Secret Sorrow of the Siblings

Secret Sorrow of the Siblings

Kaito and Rikuto are twins and they have a younger sister named Arisa. Though they are twins, the nerdy Kaito is obviously inferior to the intelligent and athletic younger twin brother, Rikuto. One night, Kaito saw his younger sister enthusiastically fellating Rikuto. Watching the spectacle while feeling the sense of being left alone, he blazed up with rage.

Now that his twin is too busy with a baseball tournament… armed with photographs he stealthly took when the two broke the taboo, driven by hatered towards his younger sister and jealousy for his brother, it’s time to enforce equality.

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  1. I’ve been meaning to play this for months now, cos I’m so into this kind of fetish, though I was a bit disappointed. Heroine is hot, some sex scenes are super sexy, but once again that lengthy text is quite the turnoff. Funny thing is I actually liked “bad” ending better than true ending, latter was just too cruel on Rikuto.

  2. Game won’t run. I downloaded both files with no issue. Unpacked them. The game opens up, then pops a missing file error that I can’t read. Won’t go further than a white screen and exiting asks if I’m sure that I want to exit. Help.

  3. DA-1 click link takes u to the download page but when i click download it comes up with a file not found page. will try again later

  4. hello whenever i open my exe its becoming not responding can someone help me pls?
    all i do is download the new link not the old one and extract it

  5. i swear his young brother deserves her more than the MC does.. if it wasn’t for that dumb MC training.. it won’t have to end that way.. it is leaving somekind of guilty pleasure on my side.. if only i could just meet him i would punch him right on his face, cut off his fuck*ng p*nis and leave him bleeding to death on the street..

  6. this is quite possibly the 1st time where i feel much more satisfied in getting the ad ending instead of the rue ending one.. anyway if any of you guys still searching for the true ending.. go with A, B , B.. i don’t recommend it.. it’s just madness for me.. i guess it’s just not my kind of eroge..

  7. hey~hey~
    how to get the last pic/scene play?
    already try re-play all route..
    Admin or anyone else?

  8. I like how people are saying “OMG I HATE THIS EROGE GAME. BLAH BLAH BLAH IT ISN”T RIGHT ETC.” Let’s be honest bitch you still fapped. So stop whining about this game in comments. Thanks for upload admin.

    1. This site is for completed English translated VNs only, and I don’t believe that Neko☆Koi! ~Nekogami-sama to Nekomimi no Tatari~ has been translated. I don’t think that anyone is even planning on translating it.

  9. Trust me, it’s not just VNs. Doujinshi, Manga and Animated NTR are all the same. The guy does all the talking and it’s so fucking annoying. Not 5 minutes into this game and I already know I hate everything about it. From it being the generic schoolgirl fetish (so BORING!) to the characters using clinical words like ‘penis’ during sex. On top of it being another poorly done netorare.

  10. Yeah .. The worst part of these VNs is the part where the heroine is more or less a vegetable with no will of its own. I know that its possible to make someone listen to everything you say through fear, drugs etc.. but for fuck sake, how the hell can someone look at this and say “If I had a sister I would rape her, let others rape her, and life would be the best”.. While some may enjoy it, these type of VNs that only try to make the reader horny are good for those who only use the lower half of the body.

  11. Hey Guys, i don’t play this Game, i just search a Dateing-sim, do anybody no one? I am sorry, but i don’t see any Forum for this website and i’m new. 😛

    1. already did… but yeah, same story, “THEY ARE ALL PACKED” I even have games that have not been translated yet, cuz for 1 I love those games :3 and 2 I am actually learning Japanese which is actually very fun.

    2. I have a 5TB hard drive, and it’s already filled up with eroge (I lived near Akihabara for 12 years after all)…

  12. Oh… and yeah, first time I’ve downloaded/played/finished a game on the very same day.

    -Now usually I would warn you for SPOILERS, but really there is nothing much to spoil.

    PLOT – So I assumed this is a NUKIGE, diving into the plot, wouldn’t really matter. All I can say is that the plot is very dark, it involves mainly the sins of lust and envy.
    but yeah there goes the plot…

    Setting – well… your typical high school setting.

    Art style – It was actually pretty good, for a very short game, the CGs were actually better than most games.

    Erotica – 4/10 though I admit that they have good Ero scenes, but having only one heroine being defiled over and over, just gets tiring to the point where you’ll just play it to have a soft jack off. The positions have already been used to death in the industry.Then again I cant really blame it for that, since it is a very short game. On the good note, the sadistic appeal and the way it was able to actually make me feel sadistic was top notch.

    Voice Acting – For a single voice game, it was good but not insanely good, it was just average.The feeling of tension in her voice felt good, but there was something missing in it. But it was enough to make your imaginations function at least.

    Morals – non-existent(ITS A NUKIGE)

      1. Yeah… I don’t know why. Usually I would feel bad for the girl here; See Imouto Ijime (That true end didn’t turn me on at all).

        But this girl… this particular little-sister…ok let me put it in simple words… SHE ENRAGES ME!!! and yet… I don’t know why! Really! The moment I entered the very first scene I was like, “Ok, she deserves to get fucked.”. now USUALLY after all the deed and the game is finished I would feel horrible for what happened to the girl. But here…all I thought was, yeah she deserve it.

        It really feels weird. Could it be that I’m just sadistic in nature?

        1. Well usually that would be the case. But in certain works the girls in question really does deserve most of what they get.
          In NTR they usually don’t its more the guy MC you are meant to care about, but in Netori it’s usually the case since we don’t usually meet the boyfriend in question. They at worst call him on a phone and we only get a few lines from him and nothing else while the MC is pounding his girl. So there is no one to feel sorry for but the girl. But if the story is flaky or the girl is a bitch dating a douche.
          When you don’t have anyone to feel sorry for you will find yourself trying to find ways to relate to the MC instead.

  13. Crack:

    1. Crack can be used by renaming it to a different file name, or by overwriting the hiai.exe that came with the game.
    2. Optional UCOpgDlgRes.dll is part of the DRM and can be safely deleted.

    Tested enough to get 100% CGs/scenes.

    Try and support visual novel localization companies if you can!


  14. so yeah… I’ll just keep commenting until the Crack shows up 🙂 cuz hey! might as well say something than stare at the screen right? 😀 ( I HAVE NO LIFE )

    – I said good bye to the following…
    : KANON
    : AIR
    : OSADAI

      …. cept i did the same to make room for SOMETHiNG that i cant remember and ended up removing later anyways. i wish i never removed clannad. T_T

      1. Removing Clannad for anything less than Tomoyo After is not right (and even Tomoyo After is a stretch). Removing Kanon too? I have to admit I haven’t played either of those in a long time (they’re too emotional), but I recently finished Clannad and Clannad After Story’s anime, as well as Kanon. Clannad’s anime was sad, but it did have a happy ending, but Kanon? Makoto died! Ayu died (supposedly)! Saori comitted suicide! And they STAYED dead! How on earth could I go through that kind of sadness again! I rarely get emotional over anime (Grave Of The Fireflies aside), but Clannad and Kanon really made me cry.

        1. No, uhh… what I meant to say was, I removed Clannad and all the other games I mentioned, from this PC’s hard disk drive… I said “good bye” but it didn’t really meant forever, I just can’t play them on this PC anymore. Rest assured I have everything else inside a different HDD.

          … There is no way, I would let go any of KEY’s works… They are too good to discard…

          1. Oh, well that’s okay I guess. After all that’s what 64 gig flash drives are for right? I’ve very rarely gotten rid of a single eroge and not regretted it. The only time I got rid of one without a second thought was when I deleted Papa Love. I mean, who needs that when you’ve got Oni-Chichi?

  15. I just wish I wont see the girl crying and begging for mercy… cuz… well yeah… That hurts…

    – we Visual Novel readers have one common problem… Disk Space 🙁 my 300 GB HD is now only 12.1 gigs… >.> I want to free some space but I can’t choose what to let go DX

  16. Thanks admin, would have loved some NTR but netori is fine too.
    By the way; I heard this game’s CGs were censored (Not that I really mind given the quality of most uncensored nukiges), can anyone confirm?

  17. Ok… ok… I’ve always thought that Incest was WINCEST… but… I sense NTR… >.>

    – as if the captcha answered me… it said:
    “And That’s the way it is…”

    oh no…

  18. Wait a minute, are there people actually whining about not getting vanilla game for Valentines Day? Please tell me we don’t have pussies that big roaming around this site. Please tell me nobody’s that weak.

    Anyway, thanks for this admin. Even though a mother-son incest would have been better.

    1. I take no pleasure in fapping to someone’s misery, cartoon character or not. If that makes me a pussy, then so be it. I’ve seen first hand what idiotic mind of a man can make and do IRL, so forgive me if I want more happy stuff in my life and avoid these possible real-life situations.

    1. There is a difference between Netorare/NTR and Netori. The former is when the protagonist’s (that would be you) significant other is stolen from him. The latter is when the protagonist does the stealing. That being said, eagerly awaiting anon cracker. Though it may be a while since this is a nukige and nukiges historically take a few days for someone to care enough or find out about to crack.

      1. I know the difference very well. Have you seen the CG? It’s very borderline. You dont usually feel bad for the guy getting his girl stolen in NTR.

  19. Shouldn’t there be a love story for Valantine’s day? This one looks a bit dark and rape fest ready. Anyone can give me some points what is it all about? Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, this one is kinda “dark”. Description and tags should give you rough idea what the game is about.
      I uploaded it today, since it was missing for some time on site, and some crazy conspiracy theories started popping up in comments, that I’m unwilling to upload that one, in order to make a stance against incest in games or something… The fact that it got posted on valentine’s day is just a coincidence.

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