds of a Mexican movie called Nicotina, both are equally morbid.

    Some cg art is bad but the black humor and chibi parts more than make up for those tiny flaws.

    That ending was hilarious tho… poor Dave.

  2. I don’t know how to feel about this one. I see most of you down here who say it beats having mostly high school kids romancing. I enjoy the idea that they’re not school girls and they are in a life of crime but I think that the story can do better. I don’t like this game very much but the next person will think differently.
    Although the sound effects on the menu and the menu itself was cool.
    Thanks for uploading this 🙂

  3. I think there’s a big difference between \off age\ and mature/ grown up. The characters in this story are still little brats who’re trying hard to be bad-asses but can’t handle the shit they start without help from daddy or other actual adults.
    Or were you referring to the crazy chinese bit?

  4. Thanks admin, another great upload. I have a question though.Do you plan on uploading Sunrider: Liberation day?

    1. Yeah, Sunrider is a game I’ve been expecting for a while, but I can’t afford it. So it’d be awesome if you could upload it here admin.

  5. Gosh, that was a bad game. In fact it was that bad, i made it to the first sex-scene…and quit it right away. I really love Yuri. But the Style, the Dialog…that was plain garbage.
    Want a Yuri game? How about 10? Play Sono Hanabira. Bear in mind if you r willing to learn japanese or use Atlas there are even more.

    1. Sure if you want yuri where even the adult characters look like teenagers. Personally, I think Sono Hanabira is overrated. It’s only popular because of the lack of English translations across the yuri genre. I’ve had my fill of standard high school melodrama crap.

  6. Thats so cool! Thats admin! Another Yuri Game!
    It would be nice if you could try to have Flowers as well… I so want to play this game

  7. Holy Snap!! An actually good yuri game that’s not ridiculously softcore, has cunnilingus and (gasp) pedo women?! What parallel universe is this?

    1. Only that this isn’t a good game. First, it’s a kinetic novel. No gameplay, no branching plot no nothing. Secondly, at least 50% of the “story” are ripped straight from Pulp Fiction.
      It’s a 3h Tarantino pardody. Depending on your sense of humor more or less entertaining.

      1. It isn’t very good. The language is trying so very hard to be cool but in the end it is just kinda racist.

        1. I loved it. Best yuri game I’ve played since like.. Ring Out. It definitely could have used more/better sex scenes but the story was great and unlike anything I’ve seen before in an eroge. The dialog is hilarious, there’s femdom and grown women. This takes a dump over all the generic schoolgirl stories out there.

  8. Welp I should have looked at the pictures before I DLed. I just checked out the tags. I just don’t find the character designs attractive at all.

  9. Hi Admin, thanks for the extremely fast update of this yuri game, been waiting it for a long time. However, when I click on the DA-free download of 200mb and get to the site, whenever I enter the captcha, it keeps saying wrong captcha many times over and I cannot get the download link anyhow. I have been trying to reload ageain and again while waitng 5 minutes between each download and 2m between each captcha re-enter but ntohing works. Can anyone pls help me ?

    1. i DLed it just fine and i just tried it again after reading this and it still works maybe you just have the captcha wrong try for the numbers in captcha

  10. Oh wow the writing in this, I know the game is supposed to be like this but it’s almost a bit overdone or how to say.

    Wonder if it’ll last throughout the entire game.

  11. wow that was really really fast (*O*)

    thanks admin!!!

    upload another yuri VN sacrament of the zodiac too pls

    1. I second this! But as it stands, you are a God amongst men to provide this and Kindred Spirits on the Roof. Now is a glorious time for us yuri-loving lesbians. Lol.

  12. Who are you exactly admin!!! VNDB release date 01/03 and it’s already here 02/03!! So fast
    Two thumbs for you

  13. Can we get a mirror? The one in the top there doesn’t work because you need to be a paying member of that site to download files over 200MB.

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