Corpse Party Blood Covered

Corpse Party Blood Covered

A group of high school students stayed after school to tell ghost stories. After a good scare one of them revealed that she is going to transfer school, everyone got sad but then another one told them there’s a spell to make them always remember each other. Then everyone agreed to do it, each person hold a part of human-shaped paper and to pull it at the same time. One, Two, Three! They pulled it together and about to went home but soon after something like earthquake happened and all blacked out. When they woke up they found that some of them are missing but that’s not all, the school became a ruin and they couldn’t get out. Then they noticed that they are not even in the same school anymore and there is something lurking in the dark school not wanting them to leave…

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  1. I know it will be kind of stupid but its my first time downloading PPSSPP but how will I put iin the 3 Files? PLZ TELL ME

  2. For some reason my endings won’t save properly for chapter and it wont unlock the the extra chapter when i get the true ending 1…Someone Haalllpppp please it’s honestly so frustrating.

  3. I’m stuck at Chap 3. It’s the part where Morishige ask \Why are you running away?\. He keeps asking that and I can’t continue the dialogue.

    Tell me what to do.

  4. How do I install play the three part one?? It hasn’t finished downloading but i just wanna know so i can play it as soon as it does

  5. I’ve downloaded the ppsspp and the VC 2013 runtime, but my screen still has no visuals and the volume doesn’t appear. Does anyone know how to fix this problem??

  6. Do you guys know how to change the language into english because mine is in japanese and i dont understand japanese very well! Pls help me

  7. hi, admin.
    and hi, others

    I have no problem in download and play this whit ppsspp.
    But I have another problem.
    a bit spoiler but i think it’s serius problem.

    I think this game has CHAPTER 1 ONLY.

    after finish fight in Infirmary room, naomi doesn’t meet with seiko, and after help seiko in toilet this chapter doesn’t end.

    automaticaly 3 child ghost appear and kill naomi.

    is there’s someone modificating this game and upload this???

    1. No, this game is full. You just got a bad ending, there’s plenty in this game 😉

      I assume you didn’t read the newspaper or didn’t enter a certain room.

      Replay the chapter, and when you get the [Unknown Key] upstairs, just go to the locked room and use the key. There, don’t forget to read the paper, then end the chapter like usual. Then, after you discover Seiko hanged, there won’t be the scene with 3 ghosts. It will be the Good Ending of the chapter (yes, you can’t save Seiko, it’s really sad) and you’ll unlock chapter 2 😉

  8. Hi! I was really excited to get this but I can’t make it work. I downloaded PPSSPP and the 3 files. I got those 3 files on a CD and now I can’t make the game work on PPSSPP. If you’re not supposed to put the game on a CD, then what do you have to do? Please help!!

  9. Ya know, I probably shouldn’t say this, but if you can’t get this to work, get a PSP, the english version is on the PSN, and so is Book Of Shadows, each is only around $20. Support the games creators! Another thing, if you can spare the cash, get a Vita and put them on that, since Corpse Party: Blood Drive is coming to the Vita exclusively and supposodely ties up all loose ends in the plot. I have no idea WHEN Blood Drive is coming out, they’re most likely planning to release it alongside the ending of the manga, which makes sense, since the manga hasn’t finished yet (which also explains the unexplained parts of the game’s plot)…

  10. Well, i wanted to play that game
    but when i start it, the message “No System Data found on current Storage Media” pops out
    im playing with keybord and i hit “Yes” but its happening again ): I cant skip this message.
    I use PPSSPP

  11. Hey. Help please. I loaded the game on ppsspp and got a black screen. When I pressed arrow keys, I got sound, so I guess everything in the game loaded except for visuals. I’ve got windows 7 32bit, so I think I have to update something or download something, but what? Latest version of ppsspp requires VC 2013 runtime, but when I tried to install it, it said it’s not compatible with 32 bit system. So I downloaded an older version of ppsspp, but the problem with the black screen is still here.

    1. i think the problem is you downloaded the wrong version of VC 2013 runtime. make sure you download the x86 version and it should work

  12. I tried to download the 500 megabyte one and it said that it expired. Do I need to download the 3 separate parts?

  13. It’s the best Horror game I’ve ever played. Just finished it playing for 3 days straight without proper sleep. Recommended for everyone who enjoys good Plot.

  14. I hope this isn’t a stupid question, but I can’t scip the \no system data on storage media\ message. When i hit continue anyway all it does is pop up the same message again. Anybody had this problem?

    (using ppsspp 32)

    1. Ok figured out the problem:
      When using a gamepad there are problems with the data-input. You can use the program “Xpadder” to “translate” your gamepad commands to keybord commands, which fixes the issue(instruction videos can be found online). The faulty data-input caused my game to mixup my keys, works fine now.

      hope this helps if anyone experiences this problem.

      thx for the upload!

  15. i had nightmares after playing this. 🙂 and i tried playing book of shadows but never actually finish. this game is not visually scary but it use psychology to scare the crap out of us. great game. recommended to all.

  16. Man, did I love this game. Played it around midnight each night for a few days and even though graphic wise its a bit basic, it had me freaking out and looking over my shoulders when I called it a night. I have to get around to beating Book of Shadows.

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