You are Takuya Aihara, an average junior college student with one character flaw: you’re a bit of a mental weakling. No matter how hard you try, it seems that all the girls around you are constantly pushing you around: your teasing step-sister Natsumi, the genius president of your chemistry club Mami, but especially Asuka, your beautiful childhood friend.

One fateful day, while cleaning some shelves in the chemistry room, you spill a mysterious chemical on yourself. The next thing you know, you’ve been transformed into a girl! And so begins this hilarious erotic adventure. As a woman, Takuya discoveres a new world of experiences, some welcome and others not. Can Takuya find a way back to normal, while avoiding the many temptations that come with his new female body? Can he find a way to express his feelings for Asuka, without hurting another who loves him?

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  1. Anyone else getting the “x-change.dat file may be damaged” problem? It keeps saying “can’t guarantee x-change.dat data integrity”. Anyone know any fixes for this?

  2. Anyone else getting the X-change.dat file is damaged problem? It keeps saying X-change.dat data integrity is bad or something. Anyone know any fixes for this?

  3. Has anyone solved the sound problem? Not getting how to do it. I use Windows 10 and tried all the compatibility options.

  4. I’m not getting any audio from the game and I don’t know what’s wrong… Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so how do you fix it?

    1. You can’t directly switch to full screen. What I did was set it to run in 640 by 480 in compatability mode.

  5. Some suggestion for play the game full screen?
    The game only work in a very small window for me, help pls ç_ç

  6. Now I have nothing against rape scenes (Bunny Black 1&2 being two of my favourite games of recent) but the one thing that pissed me off with this game is Ending 7


    So if you scream while being raped by your sisters boyfriend, you end up in hospital and when you get out and turn back into a man everyone hates you, how fucked up is that.

  7. i keep getting Trojan on the xchange.exe on all the places ive got this from so is the game i virus or just the downloads Idk but im getting pissed i want to play this game i have bout the xchange2 and i love it but i want to play this one too

  8. ok…now i get it how to play this game…first mount using deamon tools after that…copy all content to new folder (make new folder) and copy crack to X-CHANGE files…and replace it and click xchange.exe…and you can run this game without please insert cdroom notification….and make sure mount this (xchange.mdf) game before you want to play…

  9. I’m getting a virus notification from AVG on the .exe when I finish installing the game… anyone knows where can I find a clean version? (and if the download peachprincess.com is infected as well?)

  10. CD-ROM not inserted problem popped up when i tried to play it in Win98 using Virtual PC, while i already captured/mounted the game iso.

    I can’t read the text or hear the music when its installed in modern OS.

  11. I Installed the Game through setup.exe. But When i start the game, it says “Please Insert x-change CD-ROM”. And it closes.Need help to start the game.How to do it? I pasted the xchange.dat file into my C\Windows,But it wont work.What to DO?

  12. i know this is 2 years later but thank you! you reply helped me out, and I assume whoever you replied to.

  13. well when I look at X-change Music folder it shows them as the “File” file type so maybe if there was a way to change it to the correct type?

  14. Hey

    Tried downloading and unpacking the rar file, but i cant unpack the .mdf file

    Im using Bitser, any good ideas?

  15. If I would to rate this game from 1 to 10, it would be 0.
    Thats how bad this is. Reached the f…..g bus scene where I had two choices “look around and get out of the f…..g bus!”
    No matter what, you still end up being r@ped and I deleted the game because I hate it so much. I would have liked to have a third option “rip off these @$$holes b@lls out and shove it down their throat”.
    Then I would be satisfied.

    1. Plenty of other Visual Novels to pick from if this doesn’t float your boat. No need to rage so hard. That’s what tags are for. Btw I love your use of censoring heh. Use the VN DB if you’re curious/worried about content in the story.

      On another note, I haven’t quite figured out how to get the music to work (or sound if there is any). I’ve read a bit about having to use a virtual machine and was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations on which VM to use or if there’s another way to get the music to play.

      Using Windows 8 btw… [ Windows 8 🙁 ] Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as always.

  16. hi my comp runs windows 7 what does this mean run Extract XChange.dat into your windows directory and start the game.
    and how do i do it With step by step sence i keep gettin error
    “Error accessing the system registry”
    “unexpected error; quitting”. please help

    1. Mount the game into Damaen Tools and run when it asks you to install. dont click run game instead click open folder
      just click setup.exe

  17. היי האם אתם יודעים שכדאי להזמין מאמן כושר אישי, מאמן כושר אישי, בא אליך 3 פעמים בחודש. מומלץ לפעילות גופנית, בונה לך תוכנית כושר אישית שמתאימה לך למצב הפיזיולוגי שלך

  18. NoBackups, thank you very much for your suggestion. The Virtual PC worked wonders for having both the font change and still having sound! To anyone else reading this, you do need a Windows 98 disc to install Windows (and thus this game) onto the virtual machine. Overall it took like an hour, but worth it.

  19. Hey guys…I installed the game normally by burning the .mdf file in a disc and then running through the setup normally…the game is normal but there isn’t any sound at all…any suggestions on how to fix this? Thx!

  20. I’m pretty certain this crack doesn’t do anything.

    Anyway, I’m posting this for both X-Change and Tokimeki Check-in. On Windows XP and probably other operating systems both of these games display the font characters really close together, making them unreadable. You can fix this by running the games in an old version of Windows 98 or something in Virtual PC. Supposedly there are cracks for both these games which fix the fonts on modern operating systems, but all I can find is dead torrents. BTW, if you want to listen to the music when using Virtual PC, install X-Change to the virtual hard disc instead of running a preinstalled version from a shared folder. Otherwise it’ll have CD detection problems with Daemon Tools for some reason and the music won’t play.

  21. I download the game and when I finished installing it and remove the Mount CD. I got an error of “Please Insert CD-Rom” need help.

  22. I bought this from J-list a while back, it’s a pretty funny game. Very short and simple, but hilarious and worth playing. In my very humble opinion, of course.

  23. file XCHANGE.mdf is corrupt, admin can you reupdload this file? i’ve been seaching for this game for so long 🙁

  24. Whenever i try to open with daemon tools it says
    “Error accessing the system registry”
    and then, after i click ok, it says
    “unexpected error; quitting”.
    Anyone know whats going on?

      1. nevermind i found out how to do it. just so everyone else will know heres how to do it.
        1. mount the game on Daemon Tools
        2.dont click run game instead click open folder
        3.just click setup.exe
        4.have fun

        1. Almost ten years from the future but holy shit you are a godsend. I’ve been trying to download this game for years. Thank you so much

  25. Can anyone give me specific instructions to install this?
    I have Windows 7 (64-bit).

    I’ve tried installing in English/Japanese Locale, using Daemon Tools and burning a real disk, and tired with and without the crack.

    The problem is that the game doesn’t run and asks to inser the game disk.

  26. Ok so I figured it out. I had my language option set to Japanese to run non-Unicode programs. I installed this in English and it ran.

  27. hi, is there a way to change the screen resolution? right now it’s 800×600 and won’t fit on my wide screen monitor .. -_-

  28. I’m not an admin, but i think that you have to make a virtual cd reader and mount the image with daemon tools, for example. It may not be like that, but most of the downloads are like this.

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