Gang Rape Club

Gang Rape Club

A dark ceremony existed that had been handed down for thousands of years in the old town of Rinin; the name of the ceremony, in particular, in the oldest of records. That ceremony, enacted to protect the region from disease and crop failure as a curse from the region’s guardian deity, Hime Iwanaga, occurs in the evenings between the new moon and full moon, in which a maiden is disguised as Konohanasakuyabime and gangraped to appease Hime Iwanaga’s anger. In regards to the maiden, there must be an important man participating in the gang rape, in other words, that man must be related in blood to their wife or lover, mother or daughter, younger sister or older sister, and the like, and after the gang rape, if a pregnancy occurs, Hime Iwanaga’s anger is abated, and a good harvest and safety upon the region will be promised. However, if a pregnancy does not occur for the sake of suppressing Hime Iwanaga’s anger, the maiden is supposed to be covered with semen, and floated down the river alive, as a sacrifice.

And now—After the Tashio era, the ceremony itself had vanished into the dark history, but had still continued on at Rinin High School; the cruel, improper traditions being inherited over into a secret society through actions carried out by the Gang Rape Club. For generations, the student president of the High School has served as the head of the Gang Rape Club, not allowing even one day to pass uneventfully, submerging numerous women to the dark, suffocating pleasure.

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  1. Stranger says:

    Just disgusting. Those enjoying this – freaks

  2. MasterBeater says:

    The english translation is terrible, kills my boner everytime, I don’t really plan on continuing to play because of it.

  3. Ilmarion says:

    @Admin It seems all links are down… even the premium one…

  4. LWolf says:

    admin! the links are down!!

  5. dj says:

    wtf did i just play lmao very interesting

  6. Anon says:

    Wasted my time, nukige is shit

  7. twoo says:

    does anyone have a 100% cg save file

  8. LeFlame says:

    Welp. I’m on a streak of playing VN’s with an evil protagonist. But, this looks beyond fucked.. Oh, well! Download time!

  9. mr zero says:

    admin….can you find this eroge…..I need a free one…I hope you can find it xD…Furyou ni Hamerarete Jusei suru Kyonyuu Okaasan Iki Jigoku ni Ochita Kazoku no Game

  10. radia111 says:

    How do you install the english rar file into game

    • Predtech_Freak says:

      You literally just need to copy the XP3-Data of the English Patch into the game folder after you instaled the game.

  11. Eroge Lover says:

    How do i download? It just refreshs the page when I try.

  12. Zeto says:

    how can i play this ?
    stuck right now.. guys?

  13. W00t says:

    i just saw the anime recently, didn´t know that a vn existed to this 😮 maybe it´s a look/fap worth ^^

  14. MrCups says:

    i like it^^

  15. Garuda says:

    Might an odd question, but is there any way to skip through unread text? Doesn’t seem to be an option in the menu bar.

  16. L.S. says:

    How do I get my antivirus software from trying to kill it each time I open it?

  17. OB54 says:


    The story takes place in the old town of Rinin. From time immemorial the people of the region surrounding Rinin have regarded Hime (Princess) Iwanaga as their guardian deity. Legend has it that Iwanaga was not a beautiful woman, but rather ugly. A deity, Iwanaga’s one true love, was not interested in an ugly woman and married a beautiful deity instead. Iwanaga was furious and swore vengeance on all beautiful women. As the guardian deity, Iwanaga had the power to protect the region from disease and crop failure. The only way to insure Iwanaga’s blessing, and avoid her curse, was to sacrifice a beautiful woman to Iwanaga every month. The sacrifice/ceremony/festival involved gang raping the woman. If she became pregnant with a “festival child” Iwanaga was pleased and she blessed the region. If the woman did not get pregnant her life was terminated. Over time the ceremony changed. This was particularly true after the Tashio era (1912 – 1926) when the ceremony/festival could not longer be performed in public. The ceremony then became a secret ceremony run by a secret society. Over time that secret society became dominated by the male students at Rinin High School. For several generations the student body president of Rinin High School had also been serving as the president of the secret society known as the Gang Rape Club.

    The game, itself, is set in the present. The secret ceremony that is currently being practiced involves the monthly selection of a beautiful woman (high school age and up). This woman, known as a “maiden” or “festival maiden”, has to be nominated for the maiden position by a blood relative. The maiden selected each month will be gang raped every day for a month at which time she is released. If the maiden becomes pregnant during the month of gang raping and bears a festival child, the community is obligated to financially support the woman and her child.

    As I was searching online for a walkthrough for Gang Rape Club I read through a lot of forum postings discussing the game. There were a lot of opinions about how violent, horrible, and grotesque the game sounded from its title. However, there was little input from people who had actually played the game. I have played the game, all 72 possible paths. The game has lots of gang raping and tons of semen. However, remember, this is Japanese Hentai. The convention regarding rapes in hentai is that the first time a woman is raped, she hates it. The second time she is raped she starts to enjoy it. The third time she is raped she has multiple orgasms and is a horny slut forever after. This is how the maidens in this game behave except that it doesn’t take three rapes. One or two is sufficient to make them multi-orgasmic sluts looking for a cock. In one maiden’s case during her first three days of maidenhood she had 200 vaginal orgasms followed by 200 anal orgasms. Obviously this game is not dealing with reality, but with a make-believe hentai world.

    Even more unreal is the fact that being gang raped everyday for a month causes no physical or mental damage to the maiden. The day after her month is up she is back to her normal life as if nothing had happened. In addition to this, three of the maidens in the game actually volunteered to become maidens.

    Another topic that was discussed on some of the forums was the way that religion was being used by the rapists to try to put legitimacy to their criminal behavior. The authors of the game actually addressed this point via three different supernatural events that occur during different paths in the game. Each head of the secret society has been told by his predecessor that if the Gang Rape Club is in trouble to go to the Shinto Shrine dedicated to Hime Iwanaga and explain the situation to the goddess in a prayer. Usually help will arrive to rectify the problem.

    In the game the Club President goes to the Iwanaga’s shrine to say his prayer and ask for help. In one case the troublemaker dies of a heart attack ten minutes later. In another case the troublesome person disappears without a trace, leaving behind only a shoe and tracks going from there across a rice paddy towards a barn. It looks like the troublemaker didn’t make it to the barn. A person dying of a heart attack or disappearing could have a logical, non-supernatural explanation. In the third case a few days after the Club President made his prayer, an unmarked black van pulls up along side the troublemaker. The side door opens and the troublemaker instinctively sensing danger tries to flee. Tendrils (not tentacles) and animated chains come flailing out of the van, ensnaring the troublemaker. The chains and tendrils retract into the van dragging the troublemaker with them. The van then drives off down the road. Now if instead of chains and tendrils a bunch of yakuza or a bunch of black-suited SPs emerged from the van and kidnapped the troublemaker I could accept that as a rational everyday occurrence. With tendrils and animated chains I am having a problem coming up with a rationale, non-supernatural explanation.

    Any way, so is the game violent, horrible, and grotesque? That depends on you. Hopefully, the above description will help you figure out if you want to play the game or not.

    There are 72 possible paths in the game. I have broken these paths into groups based upon their endings and/or key scenarios. These paths are:

    Neutral Endings
    4 paths with Izumi good ending
    26 paths with Izumi not-so-good ending
    16 paths with Chiaki ending
    8 paths with Natsuko ending
    54 paths

    Motoko Endings
    3 paths with short version
    5 paths with long version
    8 paths

    Bad Ending
    10 paths with bad ending
    72 Total paths

    Let us discuss these different endings:

    Neutral Endings – the 54 neutral endings all end with a sex scene followed by a short scene consisting of a single picture and short monologue by Yamasaki-sensei. The graphic is the same for all 54 paths. The text of the monologue is the same for 50 of the paths. The four Izumi good endings have a slightly different text.

    Izumi good ending – Izumi has had a crush on the Club President for a long time. The Club President is having lots of sex with the maidens and former maidens and Izumi wants part of the action. She volunteers to be a maiden provided the Club President has sex with her before the rest of the men. She gets her wish and she is very happy.

    Izumi not-so-good ending – The same situation as the Izumi good ending. However, due to his screwing around with various ex-maidens, he does not get the word about Izumi being selected as the maiden nor about his part in the deal. He arrives late to the ceremony. The men had gotten tired of waiting for him and started without him.

    Chiaki ending – The last sex scene in these paths has the Club President having sex with ex-maiden Chiaki in her bedroom. She brought him home and won’t take no for an answer.

    Natsuko ending – The last sex scene in these paths has ex-maiden Natsuko having the Club President impregnate her since she did not get pregnant during her time as a maiden.

    Motoko Endings:
    Motoko short version – These paths end abruptly in the middle of a sex scene.

    Motoko long version – These paths are identical to the short version with the continuation of the sex scene in progress and then a continuation of the sex scene in a different location.

    Bad Endings:
    Bad Ending – A bad ending is a bad ending. Travel these paths and find out who pays the price.

    Some of the sex scenes are animated. This means the woman moves, a little. I think the ‘animation’ mode was a marketing gimmick. To me it adds very little value to the game play. You may feel different. You have to select either animation or graphics mode before you start your game, On the Main Menu click on CONFIG(uration) on the bottom and go to page two. There you can toggle back and forth between the two modes.

    The following five walkthroughs require that you play in animation mode. If you complete these five walkthroughs in animation mode when you go to the Gallery you will see that you have all of the CGs, all of the animated sex scenes, and all but four of the non-animated sex scenes. The non-animated sex scenes are essentially the same as the same scene when it is animated. If you want to stop playing after doing the five animated mode walkthroughs you will have seen it all. If you just have to get those last four scenes put yourself in graphics mode and then play the sixth/last walkthrough (motoko short version) then replay the Neutral Ending – Izumi Good Ending and Neutral Ending – Natsuko walkthroughs in graphics mode and you will have the remaining four non-animated sex scenes.


    Question Number

    Motoko – Long Version
    1 The Next Maiden
    1. will be Suzuko Yanasaki
    2 How to Answer
    1. I want to make friends with Yamasaki
    3 How to respond?
    1. Refuse clearly
    4 Why?
    1. We have the same aura … Nee-san

    Neutral Ending – Chiaki
    1 The Next Maiden
    2. will be who …
    2 How to Answer
    1. I want to make friends with Yamasaki
    3 How to respond?
    2. Don’t commit to anything
    4 What to do
    1. Be cautious of Suzuko Yamasaki
    5 How to answer
    1. I can’t … do it
    6 What do I think about Maki?
    1. She is just a childhood friend
    7 Chiaki’s Order
    1. Abide by

    Bad Ending
    1 The Next Maiden
    2. will be who …
    2 How to Answer
    1. I want to make friends with Yamasaki
    3 How to respond?
    2. Don’t commit to anything
    4 What to do
    1. Be cautious of Suzuko Yamasaki
    5 How to answer
    1. I can’’t … do it
    6 What do I think about Maki?
    1. She is just a childhood friend
    7 Chiaki’s Order
    2. Refuse

    Neutral Ending – Izumi Good Ending
    1 The Next Maiden
    2. will be who …
    2 How to Answer
    2. I want to make friends with Shiori
    3 How to respond?
    1. Refuse clearly
    4 What to do
    2. Pay no mind to Suzuko Yamasaki
    5 How to answer
    1. I can’’t … do it
    6 What do I think about Maki?
    1. She is just a childhood friend
    7 Chiaki’s Order
    2. Refuse

    Neutral Ending – Natsuko
    1 The Next Maiden
    1. will be Suzuko Yanasaki
    2 How to Answer
    2. I want to make friends with Shiori
    3 How to respond?
    2. Don’t commit to anything
    4 What to do
    1. Be cautious of Suzuko Yamasaki
    5 How to answer
    1. I can’t … do it
    6 What do I think about Maki?
    1. She is just a childhood friend
    7 Natsuko’s request
    1. Cooperate


    Motoko Short Version
    1 The Next Maiden
    2. will be who …
    2 How to Answer
    1. I want to make friends with Yamasaki
    3 How to respond?
    1. Refuse clearly
    4 Why?
    2. \Come on, you wonder why?\

    Neutral Ending – Izumi Good Ending
    Neutral Ending – Natusko


  18. DanHibiki says:

    The animated scenes are cut in half for some reason. The top half is black, but the bottom half is visable.

    Anyone know what’s up?

  19. Gecko69Mars says:

    I found a save file, but it is a .DAT file and won’t work when I paste in the “savedata” folder. Furthermore all my saves in the “savedata” folder are .KSD files so my guess is that I need a saved file that is in KSD. Or is there any way to make a .DAT into a .KSD ?
    Appreciate any kind of help.

  20. BIeTCHie says:

    Dat Izumi girl!!!
    So dumb that i feel lucky that i went for izumi raped route first.
    What a dumb b*tch!!!

  21. BIeTCHie says:

    i have save files but do you know which site i can uploads?

  22. BIeTCHie says:

    it is so mind-fuck which is one route you are woman, in other route, you are man. Like from the beginning, you are half woman half man.

  23. zero says:

    do someone have the 100% save file??
    can you kindly upload it..

  24. Morowyn says:

    ROFL~! Oh, Japan. This may just be one I’ll have to pass up on. I mean, I can handle tentacle rape, brother/sister sex, twincest, but gang-rape… I dunno…

    Funny, I can handle the freakiest, but not gangrape. 0.o

  25. tchaz says:

    I have lost my save data, someone would share his please

  26. Kukicha says:

    when I try to install it I get an error message (in japanese, so I can’t read it…)

  27. ff says:

    The .exe data diappears over and over again.

  28. zengy says:

    to all of you who are wondering, how to make this work fine and in eng, this is how I do it:
    1.- mount the image file(I used DTlite)
    2.- go to my pc and double click on the image you just mounted
    3.- run setup and install the game, the installation process is in japanese but it is easy to go through just click next everytime
    4.-open the folder where your game was installed and paste the eng patch
    5.- play and have fun

    • brystfire says:

      where can i find the english patch then….

    • Sting says:

      Since this is such an old post I figured I’d add something that might help other people who are just getting this game. Double clicking on the mounted disc didn’t install the game for me. It progressed through a different menu that I couldn’t read. I had to right-click and open the disc then double-click the installer file from there.

  29. Anon says:


  30. tyler says:

    Is this an H-Game?

  31. gorge says:

    can someone tell me how to get this to run? most of the games i download from here when i try to run them open up 3 diffrent size boxes in rapid succesion. the first that pops up(the one in the back) is a tiny one with 4 buttons on it. the 2nd one(teh one in the middle) looks like a Qbasic/dos programing page. and the 3rd is just a bunch of japanese symbols that i am guessing are some sort of error code? could someone explain how to get that to stop happeneing?(its happened for about 8 diffrent ones now)

    • teyorya says:

      do you mean it happened in 8 different games you installed? if so, your system locale must not been set to japanese. read the FAQ on this site about installing japanese support.

  32. Mika says:

    ……….. dafuq did I just read? I must play this now.

  33. silver says:

    heres a walkthrough i translated it

    Capture (CG · Anime scene scene 100%)

    You play to 100% CG · Anime scene scene anyway.
    Some things may be extra play, I’m going to update as soon as noticed.

    Start playing the animation of the default mode

    → save a
    Yamazaki shaman teacher to the next ……
    The teachers want to be friends with Yamazaki
    → save 2
    Clearly reject
    Maybe because that is the same smell sister …… ♪

    Save one from
    Well who try to ……
    → save 3
    The teachers want to be friends with Yamazaki
    Equivocate suitably
    Dr. Yamazaki is anxious behavior
    Was found ……
    To emphasize that just a childhood friend
    Refuse the instruction of Chiaki

    Play start switch to graphics mode

    Save three from
    The teachers want to be friends with Shiori
    → save 4
    Clearly reject
    Dr. Yamazaki is anxious behavior
    Was found ……
    To emphasize that just a childhood friend
    Refuse the instruction of Chiaki

    Save four from
    Equivocate suitably
    Yamazaki teacher behavior do not care
    It can not be ……
    Comply with the order of Chiaki

    Save one from
    Yamazaki shaman teacher to the next ……
    The teachers want to be friends with Shiori
    Equivocate suitably
    Dr. Yamazaki is anxious behavior
    It can not be ……
    To emphasize that just a childhood friend

    Save two from
    Clearly reject
    Now, I wonder why.

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  34. Engeki says:

    The game seem not working with a windows version superior at xp and 2003 (Vista and windows 7 especially). Someone can help to fix it ?

  35. Kyuubi says:

    anyone have an idea on how to clear izumi route? i keep getting the same endings i had again and again.

  36. UnknownOne says:

    Oh, and thanks!

  37. UnknownOne says:

    Admin, when you get around to reading this, please reupload this game. All links are now dead.

  38. Martherius says:

    link is broken ='(

  39. dxbladexd says:

    can reupload please? thanx

  40. Mr. J says:

    is it bad that the description got me………….all fired up?

  41. H Favor says:

    Hi Admin..

    About this game i believe ya..

    I can install it without any trouble.

    You just need to be creative when installing it.

    And it is in japanese.

    So i need the english patch as well..

    Keep up the good work especially when it comes free download.


  42. stranger says:

    how do i extract the LP 3004?

  43. unconcious says:

    can can anyone post how to finish izumi path please

  44. ScarletApple says:

    Having trouble installing. Can anyone help with a guide on how to install this game?

  45. Gathion3 says:

    I can’t install the game if some one can help me it would be much appriciated. I am running windows 7.

  46. The Starseeker says:

    Nevermind. Seems like my internet was being a troll. Its working now.

  47. confused_dude says:

    how do you attach the the english patch?

  48. stranger123123 says:

    ya admin, if you could re upload a different version or something that would be great

  49. zero says:

    admin why the animation mode not work it’s just like a normal scene without animation

  50. BFG says:

    yeah i downloaded all 4 parts, it says the iso files for part 1&4 were broken, has any body else had problems with them?

  51. Dude says:

    How do i install this game, i download from the file sonic files and now i cant find the game startup file

    • koga says:

      Hey I dont know why this work but the LP 3004 do a extract on it and wait for it to create the folder afterwards open the folder and look for program files, after that open lilith and click on the icon with the girl and it will open the only problem is, is it is in Japanese.

      By the way if anyone has a translator patch please post link to it

      Thank you

  52. oga says:

    uhm, can anyone post a izumi route here? having a hard time getting her end, tnx guys

  53. sad boy says:

    can admin tell me how to install the game, i am facing many problem of installing this game pls shoe me the step to install please

  54. bill says:

    how to install game

  55. bakapink says:

    serious let down!!! why is it censored with such a uncensored title.. lol.

  56. dickhouse says:

    is it the censored one?
    ayame is also from lilith, would that coming into the translation project?

  57. Maid_lover says:

    I can’t install the game , I tried to run it in Deamon tools but it didn’t work , someone plese help

  58. Traze says:

    What’s scares me is that a lot of the more H-scene centric VNs have titles that literally translate to things like this….

  59. whathell says:

    translation is terrible

  60. Chumba says:

    lol indeed what a title^^.Thanks

  61. krocolatos says:

    man….this is… –!

  62. Blank-Mage says:

    Oh, Japan.

  63. Zillion says:

    what a title lol and thx admin

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