X-Change – Complete Collection

X-Change - Complete Collection

A Classic, Remastered for Modern Systems!

The X-Change series follows Takuya Aihara, an average student just struggling to get by. But when an accident in the chemistry lab has unforeseen, gender-bending consequences, Takuya finds his life turned upside down. Can he get his body back while surviving the unexpected twists and turns that accompany his new feminine form?

This remastered collection includes the original three games from the X-Change trilogy upscaled HD graphics, high quality music, and full compatibility with modern systems, including Mac and Linux. Plus, it includes new content from X-Change R, an updated remake of the original title with a new route, new characters, and voice acting!

9 comments on “X-Change – Complete Collection

  1. Am I the only one who simply can’t get the game to start? I double click the exe file, nothing happens. I’ve tried opening it as Admin, but nothing happens anyway.

    1. You are not alone in this.
      Fails just the same for me – application crash the moment I try to launch it.
      Checking the eventlog, it fails when executing a an instruction that based on its name probably comes from the patch/hack used to break copyright protections or somesuch.

      Switching my locale from Japanese to English made it work again.
      Same for Namaiki, which is not a python app, so fundamentally different from an implementation perspective.
      Hence I’m expecting that the patching technique they currently use to Unlock Manga Gamer games – which don’t need Japanese locales – is incompatible with Japanese locale.

  2. wow that’s old school.
    this after Tokimeki Check-in! und Brave Soul was one of the first i played.
    Loved it back then, but don’t think i need to again.
    Thanks for the upload anyways

    1. looks harmless and i havent read it so i would like to try it. but i see tags that i hate: gender bender, rape and the worst of all the gang rape tag. Classis Dating Sim my a@s$ess, i’m out

      1. Gender bender is the entire premise of the series so if you don’t like that then there’s no way you’ll like this game. As for rape and gang rape, those are mostly contained to the bad ends (tip: avoid drinking). The protagonist does have a pervy friend who lusts after you after you become a woman and it’s pretty hard not to get molested by him but rape can be avoided with the right dialogue choices. Overall this series has a pretty light-hearted and comical tone.
        It’s not a break-your-soul kind of game.

          1. It’s his step sister in the third game, you can presumably avoid the others in the first 2 since they’re not tagged in VNDB as unavoidable.

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