Tears to Tiara

Tears to Tiara

1,200 years after the Demon King Arawn was sealed, a priest of the “Holy Empire” conspired to free him, using the young oracle Riannon as a sacrifice.

However, the appearance of Riannon’s brother Arthur, striving to save his sister put his plan in peril. In the ensuing chaos, by a twist of fate, Arawn is unwittingly released by Riannon.

so begins their tale…

196 Responses to “Tears to Tiara”

  1. Ed says:

    Does this game have an auto-mode for the VN parts?
    It’s annoying trying to pay attention to the story when the characters don’t speak the full lines because of dramatic effect. I hardly understand JP in speech as much as in written format, so auto-mode is the best solution to my problem, but I can’t find any key that triggers it.

  2. tsuki_ouji says:

    fun game, but there is *way* too much loli

  3. Antony says:

    I had the same problem, but I managed to install it, try doing this:

    1st download and install daemon tools, there’s a tutorial in the FAQ.
    2nd convert the MDF file to iso.
    3rd Open the .iso file and click setup.

    after that you should be able to install the game.

  4. Azrael says:

    for some reason when i get to the part where Arawn first talks to brainwashed riannon i get these unreadable messages and then the game crashes is there a fix+for this?

  5. Mana says:

    i already download this game,
    but i can’t install it. please help me…

  6. Yuka says:

    why i can’t dwnld this game?

  7. Wiz says:

    is it the 2005 ver of the game or the 2008 ver ?? the thumb is on the 2008 ver , pls answer ~ too many parts

  8. Badwater says:

    I remember the anime now…you may think that to be meh, but I’ve seen over 220 full anime seasons. This VN is so much better, and I think I’ll revisit the anime. I cannot recommend this highly enough.

  9. Akki53iky0 says:

    Hello.. has anyone know the solution that kim posted on july 24, 2013 at 3:17 pm.. because i got the same prob like him/her???

  10. coro says:

    how to download part 12? its always error gateway. but another link is working

  11. Abe says:

    I can’t install the game :\

    I open the mdf with Acetone ISO, but when I click “setup” they tell me I need the disc of the game… I thought downloaded this precisely to not need the disc. –.–“

  12. InterestingMan says:

    I see that some users have pointed out a similar problem I’ve encountered. I can’t save.

    I thought maybe it was the difficulty level, so instead of playing on the impossible level, I switched down to the normal level, and I still can’t save.

    Is there any way to fix this? All my other games work fine, ‘cept this one.

  13. zero says:

    how can I save the game?
    even though I got to save point… I can’t save the game…
    what should I do?

  14. Justinius says:

    Can someone please help me? I downloaded the game, mounted with daemon tools, and installed the patch. When I try to run the english version of the game however it gives me a series of incomprehensible error messages and then shuts down. It’s in Japanese locale, what am I missing?

  15. Kim says:

    Having problem with the installation. I download and mount it, inside the content got

    The problem is, when i click both autorun and setup, the japanese word come out and i cant do anything expect exit it. I cant install it at all, when i google it, there are more exe file. Is it there are some missing file.?

    p/s : im using japanese locale. im finish rance 7 and kamidori, so there should not be any problem with Tears of Tiara

  16. bookies says:

    For some reason I can’t damage Necroms. Any ideas why?

    • bookies says:

      nevermind, I found the story goes on if you get damaged enough. Took me a while cause I grinded my characters to much.

  17. Cristhian says:

    Thanks for the game playing!

  18. Dark enigma says:

    I don’t know where to ask sry but, Do you know if True Tears will be Translated Admin?

  19. tonkii says:

    is part 9 and 12 corrupted? because mine is corrupted even after I tried to repair it and redownload it
    can someone give me I solution or reupload it

  20. Torry says:

    Whats the difference between part 1 ,part 2 and so on? when I extracted and installed the part 1 and played it after, it seems the games reach it ends, I mean it was already completed. So part 2 was a sequel?
    By the way, thanks for the game.

  21. tomtom says:

    i mean text automode

  22. tomtom says:

    how to put on automode?

  23. jake says:

    what with all the pop up ads on the site lately?

  24. chris says:

    I just took a look at the CGI set O.o It looks nothing like the anime the only thing that resembles the anime is Aaron eyerone else is diferent Plus Why is rathty a boy in the anime X_X Magical gender swap much no wonder the game didn’t do as well as the anime the seem to have been done by diffrent artist I’m a little scared to play this all the girls are loilizedplease tell me that the HCG link was just a joke

    • Skorp says:

      are you dense? the game came out in 2005… the anime in 2009… it’s the anime that changed shit up to make it PG…

  25. chris says:

    Is this like Koihime musou where it’s both a eroge and a statagy game please tem me it’s not because i suck at statagy games

  26. sadface says:

    Quick question I have downloaded the game but for some reason every time i try and play it i go to the main menu and start the game but after i choose a hardness lvl the game shuts off . . . I tried re-installing it but it still does the same thing. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem? Also the Music isn’t there for some reason . . .

  27. death says:

    torrent please..

  28. me says:

    i downloaded all of the parts but when i extracted everything the start-up would not run
    does anyone know why or how i can fix it

  29. jd says:

    the game i mean

  30. jd says:

    you have to open it with administrator rights

  31. Hallina says:

    I can’t seem to save I get to the save point, but when I click on a slot it doesn’t do anything. Am I missing a file or something?

  32. nizal says:

    how do I remove the mosaic?

  33. darijun says:

    Kinda sad that no company picked this up. The anime did alright after it was dubbed like Utawarerumono.

  34. w says:

    Smb has problems with 7 part too?

  35. Nya says:

    “Holy Empire”…

    Why do I think of Hetalia?

  36. valki says:

    i can´t save the game in the english patch, i tried with the japanese patch and it works ther, do anyone know the problem

  37. Khern says:

    apparently it works now, I hope it will be same for everyone
    (if you have the same problem, “file not found”, try again later, it will maybe work ^^)

  38. Khern says:

    Is the 11part working for you guys ?

  39. horrorizer says:

    links were fixed yesterday?

    this also count for all other games with dead links?

  40. Thundersama says:

    Thanks for fixing the links, man.

  41. wing says:

    how do you install this after downloading all the files?

    • Alucard says:

      I dont know for sure but, but the size of the file its an .iso for sure.

      U will need
      1º Deamon Tools
      2º Extract teh RAR only
      3º Run Deamon and open the .bin/.iso/.cue/.img/.cdd (w/e it is)
      4º Install it as a normal CD/DVD game. Run the Patch after to make it in english
      5º Play it (Dont forget to set ur location to JAPAN)

      Or (In Case im wrong)

      wen u get to 3rd Step do the following
      3º Run Deamon, Open the file .xxx (mention above)
      4º Run the Patch to install the game throwgh it.
      5º Play it (Do not forget to set ur computer Region-location to JAPAN)

  42. Andrew says:

    Downloaded this game. It’s working great, and is much better than I expected. I still need to get used to the battle system, though.

  43. VESPER says:

    anyone know how to replay voice in game?

    • VESPER says:

      Also, sorry to double post, but I’d like to know how to save game as well.

      • The Krypt Angel says:

        You prolly figured it out by now but you can save at certain points the most obvious places being the pre battle prep screen and the post battle screen as well as the menu while in avalon you can also right click while viewing the world map to bring the save/load option up

  44. plzplz says:

    Can someone plz give me a full cg save file

  45. 4Chan says:

    Damn… Is this VN or my memory messing my brain!! ==a
    The Chara I got different than the anime, is it legit, ADMIN-SAMA?????

  46. myself says:

    same as second above. can you plzz make available in mediafire? da is super-sloooooow

  47. mark says:

    hey I cannot install this can someone tell me why?

  48. Fred says:

    I’m having an issue with installation.
    I’ve downloaded everything,
    extracted the files
    Mounted the game
    and all that (i have done this with a few other games had no issues)
    but when i go to run the game (for installation) nothing happens 90% of the time
    and the random time it does open up i get an error message when trying to select a location to install.

    Thanks in advance

    • Fred says:

      Second issue fixed,
      just didn’t have enough memory space left to fit an installation

      First issue still confuses me however, but I’m not sure if it will continue to impact.

      Please refer to my posts in Muv Luv and Kamidori where I have other isses that require fixes

  49. ryuuseigami says:

    Also getting the same problem with a few people,
    For some reason i can’t safe in the game.

  50. darkanima says:

    Thxx you…
    the game still up!

  51. ACDC says:

    Another question after I install the english patch and play I get this message where it says this occurs when the textbox is too small or playing a japanese scene on english, can it be fixed or do just have to deal with it and play??

  52. Jaaws says:

    Loaded Installed and working fine. If I can read Japanese.
    tried to run the 1.1 Eng Patch but It tells me the game is not installed.

    Win7 32Bit Loaded in /Program Files any assistance would be appreciated

  53. DayDreem says:

    Torrents seem nice so long as ppl seed it later

  54. ono says:

    Can someone please fix the links?

  55. Diemeow23 says:

    Hmmm maybe it’s better to just stick with torrents then, the links keep on disappearing for some reason

  56. thehacker says:

    can anyone fix the links?
    it seems many people were troubled with it

  57. ACDC says:

    Sorry admin when I tried to download this it takes me to the website and says the file is invalid or has been removed, and I was downloading fine few days ago, what’s the problem???

  58. Usan says:

    Admin.,…i know this is not the right place to ask…but i’m searching Ragnarok Battle OFFLINE……..so can u like umm..give the download..ahahhaha…mediafire if can

  59. Takoyaki says:

    Hello admin
    looks like the part 7 is corrupted.

  60. IAmVQB says:

    This game is incredible.thanks a lot ADMIN. I love it.

  61. Yoshi says:

    Hey Somebody tell me how i download tears to tiara

  62. Anon says:

    Hey, could this be reuploaded? Filesonic bailing and all that.

    I guess I’m just re-voicing what other people have been saying, but it should show that more people are interested in it, right?

  63. pixa says:

    please reupload on MF and RS ,i havent downloaded this T.T

  64. Doruk says:

    Filesonic doesn’t allow downloads anymore.. Admin please use another mirror.

  65. pixa says:

    seems interesting, catch it later

  66. inquisitor says:

    ive seen other vn downloads that have much smaller file size than the ones in this site. e.g., the phantom of inferno here is 7GB and it hangs at some point in the game, but i downloaded a 4GB version i forgot where and it works fine. there is also a 1GB+ of TtT in mediafire but here it’s 3GB. is there anything different with the files here? like being more updated?

  67. Yuri says:

    english patch text is all weird… it keeps saying something about that smile to the villagers in the beggining… or is it because the patch is incomplete?

  68. Tsukiyomi says:

    Well I’m a noob at this- so as a question- do I need special stuff to download this, and is it partially censored at least? Please reply!

  69. Kairae says:

    Question: Is Japanses locale required to play this game?
    This is a really big thing for me as unforunately i dont have it installed and can’t get a hold of it as far as i know. I have noticed that smaller games (<250mb) are likely to not work without the jap locale, however i have also noticed that big games like this i am able to play even on my english locale (e.g. FSN, Shuffle, Demonbane, Monster Girl Quest, Sengoku Rance etc.) im asking this because my bandwidth is not the best and id like to know wheteher i can even use/play the game before i even go through the bother of downloading it.

    Thx for any help.

  70. Kairae says:

    Question: Is Japanses locale required to play this game? This is a really big thing for me as unforunately i dont have it installed and can’t get a hold of it as far as i know. I have noticed that smaller games (<250mb) are likely to not work without the jap locale, however i have also noticed that big games like this i am able to play even on my english locale (e.g. FSN, Shuffle, Demonbane, Monster Girl Quest, Sengoku Rance etc.) im asking this because my bandwidth is not the best and id like to know wheteher i can even use/play the game before i even go through the bother of downloading it.
    Thx for any help.

    • Vorthod says:

      unfortunately i do not have the answer to your question, but japan locality isnt something that you need to acquire; assuming you are running windows, it is already on your computer you just need to go to regional settings in the control panel and find that option (probably will require a computer restart afterwards)

      interestingly enough, ive noticed very few side-effects to doing this, like my english programs still work fine and the only real thing ive noticed is that certain options are in hiragana/kanji when i switch my keyboard over to typing in japanese, but that one only matters if you are trying to type in japanese without knowing the characters, it wont affect you if you never activated/use the japanese alternate keyboard that microsoft gives you

  71. Godoffire says:

    I download all 7 files and then proceed to unzip it and it goes to the very end then says it failed with and says something bout administrative previlages may be rquired, i downloaded it as a torrent on another site but there was no application to start it just save files and .mdf things or something.
    I suck with computers and need help also the english patch doesnt consider the game on my computer for either problem

    • admin says:

      If you downloaded it from another website then go and ask at that site.

    • Vorthod says:

      with mdf/mds files you need to mount them on a disk emulator (see the faq on this site for information about daemon tools). many games include such disk files because the games need to be in the registry of the computer and cant just be run straight from an executable

  72. Burns says:

    For some reason i cant safe in the game(at the safe points ofcourse). I already am admin so that cant be the problem. Anyone knows how to solve this problem?
    Really want to play.

    • Vorthod says:

      even if your account is an administrator one, windows decided that it wont automatically give you all privileges. you may need to right-click the game’s .exe and specifically tell it to run as an administrator. if that’s what you meant you were doing by saying you were already an admin then i dont think i know what to do

  73. Drake says:

    Is there any reason why whole files are not available to download through torrents? It would really save users time and would raise this websites popularity ^^

    • admin says:

      Two main reasons are: bandwidth needed to seed them. Currently users download between 3 and 5 terrabytes of data daily – most hosts either couldn’t handle such traffic or charge an arm and leg for it. Second reason is copyright issues – current version of site is completely legal.

  74. H-Fan says:

    Downloading this. Should be ready to play in a day or two. Is this at all like Monster Quest by any chance?

    Also admin I was browsing through your download list and I noticed you were missing a big one. EroticalNight! D= Is there any reason you don’t have it on there or you were you not aware?

  75. simplastic says:

    for some reason when i start the game it wont work it just shows a black screen then a box appears with some weird letters admin do you have any idea whats wrong?

  76. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone tell me how to use the fast forward pls? Sometimes it works when I hold ctrl key down, but usually it doesn’t. Anyone knows why?

  77. Tymon says:

    Correction… There are zero sounds at all. Ran it in japanese locale, installed it in japanese locale, ran the english patch… the game seems to play, but it won’t play any sounds.

  78. Tymon says:

    I tried playing this, and it keeps giving me BGM errors.

  79. Ryougi says:

    anyone has the game crashing more specifically during fights? i beat the game in normal and i never had any issues, now that i’m playing on impossible it seems to crash really often.

  80. Ryougi says:

    Man truly a great game Tears to Tiara. I enjoyed it very very much, as much as Monster girl quest.

    but dam the H-scene for Limwris were beautiful : o… was really impressed.

  81. David says:

    I just got the castle and had a few fights on the free maps but a question mark is at the castle now. However nothing ever takes place am I doing something wrong to move the story forward or do I need to be at a random level?

  82. wooster says:

    I can’t seem to save even during save points. I’ve noticed that someone had a similar problem before and was solved by running the game as an administrator. As far as I know, I’m already running as an admin. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  83. Ryoichi says:

    I see, kinda see it after i play it for awhile.
    I like Arthur more though. But i guess he is just a background character. 🙁

  84. Ryoichi says:

    Kinda confuse here. Who is the main protagonist? Arthur or Arawn ?

  85. Ryoichi says:

    The download problem solve. 😀
    This is truly a great game. I am gonna take a break from downloading other game for awhile and play this awesome game.
    I hope this is a very long game.

    Are this game has new game+ ?

  86. -One- says:

    Hello! Can someone please tell me where i can find a ”uncensored patch”?

    • Tymon says:

      More often than not actual de-censor patchings are non-existent in ‘unofficial’ translated games. Mainly due to the fact that without the original ‘artwork’ the collage/pixelated censors aren’t something that can be gotten rid of.

  87. Nodoze says:

    Great Site loving it!!! I have a problem with the Filesonic DL’s I am a member but when I extract this game it throws two programs at me, a mdf and a mds file, instead of a image to burn or mount. Not sure why its doing this as before i was a member it worked fine. Any ideas??

    • Poke_Freak says:

      .mdf and .mds (both together) are also a form of image file, just like e.g. .iso.
      Just select “all files” in your image mounting program and mount it.

  88. Jarick says:

    Is the save function working in the english patch? Because all I know is that I can’t save at all.

    • admin says:

      You can only save during certain moments. That’s normal.

      • Rixs says:

        Even at the save points it doesn’t seem to be working properly for me. Was it an installation problem, or….?

      • SinSky says:

        when is the right moment to save?? how about if i want to save before quiting??

        It doesn’t seems that i can save at at all…

        • SinSky says:

          I should have read the earlier message haha
          how to stupid of me….

          Just Play as An Administrarot, fix all your problem, thanx for the tip ang Sharing this great Game, Sire Admin…

          The battle is complicated though… i like Utawarerumono better….

  89. Reicher says:

    This VN memory too big for me to download,…
    My internet connection to slow for this one.

  90. Akihiko Fuyuzuki says:

    is this TOT is unsensord or not plzzz reply

  91. Risax says:

    So any other suggestions for a mix of Rpg and/or tactical eroges?

    I’m still playing Utawarerumono and Rance 2, and I played through Kingdom a couple of times.
    I also have Lighting Warrior Raidy on my laptop, but I stopped playing it for a while because the level grinding was getting on my nerves.

    And I’m currently downloading ToT of course.

  92. Phuc says:

    Thanks for all these contributions, you have provided me with hours and hours of heartwarming tales with a side of ecchi~

  93. Mr.ZZZ says:

    part 6 of filesonic appears to be down 🙁

    • admin says:

      Filesonic has some technical problems of several download servers since last few hours. I already contacted them about it – you can either download that part from fileserve or wait till they fix it.

  94. Daniel says:

    Can somebody help me through this prob??
    I have all extract it in disk D and mount it with power iso yet, when I open the autorun exe. some code like :
    fCf”fxfg poped out?
    any help please >_<

  95. Redder says:

    how do i unlock the extra scenes after having beaten the game if at all possible

  96. Jeffrey says:

    umm i have a problem with the setup.exe, everytime I try to run it to install the game the yellow triangle with an exclimation mark pops-up saying Tears to Tiara and a lot of jumbled words, then once you click ‘OK’ the blue circled question mark pops-up with the title ‘DiscSm”F’ and more jumbled letters.
    I downloaded all the parts up top
    extracted them, though the extraction doesn’t do anything
    I went into part one and opened ‘T3.mdf’
    Then clicked setup.exe
    “I use Vista if that helps solve the problem”
    So if anyone can help it’d be much obliged

  97. miichan19 says:

    yea the file is now ok,thnks

  98. Rhypo says:

    Admin you don’t have to check the downlaods, they’re all working. But you might add a filesonic mirror.

    Great VN, thx for sharing it with us.

  99. Drantag says:

    4th part works fine by now…

  100. Syaoran says:

    indeed part 4of5 is down. maybe a problem with fileserve? Part 5 is fine.

  101. miichan19 says:

    so admin can u change part 4 and 5 to megaupload?please

  102. miichan19 says:

    there is something wrong at part 4,it wont download,and then after i refesh again,and then have to wait 900 second,i havent download it,but why should i wait for 900 second?

  103. Guy who NEEDS HELP! says:

    when i extract the files, I get one file called -TtT- with -T3.mdf- and -T3.mds- and no applications I don’t know what to do with these.

    • admin says:

      Those are dvd-images, you need to mount them and install the game. See “FAQ” section of this website for instructions.

  104. sad boy says:

    how to mount this? When i download finish is an image with an ‘e’ on it,how can i mount this and install this ?Tell me please ,thank you

  105. Rgfasd says:

    How can i install this??

  106. Nephyl says:

    i have a problem with part 3. it says the origin file cannot be read

  107. Decadence says:

    When I try to download the English Patch the download gets so far then just stops and eventually says interrupted, although every other download works fine. Any idea how I would fix this?

  108. ultimecea says:

    is the fileserve server down??
    i cant connect to it this few days~

  109. conqueror_of_girls says:

    Dear admin
    is there a problem in the part cause every time i extract them a pop message always appear that there something wrong on the archive or the file might be corrupted something like that and i used 2 software for extraction but it didn’t work could you please help me

    • admin says:

      Maybe your download didn’t finish properly – check filesizes of archives, all but last part should have the same size.

      • conqueror_of_girls says:


        i did what you say i check the filesizes of archives they are all 495mb except for part 5 and maybe the problem isn’t the archives after all maybe my pc is the problem well thanks for the advise admin and i will think of something so that i can play this game

  110. Bob says:

    Can someone be a nice guy and put up a wallkthrougb

  111. xroly says:

    does anyone know how to save cause i got to a save point and i pressed save and then select a empty slot but it doesnt want to save. i downloaded the english patch so.

    can anyone help?

  112. bapo says:

    Dear admin, is there something wrong with the 5th download part? Because it seems like i couldn’t reach the website. please fix it. Thanks

  113. Evilsbane says:

    Hey, I downloaded all of the files, extracted them, and mounted the disk. When I went to run it there was an error message that popped up in gibberish. I changed my settings to japan’s region but the problem persists. Any idea what it could be?

  114. Danilo Antunes says:

    Thanks admin.

  115. Akihiko Fuyuzuki says:

    is this uncensored because the first one i dloaded last time is censored

  116. Akihiko Fuyuzuki says:

    is this tears to teara graphics is like in ps 2 version or not?

  117. Keikoku says:

    The links are dead..can you please put the hotfile link again…I would really appereciate it…..I have only one part to download

  118. Zadarok says:

    the link for the dl are dead

  119. hilian says:

    omg >_________<
    i downloaded 5\6 files and now it writing in the site
    "This file is either removed due to copyright claim or is deleted by the uploader."

    can you plz put it again T_T ?

  120. anonymous says:

    When i try the links it asks for a log-in and password from hotfile.

  121. somedude says:

    hey I love eroge’s and VN’s and all that but hmmm I just can’t stand being behind just text and choices all the time. Anyone can recommend some VN’s that have something to do in between like Eien no Aselia or Princess Waltz. Also does this game have something like that in it?

  122. chaos_kun says:

    is this game has 18+ or all age?
    im a bit confused because there dont have any info

  123. Anon says:

    Right so im not sue how to complete your survey. None of my options actually ARE surveys, they just redirect me to those sketchy sites where you download wallpapers and crap. Also a binary file pops up im pretty sure its a virus? Soo…

  124. leviathan says:

    So I got the game downloaded and its running but the patch doesn’t seem to work. The game will only run in Japanese. Can you tell me how to make it run in English please? I’ve wanted to play it for a while.

  125. Redfren says:

    This game downloaded and installed great, thank you so much for providing this.

  126. dmm says:

    damn.. ok thx

  127. dmm says:

    how many ending is it in this game

  128. Im Jesus's Vessel says:

    may i ask how to use this english patch thing. because its all japanese . thanks

  129. Im Jesus's Vessel says:

    is the part 04 rar longer than the others ? bec. others are just 2 hours but part 04 rar. is 7 hours? i dunno please correct me. thanks.

    your loving daughter. Ashley,

  130. OutpostOmegaJ says:

    F.Y.I. for admin:

    On the menu of “surveys” you get when you click Start Download, the one titled “Do You Shop At Home Depot?” with the non-diamond symbol reports as expired. I’ve read somewhere among various posts that you get different choices based on where you live. I live in south-east U.S.A. if that helps.

    I’m NOT complaining. Just trying to be helpful. I don’t know if you or some one else is responsible for maintaining those.

    Thanks again for providing and maintaining this website.

  131. Haruto says:

    Very well done. The story was great through and through but one thing still bugs me about these eroge. I wish they stick with one girl at a time instead of having all these moments forced onto them like that…..-___-. It’s funny but it gets you on the moral scale.

    • admin says:

      If you liked this one, you should check out Utawarerumono – it’s earlier game by the same makers, but has much better story.

  132. Rpgplayer says:

    well, I did get the game to be install, but it will not let me save any game files, is there something wrong with the download or is it just how it is

    • admin says:

      If you installed game to privileged directory ( ex. Program Files) then the game might not have permission to create savegame files there. Either install game to different directory or run it as administrator.

  133. zinv295 says:

    Is this the PC version? The picture provided is from the PS2 version so I’m a bit confused.

  134. Astraea says:

    is there a walkthrough for this? or it doesn’t need one assuming its linear plotline….

  135. Rhypo says:

    Another awesome VN, thx for sharing this with us! 🙂

  136. senility says:

    yes i turned noscripts off but when i clicked on it nothing happens at all. it wont take me to the survey, wont let me download, nothing. it just stays on this page.

  137. senility says:

    for some reason it won’t allow me to download off your servers. i’ve been using hotfile but tbh i would much rather:
    a) give u guys the money for bandwidth costs
    b) download faster.
    anything i can do to fix this?

    • admin says:

      What’s exactly wrong? Surveys not appearing or no download after completing survey?
      Did you try to turn your ad-block off?

  138. Keith says:

    ermm.. sorry if im just being dumb but i cant seem to save during the save point. Maybe something corrupted or do i have to reach a certain point of the game to save ?

    im definately sure it says SAVE POINT with the static wallpaper and stuff but no matter how many times i click on the “no data” slot, it wont save

    • admin says:

      Are you using vista/ windows 7? maybe you installed game to priveleged directory, and game has no permission to write there – try to install it somwere else, like D:/TearsToTiara…

  139. TheDutchman says:

    The problem with the BSOD is caused by windows vista/7 (64 bit)
    if you dont run the game as administrator you are not allowed to save files, and in the beginning it crashes.
    also i’m running the game in Windows XP SP3 mode, just to be sure. and up untill now, I have no problems what so ever.

    tl;dr Run as Administrator and compatibility with Windows XP if you are running Vista/7

  140. TheDutchman says:

    use Daemon tools to mount and install game, then run the patch.
    make sure your non-unicode language is set to Japanese.

    however after running the game after a few minutes of reading the prologue my Win7 64x BSOD’s on me because of Direct X kernel. currently looking into solving the problem. but if anyone else has this problem post it here.

  141. Jow says:

    so yeah how would i install this ?

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