Secret Wives Club

Secret Wives Club

It’s amazing how small a world it can be at times. On the first day of his new tutoring job, Issei realizes that the student’s mother is the beautiful woman he had a fling with on a vacation in Bali. She recognizes him, too, and soon approaches him with an interesting proposition.

“These are my two closest friends,” Chisato says, introducing him to her two best friends, who are also the wives of rich men, ladies of leisure. They admit to Issei that they are bored and want more excitement in their lives. Almost before he realizes what is going on, they have made a pact: Issei will secretly teach them the pleasures of sex and indulge their fantasies.

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  1. red says:

    i give up
    i can’t play this one

  2. YYY says:

    Does anyone know how to either scale the game in window mode or fullscreen mode so i can actually play the game with most of the spcace of my monitor instead of a small patch?

  3. zork56 says:

    guys whenevr i play the game the screen turns all black and reduced in size… what should i do??

  4. D says:

    Oh also, running the game with WINDOWS 2000 on compatibility can help for those playing on WINDOWS 10 but there’s too much problem between old games and new windows that maybe, you will got a headache to make that game work.

  5. D says:

    For those who have a problem with the sound i got THE BEST WAY TO MAKE it work.

    First, I didn’t instal the game, i just mount the game and take :


    After you do that, copy/paste the crack HIMECUS.EXE on the folder u put these files. You will still got the problem with the song but the problem come from your IMAADP32.ACM and MSADP32.ACM in system32.

    The problem is that these files aren’t the one needed for these old games. By typing CMI8330 on google, i ddl the driver for this old song card. In the driver i found the two IMMADP32.ACM and MSADP32.ACM and simply put them on the folder u put your previous files. Everything WORK !!

    PS: It take me 1 hour to find the solution of this by searching on google.
    PS2: I’m on W7 64.

    • uknow9990909090 says:

      dont copy this file [SEKIRA64]
      and unmound the image file before start the game…afther work fine for me window 8…i hope this work fof you guy..good luck

  6. hentaisan says:

    uhmm. so how to play this with windows 10. help please. it gives me a headache to explore everything to play this.

  7. Carveitstory says:

    WTF, Hahaha Bali

  8. Momond von Momonga says:

    AHH!!! done by copying CFMGMR32.DDL, data, GGD, HIMECUS.SAV, isf, midi,se, SEKIRA64, SETUPAPI.DDL, voice and wmsc.

  9. Kensen says:

    I am having trouble saving my data, it won’t overwrite any of the saves, nor will it create any new ones. How do I solve this issue?

  10. KuroHide says:

    I use windows 7 64 bit and the only way i could get this game was downloading virtual box, then downloading a windows xp install cd. setting all that up then running the game in virtual box.

  11. TAIMAT says:

    if anyone of you faced with black screen … do the following .. install .. crack .. DONT RUN THE GAME YET .. apply the following registry file then play it without problems … & forgive my rusty english:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  12. Ns says:

    i mount the game but the sound effects dont run and is annoying play with no sound pls help

  13. NP69 says:

    Once you mount the ISO onto a program like Daemon tools open the disc then install the game. Once it is installed open the program file where it was installed and copy everything except the game .exe into the crack folder. Then open the .exe in the crack folder and the game works perfectly. My computer language is set to japanese locale so I would also suggest doing this beforehand it helps when installing and running any H games you download online. It will probably sit at a black screen for around 30 seconds before loading completely then one it loads in full screen hit play and right click to set it to windowed mode if you prefer windowed mode, the game will always open in windowed mode after setting it.

  14. AJ12 says:

    I need help with this game. I have installed it but i can’t play it. I either get a black screen or the can’t connect to GGD message and i’ve tried everything so far to fix both. I’ve used Deamon tools and that doesn’t work, i’ve used ISO and that doesn’t work. I’ve done properties and nothing worked. I even tried to use the virtual box that Sneak used and i can’t really use that. Can somebody PLEASE help me?

    If Sneak is still around and could explain in full how they got the game to work with Virtual box, that would help a ton

  15. LunarLegend says:

    Man this game is weird, very picky about when and if it’ll work. I got it going by installing it without changing the directory, making a shortcut, then set the shortcut to run in minimized window mode. It started up full screen and I was able to change it to a normal window from there. hit or miss getting it to work, but love this game so I say worth it.

    • Samoha says:

      Found this on a different download but I did the same thing and it worked:

      first mount the game, a disk will show up, open that disc,

      then copy the followings,,


      copy all to CRACK folder on where you extracted all the RAR files,,,

      in crack folder there should be HIMECUS app, then double click then feel free to play…

      it worked on me,,, hope that itll work on you guyz too..

      • FEC says:

        There Is No Voice In The Game. Whenever Another Characters Line Appears It Says “Fail To Open ETC[Than The Number OF The ETC]”. When You Said Copy Wmsc And Stuff, There Was No “Voice”. Do You Think That Has Something To Do With It??

        • made says:

          i have same problem, please anyone already fix this?
          game working even with bgm but whenever voice should came up
          box window appear “Fail to Open…”. Hoe to fix this??

  16. Anthedox says:

    Hey, admin and comunity.
    I can’t get this to work.
    I mount the .BWI file, run HIMECUST.EXE and full install, copy the crack and try to play, but before anything happens a message pops and says “There will be no voice and sounds because the system does not supports ADPCM files. Do you wish to continue? (CODE = 0:0)” Even if I click YES the game doesn’t start, just appear a white window. Anyone know how to solve it?

  17. vermont says:

    For multiple part files do you copy and paste the part 2,3,4 folders into part 1 folder?

  18. Luk22 says:

    how can i do to fix the game sound(Windows 7)

    ” There will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files. Do you want to continue? (CODE = 00) ”

  19. Kitty says:

    Can you please re-upload this, i really, really want to play it!! :'(

  20. Dude says:

    To anyone having problems with running this on Windows 7, just getting a black screen when the game starts.

    I also had that problem but i fixed it.

    I installed a virtual PC (from microsoft’s own site)

    Ran the XP mode (it opens a virtual version of windows XP on your computer)

    Once I had gotten the XP mode to work, i installed the game on the virtual PC

    It started up, but it sucked… it was lagging as hell and there wasn’t any fun in it so at that point i was about to quit.

    Then i closed down the virtual pc, and i was actually about to try out another trick on the windows 7 pc, but when i started the game, it was working like a charm

    I’m not sure whether you have to have the game installed on the virtual XP PC, or you just have to have the virtual XP PC installed. In any case, it’s working now. With both this game, and other games i have had the exact same problem with, they’re all working just fine now.

    Hope it helps

  21. JM says:

    How can I do to fix the game sound, eeverytime I run it a message appears saying something about ADPCM files and in the game appears a message saying: “Loading sound effectes has failed?
    Does anybody knows how can I fix it?

  22. dopos says:

    a random person says:
    May 30, 2012 at 9:42 am
    i figured out how to get rid of the black screen! once you mount the image using daemon instead of executing the program open the folder go down to the application HIMECUS right click and select Properties. In the Compatibility tab select Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and check Run this program as an administrator. the program should start up. once it does you can right click in-game and select window mode and you should be able to get rid of the black screen surrounding the program and see your desktop. it worked for me and now i can play without the annoying black screen

  23. Nyan Cat says:

    okay guys here how you do it to play for windows the dl. first mount it and install. after that get the crack and move and replace the one that the install made. put it on windows xp sevice pack 2 or lower then diable high something then run it as a administrator. worked like a charm

  24. Theurgist says:

    The “failed to copy file” error seems to come from the help file on the disc.

    To get around it, just copy the contents of the disc to a temp folder, then create a new .txt file in the temp folder and rename it “HIMECUS.HLP”. Make sure the extension is “.HLP” instead of “.txt”.

    After doing that, install from HIMECUST.EXE in the temp folder and it should install just fine.

  25. gigi says:

    To play with 7 64 bits,
    mount the image with Daemon tools, install it without changing the location and anything and play.
    Copy the crack if you don’t want to keep the image mounted.
    You can have a problem with the sound, which can’t be launched. This will be boring to decide what train you choose because when you select a training, it must be a sound, and you have a window error which appears.
    So, move your mouse to the training you want to do and press enter to close the window error.

  26. rockhound says:

    ok so i installed the game and already playing it, but the problem is it doesn’t save. it always failed to overwrite a save.. pls help………..

  27. Satellizer123 says:

    Yeah, got the same error as rizwan, after mounting the mds file T.T also if I don’t insert the CD the game won’t play either.

  28. rizwan says:

    when i open HIMECUS it says can’t use the connected file GGD

  29. Calvin says:

    just see Genjichan comment
    i just copy paste >.<

    It needs a Daemon tool to open it.

    Mine is Windows 7 and used Daemon Lite.
    Steps. Once you installed a Daemon, click the Icon at the lowest fartest left , its like a CD ROm icon. You will be ask to browse the file. Go to the folder where you installed the the game folder(unzipped would be appropriate), click and the only file will response is the”Secret Wives Club.BTW”. Click that and install it.

  30. Sneak says:

    Unable to get this working on Windows 7 64-bit. Get black screen immediately after start up. Have tried compatibility mode with vista and xp but still don’t work. Have tried various other options while running in windows 7 with no luck.

    However, it works fine running it virtually on windows xp. So I just installed virtual box, threw windows xp on it, and I can play it fine on there. At least now I can play any other games that have the same problem as this; if there are any.

  31. Valhalla says:

    Ok, I got the setup screen working without the screen res changing, easy enough. Whenever I click play, the screen res changes, the screen goes black and absolutely nothing happens. When I check using task manager (its the only way to close the game so i can reset my settings) it tells me the program is not responding. I also have the same problem as everyone else with the crack file, “Can’t the use the connect file GDD”.
    Windows 7, XPsp2 compatibility enabled, administrative privileges enabled, full installation using dt lite

    I’ve tested a lot with this and am giving up unless someone has a working solution.

  32. Chaos Hedgehog says:

    Hi after i downloaded and installed this VN my Clannad VN no longer go’s into full screen anymore, all i get is a black fill for the surounding edges. It’s realy annoying as i had a full screen before and now have to play in a little box, dose anyone know how i can fix this as i can’t find anything on it 🙁

  33. dimples says:

    I downloaded the files but when i click on the himecus thing it just says “cant use the connected file GGD” help please

  34. HavoK says:

    I have an error message: There will be no voice or sound effects because the system does not support ADPCM files. Do you want to continue ? (CODE=0;0)

    what can I do please ?

  35. Togakure says:

    Just found this site and love it already, I got a question before I DL this one…what the heck is DA1click and DA free? What is the diff? Thanks much, hope to heard soon I’d like to nab this one soon. 🙂

  36. Anna says:

    Okay so like 20 different people have posted that they have an issue with their screen going black or the crack game not connecting to a gcd. I have the same issues and it seems like nobody’s solved anything. I’ve tried all the solutions people have posted and nothing’s working. SOMEONE HELP!

  37. a random person says:

    i figured out how to get rid of the black screen! once you mount the image using daemon instead of executing the program open the folder go down to the application HIMECUS right click and select Properties. In the Compatibility tab select Windows Vista Service Pack 2 and check Run this program as an administrator. the program should start up. once it does you can right click in-game and select window mode and you should be able to get rid of the black screen surrounding the program and see your desktop. it worked for me and now i can play without the annoying black screen ^o^

  38. otaku-tan says:

    Same problem. Please HELP! It´s annoying.

  39. FrisbeeManiac says:

    After i downloaded this all my visual novels went weird. when i start it up and make it full screen the actual game stays its original size the screen around it goes black though, can someone help me with this problem?

    • Zelos says:

      i try to play with two different OS Windows XP and Windows 7 its seam like [Secret Wives Club] do not compatible with Windows 7 (Black Screen problem). To play this game you must using Windows XP.

  40. king-kun says:

    In the crack folder it says himecus which i thought was the game so i extracted the “secretwives club” since the crack file was in in and stuff but after it was exctracted i tred to play the game and it said “can’t use the connected file GGD” so um.. yeah, i don’t know what to do..

  41. dai-dai kun says:

    hay admin,
    `Formating movie has failed.
    Playing G:sekira64.AVI has failed`
    this is i got after clicking the Icons,

    i can still play the game but some CG are the same although the dialogue are totally different when i reach certain scene
    so,is this program error or its just the way of the game?

    p/s : if any of you get just a black screen when clicking the icons,
    try closed all windows/folders that you open before example window player,winamp etc2,
    it may work as it work for me..
    also if you stuck when the black screen appear no need to restart your pc,
    just click alt+ctrl+del > click process > click HIMECUS.exe > click end process.

  42. Jagd Mirage says:

    I’m having a problem every time i save the save file doesn’t appear

  43. someone_else says:

    i am still getting errors, namely: Failed to format movies/ cant read E:sekira64.avi and cannot load sound effects, anyone got any idea how to solve this?

  44. Man Under Your Bed says:

    I can’t figure out what to do. No matter what I do when I try to run it it always goes to a black screen and freezes. Anyone able to offer any help?

  45. someone_else says:

    i got a problem with this game.

    once installed i cant play, i either get a black screen or cant connect the GGD file. any help?

    • Jjredster says:

      follow the instructions GenjiChan posted about daemon lite and it’ll work

      • someone_else says:

        ok i did just that and now it worked, weird that it didnt before, now i get something like cannot load sound effects and movies, i went for a maximum set-up btw.

  46. Jjredster says:

    ahh nvm i got it to work

  47. Jjredster says:

    it says it can’t use the connected GGD what am i doing wrong?

  48. Aizengard says:

    Part two link dosent work

    • Kamianbu says:

      The Admin changed the links, so you should try the new links now.

      Also, Admin. If it’ll help any, I could create the torrents for each of the games and upload them to a few of the torrent sites that I use and if you’ll allow, I can post a link to the torrent for the specified game in a comment.
      That way, it takes some work off your shoulders if you decide to add torrents in addition to the ddl links.

      Or if you want, I could give you the link and such and you can put it up there with the mirrors.

  49. Ryougi says:

    pretty good game so far i have only finished kagari’s route, i liked the ending a bit, i guess this is what happens when a husband doesn’t really take care of their wife. Only bad thing was the repetitive scenes right after another but the dialogue was nice.

    it is a good game ^_^.

    • GenjiChan says:

      can you kinda tell us, WHAT DID YOU DO TO MAKE IT WORK!!!!

      • GenjiChan says:

        I managed to open this freaking “crack game”.

        It needs a Daemon tool to open it.

        Mine is Windows 7 and used Daemon Lite.
        Steps. Once you installed a Daemon, click the Icon at the lowest fartest left , its like a CD ROm icon. You will be ask to browse the file. Go to the folder where you installed the the game folder(unzipped would be appropriate), click and the only file will response is the”Secret Wives Club.BTW”. Click that and install it.

        Damn no one mentioned to use Daemon in the first place!!

      • Kyliea says:

        I find it only works if I run it from the disc. That means I mount the file, run the set-up and click play from that screen, otherwise the came closes itself due to an error.

  50. Kyliea says:

    Ugh, OK I got it installed and all the files are there and I can start the game even without the crack but whenever I do it goes black and doesn’t respond. If I click then it will come up saying the program is not responding and have me shut it down. I’ve tried running the apps (Both original and crack) as administrator. Copy and pasting straight from the disk rather than installing, re-installing (4-5 times), and basically everything else. Anyone know what the problem is

  51. david says:

    the game doesn’t start i try to start it and it says “Can’t use the connected file GGD” what do i do!!!

    • Helscream122 says:

      You can’t move or rename the application file from where it is installed in the program files, you can create a shortcut and rename and put that wherever you want though

  52. donovan says:

    i got the same message what can i do???

  53. simon says:

    Do you have to use the crack because i can play the game without the crack

    • The Krypt Angel says:

      You may not need the crack try to run it without it first. Many of the old G-collections releases used Safedisc for copy protection. One of the more annoying “features” of Safedisc is that it will detect if you have virtual drive software like daemon tools installed on yer computer and when you attempt to run the game you get an error pop up saying a debugger is detected and prevent the game from starting in which case you have to use the crack to bypass it

  54. simon says:

    never mind i got the game to work

  55. simon says:

    I get a message that says can’t use the connected file GGD

  56. Onigenki says:

    I’m having issues installing this game. I keep getting a failed to copy message. I have my locale set to japanese and I’m running it as administrator. Also tried the different compatibilities. Anyone with a solution… I’m having the same problem with a few other ones as well

    • Kyliea says:

      That’s happened to me with a few games. Go into properties and set compatibility (If your running windows vista or windows 7) to windows XP service pack 2. Then click the run as administrator box and apply the new settings. After that right click the setup program (HimeCUst is what it’s called I believe) And choose run as administrator (I mean it, you have to set the properties to administrator and do a second administrator command otherwise is doesn’t work)

  57. Thomas says:

    So, I installed everything just fine, but whenever I click “Play Game” it screws up my display to where the whole screen is black except for a square a little bigger than 1/7th the size of my screen and the only way to fix it is to restart the computer. Advice?

  58. otamega's says:

    admin i can’t play this game the notice say there are no connected when i put crack into the unziped rar i doesent work can u Help?

  59. Andrew says:

    I need help installing the game. Whenever I try to mount in Daemon tools lite, my computer locks up and I have to power it down. Does anyone know how to fix this?


  60. Saito says:

    thanks for this… If you don’t mind what are the games has moving cg like do you like honry bunnies 1 & 2?

  61. Webdriver says:

    by the way admin, after you ask the question, I go to check the download list and this is the list of the game that hasn’t been mirrored to filesonic :

    *Casual Romance Club
    *Cosplay Fetish Academy

    By the way, is there no “i’m gonna nurse you 3”? there is 1,2 then 4
    And “Men at Work 1”?, “Rance 1″?,”Sono Hanabira 2-4”?

    It’s not like I’m pushing on you or something, just want to ask for info ^^……

    • admin says:

      I must’ve missed those two first games by mistake. I have them already uploaded, just forgot to add links to posts. It’ll be done in few minutes.
      I’m gonna nurse you 3 and Men at Work 1 were never translated to English.
      Rance and those 3 games from hanabira series are still to be uploaded.

  62. n says:

    what is the gcd

  63. Webdriver says:

    by the way, admin, if you got time, could you re-upload old file that has only fileserve to multi-upload or filesonic???

    really want to play Muv-Luv, but can’t be patient with the size (each 450Mb)

    if you can i would appreciate it.

    by the way thank’s to pay attention to my post ^^

    • admin says:

      Muv-Luv has mirrors added since 10th sept already.

      • Webdriver says:

        oh, isee, by the way what about the rest of the eroge that only have fileserve?

        what i meant is all of the eroge will be mirrored to filesonic? or other than fileserve ??

        thank’s ^^
        love this site!

        • Webdriver says:

          by the way why can’t I see the date of the post?

          (sorry to post twice >w<)

        • admin says:

          Can you show me at least one game on this site that doesn’t have filesonic mirror?…

          • Webdriver says:

            dewa shitsurei….

            pardon my rudeness….

            i just don’t check this site very often b;cause can’t download it on home….

            need to wait for college (abusing school internet :D)

            anyway, great job to maintain this site
            love it ^^

            *well, yeah this site load faster than before the removing of the date ^^

  64. coldblood2345 says:

    what do i do will it says ” fail to mount CD/DVD image!

  65. coldblood2345 says:


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